Zendaya & Jacob Batalon on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ | MTV News

Zendaya & Jacob Batalon on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ | MTV News

– Tom is here in spirit. You guys have been on a whirlwind tour. But you guys are stronger than Tom. You made it, Tom has been felled. – Yes, us together. – It’s just like we’re… – People basically say they enjoy us more. – We dominate everything. You’re welcome. – The next Spider-Man film
won’t have Spider-Man. He’s kind of superfluous to
it, I think, at this point. – I mean, boring. Like, why would you need that? – I know, like, he don’t even
want to be a hero, this dude. – ‘The Adventures of MJ and
Ned’ has a nice ring to it. – I mean… – You have no idea, we’ve
been talking about this for so long. – We’ve been talking about it. We’ve been talking about it. I mean, it’s about time. – Just saying, man. Goodness. – It’s good to see you both. Congratulations. The new Spider-Man film,
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ coming July 2nd. It’s an awesome piece of work, guys. – Thanks. – Aw, please. – That makes the press tour
a little bit better, right? – Yeah, when you are
excited about the movie. – When you know it’s good
(laughs) – Well, you guys have
gotten to know each other quite a bit the last few years. You’ve made two films, you’ve done two ginormous press tours. By now, do you have a sense
when the other one is annoyed, tired, maybe… – Yeah, pretty, pretty obvious. – Yeah. – But also they don’t make
it too subtle, like… (laughing) Definitely let it be known. – What’s the best way to annoy Tom? To like get under his skin, is there… – Apparently, scratch on
like, they’re like styrofoam and they have a thing,
if you touch them… – With your nails, it makes that kind of weird screeching noise.
– Sound. He hates that. – Yeah, yeah. – So you’re just going to start
to travel around with that? – With that, just that one board. – “Hi, Tom.” (makes screeching noise) – No, he would literally die. – How about this: are you competitive with each other? Beyond lip sync battles, do you find… – Well, me and Tom are competitive. I’ve never really been
competitive with you. – There’s nothing, I
feel like there’s nothing we need to like, be
competitive about, seriously. – Yeah, we’re good. – We’re on such high levels.
– But that other guy? – What are you competitive with Tom about? – Mostly everything. – Yeah, like at weird things, too. Not even like an actual game. – Yeah. – Sort of just like, oh, who ate more? – Yeah. (laughs) Yeah, pretty much. – A game in which there are no winners. (laughing) – Let’s talk a little bit
about the content of this film without revealing too much. We can say this is a summer abroad for you guys, and there’s
romance in the air. Were you surprised when you saw that there was as much romance as there was for both of your characters in this one? – Did you know that Neddie
Pot was going to be a thing? – You know what was so funny? I remember Tom was telling me, like, “Dude, the new storyline is so funny, “you got a girlfriend.” And I’m like, “No. No way.” And then you read the script, and it’s like this super cute thing. – Yeah, it’s so adorable. – Aw, man, it’s great
’cause then your guys’ relationship is like super awkward. – Yeah, it’s like the opposite. – And ours is full-on… – Going smoothly. – Yeah, full-on, like,
European vacation together. – It’s just love from the start. – [Both] Yeah. – And it’s been interesting to see the development of MJ
and Peter in these films because we’re so used to, by now, seeing MJ being so dry and withdrawn and not, kind of,
revealing her true colors. And to actually see her
broken down a little bit… – Yeah. – Was that fun or was
that weird to kind of play that kind of aspect of it? – I mean, it’s been nice because, again, the character is like,
such a specific character, and I think a lot of people
make some assumptions about who she is and what she’s like. And I think it’s really
nice to kind of see how Peter is really the
only person that can catch her off guard. The only person that
she’s willing to, like, be I don’t know… – Like, kind of vulnerable. – Vulnerable, with, yeah. And so it’s sweet. And I think they like each other for all the things that make
them, I think, the outsiders and the weirdos, so. – Totally. – That’s really sweet and we get to see the evolution of this really cute, awkward, you know, teen romance thing, which is sweet and you
feel like, you know, when anything happens
between them you feel like they deserve it
because you’ve watched all the, like, godawful cringey moments. – The painful awkwardness, yes, exactly. – So you’re like, “Aw, like
it’s working,” you know. – So when this part came around at first, was it very specifically said to you like, this is going to be
