YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

hey it's me brian g welcome back high five in this video I'm going to introduce you to one of my pals here on YouTube and we're going to talk it out creating a sales funnel as well as less building gaining more subscribers making some money and lots more so stick around Reggie Johnson hey it's brian g johnson helping you to stake your claim amplify your message and inspire action the very thing that's needed for success today i'm going to introduce you to one of my buddies I'm talking about Dan Brock the super affiliate now I gotta warn you this guy's kind of a sleeper you could say he's a deadbeat but he's also super smart and he's really awesome and affiliate marketing that's a fancy term for simply linking to other websites and making money now Dan's going to share how you can set up a sales funnel a video sales funnel that accomplishes three really powerful things number one gains you more youtube subscribers number two makes you all kinds of money that's awesome right and number three is really about audience retention and increasing your YouTube authority it's all awesome stuff then take it away oh sorry Brian dozed off there for a second what's up guys stand Brock the deadbeat super affiliate here honored to be able to share this youtube traffic getting technique with you guys here on brian g johnson's channel art so the technique that i'm going to show you here today we'll show you how to get those ever valuable high retention youtube views and not we're not talking at fake bot traffic we're talking people who by the time they go through this funnel that i'm going to reveal here today they wind up buying your affiliate promotions your products or doing whatever it is that you want them to do alright so i'm going to walk you through step by step and just before I do just want to give a quick plug about the book trust funnel this is brian g johnson's book if you're starting out in the business this is a must-have in my opinion I've been doing this for close to 14 years and despite all that I've been pulling out golden nuggets left and right from trust funnel alright guys so with all that said let's jump right into my video and I'll show you how to get those high retention views that by whatever it is that you want them to buy already here we go alright what's up guys Dan Barack pheeew super affiliate here now what I want to do is walk you through step-by-step this powerful system that I'm talking about alright so this all starts with one YouTube video there's going to be a series of youtube videos basically what I do is I give away some free tips and then I direct them to a freebie to download so at this point in the video we're talking about three-fourths into the video I'll give them to my call to action to get a free guide or free training series alright so what happens when they click the link it goes to my opt-in page this is just standard issue stuff at this point so i type in my email address alright so once they enter their email address they're taken to this page where they see a video and this video does two things first it prompts them to subscribe to my youtube channel alright so if they've watched my video before and they opt in and they haven't subscribed they're going to subscribe at this point so this point i call to action is to subscribe and step two is to watch a video playlist series that I've created so this is a series of about seven or eight videos each of these is about ten minutes long or so and what will happen is they'll go through step by step each one of these videos so these videos all flow into one another so this part 1 good leaves in the part 2 and part 2 and 3 et cetera et cetera now what happens is during these videos I give away more free content and at some point I prop I prompt them to subscribe and buy a product that I'm trying to promote so this is one of my own products that I'm promoting but I do this for affiliate offers it works the same exact way very very powerful way to both increase your YouTube views you see here every time they play videos the view count for each one of these individual videos increases now what I also do in addition is I also provide like an additional bonus just to kind of fulfill the promise that I promised only like the free guide so that this free guide here is just like a PDF document but they get all these videos in addition to that all right so what I want to do from here is just log into my analytics and show you the difference in view time that you can get by using this tactic all right so analytics all right so here are the stats all right you can see like Google searches you're talking to two and a half minutes gmail's people have mailed you my email this to 10 to individual videos you're talking three minutes Facebook two minutes 30 seconds my blog I get about three minutes but you see here at deadbeat super affiliate this is often the freebie page I get an average watch time of 6 minutes and 37 seconds with a 61 percent completion rate there alright so you can see the difference in view time is two or even three times the normal amount by using this tactic now right now today this this individual thing even though my channel is very small it makes about 100 to about two hundred dollars a day using this simple tactic here alright so you can see how powerful this technique is I highly recommend that you get this going on your your channel right away it will explode your results with youtube in general our guys it's been a pleasure working with you here today I hope you learned something put this into action I promise you that you're going to love the results my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate let's pull Brian back on here for some closing words and I'll see you guys later here we go oh yeah pixie dust so there you have it i hope you've taken the time to subscribe to dan Brock's channel the deadbeats super affiliate dan is a super smart guy it can share some strategies with you on how you can leverage this platform youtube to make all kinds of money i'll see you next time poof pixie dust


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