34 thoughts on “Yaesu FTM-400XDR Basic APRS Setup – Ham Radio Q&A”

  • 1crazynordlander says:

    Great video! I have the Yaesu FTM-100DR that has APRS. I have not played with it. I know I only have one VFO on that radio. I wanted the 400 but HRO and others were BOed on that model. I take that the FT-2DR has the same features? I will have to look into these settings on my radio. I know you can somehow monitor a second channel with the 100 on like a five second or maybe adjustable interval. I did not realize you had Yaesu also. I just set my FTM-100DR on PDN Direct mode connection with my PC and have been on the air with that. I also with your help go my Ailunce to talk with someone on a repeater 30 miles away using my Mag mount Diamond antenna. I am finding this craft to be so interesting and educational. It's been a good thing for an old guy to keep his brain sharp…maybe not that sharp…Thanks!
    Kevin Ke0UXC I listen to the Wires-X DARC room listed in Little Falls MN with my PDN attached radio.

  • Excellent video Michael! Being a newbie this will really help. Perfect timing too! My FTM400XDR is due to arrive via FedEx tomorrow from Gigaparts. After a 2 month wait. Looking forward to the next video on this rig.

  • APRS is reallly cool. This video is only a get started video. Theres txt msg you, can txt around the world, can send email, see yourself on map, satellites. the tech is open, no proprietary digital limiting tech.

  • Can the radio change band freq from a rcv msg text?
    example: I received a msg or beacon text from someone I want to communicate via voice. Will the radio capture the freq so I can easily and quickly change to the frequency on the non-APRS band? This would be ideal when driving hands free.
    I think this might be the QSY/Tune feature.

  • Palosrob .MaKaElectric Rebuttal Channel says:

    Hi Michael, I really enjoy your YouTube channel and I watch every episode all the way through. But it really is time to change the Periwinkle wallpaper in your Shack. It really is.

  • Thank you Sir. Plan on purchasing that radio this year. I have the FTM 100 on my desk in Ohio. Didn’t have a lot of time with it before I left for the winter. But have since decided to get the 400. Thanks again for your efforts and videos.

  • had 2 tmd710GA before and sold it, it decodes most of the strong packets it hears, BUT having 400xdr for 2 years am still wondering why the radio receives a strong signal but seldomly decodes it.. you can see the display it shows full bars of signal but no decodes.. hate it.

  • Ham Radio Crash Course says:

    Fantastic video. The radio screen with the computer screen to cover the programming was genius. Great work.
    Your desktop looks alot like mine! ?

  • James Dougherty says:

    Thank you for the video. Can you do APRS on the B channel in the background and voice on the A channel? Can it be a TNC?

  • Just received my ftm400xdr, today. Gonna have to play with it before I install. Will be taking the ID 880H out and using it inside. 73s de Wb4ur 🙂

  • Wanted to ask if you could show more on the Voice Alert over APRS? I would love to know more on how that works on the FTM-400.


  • At about the 6 minute mark you added -9 for mobile tracker radio devices. Any chance you have a bit more info about this? There seemed to be several other options.

  • Bruce M [W5BKM] says:

    Thank you so much. great help to get me on APRS fast in my truck using cell phone to watch the set up in the corner of the video and programing 400 while in parking lot.. Then stopped at Wally World and grabbed a cheap 32 gig class 10 SD card for 10 bucks and took it home and set it all up on the computer programming.. So thanks to you and this great video i was able to use both methods shown here.. Great work..

  • Great video. One thing to mention is that rather than using aprs mute you can turn on voice alert. Which will mute the noise also but provide other functionality. Read up on voice alert.

  • Korey Chandler says:

    Tone mode could be set to CTCSS tone of 100-Hz so 'Voice Alert' can be used. Then, if another APRS mobile is in receive range, you can hear them and initiate a contact.

  • Great video although you must have a different version of RTS Systems ADMS-400. I just purchased mine a month ago with a new 400DXR and the screen layouts are entirely different. I had a difficult time following along and had to repeat many parts a few times. It took over an hour to get through it trying to find the same features on my ADMS-400 version. One other note, you missed two significant steps at the beginning that took me a while to figure out. While you showed how to write data to the microSD, you should have said it first has to be formatted in the radio. It took a while to figure that out. After backing up all data from radio, the microSD went back to PC, I opened up an existing FTM400 data file that was created from copy/paste data from another Yaesu rig using RTS software. I tried writing the data file to card, it said I had to read the card first. I agreed and it said all data would be wiped out, and it did wipe the entire file! I saved it then went back and copied pasted in data again and saved. This worked. All these extra steps were trial and error to get it to work. BTW, even so, you still do a better job than Yaesu! While I give them credit for greatly improving the grammar of their manuals compared to 10+y ago (back then they were JapEnglish and hard to understand), they are not well developed. It takes forever to find the information you want. Just for the microSD, I jumped around all over the manual to at least 4 pages and still couldn't find the simple answer to – what size microSD can be used? I eventually located the answer but Yaesu needs to do a much better job of structuring the manuals. Thanks again. Now to go find the second video for this rig! VE3JMR Niagara Falls CANADA

  • I figured out a way to transmit and receive APRS packets and messages
    with a FTM-400XDR with APRSIS32 with an external TNC. The FTM 400XDR is
    NOT a one way APRS radio.

  • I figured out a way to transmit and receive APRS packets and messages
    with a FTM-400XDR with APRSIS32 with an external TNC. The FTM 400XDR is
    NOT a one way APRS radio.

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