xQc Reacts to Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 6] (ft. ScareTheater)

xQc Reacts to Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 6] (ft. ScareTheater)

okay many boys Sammy what was a light in the door blaze Conchita Stan's cheeto filter six Cheetos no any Norwegians inch at 4 a.m. payment even the same on the internet then you've most likely encountered a creepy thing or two here they're being shared archived or just out of happenstance oddities can exist anywhere darkest corners of the Deep Web or even right there in plain sight welcome back to disturbing things from our on the Internet if you're new then grab a drink pop open a bag of your favorite chips and get comfy this is my series that dives into bite-sized creepy and disturbing internet oddities from all over the Internet if you'd like to get caught up I have a dedicated playlist on my channel to ensure that you have hours of content to fish through that will surely leave you up at night thanks with that out of the way it's time with our guests scare theater to dive into five more hand-picked and disturbing things from around the internet we already come to guys this first entry comes from a Spanish Facebook page called noticias de Cuernavaca in this post they claim that this footage comes from the historic center of Cuernavaca the video that were showing here was recorded by a policeman at his guard at approximately 4:00 in the morning the nearby tenants say that this is not the first time that this has happened the video that they attached is some simple cell phone footage at last 50 seconds long in this you're able to hear a woman's scream that sounds like it was pulled straight out of a nightmare it's not like a witch didn't fucking crackheads fucking PCP Andy if you're unfamiliar with Mexican folklore la Llorona which translates to the weeping woman is a popular urban legend that dates back to the 1960s legend has it that this woman lost her children and now cries while aimlessly wandering around in search of them if she's ever encountered she's known for causing great misfortune to those that approached her whether or not this is an actual spirit screaming or somebody having a manic episode and breaking down in the near distance it's hard to discount the fact that this scream sounds completely genuine and would undoubtedly freeze you in your tracks if you were ever to hear this yourself I think it's just cracking I agree on December 22nd 2018 tragedy would befall the soon two straight regions of Indonesia completely without warning the enact Crockett ow also known as the child of Krakatoa volcano would erupt causing an undersea landslide that ultimately would result and the devastating tsunami that ended up killing 429 and injuring 1459 right that's crazy apparently this volcano has been spewing ash and lava for months prior to end of 158 acre section of its southwest side collapsed resulting in the massive undersea landslides and wiping out the volcanic islands in its entirety the photos and video from the aftermath of his natural disaster are absolutely devastated so the US isn't one event in particular is chilling yeah to us reminiscent of the station my club fire footage of Scott yeah would you read definitely definitely after that oh shit Porter volcanic eruption or landslide detection system put into place in my I'm sorry guys I'm going to show some people literally dying in a fire I'm sorry did must build in an early warning system for tsunamis that are generated by underwater landslides and volcanic eruptions landslides triggered in the 1992 and the 2018 tsunamis as a recovery efforts continue this alongside every other natural disaster that occurs as a very humbling example of how helpless we can really be against the unstoppable forces of nature itself let's just guess I did that's not really yeah that's not scary a woman by the name of Maribel Ramos was an Iraq war veteran in college student back in 2013 with a dream of a career in law enforcement she was taking classes alongside caring for her sick mother she apparently lived with a 55 year old man by the name of Casey joy and according to him they were extremely close Oh a second of that year Maribel would fail to turn up at various events that she was scheduled to show up to in the very next day she would officially be reported missing by her family on May 8th one of her friends by the name of Emily see desperate for answers what spontaneously posted thread on Yelp asking about Maribel in her post she claims my friend Maribel Ramos has been missing since Thursday May 2nd she was last seen at her apartment in Orange California what's yellow up her family friends and I to find her we need all the help guys this is fake nobody uses Yelp good shortly after this reply would surface by user named Enrique see who asked if they had talked to the roommate by that point in time in response Emily si would claim that yes they spoke with the roommate he willingly cooperated with the cops by giving them DNA samples and even allowed them to take naked photos of him he gave up his cell phone of him so he can in contact anyone which he was all more than happy to do three days after the exchange between Enrique and Emily another stranger would interject to the conversation a user by the name of Casey KCK responded by saying I am Maribel's roommate she's my BFF and my only family she is absolutely the best woman I've ever met we had so much fun together I miss her so much she always knew that I will give my life for her without any hesitation police forensic team searched this two-bedroom apartment five times with the police dog they confiscated computer hard drive cell phone car and took several items they contacted everyone on my phone list and I don't know when I will get my properties back these are major inconveniences but all these don't matter I miss Maribel and that really makes me depressed had stressed out big time yes Sherman interestingly people took notice of his wordage he consistently referred to Maribel in past tense without regard that she's