Yesterday | Breaking up ≠ moving on | TTT

Yesterday | Breaking up ≠ moving on | TTT

You weren’t kidding… When you said this
is your first time meeting someone off an app. Why would I kid about that? I should
have guessed. Considering your choice of place… and your extremely honest
profile. So that’s a bad thing now? Yeah! Yeah! Of course it’s bad. What happened to all
that #WanderLust, #Sapiosexual #SomeBigWord that makes you seem cool. You can see all my insecurities
for yourself now that I’m here. You have no idea about the kind of people
that one has to deal with on these apps. Order, sir. Uhm… You know what you want? Uhm… No… But why don’t you order? You go for it. You sure? Yeah. Yeah you know this place. Okay. One Thenthuk. One Xogoi Momo. No cabbage in the Thenthuk though. Yes, sir. Can I get some Bhasta noodle instead? Yes, sir. And… No potatoes in the Xogoi. Yes, sir.
And last time… Why don’t you go into the kitchen
and cook them yourself? I actually have done that once. What?! Really? Sorry. Uhm… Hi, mom. No! I’m out with a few friends. I’ll call you tomorrow?
Alright. I love you.
Bye. Sorry. Actually you’re not doing too bad
for a first-timer. Really? That’s good to know. And I had told my friend to
fake an emergency call in case… things were going downhill.
You know? So… Oh, really? yeah? Uhm… You thought that was my mother calling? That was your mom! Yeah. It was! Well… It’s very ahead of its time. It is a great song. It is a classic… Way ahead of its time! At least my email id was not
[email protected] Right! Ouch! Okay. So… We are even. We’ll call it quits. Yeah. Sure. Do you wanna come home for some coffee? You know I’d love to. But I… I have an early start tomorrow. So… Let’s call it a night. If… That’s okay? Yeah! Cool. Good night. Sorry! Bye! See you. But.. You know..
I’d really like to try that.. Your version of that… Then… Thup… Then? Really? That? Yeah! That would be great! So… Let’s do that Saturday? If… If Saturday is okay with you. Yeah! Saturday night is great. Super. So then Saturday it is. Okay. Great! I’ll see you Saturday. You don’t need my number? Shit! Sorry. Just put it in there. Thanks. Good night!
Good night. See ya! Hey! Do you know how to get to this address? Run! Run! Wait! Stop! Hey… Shruti… Gautam. How are you? Good! Uhm… I was around. So I thought I’d drop by. Good. I tried calling your phone. But I… I couldn’t get through. Oh, yeah my phone! That’s another story. Come. Come. What happened to your phone though? Don’t ask, man. I was outside Lhasa… And these two guys
pulled up on a bike asking for directions. They just snatched the phone out of my hand and drove away. What?! Are you serious? Yeah! It’s insane. I was just going to ask you who
that pretty girl at Lhasa was. What girl? Seriously? You’re going to be that guy? What girl and all? One second…
One second… You were at Lhasa…And you didn’t even
come over to say hi? Okay I was just passing by. Besides… Isn’t it weird if an Ex gatecrashes your… Date? Yeah… Maybe. But still quite a dick move if you ask me. Listen… We were together for five years and you
still felt awkward introducing me as your girlfriend. So… Yeah. You want to have some tea? Yes! Do you still have that lemongrass tea? How much longer are you going to delay this? Just move out already. Aren’t you paying rent for that other
place as well? I’m moving, man. If you have too much money to spend… You should give it to
me. I’ll take care of it. Isn’t that the same phone you used while in college? Yeah! It still works? Just about. I’m just happy I found it. I was just checking if I had anything important on it.
Else I would just format it and… If you didn’t need it all this while, you don’t need it now.
Format it. Really? Check this out. “Haha. Call me after class.
Also I love you.” Shit! This is gold. Also. Wasn’t this the first time you used the ‘L word’? Yeah. And what did you say? Wait. Let me check. “Haha. I like you too :* ” With a kissy face. Thanks! I was so nervous.. For one week I thought I was on the verge
of being friendzoned. Wait, wait. This is a big one. “I am tired of your insecurities coming up at the drop of a hat. You do deserve
better, but this is all I have. This is me.” I can’t remember what this was about. You don’t… This was when you went back to
your folks place for a couple of months. You had quit Drent.
You don’t remember? Yeah… I think it was the first time since we had been together.
That… That we were apart for so long. I didn’t know how to be without you… Damn, son! See… I really loved you!
I recorded and sent you an MMS. It cost nine rupees to send an MMS.
True love! “You have a new MMS from Shruti.
Click here to open. http://…” Oh my God! Hi, Ashwin! Can I call you later? No… I am at Divya’s place. Yeah! Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Yeah. Bye! Good night.
Love you too. So then I just got a little tired and
went to Neel for a little while. Just pass me that Sugar? But even that, you know… It’s still the same.
That seashell? What was that… Gautam. I am getting married. What? I’m… Getting married. Wow! That’s… That’s great news!
Congrats! That’s fantastic. Uhm… Ashwin proposed this afternoon and I
said yes. Wow! Then I came here. Look. I know that this is going
a little bit too fast. But… It just feels right. You know… Yeah. Good. So… What’s your scene with the Lhasa girl? Nothing yet.
That was the first time I met her. Really? Don’t tell me you met her off some
app. Yeah. I did. So… What is that supposed to mean? Nothing. Nothing. I didn’t that you would… You didn’t think that I would what?
That I would move on… No! That’s not what I meant at all, Gautam. Do you know that this was the first date that I had been on
since we broke up? I am sorry.. I didn’t… No! No! No! One second. I am sorry.
Alright? I am sorry that I wasn’t able to move on, overnight.
Like you were. Stop being a child, Gautam! Literally, overnight! Okay. You’re making me sound like I’m some heartless
bitch. You know this wasn’t easy for me, right? Of course it was! Of course it was!
It was dead easy for you. Fine. I don’t need to listen to this shit anymore. Oh! That’s… That’s great! Just walk away.
Like you do! You know… Like every time things get a little bit hard, walk away! You know what. I can’t have this conversation… I can’t
have the same fight with you again… I can’t keep proving my love and have these
accusations thrown at me. You’ve never understood and you never will. Shruti, you just woke up one day and you just left!
You just left. Oh God! Gautam stop saying
the same thing over and over again! One second… Are you even listening to yourself?
How are these things adding up in your head? Are you listening to yourself. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Gautam. I’m really sorry. I am tired of us going around the same circles, man!
I am sorry. I can’t! I can’t deal with this again and again. I wasn’t happy. Neither were you! I can’t! I just can’t! Please?
We can’t keep doing the same thing again. You’ve got to know that this was the most difficult decision
I have ever had to take in my life. It wasn’t easy. It was really hard. I’m sorry.
I can’t do this all over again. I am sorry. Yeah. I… I wouldn’t want you to either.


