Yevadu 3 (Agnyaathavaasi) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh

Yevadu 3 (Agnyaathavaasi) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh

“Where to find a friend like you?” “Where is that friendship?” “The world will remember,
the friendship between you and me.” “Where to find a friend like you?” “Where is that friendship?” “The world will remember,
the friendship between you and me.” ‘We wanted to eliminate
you 30 years ago.’ ‘The passport was ready,
but we did not get the visa.’ ‘We have eliminated your son,
in the morning, now it’s your turn.’ ‘Vinda, now the time has come,
to change the logo of your company.’ ‘Now your business empire is ours.
Do you get it?’ ‘Shoot him.’ These things belonged
to your son and your husband. The police department
received it a while go. I thought I should personally
come and give you all this. – It was nice of you.
– Thanks. ‘We wanted to eliminate
you 30 years ago.’ ‘The passport was ready,
but we did not get the visa.’ ‘We have eliminated your son,
in the morning, now it’s your turn.’ ‘Vinda, now the time has come,
to change the logo of your company.’ ‘Now your business empire is ours.
Do you get it?’ – Hello.
– It’s time for him to come out. It’s time for the storm,
which was lull. He is educated and has become smart. He is awesome academically. Nobody can withstand him,
when he fights. In his eyes, there is love
and compassion for the poor.. ..and fire for the devil. He is a skillful businessman. The statue of clay
has turned into steel. I will fetch him and come to you. – Hello.
– Where is he? Sir, even I don’t know,
will enquire and let you know. – Okay, quickly find out.
– Okay, sir. Hey phool raj, come here. – Go and hang upside on the tree and
look out, where is he? – Okay, sir. Hello! – Hello!
– Where is he? – Give the phone to sir.
– Okay, mother. Come place your bets. Whoever will win,
this will belong to him. Sir, there is a call for you. Captain! Captain! ‘Mr. Vinda had no heir.’ ‘Due to his death, all his company’s
shares have fallen down rapidly.’ ‘The company worth 10 crores
is of only 3 crores now.’ ‘Vinda had excelled in telecom
services and IT sectors..’ ‘..and had listed his name
as one of the richest businessmen.’ ‘The company which once boasted as one
of the top notch company of India.’ ‘Today its future is questionable.’ ‘The most important question now is..’ ‘..who will again soar
this company to its heights.’ ‘Very soon the general body meeting..’ ‘..of AB group of company
is going to be held.’ ‘Where it will be decided, who
will be the next CEO of the company?’ ‘The whole world is watching
AB group of companies now. ‘People even want to know..’ ‘..who will be the next
CEO of AB group of companies.’ – Sir! Sir! – Sir, can you
please tell us something? Calm down. Today’s emergency meeting
by the board of directors.. ..has chosen Mrs.
Indrani Batliwala as the interim CEO. Till we don’t appoint the new CEO,
at the general body meeting.. ..Indrani madam, will work as CEO. You will be informed.. soon as the date for
the general body meeting is fixed. We want to console our investors,
not to worry but trust us. We will reach the heights again. – We will soon call a press conference.
Thank you. Come. Let’s go. – Sir! Sir! ‘We wanted to eliminate
you 30 years ago.’ ‘The passport was ready,
but we did not get the visa.’ ‘We have eliminated your son,
in the morning, now it’s your turn.’ The first voice is of Ana
and the second voice is of Conda. My suspicious snake has
coiled around their names. To extract their venom,
I will have to harp the flute. I will soon rule the empire,
built by my father’s hard work. First of all,
we need to confirm a few things. The night, when Dad was murdered,
whose phone was he using? Ana’s or Conda’s? From whose phone was
the international call made? If Conda has made,
we will come to know from the office. Because all his details
are in his laptop. If it is Ana,
then it’s easy to catch her. Father’s killer is
not very far from me. We can hack all the outgoing
calls of 12th march from the laptop. And then? Will you kill him? Baburao, do you see this chair? First a huge tree
must have been cut down. Then cut into small pieces.
Then a saw used on it Then small nails are
pierced on it with a hammer. How much torture has been
done to it for the comfort of others? The lust of this chair has caused
so many rivers of blood to flow. Whoever has killed my brother and
father, for the greed of the chair? First I will kill those beasts. After that I will be at peace. Groupies, don’t wait for
the pot of sin till it brims. Burst it before that. – Good idea.
– But how will you reach him? Wedding is the ideal
way to enter someone’s house.. ..and an interview
to enter someone’s office. Today there is an interview
for the post of personal assistant. This moron who is
stealing the banana.. ..bring him here under
the allegation of stealing. Now, I will go for the
interview instead of him. What? There is no electricity? You are calling each and every
candidate so that they don’t suffer. But I can’t see the board. It’s there. Sorry. He is very clever. I eat boiled eggs for breakfast,
so my brain is sharp. Let’s go. Let’s inform the poor people too. Moron, I am the poorest man in India. – What are you saying?
– Let’s sort out for us. To hell with the others.
You go I will follow. Go. Let me tear this. So that nobody will come
to know about the interview. It seems we have come
at the wrong address. This must be the interview. Son, give me your
card and certificate. I will send you,
your salary money at home. – You will give me money?
– Yes dear. Okay, what do I have to do? Give me the Wi-Fi of this place. – Sit and do whatever you want.
– What’s the second option? Put turmeric in buffalo oil,
and massage me. When 2 adults are talking,
then old people don’t interfere. Haven’t your mother taught you that? Quickly take my interview,
I have to go somewhere else too. Come you must have
heard about net capturing.. you will
know about hand bondage. Really? I know why you are tying my hand. – Good you understood it quickly.
– So that I use my brains not google. Reservations, has infested.. ..the development of the
country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This is the question of geography. Uncle, this moron is double talented. – What are you saying?
– Really? – That’s why he passed.
– Hello! Till now, I have not answered
then how have I passed? – Take my interview.
– Educated fool. There are so many jobless
people roaming around.. ..yet we only chose you. Why? That is correct. – So you made a fool of me.
– Now you got it? He was acting smart. Take out the stupid guy’s
picture and stick this handsome pic. – Ring the bell, if you want to go
to the wash room. – Which bell? Should I rob his? Okay. Move quickly, it will come in between. – Saved.
– Kalpesh. – Yes.
– Is it your name? Yes. It’s mine. – Take your pass.
– Thank you. If you lose it,
you won’t be able to travel. What do you say? – Absolutely.
– Yes. First floor, maintenance. This is a very powerful mike. I am
covering it in a chocolate wrapper. – You just take it to the
interview room. – Fine. Okay? – I will be able to hear whatever
question they ask. – Okay. Wear this blue tooth. Their questions will
be heard by me here. – I will answer them. Okay?
– Hail lord Shiva. Shiv Shankar. – What happened?
– Look here. – This is mine.
– You are arguing with me. Help! The lift is overloaded.
Give me the paper. Yes. It’s opening. – Pull me. I am very scared.
– Thank you. Wait. Have patience. – Sir pull me. – You are not
trapped in the well, it’s just a lift. – Give you hand. – I am scared
of being trapped inside.. a woman’s arms and the lift. It seems your shoulders have
no strength, let me massage you. Is it okay. Come. – Sir you are joking with me.
– Hey, come out. Don’t worry. The work is done. A static lift can be opened
but on the steps you will roll. – Thank you.
– Okay. The guests have been welcomed,
waiting for the groom. He is going to ask for
a job at his own office. – Don’t worry, you will get the job.
– Thank you so much sir. I gave you the good news,
where are the sweets. – Brother can I take this?
– Yes, sure. – Sir.
– Yes? – Open your mouth.
– Only my name is Chate. But I don’t keep licking
sweets the whole day. Only after dinner. I get good sleep. Will make my wife lick too. Sorry, brother. The dark
man took your dark chocolates. – Send me the money.
