‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

Thank you, Mr President. I wanted to challenge you
on one of the statements that you made in the
tail end of the campaign in the midterms.
– Here we go. Well, if you don’t mind,
Mr President. – Let’s go, come on. That this caravan
was an invasion. – I consider it to be
an invasion. As you know, Mr President,
the caravan was not an invasion, it’s a group
of migrants moving up from central America
towards the border with the US. – Thank you for telling
me that. I appreciate it. Why did you characterise
it as such? – Because I consider it
an invasion. – You and I have a
difference of opinion. But do you think that
you demonised immigrants in this election?
– Not at all. – I want them to come in
to the country but they – have to come in legally.
You know, they have to – come in, Jim,
through a process. – I want it to be a process
and I want people to come in – and we need
the people. But your campaign …
– Wait! Wait, wait. – You know why we need
the people, don’t you? – Because we have hundreds
of companies moving in. – We need the people. But your campaign had
and ad showing migrants climbing over walls
and so on. – Well, that’s true.
They weren’t actors. They’re not going
to be doing that. – They weren’t actors.
Well, no, it was true. – Do you think they
were actors? – They weren’t actors. – They didn’t come
from Hollywood. – These were …
These were people … – This was an actual,
you know, it happened – a few days ago
and er … They’re hundreds of
miles away though. They’re hundreds and
hundreds of miles away. That’s not an invasion.
– You know what, – I think you should let
me run the country, – you run CNN and,
if you did it well, – your ratings would
be much better. Well, let me ask …
If I may ask one more question. – That’s enough. Mr President, if I may ask
one more question, are you worried …
– That’s enough. – That’s enough.
That’s enough. The other folks have had …
Pardon me, Ma’am, I’m … – Excuse me,
that’s enough. Mr President, I had one
other question, if I may ask. – Peter, let’s go. On the Russia investigation
are you concerned that you may have
indictments … – I’m not concerned
about anything – with the Russian
investigation – because it’s a hoax. – That’s enough.
Put down the mic. Mr President, are you
worried about indictments coming down in
this investigation? –– Mr President … – I tell you what,
CNN should be ashamed – of itself, having you
working for them. – You are a rude,
terrible person. – You shouldn’t be
working for CNN. – Go ahead. –– I think that’s unfair. – You’re a very
rude person. – The way you treat
Sarah Huckabee is horrible. – And the way you treat
other people are horrible. –– Mr President, you
repeatedly over the course of … [Unclear] enemy of the people …
– OK, just sit down please. [Unclear question]
– Well, when you report – fake news … No. – When you report fake news,
which CNN does a lot, – you are the enemy
of the people.


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