50 thoughts on “Zuckerberg explains how advertisers use Facebook data”

  • James Treveil says:

    Yeah at least this guy was asking the right questions. He's not an expert in the subject but at least he's trying to pull on the key points and clarify areas

  • Jeffrey Ferguson says:

    Zuckerberg net definitely needs to hand over as CEO and get the people in there that can answer these questions if he cares to save his business cuz he's just throwing it away cuz he has no founded answers that make any kind of sense

  • OMG, what about Google, youtube and Twitters. They are same as Facebook spreading freedom of speeches. Somebody, big, is jealous and trying to pull down Facebook.

  • Jesus for all says:



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  • at 3:40 Joe Kennedy nails it. Congress needs to write a law that strongly puts Users Data firmly in control of that user, thus strengthens and supporting the act of right to privacy for that user. Third parties must explicitly on an individual basis court the user for the data, and not attempt a consequential approach to the users data, which is coercive.

  • Scary that we have so called representatives that let the geek squad essentially wire tap us citizens, world citizens. Does the American Dream die if we do not enjoy any kind of privacy any more? Maybe the so called elite enjoy privacy??

  • So basicaly advertisers sell some ads to FB and then FB shows those ads to users that might be interested in them, but the data never leaves the FB servers and is never directly submitted to the advertisers?

  • Conservative Patriots & Oath keepers says:

    He NEVER answers a question but he does talk down to every single person that asks a question with a statement and never an answer. Suckenberg is a little Hitler Con.

  • This was a joke! So where is all of the data being sold too? What companies does fbook deal with and what is the intention of Facebook now going after people's banking history? What banks violated this? Facebook should be shut completely down! If people only knew!!!

  • Is it just me or the Zucc changes expression at 2:04 when he hears "metadata" because someone is finally using technical terms?

  • In theory, deleting your account immediately removes all Facebook data related to you. In reality, it's more complicated, taking about 90 days.
    Allegations of complicity with National Security Agency surveillance suggest that your data may never truly be deleted.
    So the way how it works should be changed as far as I think because of personal data matters and costs much and really much. For example. there're a couple of companies which are going to compete Facebook in this marketplace like Bitclave, Blockcat, Nebulas and a few more. These companies do understand how much data privacy matters. Maybe they will "teach" FB and others like it how to take care of data and what should be done to prevent such scandals.

  • I think he was the smartest one of them all he at least had an idea of what he was talking about and what he wanted to know the rest had no clue and just tried and failed miserably at trying to trip up Zuckerberg

  • Mark knows what he is talking about. The senators have no clue. Privacy on the internet has never existed and it will never exist. People should be more aware of that.

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