– Okay. – Go now.
– Thanks brother. Hey, chocolate has gone in. – Excuse me sir. Take out
the bluetooth. – Okay. Plan B. Okay. If 2 is for company and
3 is a crowd then what is 4 and 5. Sir, if he is not able
to answer this question.. give the job to my candidate. Yes, 4 and 5 make 9. And if 9 people get
together and do any work. Then they will disappear. That means that work will
reach the horizon of the sky. A man is pushed from the plane.. ..without the parachute,
then too he is saved. How? – Because the plane did not take off.
– What can you not eat at breakfast? This is a very simple question sir. You can never eat lunch
or dinner at breakfast. One second. Why are you answering all the questions,
while looking below? Naughty boy. The gleam of your sharp eyes,
can distract me. Sir. Okay, so should we proceed further? Keep discussing about the barter.
I will stop my business. After discarding the GST,
give whatever you want. – Can I join from Sunday?
– Is my job confirmed? Because of this microphone,
I passed the interview. How come there is cigarette
smell from the microphone? It seems there is someone nearby. Which brand is it? You left or he? Got dumped in love? In which department do you work? At Shankeshwar Chate’s department? Means you’re the
secretary of Ana Bhardwaj? ‘The first voice is Ana’s
and the second is Conda’s.’ – Hi. Happy to meet you.
– Me too. Did Ana do something behind your back? Then why are you burning your lungs? The girls break up, means my pick up. It’s over, Rohit. – Is he your boyfriend?
– Yes. We will marry whether
today or tomorrow. But before that I need to do business. Problem. How much money have you given? If you give a mobile
and a charger to girls.. ..they will live happily even in hell. Took 10, lakh rupees advance
from the company loans.. ..and gave it to the boyfriend? Uncle Ana is my like my father.. ..I lied to him and
took a loan of 10 lakhs. I told him I am buying
a plot at Satampur. How will I repay the loan of 10 lakhs? Imagine, its Rohit in
your hands not cigarette. What will you do?
Keep it between your lips? Come on. Smash him. Kick him. Cigarette and this boy,
both are injurious for you. Listen to me, extinguish both of them. It’s over, flush it and come out.
Come on. If toilet is a love story
then bathroom is a love epic. You will get another one, here.
Hold this. Instead of blowing your face if you
blow a balloon you will look prettier. Should I bring one? – Who are you?
– Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala. – I joined from today.
– You will work under me. Really? If I have to work under you,
I will work from morning to night. It’s okay even if you
don’t give me over time. Who will leave this chance? The worth of the company
is decreasing rapidly. We have to choose a new CEO,
as soon as possible. Our investors are very scared. We need a man like Vinda. Listen to me,
before the value decrease, perish it. We will start a new business. Let’s rent out 20floors
out of the 25. Start a vegetable market
on the rest of the floors. Whatever veggies are sold its okay.
Rest we will use in the curry. You are advising according
to your thinking. You both were worth cooking curries.. ..but Vinda made you’ll the director. And you want to sell his company.
I will never let that happen. I know whom to choose the new CEO. It will surely not be one of you.
Ungrateful. Mind you language. You are traitors. We must think practically. Only Aditya Bhandari’s son Ranjit has
the capability of becoming the CEO. He has increased the companies
oversees business up to 20% If he becomes the CEO, the investors
will increase their faith is us. I want him to become the CEO. Baman brother has passed away,
15 days ago. So we should hold the general
body meeting after 3 months. Till then I will speak to Ranjit. In between,
what if the property rates fall? If it didn’t happen in 3 months
then we start a vegetable market. Okay, till then,
let’s select our new CEO. If we can’t become the CEO,
then the company will be rented. – What do you call that in English?
– Lease. – Lease. – Without the bamboo
the flute can never be played. We will be free from daily troubles. Stop talking and call the agent. For how long will we wait? What if someone’s steals
our idea of curries.? Vinda has toiled very hard, and made
this company, with blood and sweat. The new CEO, will be someone
who has the qualities like Vinda. I am the MD of this company,
but very soon will become the CEO. – Mark my words.
– Yes. Deal done. – Hey, take care.
– You too man. Sir, you have closed a deal with them? It’s a good deal. Sir, I had a better deal than them.
More than 3% of them. It doesn’t matter. Sir 3% means, 280 crores more. Now it will make a difference. – Tell the foreigner to cancel
the deal. – It’s difficult sir. Difficult but not impossible. Okay, sit in the car. Go. I have failed in maths from childhood. Use a silencer to silence people. You don’t only have to build a body. Black current, butterscotch.
Kesar Royal Falooda. I have to turn it the other way. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. – Pen please.
– Okay. Black forest. Who is this lusty guy? My HR manager, Shankeshwar Chate. Mrs. Indrani. Mr. Vinda’s wife. She is extremely strict. Wonder where will this Ranjit be? Where do we find him? The work is over. The next general body
meeting will be after 3 months. Is it enough time? Vaishali, don’t be tensed
about the time. 3 moths are enough. I will get your 10,
lakh rupees back from Rohit. – Ma’am.
– Sorry. – What will you drink?
– Two coffees. In cow’s milk, without sugar. Should I bring yours in buffalo milk? First wash your hands,
then wash the cup. Then bring it. He has tantrums. How rude is that?
You put straight things upside down? What is this? God bless you. This is my problem.
I want everything straight. Even a Jalebi(round sweet). That’s why I even broke up with Rohit. He was tilting my neck to kiss me. And I was straightening my neck. Then I realized he was short,
that’s why he was doing that. That’s all? Look at him.
He likes everything crooked. Because he watches the add,
‘even though its crooked, its mine.’ Look at me, I do every straight
work in a crooked manner. Once you like crooked things
you will not enjoy the straight one. You made me understand in two words. Hope you won’t wipe me
and throw me like this tissue. How can you even think like that? I belong to a poor family. I can’t bear you expenses at the mall. – When will you go to Rohit?
– Tomorrow. You think my maintenance
is very expensive? Let’s go for a movie. Let save money.
I will watch something on Youtube. You are talking very
sweetly with that girl? I heard Ana treats
her like his daughter. Maybe she will be useful to us. Stop thinking about Ana’s daughter. Start thinking about Conda. Heard Conda’s daughter is very pretty. – Baburao.
– Yes. If from Ana’s laptop, we are not
able to know about father’s murderer. Then what will we do? Ana Conda are both poisonous. We will hack their call
data from their phones. – Absolutely.
– Great! It’s a little crooked
to make him vomit the truth. If I have an affair with his daughter,
then Conda can be trapped. The father is bitter
but daughter must be sweet. Nephew, people give
away everything in love. Data is nothing. She will not refuse. Fantastic, boost this plan. [Sanskrit shlok] Look out,
a handsome boy is coming inside. You don’t try looking at
him or else he will run away. He is coming to meet
a spicy girl like me. Hope he doesn’t start
flirting with someone else. Shrinivani! [Sanskrit shlok] She has touched the
chords of my heart. No! Don’t sing more,
otherwise he will cry more. Why did you get into the
toilet after listening to my song? Did the pressure increase? Yes, I never felt
this kind of pressure. Why have you hung your face? Because of Bulbul Pandey’s daughter,
Chulbul Pandey. We were supposed to
get married on Sunday. She hurt my heart. Bhatinde is devastated. You are telling me your name
but you look like a pointed gourd. So what if Bulbul Pandey has left you. You can look at me, it was her bad luck
to leave such a burly man like you. You have hair like your name.. ..moustache like a wrestler
and this colorful T-shirt is wow. My name is Divya Conda. My grandfather had named me.
