Hello, today we visit Krefeld Zoo. We’ve got a big problem: People touching butterflies. This harms the animals in every case, but, depending on the species, it’s a big or bigger problem. You see, even when I just gently touch the animal, you can see a black dust on my finger, don’t you? As soon as I touch the buttlerfly less gently, I even get more dust or color on my finger. What we see are scales. The wings, head, and parts of the thorax and abdomen of butterflies are covered with minute scales. They are attached with a pedicel and will break off as soon as I touch them. It’s good to see with a black animal and harder to see with a more lightly colored animal. So, touching the wings makes the butterfly in every case instable and the more the animal is touched the more damage is don and this may cause, that the animal becomes unable to fly. This is one problem. Although people might think that the house is small, it’s really important for butterflies to fly in this house – also in order to find partner to reproduce. This guides us directly to the second problem: Some species have got scent scales. If these scent scales are broken off it causes an inability of an animal to find a partner. So, the butterfly will not be able to reproduce and this is very bad for animals of any species. So, butterlies are a difficult topic as soon as it’s about to handle them and leave them on their own because many people don’t take insects serious enough. Butterflies are much more than just colorful, funny wings. Butterflies are very special animals and have another big problem: they can’t scream. So, in the moment people disturb or harm a butterfly they can’t hear a response and that’s why it’s pretty difficult to explain people that they did something bad. Many butterfly installation have got these problems like we have and that’s why it would be awesome if many people would be aware of this. All in all a butterflie is so much more than just nice color in the air. If you enjoyed watching, please make sure to give us a thumb up and in case you’ve got some questions write them down in the comment section below. In order to never miss a new video consider subscribing to our channel.


4 thoughts on “ZOO KREFELD: Warum Du SCHMETTERLINGE NIE ANFASSEN darfst | zoos.media”

  • Das mit dem Schuppen ist interessant. Ich wusste es, man soll sie nicht nicht anfassen und jetzt kann ich es auch begr羹nden. Vielen Dank und herzliche Gr羹e, Anita

  • Also mir haben meine Eltern schon als ganz kleines Kindergartenkind beigebracht, dass man Schmetterlinge nicht an den Fl羹geln ber羹hren darf, weil diese sonst kaputt gehen. Schade, dass viele Leute dies heute offensichtlich nicht wissen. Dabei sollte einem eigentlich schon der gesunde Menschenverstand sagen, dass die d羹nnen Fl羹gel sehr empfindlich sind und man die nur mit den Augen anschauen darf.
    Neu war f羹r mich die Sache mit den Duftschuppen. Schon wieder was gelernt =)

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