Yahoo Answers: Is David Married or Single?

Yahoo Answers: Is David Married or Single?

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shopping through the black band at david packing dot com there was any archive of google alerts
set up with my name in the show’s name load so that anytime there’s a new blog post or anything about the
show i get an email i got one over the weekend from yahoo answer is no yahoo answers or
anyone to just put a question out there and people answer it and then a best
answer is chosen i guess people get questions answered
right evenly over the site aria so the
question that popped up is is david pacman married or single and i don’t know what’s funnier that
somebody would put this question up there for some of the answers that people i’m
guessing it’s mostly fans of the show we’re putting out there like for example david is married with three children
from his first marriage too from a second and is expecting a new grandchild
anyday uh… david is gay and currently dating
and coulter so possibly eric no one could be true uh…
david is in a gay relationship with the g_-eight tomlinson from best of the left
podcast they were seen together on a gate gate edit asian restaurant in
washington d_c_ that’s actually true that uh… with the
waitress added adaptation restaurant in d_c_ thought we were on a day and turn
down the lights for us to make it quote more romantic muslim-held town uh… and then a couple of others david
is in a sexual homo sideboard covertly created by the looming on the part human
part machine weapon that little until they got the heroine and allied david significant and gave it a single but secretly dating
fred phelps in regular regularly participate in or laundry uh… and lastly he’s legally married to
anderson cooper in the state of new york allegedly so uh… about i don’t i don’t know the
source of this question i don’t know if it’s just a a joke or a parody of what
it is but really dot uh… satire nodding off and people
answering these questions lost now very funny answers also there’s this new website that i’ve
heard being advertised called cheater bill dot com and the idea is you can basically if you know someone who is cheated in a
relationship you can go on and just kind of putting information about them and um… you can also look people out
of here may be getting to know someone you think that they made you wanna find
out if there’s a record of bending cheaters or whatever so we went on there and we looked
ourselves up and supposedly people have searched for my name six times i’m she developed dot com
apparently uh… maybe in connection with this yahoo question i don’t know
yet could be tenure name had been searched for as
well uh… yeah like at once and for a couple
of times yeah what do you think they how do you bet
these stories i was just looking around and i’d just don’t understand legally how
this website uh… what what the story is without website date does not sound like that like anything trustworthy reliable or um… so this is what you’re saying because
you can’t have allotted against them for defamation is there something up with allegations
against me up it just sounds like a crack website and uh… i spit on them


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