Tell me what is your name? I am Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala. I am a Parsi,
though I don’t deal in bottles. Till how long you will loosen
your pressure. Get up from there. Dear, there is no better place
to lighten the mood, than this. Why are you standing,
and looking there? Because you are the
Xerox copy of Bulbul Pandey. Okay, you can call me Bulbul
and I will call you the bottles cap. My veins got pressed. Save my number and
delete Bulbuls number. We will meet at the Irani Hotel.
Don’t ditch me. Will you come? – Should I consider it as yes?
– I will come. – Swear on me.
– God promise. If you come closer, then I
will not feel like distancing away. Who hit him? Who all came to the office yesterday? Yesterday there was interview
for the post of personal assistant. For which more than
100 people had come. – Take out the applications?
– Okay. Here it is. The application is a month
old and yet the glue hasn’t dried? Interesting. Who is he? He is the selected candidate. – Call him.
– Okay. Whose is it ringing? Thank you, pick up the
phone and place it on my ears. No, don’t pick up the phone. – It’s disconnected.
– Switch it off. Try again. It will be switched off. ‘The number you are calling is
either unreachable or switched off.’ – He is fake.
– Okay. – Keep your eyes on him.
– Okay, sir. 24 hours, 365 days. Two coffee. In pure cow’s milk without sugar. I am not dieting like you. Put all the sugar from
the vessel and bring it. Okay. – And for you? – The sweet madam
has explained sweetly. Bring that for me too. Why did Bulbul leave you? – I have a disease called Zigzag.
– What? I make crooked things like,
ridged gourd, straight like carrots. If it’s crooked its yours. One day, in restless
Bulbul’s uncontrollable body.. ..arose the bubbles. From one hand she held my
hand and bent me to the other side. When I saw her bend,
my intentions become straight. No kissing. Means the village was not settled,
yet the burglars came. – Hi Divya. How are you?
– Come. Come. – I am fine.
– Oh it’s pink today. Come sit. He is Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala. Do you know,
he has a disease called Zigzag? He straightens every crooked things. That’s why his girlfriend
left him and went away.. ..because he was not able to kiss her. How sad. Isn’t it? – She wore a vest but did
not wear a top on it? – Hello. The coffee hasn’t come. – But there is an intruder.
– Tell me. What should we do? He life has become like a zigzag.. You will have to remove
your four bangled Audi? But it’s not parked
at the No parking zone? I have even paid the insurance.
Then why should I remove? There is a mad beggar roaming around.. ..she will wear the
four bangles and run away. Will she really run away? At full speed. – Divya.
– Wait! Supreme court has allowed this. She faked the play of love with me. She tied my hands and kissed me. Then made a video
of it and blackmailed me. And alleged that I molested her. I had to pay a fine of 10,
lakhs just for 2 kisses. Take me to Bulbul, I will
get your money returned in a jiffy. There is Rohit. What happened? 10 lakhs? I will not give. Mother help me, I am dead. How did this happen? – What do you want?
– Give the money. I will not give. Baby I am scared. – What do you want?
– Give me the money. – I will return you the next month.
– Tell me the day. My body has been casted
a spell by the astrological stars. I will definitely
return by next Saturday. You can exclude the
doctor’s fees from it. It’s okay.
From now, she belongs to me. Our eyes are glued since 24
hours on Agabai Bhatinde Batliwala. But we have not found
the address of his house. We have to find Bhatinde
Batliwala’s address immediately. He can be a danger to us. Nobody should come to
know that we work for Ranjit. If you want to stay alive
then anyhow remove him from his job. How quickly I employ someone,
immediately I fire them too. – When will you sack him?
– Just give me 24 hours. I will show him the door to go out. Water. Wow, this is a fully furnished office. – Come in quickly?
– How did you come in. I got someone’s card.
I came through it. Why so much drama?
Take the password and hack it. Baburao, you think
I am a software engineer? Should I hit you below the ears? I will keep mine instead of
the computer, my work will be done. Then come to my cabin
and type the password. And we will come to know. – What happened sir? – Check
what is wrong with the computer? Let me try sir. You are Bill gates son in law? Chate don’t lick his brains,
let him do his work. We will do one thing Baburao.. ..we will take out Ana’s
computer and fit in our computer. This is the best way Baburao. Sir. Wow. You are very skillful. Thank you. Once the computer comes in my hands. – Sir, should I remove the virus.
– Crush them all. Then I will prick this
pen drive of 64 GB into it. I will suck the whole
data like the juice. This fantastic idea.. – ..can only be thought by some clever
and intellect like you. – Really? Bunty, at 4.30, the alarm rings. I start feeling drowsy at the office. Please get me hot coffee,
with 4 spoons of sugar in china cup. Serve coffee to sir. Bhatinde. Oh Vaishu, I was thinking of you. – Did you get your check?
– Yes. – Full amount.
– With interest. Good. Buy shirt from this money. Why did you hit him? Sometimes things will
only be done by whacking. Do you want something from me? I said will you come
to drink something with me? Sure, I will get drunk
by drinking from your eyes. After that. Instead of working during office
hours, you both, are lost in lust. Sir, you are siting like this in front
of me. Don’t you have any manners? – Should I complain?
– Sorry, sir. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. Bottles cap. You want to pull me down? – That’s why you are wearing shoes
with heels? – Not at all sir. I will take them off. By tucking in your shirt,
you want to show I am fat. And trying to impress her. – Are you Romeo?
– Forgive me sir, by mistake. Chate, why are you ragging him?
What is your problem? Today he is just my problem. – Tomorrow it will be the problem
of the whole office. – Sir. Sir you maintain the
discipline in the office. Yes, I do. – Bark more.
– Look, he hasn’t worn shoes. In my legs I.. Shut up, or else I will stitch
your mouth with the shoe lace. – Sir! – Keep quiet!
His shirt is also tucked off. – And no tie too. He has
tied it to the goat. – Sir! He has come to office as if he has
walked on the beach to eat street food. Why have you come to
the office dressed as a Romeo? Answer me. Sir his mouth is zipped. I get tickled. I will look 4 inch taller than you,
if I wear shoes. That’s why I took off
the shoes and threw it. You are a coconut tree
and I am a small hanging papaya. Mr. Chate, you want that
I should look like his master.. ..and he like my servant? – No, never.
– Now tell me maddo. – You continue.
– Sir! The shirt is out of the pant
so that the brain is immersed in work. Since the last two
weeks I have not gone home. Then also I don’t want a
single rupee for overtime from you. Don’t give me gratuity, if you want. I want that whenever you meet me. You should always
stand tall in stature. – I don’t want to be tall.
– Relax baby. My eyes have become moist,
after so many years. – Did you cut onions?
– He is great. I never regretted
my wife being infertile.. ..but today I regret
not having a son like him. – God is the witness.
– Are you thinking of adopting him? First let’s take him on rent. What is your rent for 12 months? – 2 lakhs?
– 2 lakhs. Ok will give you. Enjoy. – Tell me, more.
– 2 lakhs. 2 lakhs. 2 lakhs. – 2 lakhs. – Make a lease of 99 years
and take his signatures. Sir, why are you
wasting 2 lakhs on him? He is not worth 2 rupees. Listen, leave her. Leave. Stand straight. – What happened?
– Sir I can’t hug you like this. – Yes you can.
– No! – I have even bathed today.
– No! I am happy hugging her, sir. Okay fine, from now onwards I will wear
her clothes and stand in the cabin. You hug me then.
You will like it then. – Okay?
– Yes. Now come, I want to talk with you. – Chate, you eat street food and come.