only missing not dead why would he spill his heart out like this over a very very new missing persons case a user named grant Kaye was one of many to notice this May 14th it my the only one finding it odd that this KC roommate posted here and used past tense to refer to Maribel we had she always knew as opposed to we have or she knows and why would she ask him to move out if they have so much fun together my prayers are with the friends and family this is very sad at this point people were torta dat grant saying that he shouldn't make such bold assumptions and to let the police do their job as they should rather than turning this into a witch hunt what Casey then jumped into the conversation once more in hopes of defending himself claiming that English is his second language and that he still needs help with that from time to time he then went forward pleading to others not to make judgments about him and that he quotes wouldn't give a second to give his life for Maribel this is when things become strange the next day he posts multiple times and each one seems to dick him further and further into the hole of suspicion May 15th I love Maribel as a friend and a roommate this is how we say goodnight to each other good night Maribel Maya me soon mom and dad my profile photos because I miss her that is one from the night we went out I said Maribel is my one and only BFF she is she is my only beneficiary for my $250,000 life insurance and my only beneficiary for my bank accounts paid upon death she knows this I miss her every second I'm awake what a day later and two weeks after Maribel originally went missing Emily si would jump in updating everybody that a body had been found however they don't know if it's Maribel as of yet they should know by noon that day and then later that same day someone named Thelma D would drop the verdict on everyone it's her and the killer is Casey well I don't know this entry surrounds a story following two young teenagers Abigail Williams in Liberty German the pair were best friends in the 8th grade at dilthey community middle school and Delfy Indiana ok a small town of about 3,000 residents as many teenagers do the pair were keen on hanging out outside of school having sleepovers and going on spontaneous adventures for fun on the evening of February 12th 2017 the two would have a sleepover at Liberty's grandparents house as schools canceled the following day there's a nice hole this day the two girls are trying to figure out how to spend their afternoon and came up with the idea hike around the montón bridge a popular nearby hangout spot after receiving consent from Liberty's grandmother and a reason for their grandfather to pick them up a couple hours later her sister Kelsey will drop the pair off near the bridge at around 1:30 p.m. on her way to work throughout the next hour or so everything was going as usual Liberty as many people do begin to share her trek along this bridge on snapchat and in this photo taken at 2:07 p.m. you can see Abigail smiling as she walks along it yeah unbeknownst to everyone though this would be the last normal photo the Liberty would ever post to her social media an hour later Liberty his grandfather arrived to pick the two up and texted her to meet him at the pickup spot no response realizing this is uncharacteristic of her he precedes the call still no answer at this point they walk along the bridge notes of finding the girls whoever this too would be futile in response to his failed efforts the grandparents report the girls as missing and a search was promptly underway countless volunteers aided in this with people scouring the entire area at around 6 p.m. the following day the worst would unfortunately unfold the bodies of two young girls were located in Deer Creek a mere half a mile from the bridge itself the girls were confirmed by investigators to be Abigail and Liberty and with this the evidence that they gathered and released from Abigail smartphone would baffle everybody police were able to locate this photo of a man walking along the bridge taken shortly after Liberty's original snapchat photo and this very very muffled snippet of audio sounds like a man saying the words down the hill it's been widely speculated that the audio and this man are directly connected to their deaths and it's very possible that this same man was ordering the girls to go to a specific location down a hill before he ended their lives the only evidence they have to go off of is that snapchat the grainy photo the audio and the sketch of the suspect everything else surrounding the true whereabouts and identity of the killer remains a mystery to this very day since this tragedy the entire town has since replaced all their exterior light bulbs with those that have an orange hue and they'll keep them as such until the day the killer is found why why number five on our list surrounds an absolutely haunting 9-1-1 call made by a woman by the name of Ruth price apparently price lived completely alone in late one night she noticed a man walking around outside of her home understandably shaken she meet us mediately calls 9-1-1 in hopes of getting help however what transpires afterwards is undoubtedly something that will disturb you what Jesus Jesus will read scary while the validity of this voicemail is up for heavy debates it's almost impossible not to be at least somewhat unnerved by this it's hard to find any concrete case behind this recording and it's unclear if Ruth price is her real name or simply an alias since the recording this call has been used in various dispatcher educational courses as a hard lesson ask for the address of the victim before anything else since if she would have given it upfront she would likely have been given help sooner with the sliver of a possibility that's still being alive the Internet is undoubtedly a weird place creepy and disturbing real-life events can pop up on you at anytime and tonight's installment exemplified this if you for some reason haven't yet subscribed to scare 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