our universe’s version of MJ? – No – No? – All I knew was that auditioning the first time around for the movie… Basically, they said there’s
two like, female roles you know, kind of in the
movie, and one will be like, you know, kind of the
love interest for this one and then the other character is MJ. So, obviously she’ll be small in this role and then, as the, you know, movies go on you’ll kind of understand
her a little bit more. So I was like “Dope.” I was just excited, to
like, be a part of it. I was like, “I will take
whatever role you give me.” – “Whatever you guys want.” – You don’t understand, like my agent my manager at the time said like, “You know, you’re
auditioning for this role “but they could totally give you something “totally small and different.” I’m like, “Bro, I don’t… – “I don’t care.” – “Like, please, I’ll do it. – “I’ll take whatever you got.” – “If I’m just like… “If I just say “Hi.” (laughing) – Yeah, same. So, I knew that I was
auditioning for the role of MJ, that would be kind of hidden and people wouldn’t know
’til the end of the movie. But I didn’t know that it was like a re-imagining of, I think,
the original character. And was going to be, basically, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of what MJ, or Mary Jane, represents. – [Josh] Yes. – So, I didn’t really learn that until we actually got to work and Jon kind of gave me some references and I was like, “Oh, so,
it’s different. Yeah.” He was like, “You know ‘Daria?'” And I was like, “Like, the cartoon?” And he was like, “Yeah.” He was like, “Like, ‘Daria.'” And I was like, “Okay.” – Nice. – “I can do that.” – “I can do that.” So there– Thus, we have our MJ. – Are we ever going to see the red hair that you’re sporting now in the MCU, in the… – Not in this movie. I don’t know. We’ll see what she ends up doing. Or what Jon ends up doing. – Do we want to see Gwen
Stacy enter the mix? – I don’t know. – Hey look, I mean, the
more the merrier, I say. (laughs) – Easy for you to say. That doesn’t impact your relationship. – Oh, I mean, you know, well. – I mean, you never know. Anything is possible. – These people, like, you
know, hormones and everything. – It’s unpredictable. – Kids. – Jeez, you know. – Ned and Gwen, next film – I mean, shoot. Why not? (laughs) – Talk to me about your perspective. You’re in the Spider-Man
side of the universe, which is obviously connected to the MCU. When you saw ‘Endgame,’
did you come into it blind? Did you know anything about
what was going to happen in ‘Infinity War’ or ‘Endgame?’ – Unfortunately, being
friends with Tom Holland… – Really ruins a lot of movies for you. – Right. – So, we knew like, for, a long time. – Yeah. – A long-ass time. It wasn’t even something like… He just said it out of a whim, too. – Yeah. – It wasn’t like, “Oh, dude, sit down “we’ve got something to talk about.” – He just threw it away. – Or like gave us a decision. Like, “Hey, would you like to know?” (laughs) – Like friends would do,
like a friend might do. – It was just like, “This
is who’s gonna die.” – He just forced it on us. You know, we were forced
to live with that guilt. – Forced to carry that burden. – Carry that pain. – And, it’s heartbreaking, really. – Do you trust Tom with your secrets? Because as we do know
by now, he is just… – I feel like, it’s kind of… Some times I kinda hold back some things. – Right. – I feel like he’d be good
at, like, serious stuff. It’s the things that he
gets too excited about. It’s not necessarily that
he can’t keep a secret it’s that if he gets too excited, he’ll want to share it. – So ATM code is fine,
because there’s nothing that exciting about it. – Yeah, not that exciting. – But plot revelations… Jacob’s a little… (laughing) – You never know. It depends on whose ATM it is. – That’s what I’m saying. That’s a pretty interesting bank card. – Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the last two Avengers movies, but were you more moved by Peter dying in ‘Infinity War,’ or Tony Stark dying in ‘Endgame?’ – I mean, they were both pretty
powerful moments, I think. – Yeah, it’s pretty powerful both ways. But then, like, it’s also kind of… Like, we know Tom. I’ve only got to meet
Robert Downey, Jr. once, which broke my heart because it’s Robert Downey, Jr. And I’d like to pretend
like we’re best friends. (laughs) – All I’m saying is, we FaceTimed Robert doing this commercial one time and he was like, “Bro, Jacob,
what the (beep)’s up, man? “Everyone knows your (beep)ing name now. “You’re so lucky, bitch” Like, it was so fun. Like, he was literally saying that. It was so funny. – Did you have a similar
interaction, Zendaya? – I did not. It was just a “Hello, how
are you, nice to meet you.” (laughs) – [Josh] He’s playing it cool. He knew. He knows. – Yeah. – He knows, he knows. – It’s the beginning
of something beautiful. – I hope so. But, with that being said. – Yes. – Yeah, I think, knowing Tom, it was like, it was like, “Aw.” – Yeah.