100 thoughts on “Yesterday | Breaking up ≠ moving on | TTT”

  • She left…I felt like I lost my world… months later I realised my world is and was always my mother who always cares for me so selflessly….

  • Thank You for this. It's never easy to move on for anyone whose feelings were real. But if it's a destructive love someone has to take action and do what was inevitably going to happen someday. It would be better if more people realize this.

  • Shrimant Sanjaye says:

    funny how…. if a girl leaves a boy for another she looks strong and independent….while if a boy leaves a girl for another he looks selfish and misogynist …

  • The ex girlfriend was such a liar and cheating one who never valued her relationship and boyfriend's emotions and still lying to her new boyfriend and then in the end, she was manipulative about it. She made it as if she did it for him. What crap!!
    But I liked the movie otherwise, just stop showing women in as if they cant do any wrong and if they do then it's ok and shouldn't be frowned upon

  • Number toh lele yaar, that happened with me too but the sad part is she didn't text me back :/ and kept on ignoring my messages lmeo

  • It was sooo real and relatable.
    I am going through a breakup, after 2 years of my relationship…. and we fought on the exact same thing, after the breakup.
    Moving on is indeed, very different from a Breakup.

  • Emotions have values but every emotion is bounded to the happening, in a specific time or era of life, which caused it. The video is probably making a point that the guy stills respects the memories that he made with his x but the happened has been over taken by some harsh happening and it is a new era of his life, and yes, surely he is going to make new memories with loyalty to his partner.
    And no doubt very nice acting.

  • If you truly love someone and let them go, you can never move on from the love that you feel, you can only stay away with the hope that it might make them happy. Wonderful title and clearly true for true lovers. 💔💔

  • Sandipan Mukherjee says:

    What a film yaar and the background score, aha. But, bhai Ghosh didi jab ma se Bengali me baat ki, uska subtitle de dete to auron ke liye accha hota, mere liye for obvious reason problem nahi hua. Loved the story so so much, muah.

  • "You just walked away……….." "I cant have same discussion again and again.."…. just got goosebumps on that… In my first relationship I was in the same kind of situation where Gautam was.. and same dialogues……
    One day she left me.. and Now Its really difficult to find her and talk again.. say sorry.. bcz whatever I wanted to discuss that was irritation for her….. .. bht jaldi hi samj gaya tha kyun par ab pakka samj ay gaya kyun.. nahi hota bht logo se discussion..
    please understand. specially bole to bhai log… that its not the same feeling what u have if someone has taken first step then uske lie bht hi zyada mushkil hota h…… just try to understand. irritate mat karna jitna ho sake pyaar se khushi se alvida kehna..

  • Man I was Smiling like a dork when i saw that she texted… Damn Thank you Imessages, Never thought would say that. But a very beautiful and very much true concept.

  • I don't know how the fuck after spending so much time with someone you suddenly fall for someone else overnight and suddenly everything feels right.It really kills me Everytime when I think of it but everything happens for a reason so be it.

