26 thoughts on “You Must See – 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT”

  • Cynthia Ennis says:

    People all better look up & learn how to use the Laws of Mind as New Thought Lecturers used to teach before we can’t use them at all! They taught the use of imagination to change one’s reality…what shows up on your screen of space, comes from what we think w/feeling & imagine all day long!
    Dr. Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Thomas Troward, Genevieve Brerand, Florence Scovel Schin, Louise Hay, etc.. these were masters in manifesting goodness in their lives & in the lives of others! They taught these concepts so we could be free from the programming that occurs from in utero till 7 or 8 yrs of age, while in mostly theta/alpha brainwave states. They taught this was the Divine Power within!

  • gullible travels says:

    The Israelis do not allow Wifi and Fluoride – they also will not allow 5g — what does that tell you?

  • Lorna Wharton says:

    Shame? Is this all we can hope for? That they are ashamed? Where is our true military, the one that is supposed to protect us from all enemy's- foreign or/and domestic? where is our true government? where is the conscious of mankind? Is it too late for us to exit the matrix?


    How have I been so blind? Is it because my eyeballs have been melted by 5G? Like in ww2

  • Retarded people will not think for themselves and will instead let others think for them 🙂

    Why would Huawei kill it's users haha? Isn't the whole point if users them buying your products?

  • Time Wine&Cigars says:

    What if I tell you that I have something that can protect you and your family against the electrosmog that 5G creates? In Italy a small company released a product that cancels the 5G danger

  • Michael Jessop says:

    I just found a bird with one wing and it's spinning in circles. Should I get it to the vets? Some-(one) please? I could probably trust myself,but,I'd rather ask all the ex($perts) here!?

  • Michael Jessop says:

    This illegal technology is very scary and I'm frightened. There is an all evading eternal infinite unknown cosmic galactic intramultitridimensee unsurpassable neverending universal primiversal Law of Lore,and something is attacking every-(one) with illegal technology. I'm so sad and you can Hate Us forever as that is the choice y'all made. Nobody cares to ask me,but I would say, Y'all Shoulda Been Three. You are All one,We Are Three!! Baah-Diamondaah… No,No,I do not give lessons or advice,I'm sorry I am not sorry,it is still No No No!! 🤔🤫💙💞

  • Tbh we have 5G WIFI since 2018. I don't if this one is bad.. We have it in our house and almost no one has it in our area. Is 5g wifi in our house really bad?

  • Justin Hiscock says:

    Georgia guide stones …. endgame for us . AI and Nanotech DNA manipulation for the elites they will become synthetic . Dumbing down was the first part the rest is playing out now .

  • Lesley Lakos says:

    If you can't see it it's not there is the mountain to climb. Thankyou for this very powerful post, for all who have watched there is now no excuse to not know!!
    Lesley x

  • Bryanmiester says:

    Damnit man…. Obama was just exposed as basically another Ronald Reagan but on steroids, LSD, and cocaine if 5g is rolled out across the U.S.

  • I wonder if this is the reason why the U.S. is banning the Chinese cell phone "Huawei" from the 5G network?

  • Images of a spherical earth, talk of "satellites' and the mention of NASA and moon landings make this video very suspect of being extreme 5G fear porn. I've done my own due diligence over the years and know without any doubt that the frequencies we are being exposed to NOW (before 5G rollout) are very bad for our health. 5G will, without any doubt, in my opinion, create huge environmental and health impacts. So why do the creators of this film push spinning ball space bullshit…millions of real truthers know bodies of water do not curve or bend. I mean the earth has no curvature and is not moving. Am I missing something here? Is this the classic wolves in sheeps clothing? I have big issue with anyone espousing to truth, but implying the earth is a sphere and that somehow, satellites are being used to transmit data to us, from "space" above us??? Some great info here, but I'm a bit unsettled. The globe is dead, 5G is real let's move on and figure out the best way we can as individuals to start taking these devices out of service…

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