ZOOM Erlebniswelt: Neue LÖWINNEN in Gelsenkirchen 😍 | zoos.media

ZOOM Erlebniswelt: Neue LÖWINNEN in Gelsenkirchen 😍 | zoos.media

Hello, today we visit ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Here, we’ve got our two new lions which arrived from a park in Sweden. First, this is Fiona and we also have got Lissy. They arrived at ZOOM Adventure World in Sweden and are now in the time of quarantine, which is four weeks. That’s why they are in the house. We also have got a male lion called Bantu. He can also enter one part of the inside enclosures and the outside enclosure but he is not allowed to be with the girls directly during these week. Thanks to the glasses they can already see each other and have visual contact but they will be united after the quarantine time. This is important to prevent illnesses and also we are have to do this for juristical reasons. It’s not a problem for the animals as well. You can see Lissy above. You can easily recognize her because she has longer hair in her ears and Fiona here below has got the narrower face. So, if you really take a look at them, you can see how different they look. Both were born in 2017 and are really lovely. They are doing great and easily grew accustomed to her new home here in ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. We are optimistic that they’ll soon enjoy all installations and the companion of the male. We’ve got a gate with grid. After the quarantine time, Bantu and the girls will be able to smell each other there. At the moment, they can just see each other but this will be a huge advantage for the future. Bantu was pretty suprised when the females first entered the part of the installation you can see behind me. They entered through the tunnel carefully and he just came back and you could see him wondering who these girls are and realizing that they are new. So, he’s aware of that. As soon the visual impression is added by a olfactory impression, we will see how they behave. After that we can think about the best ways how they can get to know each other in a direct way. We will evaluate different options to find the best for all three, so that they thrive during the whole process. We will give them the time they need. As soon as all three are together, they will live together, have a great time together but won’t breed. We use implantates for contraception. So, the girls will not get pregnant. So they might have fun together but we won’t have babys because it is not in our intention to breed and there are good reasons for that. There are a lot of African lions at zoos in Europe and all around the world. The breedings works amazing but the cubs also need space when they are adult. For now, there is no space for adult lions we could breed. So, breeding is nice and we love it to breed threatened species but we can’t house a large group because there are regulations on how big an installation has to be for a specific amount of adult lions. This is not what this installation was built for. We prefer to have three adult lions, fullfill all the the regulations, give them a lot of space to thrive and everything is okay. If animals would be born here, the females might be able to stay in the group but what about the males? They would have to go somewhere because they wouldn’t be able to stay with an adult male like Bantu because adult male lions normally leave the group – in zoos as well as in nature. So, there would have to be place where males, which would be born here, could go. There would be difficulties to find a place for them because of the reasons I mentioned above. At the moment, there would be no place for these animals. All zoos are filled with lions and that’s why we decided to not breed because of these very important reasons I just mentioned. Behind me you can see Bantu. He lives here for years now. At ZOOM Adventure World, Bantu was together with a female, who died recently which is why we got the two females I introduced before. Now, he will meet some fresh blood – and he’s also still pretty young. He was born in 2012 and came to us from Dortmund Zoo. He lived there together with his brother and came to our zoo and, since then, inhabits this beautiful installation and he will be able to share it with the two females, Fiona and Lizzy, completely. We work 24 hours on seven day to achieve this wonderful goal for the animals. Write your questions in the comment section below and in case you enjoyed watchting, please, don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video subscribe for free.


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