YouTube Restricts The  Word "CHRISTIAN" For Advertisers

YouTube Restricts The Word "CHRISTIAN" For Advertisers

hey Awards cracking YouTube so I am back we're here to talk about YouTube ad policy craziness the ridiculousness of it monetization or that you won't believe this story so this comes from RT and it says unacceptable content YouTube ad policy bans keyword Christian Christians banned and this is about a group a Christian group that helps veterans and they post ads on YouTube and they've used the word Christian in their keywords for a while but suddenly things have changed you can't use Christian anymore and that doesn't surprise me in the slightest because the YouTube ad policy the YouTube monetization policy is absolutely ridiculous these days and he's so restrictive a couple of weeks ago I couldn't use the word ruined in a title because it was demonetised ruined alright as soon as I changed that that word oh good it's so stupid but this is this is very disturbing this story especially when it's a creep helping veterans says here when the founder of a Christian veterans group tried to upload a YouTube ad for his organization he received an odd rejection informing him the word Christian was no longer acceptable under the site's ad targeting policy right suddenly this better change shed a Robicheaux founder of the mighty oaks foundation and this is actually a real group just approved to here's their website here it says our mission many of our nation's worries struggle with the hardships of military service and reintegration back into civilian life often leaving broken homes in their aftermath and comprise one of the most at-risk groups for suicide mighty oaks tackles this critical issue without Peter Piot resiliency and recovery programs offered at no cost to our honored servicemen and women learn more about how you can make a direct impact today and affect positive change guiding our servicemen and women to fight a new life purpose through hope in Christ it's a good cause there and it says let's continue a charitable group that help the veterans overcome wartime trauma took to Twitter with a screenshot detailing his account with the tech giant quote so one of the key words to boost the ad was the word Christian which we use regularly the ad was denied specifically because of the use of the word Christian right and he's the tweety from chad roberto we ran a youtube ad for our veterans ministry outreach for those in need and it was denied for the word christian insane censorship should should terrify every american conservative or liberal Christian or Muslim this bias is a dangerous course for America and as you can see there the picture that must be when you put the ads or try to put the ads on YouTube it says their potential policy violation the following keywords violate Google ads advertising policies please remove the unacceptable content to continue Christian look there's no doubt about this that's a that's pretty clear as day they're that they're saying the word Christian you cannot use anymore if you want to post ads with Google apparently you can't target people using the word Christian which is effed up in my opinion quote this is the first time we've seen this end quote Roberto told at faith wire in an interview within hours of Roberto's post YouTube attempted to explain the situation in a tweet of its own quote we know that religious beliefs are personal so we don't allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion and quote the Google own platform said quote beyond that we don't have policies against advertising that includes religious terms like Christian and quote but why was it suddenly change though it was OK in the past what led to this sudden change no there does seem to be a lot of you know attacks on Christian these days in the media and all that and look I have a Christian I got to admit that but I'm a hardcore Christian or anything like that the veteran fired back arguing the company's statement was demonstrably false and that he had used the same keyword in previous ads without problems for years moreover he claims when he tried running the same ad but with the keyword Muslim instead there was no issue indeed it says here this is chat ago and says we ran the exact same ad with the word Muslim and it was proved but Christian was not additionally we've ran ads with the word Christian for years this year alone we had a hundred and fifty thousand impressions on that word in our ads right as per your support line this is a new restriction new restriction after speaking with Google's help desk however Roberto was told the policy was new Google has yet to comment publicly on the matter so that's the story there from Artie and just shows how ridiculous the whole system is look we know Creators been dealing with issues for a while on YouTube it's become so restrictive you can't use certain words in your titles here you thumbnails that be so clean your descriptions tags all that it's just very sanitized these days and it seems like it's also affecting people who want to put ads on videos now all right and they're just hurting their own their own business model but I don't see how this helps them by doing this but you know I guess it saves them from some PR backlash but I don't know how the word Christian would be you know is anything wrong with using the way Christians look I don't care if Muslims want to target Muslims if Jews or target Jews if you know if Hindus won't target Hindus there's no issue there you think that would be a smart way to do it because he actually reaching out to the people who would most likely be interested in what you're promoting wouldn't that be like advertising 101 you target people that would want your product this is like I mean I don't know that seems like a weird policy and how it's not affecting other religions but it is affecting Christianity or people want to promote to Christians why is there a you know our hatred towards Christians Christine has done a lot of good work over the years you know there's been some bad stuff all religions have bad aspects to that I'm not going to deny that but you think there's there's a lot of good that have Christians have done Christian charities and all that so look I meant just a target like this and to allow you know another religion my people to target Muslims but not Christians I mean really what's what's the deal with that are you afraid of being cool you know like a against Islam or something or Islamophobia if you do if you don't let them do that but with Christians it's okay because you know no one's really going to call you out or not I don't know but that's a very interesting story there so I'll leave a link to this article in the description so you can go check it out or I might not actually cuz has a weak Christian in the title so I'm like a demon attack it's so stupid but this is a very interesting story how you have any good days always peeps as I always say what I say so get the YouTube ad policy this stupid ridiculous policy here the D monetization policy and telling both right to get the hell out of my stinking house


