Y&R News: Greg Rikaart has +ve news on his battle with COVID-19

Y&R News: Greg Rikaart has +ve news on his battle with COVID-19

As we reported last week, fan-favorite soap
opera star Greg Rikaart had tested positive for the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19. The former Days star took to Instagram to
confirm the news. He recently shared his health updates on social
media. Before we get on with the video, we want you
to know that we make new videos every day. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Greg Rikaart, who is back as a series regular
on The Young and the Restless, recently made a guest appearance on his former gig, Days
of Our Lives, for a hilarious April Fool’s Day episode. However, in real life, Greg is going through
a hard time. Last week, Greg revealed on Twitter that he
began showing symptoms about a couple of weeks ago. While he practiced self-isolation to
protect his family, the actor has been in constant touch with fans over social media. He recently shared a video update on Twitter
and Instagram and he seems to be in a really good condition. Greg seemed emotional as he thanked people
for sending him “kind and generous messages of support” in this needy time. He also revealed a little more about his battle,
saying that there were a couple of scary days. But thankfully, he is recovering and doing
good. He pleaded with his fans to take necessary
precautions to help stop the spread of this dangerous virus at the end of the video. “So thank you all. I hope you’re continuing to stay safe. I know the isolation and the social distancing
is difficult but it’s necessary. So be well, thank you all again and see you
soon,” Greg said. Several celebrity friends were quick to respond
to Greg’s post, including the new-mom Elizabeth Hendrickson, his on-screen wife on The Young
and the Restless. We wish Greg a swift, complete recovery.


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