– Greeatings. Like how without the refrigerator
there can be no ice cream. Similarly you both don’t get along. The insect of bribery
has licked Chate, sir. For peon’s job, the rate
of Chate’s bribe is 5 lakh rupees. He enters the house of the
house keepers and takes bribe. He takes bribes from the
liftman and the canteen guy too. One day he will push you, by bribing. Listen Bhatinde, you are
alleging a serious accusation.. ..if it is not approved,
then your job is at risk. You will be on the streets. Give me 10 lakh cash
and an empty suitcase. By tomorrow, I will prove
that Chate is corrupt guy. Baby. How are you Mr. Chate? They are crisps notes. This is 10 lakhs, and the
rest 90 lakhs, so total 1 crore. For what? This is for an
interview for the higher chair. Have to give jobs to 25 illiterates.
4 lakhs for each. I know that much calculations. Just a minute, let me check. Maybe you have hidden some cameras. Should I take out my clothes?
Do you want to check? Other things will also get checked. Now tell me. Chahte, don’t eat
up my commission. Okay. Where are you taking this? The larger one for Chahte,
smaller one for the rest. If I keep the lower people happy
then only will the work progress. – Noted.
– Stupid! Oh God. With this much money I can go to
America and get sandwich massage done. Whose stick is this? Leave me, what are you doing,
I have been trapped. Sir, why are you not saying anything? I have eaten your salt,
sugar everything. Even sucked the sugarcane. Police sir, when my mother got married,
she had got this same suitcase. We don’t keep anything
as it’s of pure silver. You mean there is
nothing in the suitcase. Nothing. This is cheating. He tricked Chate with the silver bag. I am not a thief. Even if a suck an already
sucked mango from your farm.. ..I will still be called a thief. Take him away. – Chahte why are you shaking?
– Sir! Sir! Help me,
they are taking me to my in laws. That’s very good. There the son in law
is treated very well. Go soon. The son in law will be destroyed. Put a huge lock for him at the jail. Give him watery pulses
with burnt pancakes.. – ..let him break stones.
– Book an Ola cab for me. Bhatinde Batliwala knows
how to trick one and all. Even if the job is of 2000 rupees,
the honesty must be of 2000 crores. I know how to pull the
reins of dishonest and traitors. – What happened?
– Release me. Open it quickly. Hurry up. Hey you stammering guy, untie me too. If I untie you and we run away.. ..I will not be able to prove
to the police that we were kidnapped. You want to take revenge from them? The fire of revenge
is burning inside me. Don’t let it get extinguished.
I am coming. Hey, stop him. He is running away. – Hey, what are you saying?
– If he goes inside then we are dead. Stop him. He is running away. Catch him.
Hey, stop. Where are you running away? You are so hot blooded.
Give me some tips too. It’s simple. Sit on the
hot pan and eat delicacies.. ..everything will become hot. I want her to marry you.
You are a genius. Let me see. Where are you going? Was he able to catch or not. Is this a time to jog? I am a heart patient. Stop. – Thank you, sir.
– Grea! – Thank you.
– What is his name? Sir, I.. Why do you want to know
his name he is a gold bar. Then let’s melt him. He is Bhatinde Batliwala. Bhatinda Batliwala
is a very weird name. – Have you lost your mind?
– Sir, please listen to me. What knowledge you are giving
I will write it down on a ficus leaf. Then you give your autograph,
I will frame it. – Please, sir.
– Photo frame. – Please..
– Where will you find a Ficus leaf? Instead take a selfie. – You have a stick.
– Yes I have. – Call him.
– Will have to call son. Call him quick. – It’s ringing.
– Someone is calling. Look. Who is it? – He disconnected.
– Call him again. – Where is personal manager’s office?
– Thank you. – Try another number.
– Thank you. Again. – Did you get through?
– I am trying to call. Wait. Come closer, Ana Conda. – Did you on the flight mode?
– Smile. – Cheese.
– Curd. Cottage cheese. Sir, I want to urgently
meet the manager. Sir, my name is Agabai Bhatinde. I got a call for the
post of assistant manager. But a man named Abhishek
Batliwala fooled me. Sir, they have a very big gang. Maybe the police has
announced a reward for them. Let’s complain. Then with that reward money we will
start a poultry farm in the village. Sir, even if I see him in a Burkha,
I will recognize him. – I swear.
– Are you sure? Yes, I am. Is he a Batliwala like me? Don’t leave that pose. Why are you shocked? You are the manager? The way the treasure
is hidden from the thief.. ..and a girl from the thief of hearts. I also hid something. – Listen, Batliwala!
– Yes, sir. I am immediately promoting
you and making you the HR manager. Got it. Now work like a donkey. Dark is the nation,
where King is insane. A wrong man is sitting
on the right chair. I can’t improve. – You are wearing the leash.
– Sir! Leave the wild acts. – Be my pet.
– Okay, I will be your pet. At home I have a divorcee mother,
and have to get my sister remarried. You will get your
salary for doing nothing. Your thoughts are as huge
as the Himalayas. I’ll leave. – My hands are paining.
– Have breakfast and go. I am not hungry. – Then have bitter gourd juice.
– But why? I will increase it by 5000. It is less sir.
Can’t you increase it more? You are habituated like this style. The dogs tail, is always curved
you must have heard that phrase. My condition is like that. I will apply plaster
of Paris on both your hands. Tell me when will you become the CEO? With your wishes, very soon. Come let us walk in the gardens. – You loosen up there.
– Sir my hands have become very tight. I will loosen it. – Did he tell anything to anyone?
– I told, but to him. Uncle, why did you come here? If you wanted to come, you
should have at least worn a Burkha. There will be a problem
if someone sees you here. – Take him.
– I came chasing him. – Take him away.
– Tell me one thing? Why can’t you both be seen together? Fire and petrol are antagonists.. ..but with him it’s more dangerous.
Do you get it? Petrol reminds me of
the rising rates of petrol. Instead of decreasing the
rates are going on increasing. – God, please, do something about it.
– Uncle, get out now. – Leave from here.
– Carefully. Sir, call from main office. – Who is it?
– Danish. Yes dear. I have just sent you a picture.
Check your whatsapp. Okay wait. This is Vinda’s brother in law. And the guy next to him,
must be some relative of his. Something is fishy Danish. Should I eliminate him? Yes ok. To kill someone is
like plucking grapes. You pluck one, 2-3 more will follow. People will think we
are responsible for this. But as you sow, so you reap. Is there any crops
without fertilizers? You drive the car. I could not find any link. – Are you sure?
– Yes, I am sure. Nephew we have thoroughly
checked Ana’s call list. There was no international call made,
on the night of Ana’s death. This Ana Conda is double faced. If it wasn’t Ana
then it must be Conda. Hello. Look have got the full
amount with interest. But how was this possible? The small brain’s,
small nerve got ignited.. ..and the fat check
came into my hands. If you have got your money,
then why are you so sad? What to do,
I am missing Bulbul Pandey a lot. I see glimpses of her big eyes in you. Do I look like Bulbul Pandey to you?
Okay fine. Okay love me as you would to Bulbul. If it was Bulbul Pandey,
she would not have sat so far from me. Irrespective of day and night, she
always would find ways to stick to me. Bhatinde Batliwale, tell me one thing. Will you love me
or should I force you. Quickly get up. Stand up. Change meter to centimeter. Love rises,
when the boys meets the girl’s heart. You are loving or listening
to the heart beats? This is the first place of love. Now why you are still standing at the
centimeters, come near in millimeters. Embrace me. I am cooled all over. You have worn such big bangles. When the Pandavas were in disguise. Then the spies of Kauravas had
discovered where the pandavas were. If they had killed them,
then Kauravas would come to know. And if they released them.. ..then they would tell
the Kauravas there hiding place. The question arose,
what should be done? Should they kill them and
fall into the danger themselves. Now what to do, so that
nobody knows about their disguise. Finally what is the solution to this? Nakul suggested something. We will kill the spies in such a way,
that their death looks natural. To use the things available.. ..and kill your enemies with
it is called the Nakul’s teachings. What happened nephew? I was attacked when
I was with Conda’s daughter. That too lethally. Conda would not do this,
since his daughter was with you. Ana too is not involved with this. But it was his voice. You are right. Maybe it’s a trick to trap them. ‘The passport was ready,
but did not get the visa.’ ‘It’s a good thing,
luck was favoring us.’ ‘First it was your son and now you.’ ‘Vinda, company’s logo is very old.