(laughing) It was kind of sad. – It really was. But I also, like, laughed a
lot at both of those scenes. – But then I also got
nervous, ’cause I was like “Are we still doing the second movie?” (laughing) – Yeah, you had a moment of like, sad… – I was like “Aw…Oh, no!” (laughing) – But, no, also, I did
really laugh a lot, so. – Why were you laughing? – Again, we know these people. – He has a dark humor. – Yeah, I know it sounds morbid. – “Ha ha, Spider-Man’s dying!” – It’s morbid, I know,
but it’s really like… Obviously, it’s just CGI, right? – ‘Cause it’s Tom, yeah. – Yeah, so you can just… I can just imagine him laying
down on the green screen – And then just staying there. – And like, just like “I’m dead.” (laughing) – I don’t think he said that. That wasn’t the line, though. – But he did talk about that. He did say how like, obviously they disappear in post, so he just had to lay there while everybody else was doing their lines. I was like, “That’s hilarious.” (laughing) – At this point do you care, have an interest, on, like the next villain
you see in a Spider-Man film? – I mean, Spider-Man has
some of the best villains, so really, the options are limitless. – Yeah. I mean, excited, hell yeah. Because there’s so many different people that could, like, team up eventually. – Do you have a vote? Anyone that jumps to mind? – I mean, you know, there’s one character called um, the Hobgoblin. – Yes. – And this is a secret I’m
gonna tell you guys right now. I’m actually gonna do that part. – Wait, what? (laughing) – No, no, no. – Does Sony know this? Does Marvel know this? – Does anybody know this? – This is just something I dreamed up in my room last night. – MTV exclusive. – I’m breaking the news right now. – Oh, wow. – Just so you know. – [Josh] Wow. – That’s a big spoiler in this movie. – Yeah. – I become Hobgoblin, guys. You’re welcome. – I think I saw a different print of it. (laughs) – You guys kind of have the best of all possible worlds being
in these Spider-Man films, I feel like, because you
get to go to the locales and enjoy each other’s company, and then you get to wish Tom well as he jumps around like a crazy
person doing crazy stunts. Is there any envy of,
like, oh, he gets to do the fun stuff? Or… – Honestly, the stories I’ve heard about him having to wear that suit, I do not… – I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. (laughing) – You know what I think about all the time that really scares me? Is like, when he wears that thing, the mask that you can’t just take off, – Yeah, you can’t see out of it either. – ’cause it’s all like one piece, I get scared all the time like what if he’s working so
hard that he throws up? And then he can’t, he… – [Both] Chokes. – Yeah. – I think about it, all the time. Like, that’s really scary. – You think about that all the time? – I do. Because I look at him like, “Please, I hope he never
gets sick, oh my God.” So scary. – And also, like, when he’s
like, doing flips and stuff like, and he can’t see out the mask. It’s like, how is he doing that? – Yeah. – You know, like, it’s crazy. – So, much respect to Tom. – Yeah, shout out. ‘Cause I don’t want to be wearing a thong in a body tight suit. – Neither do I. – For like 12 hours a day. No one wants that. – But for Hobgoblin, you’re
gonna have to do that, man. – No, I’m gonna tell them to
make it just, like, sweatpants. (laughs) – A roomy fit. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Just a jacket, maybe. (laughing) – The film’s about to come out, I don’t know what your schedules are in terms of what you’re off to next, but I would imagine if I were you, I would want to like sneak
into a theater and see… – Oh, I definitely am going to. – I just want to see how people
