You Can’t Treat Social Media Like a One Night Stand | Win the Storm Conference Q&A


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  • Completely true statement because you can give a group of people a blueprint of exactly what you did to succeed and crush it and 80 to 90% of them will not do what you told them even though you gave them the 100% blueprint to get to where you are. I get it I do that daily give people instruction step-by-step number by number Dollar by Dollar of what they need to do to get to exactly where they want to be and they will still call back within less than 30 days asking for help when I gave them the blueprint

  • Brandon Farley says:

    "Never close on the first move" i will never forget this as long as i live. I feel its the most valuable lesson gary has ever given. Period.

  • love how much love you give out. Just like making that short hello for a dad to give to son. Respect, keep rising Gary.

  • I was At this conference front row. My good friend is the founder of SVG and Win The Storm. We used to cold call out of his pool house and now it’s become all this and Gary Vee is speaking. Unbelievable to see how far it’s come over just 2 years. Anything truly can happen if you have a vision and you get after it. There’s only one way. Hard work. Cutting corners comes with karma and will eventually bite you in the ass. Keep working hard quit making excuses and you’ll be amazed what comes your way. Gary is the man and was awesome to see live! So much energy. He even let me walk with him on his rush to get out of the hotel to make his plane. We talked fantasy baseball and sleeper picks. Even gave me his email and told me to reach out and he’ll let me know cuz he hasn’t done his research yet. Man gets me fired up! But I have even more respect for him now after that. Very down to earth guy. Appreciate you taking the time to talk. Keep on killin it!

  • New World Lord says:

    I could be fully happy in business and still watch Gary just bc he's ENTERTAINING AF😥 I TALK about him so much😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Michael Gorman says:

    People don't listen, they impose their own self promotional aspirations onto the narrative-this is called 'Spamming'-you can see it in the comments section of these videos,. people ignoring the content, the actual message and just trying to exact their little slice of attention to their buy link-it seems most activity on social media is crowded out with this clamoring for pieces of attention, until we begin listening and exchanging views in real time and seeking to connect-not just imposing our selfish little short-term ambition then the quality of communication will continue to be very low!

  • Digital Pratik says:

    1:06 When GARY said: How many people have no idea who the fuck i am???

    It reminded me of DAILYVEE 101 MASHUP video!!!

    Who else did ???? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • William Miles La Mont says:

    That guy @6:20 didn't blow up the way he wanted… 😂nice of Gary to help him. With that level of ignorance he's gonna need all the help he can get.

  • Connections and networking is key and the point on Karma is beast. Love that point that no ones gonna follow up on advice

    I've decided to make it my goal to upload 1,000 videos by March 1, 2019 (which is about a years time) started uploading seriously on Feb 20th 2018.

    Currently Uploaded: 43
    Uploaded 3 today.
    957 to go

    Slow and steady

  • Open Door Creative says:

    The video intent you talk about has brought me so much value. On my channel, I’m truly giving information without expectation and the messages and feedback I have gotten from people is payment enough. Thanks for the mindset flip.

  • Gary u make all these educated fools look like exactly who they are. Life and business is very simple if u follow your heart and got love for your fellow man. It will put u on the right side of history. Sprinting isn't that fun anyway.

  • If Gary keeps the agency model scaling the way it is, he's going to flip this thing and take over the world. He can't beat Amazon Facebook, Apple or Google, but he can beat Hasbro, Chevrolet, Nabisco, Procter & Gamble, his client Budweiser, and eventually even the sports Networks. Vayner X is a giant incubator that will swallow huge brands. Gary will align himself with the top business and economic minds so that he is free to be the creative Visionary that he has become in the digital space. When Peter diamandis and Ray Kurzweil start talking with Gary, things will start to move exponentially.

  • Thanks for adding the music links to the descriptions. You guys are the best. Literally asked for this the previous video. Speed speed speed. More more more.

  • +GaryVee Thanks about the Karma remark, I was wondering about this strategy as I am giving a lot and planning to give a lot of free stuff releted to Godot 3. As I am going to work with someone, I was worried about getting him to give too much… but after listening to this, it seems we are on the right path. Cheers.

  • Heavy Drib King says:

    I would've stopped that promoting guy on his 2 word cause now that guy feels like "OK lets all forget what I just did".

  • 100% love this hussleing mindset. As a ecommerce store owner I definitely huddle way harder than any of my workers, but I make to use commission based pay. The harder they work, the more they earn. Super great video!

  • Another great video. Congrats on 1.2M subs, Gary. I'd REALLY appreciate if you could do me this one th…. LOL, kidding. I don't want anything more from you. You've already given me far more than I could ever repay you for. Thank you for your daily videos, Gary Vaynerchuk & you too Team Gary Vee.

  • Big Super Over 40 Health and Wellness says:

    G.Vee keeping it so real right here. Only a hustler will feel G. He's talking way over 99% head. Real G. Shiii. Will be using these Social strategies on my You Tube Channel. Thanks G. Vee.

