8 thoughts on “YouTube Advertising Costs 2019 – How Do YouTube Ad Costs Work”

  • 李哈利Harry says:

    Hi thanks for sharing. Whats the difference between adding search terms under keywords and custom intent audiences under audience? thanks

  • sir i wanna get charged after 30 seconds view of my video ,, but when i select leads or website traffic campaign they ask me to set conversion tracking ,, how to set conversion tracking for youtube video please ?

  • The video was awesome and very useful. I need a favour from you can you tell me how to run a bumper ad campaign on youtube of just 4-5sec but just for certain location or city ? Help guide me for that

  • The Hit Lister says:

    If I pick budget type campaign total instead of daily at say $100 is that the maximum I am going to pay?

  • salman sheikh says:

    same rates for all countries ? i wanna run 6 seconds bumper ads in Pakistan ,, budget $5 a day ,, pls tell me how many views i will get daily estimated ?

  • Can you make a video for discovery ads and especially how to use them to drive traffic to a landing page? I’ve seen ads where it look like a video but it went directly to the channel page with a link and it was used to sell some kind of course. Thx

  • Awesome mann…… All ur videos are precious …. It explains what we should do in our real life situation …. You are literally teaching everything …… Really appreciate it …. Am looking to go forward and watch all your videos

  • Surfside PPC says:

    Please let us know if you have any questions about YouTube Advertising costs. Thanks for watching our video!

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