32 thoughts on “YouTube Restricts The Word "CHRISTIAN" For Advertisers”

  • Wow so now as well as Political bias YOU TUBE/Google have also got a Religious Bias. FFS, What was that about "freedom of Religion and Freedom of thought, Freedom of expression, Freedom from persecution, Due Process" ??? seems YOU TUBE should go back to the 1700's where it wants to drag us all back to.

  • To make this fair is YouTube going to ban the words "Muslim", "Buddhist" etc? Or is YouTube bigoted against Christianity now?.

  • GanonGhidorah says:

    Truth be told…this is kind of sad. Christianity has been de-clawed by 200 years of secularism. And while that's a good thing for people's personal freedoms…it's made the religion effectively defenseless. You try something like this with Islam, not only will you have the idiots clambering against "Islamophobia!" but you'll also have the Jihadists after you as well…
    They're attacking Christianity because they know it's not going to fight back…

  • Christian groups are not all the same. That’s the problem. The word is used across the board for many things. Even at its most benign, they use tax free money to convert people to their faith. Churches pay no taxes in the US, yet many of their leaders live in luxury. There are other Christian groups that target the elderly, target the prosperity gospel, do whatever it takes to get your money by selling false hope. No other organization could legally sell unproven promises and get away with it.

  • I'm a Christian and this concerns me. But I'm not surprised, the Bible did mention something like this would happen

  • Watch YouTube get their azz sued over religion discrimination (while allowing Muslims) and made to pay millions. Get those stupid phat Ph**ks off the management and shame their azz.

  • Don't get mad… these things must come to pass. If you ask me it's more proof that the devil exist and is active in the world…and you know how the story ends

  • All religions are cults. They have no clue if what the say or believe is true. Yet they all say theirs is the only way. The all have murdered people in the name of their "god" and in my opinion, all religions need to be banded so we as a species can start moving forward together. Religion is emotional mind control and is littered with murders, sex offenders, and hypocrisy. Let's all just believe in the words of ignorant power hungry men from 1000s of years ago when they believed the world was the center of the universe and flat.. it's pure stupidity. Let's all just belive in invisible sky daddies.. what a joke.

  • Reminds me of back when Nintendo was super sensitive in the early 90s and wouldn't let any religious stuff including religious imagery (even Christian crosses) in their games back in the SNES era. Now Nintendo will let full mature/sexy games on their platform (with Sony and Microsoft censoring their games even more than Nintendo these days,) but modern day YouTube has moved backwards to insanity. I would have never guessed this would happen back in the day.

  • Manuel Blumenstein says:

    but youtubers using sexual terms in their titles for years now without any consequences… because they're making more money for youtube…. this system is a joke

  • I have an idea! If they ban the name "Christian", then why not use another name that means "Christian" but it's in a different language?

  • Isn't Google opening themselves up to a huge federal lawsuit? in the US it's illegal too discriminate based on race, religion, national origin etc. Not to mention that Christian Bale is going to be miffed.

  • Viola Sobieski says:

    Does YouTube block the word Muslim or Islam.. they would not dare but it is okay to offend and marginalize a real religion of peace (Christians).

  • ΛϏΔΞҎҢӨՖreᒃoɹŋ says:

    Directly related to 2020…they will do anything to stop Trump. Ban them all or ban none. Otherwise your engaging in thought control.

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