Change it now.’ ‘If you don’t change the logo,
people will change you.’ ‘Don’t delay the auspicious work.’ Somebody is editing Ana and
Conda’s voices and confusing us. My father was not
killed by Ana and Conda. – This is highly skilled strategy.
– Yes you are right. Whoever is responsible for this,
has eyes on this property. You have to find and dig him. Who can it be? Sir, I have a bad news for you? Abhishek is alive. Then change it into a good news. Kill Abhishek right away. One more thing. There is lot of restlessness
in mother’s love. Separation from her
son and losing her husband. Poor woman will not
be able to tolerate. Unite the family. Only people left are Ana and Conda. They are the most foolish
people I have ever met in my life. I have support of my uncle. We will buy the rest
of the board members. And then I will become the CEO. I will gift the chair to
my father on his death anniversary. Chanel one. Channel one, come in. Channel 2. Channel 2. Who killed them? Channel 3, where are you? Hands up. Channel 3, 4, 5, 6. Listen to me. Target is behind me. And I am injured. I don’t even have the gun. Indrani is 5 feet away from me. I will die. But after killing Indrani. – Who sent you?
– Ranjit. The son of Aditya Bhandari. In the greed of become
the owner of the company. He has killed your son. But people thought it was an accident. ‘Your son Mohan is feeling
very lonely at hell.’ ‘Go and give him company.’ ‘Celebrate and enjoy.’ ‘I will send your wife to you too.’ ‘So that you don’t feel lonely.’ ‘Go there and play
‘Ringa Ringa Roses’.’ ‘And I will take
care of your company.’ ‘Because it’s my dream
to sit on the chair of the CEO.’ Who are you? Abhishek Batliwala. Vinda’s son. And death for all of you. We need strong hands to make weapons. A different thought. The hidden arrogance in us.. ..but disaster happens when
there is injustice somewhere. I prayed to God. I cried and begged in front of him. Won’t the murderers of my
husband and my son be punished? I pleaded to God. What was their fault? I got the answer.
The life of sin is not long. Abhishek Batliwala. Will take revenge
of all the injustice. He will burn them into ashes. He is steel, one man army. Those sinners who killed my husband. The barbarian who emptied my lap. To make them cry with tears of blood.. ..and for all the atrocities
and injustice done to me To take revenge. He has come. He is a shield for me,
and for the enemies, he is a weapon. Dangerous lethal weapon. His attack is only for justice. To kill someone for
justice is righteous. And he is following the
path of righteousness completely. I have returned back. Those who killed
my father and brother. Their blood will be the
oblation to my ancestors. Aditya Bhandari. He tagged along your
father for 25 years. He kept sucking your father’s blood. I accepted his son Ranjeet as my son. Made him the CEO of
international operation. But because of the greed
for the company he deceived us. And destroyed our family. But why? For the chair ,I have
lost my brother and father. But now the chair will be mine. The game of chess continues
till one of the king doesn’t die. Ranjeet will have to die. Because I am the king.. ..of this game. After his father’s death, Ranjeet
has never entered the building. Why will he go now? He will go. I will bring him. I have plan B. Sir, the bodies have
started decomposing. 3 days have passed since the accident,
but nobody has come to claim it. They have not been
killed in the accident.. ..but this is murder
shown as accident. Why do you say so? It’s just shown as accidental death.. ..I want to know how
they have been killed. – Come, let’s go.
– Yes. – This is confidential.
– You can speak. He is my secretary. He will stay here. Your husband’s case is almost solved. This is a clear case of suicide. Maybe the reason is,
family problems or business problems. Or maybe he committed because of you. What? As for your son, it was an accident.
There is nothing much to discuss. Maybe he was drunk and driving. 3 days ago there was an
accident nearby. Are you aware? No I don’t. It was a deadly accident.
The car was tattered. There were 7 people in it. All died.
You must have heard about it. Tell us about it. Madam was lost in the melodious
music of Lata Mangeshkar.. ..that too with head phones. She hasn’t heard anything. I have come here to talk to madam. Madam has given you a spotless chair.. ..and you are questioning
her character? Do you even know,
with whom you are talking? How many days have passed
since your husband and son have died? Yet you have not made a single call
to enquire about the investigation. It’s strange. Isn’t it. Whether it’s to give punishment or
endure it, we don’t scream like eagles. Thanks. Even if the police can’t
catch all the criminals. But if I suspect someone, I don’t let
that person let go easily from my life. – Isn’t it Ravi?
– Yes sir. Our country needs
honest officers like you. I pray you arrest the criminals. Sheila, send coffee inside. Sir, you barred me. Or else, I would have dealt
with that rude fellow, in a manner.. ..he would not be able to forget. Who is he? who is he who
is dictating Indrani’s every moves Who is he,
who is threatening us deceptively? Did you see him properly? His presence was
felt all over the room. When he entered the room,
it started heating the room. I was feeling choked. Let’s begin with your question. Who is that boy,
lets twist the question. Who is that boy? Baman Batliwala alias Binda.
A middle class man who dreamt big. He started business
with 4 of his friends. In the late 70’s he started the most
profitable business, pharmaceutical. There was a big demand for
TB vaccines in the African countries. He bought the patent in 40 lakhs. And bought land in cheaper rates,
for making the factory. But the MLA, of the area threatened him
and tried to extract money from him. The smoke that comes out from
your factory is not smoke but poison. Drinking water is becoming poisonous. If I see even one man
in the village of yours.. ..then will tell the butcher
to cut him into 4 pieces.. ..and give it to the tiger. My name is ‘robber of happiness’ I rob people of their happiness. Binda, don’t waste your time.
Give him 20% of your profit to him. He was asking 50,
I fixed the deal in 20. Understand, it’s for
the betterment of the company. I am not doing anything wrong.
I am doing business. I will send you the invite
of the opening ceremony. Have tea and snacks with us. Hey, let’s go. Faster faster. Let’s go quickly. Move quickly or else
they will kill us. Get in, or else he will shoot. Throw the box,
quickly or else he will shoot. Aditya quickly. Stop the plane. When I told you. I will give you 20%,
then why did you get everyone and come. Out of that half was my share too,
I would have anyhow convinced Binda. You screwed up everything. The one whom I thought was mine,
he was the one to deceive me. Leave him, he will come. You join. Binda hurry up. Binda listen to me. Give me a chance. Give me a hand, come in quickly. Binda stop. Ask help from your friend here, how
you can come with me after betraying. Binda. Stop. Carefully,
nothing will happen, don’t be tensed. Even though the MLA did not want,
but to save his image.. ..he had to kill Aditya Bhandari. Binda arrested the MLA
by accusing him of murder. He started the biggest vaccine factory
of the world at the same place. And earned crores of Rupees. Look there is nothing in this. Oh God. There is no formulae in this. Aditya is traitor. This is my plan B. After that, I dint feel any
difference between Aditya and them. I could see their real colors. Suddenly I felt very lonely. Ravi. I have to investigate
this case in detail. Tell me, who is he? Binda’s first wife Kaveri. Did she leave him? No sir, they both went
to Bali for a holiday. Suddenly a local mafia,
entered and started shooting. Kaveri was shot in this firing. After 7 years of that incidence,
Binda remarried. They had only one son.
