Yahoo Buys Tumblr, Says “We Won’t Ruin It”

Yahoo Buys Tumblr, Says “We Won’t Ruin It”

some companies do have money online the
united states government yahoo you probably heard about this they bought
from where the micro-blogging site today for one minute point whining billion dollars yes that’s right one
point one million dollars for tom working after they were to come back sort of a cross between face book and twitter plotting images and video
uh… nephew seems hard for me to believe because we weeks fault thought i
think that guy who was kind of dead it seems like to come there may be shoulda
bought the rambling remnants of yahoo what do you think that so so there’s a
lot of bob there’s a lot of talk in china hong in
oman everyone is not the silicon valley uh… tech blogs everywhere about adina
in business news every everywhere about whether this was a good deal work back deal for yahoo five cover offer top marks of quite picky no i
think without so let me quickly tell you about cumbersome finances are the last
couple years yet so uh… in place well dated thirty nine thousand revenue but that we find that out of expenses and this year the two thirteen in the
first quarter which is great but the goal is to head off hundred million so
they’re not gonna at that at all and it’s really interesting because
apparently according forums uh… face book microsoft and google all passed on an opportunity to buy tumbler but yahoo stepped in and bought them and you know yahoo is famous for buying
things and then screwing it up absolute so uh… it’s communion sample its uh… of things that they sort of like
geo cities for example at one time was when i was there being away into social
networking and it just kind of crumbled under okay this summer supplier who was a c_e_o_ basically said today that seawall screwing up he added that was her first weekend just
under one one one better than her first suite is patent for a black you know we’re gonna lay our hands up is
that they’re not going to change tumbler record of it somebody a more soon yes or our debate whether it is the
c_e_o_ of com got hot when seven-year-old gave car okay high-school dropout and if you own the roughly twenty five
percent of company so his take on this two hundred and fifty million present loses critic is trying to suppress you
have two hundred and is their any chance that in reality
we need is read those numbers color is not making money the way they
thought they were is there any chance that up billion dollars the billion come from
because you know face book brought into graham for a
billion right hand is there any proof that it is made them
a dime i i i don’t think so so i it seems odd to me that it always goes to a
billion as if they can’t negotiate bringing less
though that it wasn’t working that you mix made that point because it’s tedious
at bill other everybody else who cook was indicted by the past so you think they could got it and party
maybe five hundred million like they paid for my space because i feel right
with six hundred million was that not in the cards with an idea just seems to
have you here negotiating against themselves yes it’s really interesting i
think yahoo was deathly trying to come relevant call and giving it a lot of moves that you
get me hiring respir from cold war that was a big move move so they should’ve ideally motion
and the french government said no you can’t do it so they’re desperate to buy something primetime wears away for them to save
relevant and interesting and uh… it’s kind of repeat is that
guy who was not considered like all foreign company because back in early two thousand they were the hottest
day so it is that your show you how quickly
do you think it’s change it mean wind when uh… newscorp what my space
everyone thought that was it would be a great deal about so we’re going to get a
look back on this it here and laugh more than i thought we were
laughing today biking cell and i think both with insecure and and with tumbler before they can make back that billion dollars of their
purchase for dr burger become on-call and as soon as are bought by these giant
companies see by definition become less yes and um… you know something called a will come up
yeah what your candidate ignited it seems to
me like all of us that use these things as tools i don’t know that twitter or
face book uh… or any of them have made a dime
off of me even though it using right with them so does that seem i got a
limitation in the mail the other day asking of up they admit i’ve been invited him to
advertise and twitter public space for the invitation route
through someone related to spend money on an airplane yes i did you have you
got that email i have had this last week that goes and i was like what does that
you’re invited from swim up one of my and financing and suggested is that still doesn’t want are pretty funny so uh… yet had this whole thing above them was there any kind of uh… the
government had no came this was this and that your name is there’s nothing
presidential involved in this service they were never really quickly there
were rumblings about this remember when the consumer and i thought that you know
there was like a week or two and that is what happened with this kind was just like that uh… and and you know to go to idea
that because was bought by yahoo by
definition becomes less cool dot com with a quote from textron cisco editor alexia stocks is and she says for whatever reason and she says congress provide entity but for whatever reason i don’t want to
identify with yahoo well there you go that break so okay so as someone that
runs one of these new media companies we are where they have a billion dollars
how is it possible that yahoo has a billion dollars to city you know it’s amazing how ankle has even
more uh… they just have billions upon billion sitting there and nice swimming in this money there is one
hundred somewhere that exclusive homework anticipated carted just for
selling needed because i’m glad to inform the slide through pa his grip on you know they were offer at
least six or seven billion dollars from google and he decided no rather pass on that deal yeah and we’re gonna
do it on our own and now there were basically worthless their competition
from every single corner that’s the height of hubris with some
offices six or seven billion dollars so the company


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