are going to react to it. – React to it, yeah, same. – ‘Cause there’s some spoilery stuff we’re not talking about here. – I did it last time. – Aw, did you? – Yeah. Actually, Tom was with me. – Were you like, “Woo, Zendaya!” – We went in sweatshirts. Like, Spider-Man– Like, they were kids sweatshirts, but I got them at Target. (laughing)
– Nice, nice. – And we went and saw it. – That’s really cool. I want to do that. But I’m just too famous now, it’s just… – [Josh] Right. (laughing) – You don’t want that clout. – A couple things. Zendaya, you’re always the
busiest human being alive. You shot your part in ‘Dune,’ I hear, which I could not be more excited about. – I’m excited, too. – Timothée Chalamet is so talented. – Yeah, he’s awesome. – What was he like? – He’s wonderful, he’s such a nice dude. – [Josh] Yeah. – Like, really, really great guy, so I’m excited just as everyone else is. – And cool to be a part of
Denis Villeneuve’s crazy vision? – Not a bad, not a bad job at all. Big fan. – Lately, both Hugh and Zac have talked that there might in fact be
a ‘Greatest Showman’ sequel. – Will there? – Nice. – Not that I’m aware of. – No info from your end? – I have not heard anything about that. But, hey, it’s… Apparently it’s a thing. – Why not? (laughing) – You heard it here first. – There you go. – You know that thing
where you keep speaking it and it just happens? – It’s greenlit, it’s
coming out next Christmas. – I just want to know like,
what would it be about? – I know, it is a tricky sequel to do. – ‘Cause it’s like,
everything already happened. – Oh, Barnum and Bailey. – I need to get my Zendaya movie quiz out and really see… – No, seriously, ’cause
I could totally win. – Have you seen ‘Euphoria?’ (clears throat)
– Um… – Mhm. Have you? – You know, I’m so busy. – Have you? – He’s big time now. – I’m so… – So bull(beep). (laughing) – Wow. – No, you know what… – I’ve seen it. I did my job. Congratulations. – Thank you. – You know what? I’m gonna watch it when I get to LA. – I’m sure you will. – I’m gonna put HBO on right at the hotel. I’m so done with this bull(beep). – Briefly on that one, I’m just curious, I mean, it must be bizarre, you’re like, promoting two different, very different sort of things. – Very different. (laughs) Teenage experiences. – Were you nervous about,
sort of, the reception to something like ‘Euphoria,’ which is so honest and so bold, and so different than anything
you’ve ever done before? – Of course, of course. Again, I haven’t really been
able to go that route so, I knew that people who needed to see it or needed to connect to it, would. And I think it would just
eventually speak for itself. So, it’s kind of, yeah, I don’t know. It’s out there, so. – It must be a kick to
see it on social media like, as these first couple
episodes have come out – Yeah. – You can see the immediate discussions. – Yeah, because, the show came
out almost two or three weeks after we finished, like,
the day we wrapped, so it was like (gasps). You know, like, a very quick, you know. So we didn’t really have time
to dissociate a little bit. You know, like, with a movie like this, or any movie, you have time between to just kind of like, let go of it. And let it like, the ownership
of it belong to someone else. So it’s kind of different
to have something that’s so emotionally whatever, and then having to let the world see it. – Well it’s good to have a palate cleanser like just going around
the world to promote a Spider-Man movie. – Yeah, it is. It definitely is a pick-me-up for sure. Because like those couple weeks between, before I started the press tour, I was like literally just
like not leaving my house. So this is good for me, I think. (laughs) – I think we found out a
lot about each other today. – It really opened my eyes.


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