Mohan Batliwala. He died the same day, due
to an accident, the day Binda died. That means they don’t have an heir. AB group of companies is orphaned. And who is this boy,
who was standing behind Indrani? Binda’s life is like an open book. Whose middle pages are missing? We will have to join
the dots of the story. Greeting sir. Move aside. Move aside. Ana, Conda. I will be the CEO. Or I will become. CEO. The CEO, is down. Forget the chair. Let’s go and see. We investigated the
minutest detail about Binda. And we came to know
a lot of things from it. If I am not wrong, when they
went to Bali, Kaveri was pregnant. The attack which happened at
the resort, another girl was killed. Her face was disfigured.. that her face could not
be recognized during post mortem. Binda took advantage of this and
convinced everyone that she was Kaveri. The man who had erected an
empire worth 5000 crores in 5 years. It was a child’s
play for him to do this. But a successful man like
Binda could not overlook.. ..the murder attempt on his wife. That’s why he lost
confidence on everyone. And he was very worried
for the security of his wife. He convinced her to go
somewhere else and deliver. This was a very difficult decision. After a few days she died
after giving birth a child. Or else we would have
found out where she was. Why do people have
evil eyes for others money. I started my factory, and my own
friend was stabbing me behind my back. As my business started
being successful. The people around me,
wanted to kill me and my family. Pappaji. You bring him up in such a manner,
that he has no greed for money. Never, when he grows up, for him
money should only be colorful paper. I will give him all my property. After me, he will deserve my chair. The king who chooses his heir.. ..while being alive,
his kingdom prospers the most. Till then the world should
not be aware, that Binda has a son. When Binda married Indrani.
He was a father of an 7 year old. Interesting. What are you doing
at the Registrar’s office? What are you doing here? I have come here to marry. I have come to get
someone married off. Ok. – Do you want a chocolate?
– Yes but I don’t have money. Hold this. Don’t tell anyone, I have stolen it. Thank you. Sister. Obviously, the kids consent
was there for the marriage. Though he was the step son,
it’s amazing.. see so much love
between the mother and the son. Uncle, I want a cycle. – What is this?
I want a big one. – I will get big curtains.
– But it’s my birthday today. Happy birthday Abhi. Happy birthday. Thanks mom. 40% of the total property
to Abhishek Batliwala. 40% to Mohan Batliwala.
And 20% to Indrani Batliwala. – Don’t you think it’s good?
– Not at all. Give my 20% too to him. To Mohan? To Abhi, Binda. He is our elder son. From childhood we have
never given him anything. Let’s fulfil this desire. I agree you have earned everything.
But I want to give my 20% to him. Whether you like it or not. My assumption is absolutely correct. She loves her step
son more than her own son. I am sure, it’s him. Because when she stood up,
he was standing next to her. That moment I felt.. ..that he can give his life
for her or even take someone’s life. I am dead! Who is it? Bhatinde? Delete Agabai and Bhatinde. AB Abhishek Batliwala. If you call me Bhatinde I
will make you work on Sunday too. On Sunday? We don’t work the whole week,
then why will we work on Sunday. It’s a holiday. I will play a game here.whoever feels
I am Binda’s son, raise your hands. And those who will
not raise their hands? I will attack their
hands in such a way.. ..that they will come
to work even on a Sunday. Are you playing teacher -teacher?
That you will hit on the hands. He seems to have drunk
from the Afghani one. He is blanked. Conda. Seems he is going to dance the Lavani. Boys, my hand is heavy,
take out my belt. – Turn around.
– What he is doing? – Will he take off all his clothes?
– Give me the belt. He is upset by your words. – Really?
– Yes. What are you doing? Uncle, should I also whack him? – My hands are itching.
– My hands are itching too. Leave, let’s see some action scenes. That is the belt of crocodile skin.
It really hurts a lot. I made you the manager,
then also you are hitting me. I asked Conda,
whom should I hit first? He told me Ana is much
taller than me. Hit him. – No..
– Yes.. – Are you scared?
– Terribly. – You want to go to the toilet?
– Yes I swear. You are lying to me, your
wrinkles are clearly showing that.. are jumping with happiness. No, early morning,
I go for Yoga classes. The yoga teacher has taught
us that even if you are scared.. ..don’t show it on your face. Yoga teacher,
gives you the medicine wrapped. I will teach you such an asana, that
fear will come fly out of your rear seat. – How is that?
– Like this. He has gone crazy.
Something has happened to him. Some spirits have entered him.
Let run away. The cycle has a break and
there is a crack on my head. Ana book a nice crematorium. Conda stop the speed breaker.
And you be the red signal. Go quickly. No entry. Smashed everything. Did you taste death today? There are no potholes in this path. – Stop this cycle.
– I am the God father of the oculists. It’s filled with air,
how I take out the air. I will take out air from
all the parts of the body. Seems the God of death
is having hiccups of my name. Fighting technique. Ana, you are nearby. Whoever
will find Ana, will get a package. What do you want from Ana? I will search and find him.
What if you don’t find him? Your cabin is nearby,
I will come and give the resignation. To me? In the market there
is no muscular youth as you. If you don’t find then you know
how much I like to hit with the belt. The belt made up of skin when
hit on skin, it must be very painful. If it pains I will massage you. I will tear his hair, pull his legs,
stuck the head in that and tie a knot. Shilpa you have put an
anchor and opened my eyes. Ok I divorce the belt from today. Ok shilpu, I am leaving. Bye bye. He has ran away. You are shit sacred? Yes. I told you,
I am the Godfather of the oculist. Teach me occultism too. – Mother.
– Yes. Dad has come. Ana. Is there fever in your heart? I have never even slapped an ant. I don’t even the disturb
the mosquito who is biting my leg. And he whacked me with the belt.. ..the thought itself causes
a tremor in my intestine. That’s why elders have said, not your
heart but your stomach should be big. Fear should not reach the intestines. Middle of the way it.. Its paralysis, his body is stuck. – Call the doctor.
– Hurry up. Amazing. What should I name this disease?
How to extract money in. – You called me at the right time.
– Doctor what has happened. The face has twisted,
the hands are stiff.. ..and he has become horizontal,
what do you call that disease? Should I tell? Paralysis. Wow why don’t you participate in KBC? Fear is living within him. Fear? That too, to my father? You all don’t know more than me.
Conda’s front is like a tiger. But his back side is like a goat. Look how he is scared and on a bed. Doctor, can I meet my father? He is not become a chimpanzee of
a zoo that you need a ticket. Go in. – But don’t touch him.
Ok leave now. My fees. Conda, are you better from before? Rest is dangerous for me. The cool swab they apply
before the injection.. ..similarly my whole
body has become cool. My whole life is a slow motion. Suddenly how come the
toilet become so far away. Let’s do one thing Conda.
Put a pipe here. Then you can keep doing
the whole day as much as you can. There is no fun with the pipe.
Binda’s son has destroyed me. – What’s this?
– Father.. He wants to marry Divya. Means my daughter
will rule like a queen. Both her hands are on cheese
or butter, and head is in the pastry. Please don’t deny him. If father says no,
I will elope and marry him. It’s ok, if you elope
but don’t spend much. – I will not find a boy like him
in this whole city. – True. The one who fights for
a woman is the greatest. The one who doesn’t
obey me is disastrous. – You are also correct.
– You don’t be the third empire. You extinguish the flame of
your love or else, I will blow it. What happens to the
balloon when air comes out? Without him,
my condition is just like that. This is called love. My wife will burn her own
hands to remain warm herself. If you had a son,
I would have married her off. When I got married to your father.
He is was ticket blacker. For better days I used to feed black
jaggary to a black dog, every Monday. Understood. That’s why the dogs
have stopped eating jaggery. – Carry on.
– Stop get me almond oil. – He has become stiff again.
– Father. Sister-in-law take
the belt and go elsewhere. This tiger becomes a goat. He has belt phobia. – Thank you Ana.
– Welcome Conda. – Sir?