  • Happening to me since 4months and God knows when these feelings will stop haunting me. Exactly into the same condition, still have begining conversations , those starting silly texts of 5years ago. Totally heart wrenching 💔

  • is it just me who is wondering how come 5 years back he had the non-smart-phone!!!!!! Smart phones toh 7-8 saal se common ho gaye hain na, i had my first smart phone 6/7 years back

  • Stuck in the same cycle over and over again!! Hoping and to give it one more chance.. Things might go well this time.. Maybe it'll be different..!! Maybe he'll change, maybe she'll be more understanding this time!!
    Maybe this time things will stay merry!! This just might we work.. Shall we just say sorry instead of discuss it… What has one gained discussing it.. Let's just brush it under the carpet and behave like this didn't happen.. But this did.. It'll be resurrected in the next fight I'm sure.. "remember how you lied to me.. And do you remember what you did" and on it goes..!!
    Is it not better for both to finally call it a day and move on for good.. But can someone in real sense move on.. Forget everything that's been there.. The moments.. The memories.. The sunsets.. The bike rides.. The masala Maggie.. The late night talks.. The long fights.. All can be forgotten??
    Can we really move on!!
    Does it not bother you when she don't call for past four months.. And you see a picture of her finally replacing your gifted watch with a new one… Were you waiting for this… Were you expecting this to happen… Are you relieved that it happened.. And now you wonder, did she move on with someone.. is it just that she's over you now..!! Which one would you like it to be.. Will you call her… Or just think about her… Expecting she'll call..!! Maybe it's fine this way..!! She's happy somewhere.. With or without someone.. Doesn't really matter..!! Just if she's happy!!
    What if she's thinking the same way!! I'll never know!!

  • Ruchita Sarvaiya says:

    So heartbreakingly sad yet so full of hope and realism. I wish there were more men like Gautam…. A beautiful slice-of-life tale. Very effectively told. Great job, to the entire team.

  • Sharanya Chaudhuri says:

    it was awesome but what's the deal with the phones??! what about the sim cards? his new phone started working just like that even before he put a sim card in it?!!

  • Kapil Bhardwaj says:

    Wow .. how natural nd real it felt..
    it really is more of a curse than a blessing, to feel everything so very deeply, to be sensitive.. it should not be a the case though, but the person who cares more gets hurt more in the end 🙁

  • Got to know abt this channel via voting of YouTube fav influencers it's going on now a days I saw this channel is at top

  • Hello everyone!
    Don't you think that the dialogues in "English" language seemed to be dull. Don't you think that they have ruined it to a good extent. They would be best if they were in Hindi.
    Does anybody else also thinks so?

  • once the gal moved on…y c retrnd back??? wen c was about to get married? wen d guy z gettin over her y d hell c retrnd???? imagine if d guy wud hv been with d new gal?? how awkward it wud hv been!!!!…if u leave smone…leave dem n move on witg ur lyf…else u r ruinin urs n ur new partner's life

  • This was so beautiful and real. My eyes are all tears. It is so difficult to move on. The memories, their absence, everything hurts so much. I am the type of person who gives things a chance till the point of emotional exhaustion. But it’s tiring too. The representation of it was so real it broke my heart. But do we always need someone else to move on? Inflicting our hurt and projections subconsciously on to someone else before we’re our own whole selves?
    Extremely beautiful TTT. Loved every bit and marvelous acting ♥️

  • Beautiful!
    Liked that guy.. not your typical model-types who keeps everything together… Kept it very real…👌

  • Sridatta Chatterjee says:

    for the first time, after a long long time, saw a short sweet emotional story that ends on a happy note! THANK YOU!
    i was tired of watching deep/dark/cruel endings.

  • Ujjwal Prazapati says:

    Where can I get that song "dum abhi liya zara nahi" which just starts after the bike guy snatches the phone

  • sometimes when you have met the best person, and then you lose them. we keep finding apart of them in every other person we meet. to just let go and move on is never an easy feat. they say it takes about 137 days to forget someone. here i am more than a year, stil struggling to move on even one inch.

  • inner strength says:

    the reality is no one love a person, they just love that memories, and once the memories is once they have someone else, they will completely overwrite you – and believe me you cant even find this person in your own funeral also. lol. stop making bollywood fantasy life and real life. bollywood fantasy is the only thing that destroying people, get the hell that its not the reality and you're all in the reality world again. good luck to all those reading this.

  • inner strength says:

    seeig the box in the end reminds me of how a couple who are in love an a guy told me i am a year older than that woman – and when they break up, the girl called me and said, ask his address, I want to return back all his gifts include the phone and sim he gifted me, and when i ask the guy he mention to tell her to just throw those in the dustbin. fuckingly funny, the guy then just use me as something to hang temporarily – known long but never receive a single gifts when in reality the girl that they break up often tells that he often come from far to her place and they often hangout, fuckingly the guy just use me because whenever i ask to meet up he will just give 1001 reason, thanks god to all relationship videos on youtube – i know how much h i have been used. moral? never waste your young age onto someone who just use you, be wise.

  • 14:57 Nine digit mobile number! So basically the trick is saving the actual number with the nine digit number! And then recieve texts from it. Gotcha:)

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