  • Preetiman Misra says:

    Gary thank you for an amazing episode as always. I am going to start a blog pretty soon after my high school finals are over, so I wanted to ask if you could suggest a few blogs that I could follow in order to gain a few ideas and get some inspiration ?
    Appreciate the content as always.

    Love from India. 🙂

  • Essy Chilcutte says:

    OMG i love that "Brands dont exisit" even legally people try to make brand a into people.

    Yeah > Humanization makes THINGS more emotionally relatable BUT its cartoon like.

    Coke personified Santa (Red suit is all cokes doing BUT people forget that… The Coke cola bears… and Now, name on wach can brand keeps blowing money on Ads and not talking about the Brand the people behind it and its pretty Dark* If you were to read the whole history of Coke its REALLY SCARY but there are new people doing good things… )

    Knowing the history of COKE i am like NOPE! but I think if you knew the current mindset of the people You might care or feel cared for.

  • Antonio Flores. says:

    When You See A Pretty Girl In Vegas You can’t just go up here and say here’s my key let’s go Fuck -Gary V

  • Bruh it’s not that hard to go drag ur video to a video editor
    And detach audio
    Then delete video
    You are in front of a million dollar man and that’s the question u ask?
    Come on

  • Millennia Carta says:

    Hi guys, my name is Ritvik and I have just started making videos about my startup Millennia Carta. It would be really great if you could checkout my channel and tell me what you think. Thanks:)

  • Gary, here is the story, I approach a top Mortgage Broker CEO and offer him to do a vlog for FREE, follow him around and learn from him, and monetize whatever comes out from the vlog 50/50, he said YES. Know I´m excited but afraid to leave my secure job, please HELP…. Thanks , greetings from Mexico!

  • T H E K I T P L U G says:

    How can you not like this guy. I hope future generations read about Gary and his value to the world in future history books.

  • As a Stay At Home mom of 4 babies.. I keep this short… I make time to Create & Taste.. those out there can join me or hit me up for any questions on how I do it… let me save you time…. JUST SHOW UP & DO something.. YOU are Your Best PR..& yes you have the time & I Know even if your patience may be put to the test… just do something ❣️You’re as Magical & Lucky as you choose❣️Happy Monday❣️xoxo Sheri Morgan 💕

  • Made my first video today, and it's on Gary Vee's advice and how I made some $ from his advice. Would love to get any feedback from you guys

  • The Luxury Hybrid says:

    I must have untapped intuition because you answered my podcast question that I thought of less than a week ago. I tweeted this question to you, and some very nice random stranger recommended ripping the (stripping) the audio from my content. My exact response was “Thanks. I’ll Google how to do it.

  • I loved the way you ripped that guy with nothing but Love. Thank you for always keeping it 100%!! Not sure if this works on YouTube but #firstinline

  • Christopher Penn says:

    The easiest, completely free utility for ripping audio from YouTube is the youtube-dl open source utility. It runs at the command line, it's totally free, and it does a great job.

  • afrikoPOP fitness says:

    That was so dope Gary. I finally get giving great content for free and not selling. It's gonna be a great 2018!

  • Lorenzo De Wilder says:

    How about filming a 4D's session and putting it online? That would be giving away good content. Work hard, be nice, that's just some generic sayings…

  • Crushing it' is changing my life. It's the first book i've purchased (no lie) pls read why

  • Essy Chilcutte says:

    Gary we need to talk about this one night stand Business.

    Look thats NOT even one night stands thats the Law of averages method to pitching.

    Keep asking someone will say yes*

    A one night stand Suggests they get that far.

    Gotta stop it with the one liners
    >Dude was a champ for stating it like I am a chump Ask anyway

    BUT that METHOD of just spamming everything that movies with lazy lines has got to die

    (I mean Shakespeare even wrote about it – as paraphrased in 36 biggest mistakes salesmen make and how to correct them.

    "The fault, Mr. Salesman, in not with the stars but in yourself" )

    >>>The mindset behind the SALES PITCH bullshit* they make excuses for why they fail…. and keep failing!

    Have someone pull up the R/Niceguys (on youtube dont expect you to go read reddit)

  • Share super valuable content, the tactics, and more because 90% of people won't do anything about it and 80% of that 90% will come to you.

  • It’s ultra inspiring seeing Gary wearing his own shoes instead of those other Nike’s. They never fit him as well anyway.

  • FreaKKlothing-J says:

    You are fucking awesome Gary… Its crazy a ton of your thoughts and ideas are very much like mine. For a person with a lot of procrastination problems and issues just pulling the"trigger". You have helped me beyond words… Hopefully someday soon i can offer enough upside for you to have a quick little convo with me… Thanks brother

  • Literally makes me so happy when he calls people out on their sht because I see it right away & he just stops them in their tracks
    I totally understand that you need to be called out or else you'll never learn
    but he's always clarifying why & the clarification is very considerate

    Gary is basically a Sour Patch Kid hahahaha 😀

  • The advice on giving value to the point where the consumer doesn’t need you is brilliant. Gary is the people’s champ 💪

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