– 2 half cups. Being a millionaire, you have
no arrogance. I wanted such a partner. Though there are prettier
girls in the office. You never encouraged them. I am taken by this attitude of yours. Since childhood,
I used to ask God for a wish. That my future husband should
have moustache of one and half inch. You have fulfilled that desire. Abhi, I love you. I am just called Chate,
they both are licking the real cream. It’s wrong.
They dint even let me drink the milk. Do one thing. Take this and curdle
his milk and come. Sir, did you have a break up. She has gone to bring
something for patch up.. ..that too running,
from the chemist shop. I have forgotten something.
I feel shy to get it. Move aside. I will take the money back,
if the work is not done. You have shown your worth. – Everyone move from here.
– Hey move. Move away. Hey move. Move away. Sit. Pay the bill and go. Well played. I am filled with tea. There was a fly in the tea. Don’t you know, I had ordered the
tea for the fly? The fly is my pet. Why did you unnecessarily throw it? Why are you beating around the bush?
Whack him. The baldie is upset. I will smash your
head and drink the milk. Oh God. Gangeshwar, if you add
the Adhar and the non Adhar.. ..the population of India,
is 2 crores. Do you watch the news? Then tell me have you even
sacrificed even once for the country? – No.
– Haven’t. Has any dying man given you blood? Speak. Then give now. He is flying. – Only my underpants are saved.
– What did I see? The bugs stuck on the log,
tell me whose magnet are you? Why are you harassing brother,
let it be. The fried fries. Has Chate sent you? I can’t name him. Like Mr. Bacchhan,
I am giving you 4 options. Your time starts now. Option A The person who gave money,
wears spectacles? Option B, does he wear a
cap to hide the lice in his hear? He must be drink almond milk,
he has sharp brains. Option C, does the dark buffalo
wear a jacket of buffalo skin? Option D. I that sucked mango’s
name Shankeshwar Chahte? He came to know. Are you an astrologer? There is a mirror there. I gave you money to hit him. You have returned the interest,
it seems he will give the rest. Chate you have got your interest,
now I will take off your spirit. – Let me go home?
– What will you do then? I will buy sweets for
my wife with this money Hello, what kind of punishment
has the Batliwala given me? Have to climb 50 floors. – I will die.
– Conda. While climbing I
will reach up literally. Seem this is the ladder of heaven. – I will meet beauty there.
– Conda forget beauty, let’s do Duty. I will die. Move. move. Where will we get the massage guy? Have you done horse riding? Employees, should I cut your salary,
for coming late? No, don’t. I want to give you
retirement without pension. And even steal your PF. I wish my daughter
never gets married to him. You will never find
a nice guy like me. She is safe with me. – He has hurt my leg.
– Sir take this. I am thirsty and she
is giving alms in the village. – I have understood one thing.
– Speak out. You are always in your attitude.
And never let anyone change it. Will I tell you one thing,
since the time you have hit me. I have stopped wearing belt,
I use strings instead. Hi Rekha, you look sweet. Demon. Batliwala,
you wanted to put me inside a bottle. But you forgot to close the cap.
I have come out like a genie. Look, future CEO Mr. Ranjeet has
given me the re appointment letter. He is well connected Conda. Like how the candle flutters
before extinguishing. He is fluttering similarly. Read it carefully,
especially the 4 th line.. ..for sending me to jail, you
need to give me 2 lakh compensation. You all too hear it. Hey what are you doing? It was only
one letter, I don’t even have a copy. I will get tired of
sticking it with glue. My Karan and Arjun are tearing
the earth and sky and coming. Where did the ball pen go Ana? It will come out
as potty in the morning. What are you saying? Were these you Karan and Arjun? – Maybe they were duplicates.
– Girls. Here. This is market of belts,
what will we do of this? After whacking, we will sell it. This is called Gujju. This leather worn by soft skins,
will leash your skin now. – No.
– Don’t hit him. How sweet, among all the girls here,
only you have a soft heart. I will marry you and repay this loan. No hit. Hope you live longer than Chate. – Should I whack you?
– No. Do you know,
you have molested a lot of girls? Sheela, munni. Both of you have become
infamous because of you. You will get punished for that. He has always attacked us from behind,
now let’s attack him from behind. It’s swollen, apply balm. You have crossed the line of control
over the untouchable girls of the office. Did your hands not tremble? Because of your cheap activities
my company is tarnished. Who has kept your name Shankeshwar?
It should be Tarkeshwar. Who sent him? Speak the name. Ranjeet Bhandari. Anaconda. Immediately
arrange for the board meeting.., email,
and do whatever you can. – I want directors right here.
– Okay sir. I don’t want any excuses,
everybody should be here. – Do it fast.
– Okay sir. Bloody hell. Get lost. My heart shivers to see him. And my lungs jump in fear. Then why don’t you take
out these jumping lungs. You take care of your heart. Isn’t this chair too big for you? People with small vision
always have eyes for bigger things. Your eyesight is not looking good. Oh. By the way I am Ranjeet. And I have got something. Belt. He has come after
reading my Wikipedia. Batinde Batliwala, means Abhishek.
Binda’s secret, plan B. Some people fear
of losing in gambling. Then some people fear
the loss in business. I have heard from elders that
the money earned by the father.. ..should be inherited by the kids. Nobody has seen him since 25 years. He comes and says I am Binda’s son. So will we all believe it?
I will definitely not. Then what will we do? From the stamp paper. Where Binda has written that, Abhishek
Batliwala is Binda’s elder son. Then I will agree that
he deserves the chair. And if he is not able to prove
it then the CEO’s chair is mine. Evidence means birth certificate,
Abhishek’s schools admission form.. ..where there is Baman’s signature. Aadhar card,
pan card, or driving license.. ..wherever along with Abhishek
there is Baman’s name written on it. Or if he has made a will.
That should also do. He had bought 60% of shares of
the company in the name of Abhishek. And even written his will. She loved Abhishek more than her son. That’s why she had transferred
her part of the share to Abhishek. – Will this be of any use?
– Not at all. Along with money I have
earned a lot of enemies. I can’t hide my money. The will is in your name,
I can surely hide that. This chain will tell you,
where is the will. You keep this. The key to open this will,
is in this clock. You keep this. Till you both are not together
you will not be able to read the will. I hope that day never comes. But unfortunately if it comes. Then it means our family is in danger. Hey, how do you know Abhi? We work together. How do you know him? I have made him crazily
fall in love with me. In love? Do you know the meaning
of tissue paper? Wipe and throw.
For him, you are just that. Use and throw. For him you are the egg shell. – What?
– Lower your eyes and talk. Or else I will push knife
and fork into your eyes. Do you have the courage to do that? You hit me on my face. On my face. How dare you hit me? Look there is a fly there,
it will come here. How dare you! -Okay. Peace, peace.
– Peace. – Okay.
– Peace. You will fight with me?
I am a fan of Mike Tyson. I will pull your hair
and give it to the wig guy. You are roaming with the stencils. Has just colored it. Once I remove the makeup,
the truth will reveal. Move. The match is a draw. The match has not even started. You have gained a lot of strength
by eating carrots and radish. Inside me there is a
spirit of the old ficus tree. – I will drink your blood.
– You are drinking my blood. Leave me. I will kill her. You come here, I am at the center. I am tired. Thanks. Can’t you see the board? It’s
no parking here. Come on move the car. – Move it.
– Alright. Thank you. There was parking here,
so someone has just painted it now. Come quickly. – You come in.
– Move fast. – Sit in or else how will we go.
– Let’s go. Hail, Maharashtra. – Abhi.
– It’s ok. About what were you asking? – I love you.
