32 thoughts on “Z-Line Designs Entertainment Center Build”

  • FoxyyLadyy25 2 says:

    Thank you soooo much😊 This video helped me tremendously! People complaining can kick rocks. He does not work for Z line, he don't owe you people shit😂😂 Ungrateful asses. He did this w/o stopping once! I had to stop 80,572 times & say "WTF?!" and squint at the directions😂 MY MAN!🙌 THANK YOU😊

  • Mattastic 1991 says:

    I bought this exact stand and I'm so pissed how easy you make it 😂😂 my biggest issue was the arms that hold up the top glass! After that the 2nd and 3rd glass just didn't look like they fit in their spots. Took me a good few hours to actually get it done but my God it was worth it. I'm actually about to tackle the mount for the TV now!

    Good video! Simple and quick!

  • Any chance you can send me the product model name? I have the same one and took it apart because I needed to move. Been trying to put it back together but don’t have the manual. Video was helpful, but was going to look up the pdf as well.

  • Brandon  hey man could you please do a tutorial vid on this? I'm about to buy it but I'm not very good at building stuff lol. You would be a lifesaver! Have a good day 🙂

  • Shaylyn Fourreee says:

    We are moving into our first house and right now we are using a coffee table as a stand lmao will this hold a 55” for sure do you know? I’m close to buying it but worried lmao

  • krystal zapata says:

    You helped me out a bit. Could have been more helpful if u had just forwarded the times you secured the screws. ..But explain in real time where where the screws go. Thanks! Once u get it. It’s pretty easy just a bit frustrating.

  • Leroi Holmes says:

    these are cute until they encounter kids lol, never would buy sharp edges; and stop leaving shitty comments here; not once does it say "Tutorial"

  • Matthew Hyde says:

    Your an asshole you are an asshole why the fuck would you post this shitty ass video get a few clicks it doesnt show how to set it up your an asshole a big brown chocolate starfish asshole

  • xXxDevilWingxXx says:

    What is the name of this particular design? The moving company just delivered my household goods and I have to put this back together but I want to make sure I have the right manual.

  • Why u rushing the video so fast why? What is the purpose ? Can you upload again slowly to play the video ? Please do that . I hope it should be for helping the others to assemble it easy .

  • Akahsha Curry White says:

    Okay I may sound like an idiot I got the whole stand put together but I can't figure out how to hook the red Hook's on top of the stand so that the TV stays it's tilting off like the TV wants to fall off the stand help me what am I doing with the red hook looking piece

  • It would be easier if you had read the instructions. I don't quite have the manual and I'm not sure which screws go where I have the large size the medium size the smallest size.

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