– Sweetheart. I love you too much. Batliwala’s bottle is broken. Welcome to business news. To select their new CEO,
AB group of companies. Tomorrow is the Annual
general body meeting. The whole world is waiting
with bated breath, and wants to know.. ..who will be the heir
of Baman Batliwala, alias Binda. Mrs. Indrani Batliwala will
lead tomorrow’s general body meet. The will is in your hands. Binda’s son is not in the city. Tomorrow is general body meet. There is nobody to stop Ranjeet. Then there is no need of me. This box is not opening. Then break it. If there is a censor,
then as soon as it breaks.. ..everything will get published
in the company’s website. Can’t trust technology.
And Binda, definitely not. If you want the password
then fill up my treasure first. Stop being a miser. After buying a diamond,
what is the value of the box? Think the box is of 24 carats. What’s the price? 10 crores. crisp notes from ATM. From childhood you,
took care of Abhi and brought him up. And now you betrayed him. Since childhood my
eyes were on his money. How can I let go of this opportunity. Silence,
or else I will tear your skull. You are going in the right way,
your promotion is guaranteed. Tomorrow there is a
voting for the post of CEO. Keep the gun on these girls. So that Ana and Conda
will cast their votes for me. He has planned well. Let us go inside. There are Ranjeet’s
men all around the office. – Security is also very tight.
– Plan B We can’t get sandwich with
massage in 10 rupees anywhere else. They have tied tightly. – Do you want to get it done?
– I want to do. My wife has gone to her house. There was no guard at the door,
then how did it close. Sir, I want to get a sandwich
massage done while eating sandwich. This is like ‘out of
the frying pan into the fire.’ Greed is the root of all evil. – Bring the chair with nails.
– Okay. A stripped underwear.
Fashion inside too. 377 is removed. Now let’s do with him. He is there,
disguised as the security. Surround him. Move quickly. – Hello.
– Sir, Danish. – Excuse me sir.
– Please. Yes. He is going toward the terrace. Voting will begin very soon.
Do it fast? Oh God. Don’t move. – Or else I will shoot you.
– Please don’t do that. Daughter pick up the gun and throw it. My daughter has done the right thing. Sorry daddy. What happened? Answer me. Danish, answer me. One bullet has removed everything. There isn’t a cloth to tie him. Should I tie him with his tie? I will not die because of the
bullet but by the tying of the knot. Dear, tear your dress
and do my dressing. Abhi has given this dress. Your fathers arm is torn and you are
worried about your dress being torn? I will order online. – Order a nice one.
– Tie fast. Hello everyone. Welcome to
the general body meeting of AB group. I want Mrs.
Indrani Batliwala to come on stage.. ..and begin the selection
process of the new CEO. Oh ok, to kill my brother and my
father, Aditya Bhandari’s son Ranjeet. Ranjeet and his uncle, Kulbhushan
Bhandari, have planned all this. To take over the company and Ana
and Conda were made the scape goat. Do you think the sun
of crime never rises? The dark night of crime
is hovering over your head. You knew all the secrets. 2 drops of milk we
fed the young snake.. ..and he was willing to drown
our family’s ashes into the ocean. I knew whoever the criminal was,
had eyes on our will. That’s why I gave
the real will to uncle.. ..and the fake one
I put inside the bag. To fool the fools. This is the real will. My plan B. Just like your father. I have his blood in me. My father always thought
well for you all. But he did not give
his hand to help my brother. Believe me Binda,
I did not betray you. Wait. Binda. Your father, left my brother Aditya
Bhandari to deal with the crazy mob. And he ran away like
a coward from there. My brother’s screams were
dimmed in the noise of the mob. Always remember, this company
was made on my brother’s grave. This is nothing but a crematorium. I will never let this
company grow. Never. Baman Batliwala, alias Binda. Away from his business empire. Away from the board room meetings.
He had hidden something. Which I want to disclose to you. This man of 5 feet 10 inches. Who was a treasure
house of trust and honesty. He had an elder son.
Today you all must know about him. His name is Abhishek. I have never thought about
your company since the last 25 years. I was only scheming
ways to kill your father. You were not able to
see your brother’s betrayal. Along with the MLA,
he wanted to take the company’s money. Then also, my father extended his
hand and pull him inside the plane. In return, you attacked
my mother when I was in her womb. In the scale of love.. ..if the pan of hatred is more,
then everything is destroyed. After the death of the first mother,
when someone remarries. Then the second wife only gets hatred. In the society,
the second wife is seen as a demon. But he has never treated me like that. Maybe my own son would have hurt me. But he has never heart my heart. My father employed,
lakhs of unemployed people like you. He educated their kids and took their
responsibility of his staff on him. But you all are murderers,
you killed him. All this is rubbish. He named his company after
his son Abhishek Batliwala. My brother shed blood for the company
and you are given credit for that. He was a business man worth 2 pennies. Don’t put him in the pedestal of God. Binda did not use this
company for his benefit. Binda often told me. To start a business it’s
important to be intelligent. And honesty is required to expand it. And when it is developed
then it’s important to be kind. Maybe here there are
many clever and wicked people. Maybe more intelligent than my son. But there can never be
anyone more kind than him. To manage 50,000, employees,
how much love should you have within? That only he has. He is a king, grown with the people. Emperor whom roams with the laborers. He is Baman Batliwala’s elder son. Kaveri has given birth
and I have brought him up. Abhishek Batliwala. I nominate him the company CEO. To begin the voting process, my
first vote is for Abhishek Batliwala. The second vote is mine. What happened to you Conda? Let it be. I have not done anything wrong,
nor do I regret anything. Uncle, what’s happening here? Cast a vote for me. I want to be the CEO. I never
wanted that you will become the CEO. It’s not the king’s throne that can be
inherited, it’s the chair of the CEO. You have to be a graduate like me. I have done a PhD in MBA. Ok, I will buy an island for you. And I will make you
the king of that island. And I will give you a chair there too. And write on that CEO Batliwala. I will give you 2
beds at the crematorium. Father. Father, you did not get the
chair of CEO, but I will acquire it. Maybe you did not
hear your fathers answer. He is saying my name. Abhishek Batliwala. You were living under a misconception
that this company is of my name. It’s because of your brother,
Aditya Bhandari. I made a mistake. People generally make mistakes
without thinking and analyzing. And leave their loved
ones due to misunderstandings. To forgive the mistakes and unite
with the relations is called family. At today’s general body meeting,
the board of directors have. Chosen Abhishek as the CEO. Hope under the
leadership of Abhishek.. ..AB group of companies will
reach the zenith of the horizon. Vaishali is waiting
for you at the top floor. She has booked 2 tickets for Bhopal. Divya at the ground floor
has booked Kathmandu’s package. Oh sir. Where is he? If you want to accept Divya,
apologize to Vaishali. Climb up. If you want to accept Vaishali,
then ask forgiveness from Divya. Ground floor. – The lift is open.
– Come. – Press the top floor.
– No ground floor. – No press the upper floor.
– What do you know? Both of you shut up. Let the
nephew press which ever he wants. Nephew don’t be shy, press it. Press lovingly. Who is pressing my hand? By mistake. It opened. Sir, please free me too. You want to run or take revenge? – Open it.
– Ok I am untying. Hello sir, I had first come
to your company to give interview. But Batliwala has hindered my career. I am telling a
profitable thing to you. Sir, remove Abhishek from
your company and give me the job. When the tongue of Batliwala
if opened with the opener. Then nobody can stop it. Your job is confirmed. I don’t want to work anymore.
But how did you do this? First you were the
manager and then the owner. Within a month? Share the idea with me. I too will
go to the other company and try it. – Dear, you have become more matured.
– Greetings. Have you too, been promoted? Only the floor has changed.
The post is the same. You should be demoted. Bye sir. Ranjeet, I have forgiven you.
You were going to give me an island. I am giving you to 2 islands. Enjoy. Don’t think of returning
as no airplane lands there.


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