xQc Reacts to Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 5] with Chat!

xQc Reacts to Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 5] with Chat!

dinners aren't working I may have possibly happy Halloween wow what a fun week this has been exploring all these marathon topics with you has been an absolute blast and hey I was thinking what better way to bring this to a close disturbing things from around the internet faith in the camera – – it's not the one it's true so in August a strange event took the internet by storm peculiar footage was captured during the early morning of August 24th according to a Facebook post at 3:20 in the morning a resident in the sunrise ranch subdivision and Montgomery Texas was awakened by their doorbell after reviewing their home video surveillance they observed and attached the following video and images Sorella the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was alerted and is currently investigating the suspicious incident the footage that they captured was this everyone was on immediate alert if the odd timing being so late in the night isn't enough to alarm you then the shackles that seem to be attached to her wrists just might we were dead asleep in our beds my husband was awoken by the doorbell it rang probably twenty to thirty times one nearby resident claimed stun a shackled t-shirt and no shoes seemed at the time to have vanished into thin air nobody was able to immediately track her down and so a massive search had commenced it's the leanest or whatever she what happened to her she was fucked up join her she got the wrong house it was really embarrassed as you run home then why was she crying I've been before mine was she ringing the doorbell so many times at 3:20 in the morning I thought she was afforded one day all the house were the same my grandma's and I went to the fucking the neighbor's house and I took a shit in their bathroom and I realized that the holder of paper wasn't the Senate they had right house dude there's it's not the right house I got out they're moving in the kitchen and I just ran out did somebody took a shit in their bathroom it another incident occurred in the very same session a man would take his life by suicide this was Dennis Collins suicide note that was left behind by him had confirmed that this mystery girl on the surveillance footage was in fact his girlfriend according to a statement by montgomery county police she was indeed a domestic violence victim and according to her the night she was out ringing doorbells she was in great fear for her own safety she is safe and is helping police in the ongoing investigation however the takeaway from this is that this could be happening to anyone even those that live right beside you he said mystery like that just like a like throw rocks and windows like that cuz you know rain might not be enough you know that was mine a post was made in the ask reddit sub asking everyone what post was the creepiest that they've ever found on reddit while there were many many notable responses one in particular stuck out to me from user by the name of killing spear X they said this I don't know where the post is but I'm sure many redditors came across it already it was about a mother who was pushing her baby on a swing at night when people approached her they found out that the baby had been dead for hours and that the mother had some sort of mental breakdown or something one notable response to this came from a user by the name of El Chapo's cousin who claimed that either this is a lie or the area she lived in as a shittiest health care in America in response to this someone quoted them and said apparently the latter because this actually did happen what they linked to a news article in Maryland a three-year-old boy was in fact dead due to being pushed in a swing for upwards of forty three hours according to authorities he was alive when his mother began pushing him in a swing on May 20th 2015 and had remained in this very same seat for two days while his mother pushed him until May 22nd at 6:55 a.m. when he and his hysterical mother were found by police the mother allegedly had a psychotic episode during this and unfortunately did not know what was happening for those two agonizing days well the original homicide no charges have been filed and the mother has since sought treatment for her bipolar disorder and depression forty three hours a little record right sit back and think about this for a second this children's swing was a death trap for this little boy and the sheer thought of what he endured initially thinking that it was going to be a fun and exciting time at the park then becoming tired of the fun then becoming thirsty then realizing mom isn't stopping for hours and hours and hours until it was over I can only imagine the haunting scene of an oblivious mother pushing the corpse of her own son in a swing and I really really don't know how I'd react if I were ever to stumble upon such a sight in real life but why does he keep repeating this did it this this girl dancing did it it's – it's just weird men dude it's a disabled person like what the fuck is happening with this guy last year I made a video that included the phenomenon of the yay videogames reddit account that exhibited seemingly ordinary behavior before a switch seemed to flip causing their comments to spiral endlessly into obscurity in 2011 a user on Facebook by the name of Karen Catherine Waldegrave would exhibit strikingly similar behavior Karen being a seemingly ordinary Facebook account would out of nowhere begin posting nonsensical and unnerving ramblings that seemed to gather widespread attention from across the internet according to her profile she was born in London and allegedly graduated from the University of Toronto with the PhD she has quite a few ordinary posts which makes this entire phenomenon that much more puzzling on May 23rd at around 6:30 p.m. a switch would seem to flip from within her resulting in her replying to her own statuses over and over and over the post that she would make would be entirely out of context and it would seem as if she's having a full conversation with herself statuses shared photos and everything else that she posted would then accumulate comment after comment after comment and it got so bad as she sent approximately 700 replies to herself in the short span of just 12 hours at times there were paragraphs of nonsensical text sent within help of each other and it's been widely special Karen simply did this for some sort of attention or to troll with the help of either a bot or script that would do this for her after all she allegedly has a PhD for all we know she very well could have done just that since the attention that she's gotten her strange case has largely faded into internet history as none other than someone with schizophrenia or a simple troll salt right yep well not so fast it seems that to this very day there's still something going on with her and I can't quite put my finger on precisely what that is this is Karen Waldegrave today this account seems to be a newer one of hers and still exhibits the same stranger bizarre behavior of her original account oddly the page seems to be named differently however it still appears to be the same person the pictures match up almost perfectly and her education and location information seems to be an exact replica of what was shown on her original account why in the world would a troll be doing this seven years later seems to upload many images of herself and these ultimately would be nearly impossible to replicate so this is this is weirder than everything she's posted it or energy's done posted a sample sugar salt like this or what over that's weird really impossible to replicate as someone who's graduated with a PhD being seemingly well-off an ordinary why would she have any sort of need to still reply to herself with not only obscured text but randomized links to various websites and YouTube videos in her posts we could see direct references to scientific works and writings and out of context these seem to be completely normal until we realize that these are all being posted within seconds of each other furthermore there's always just one person that likes each of her statuses and posts and as you might have guessed these are all coming from her just 9 Facebook friends for all we know this could still be the work of either a bot or a troll the strikingly fast and almost randomized posts that come from her directly support this however with the pictures she shares that line up directly with her original account to the T it's extremely hard to discount the very idea that something more obscure could be going on with her to this very day see the same date I can't this fucking guy man this fourth entry was only recently sent to me Mollet isn't necessary us early an internet mystery I couldn't help but include this heartbreaking tragedy in 2015 police were called to a home in Kansas City Kansas regarding a domestic dispute upon arrival a woman would tell them that if they looked around the property it found the remains of a child by the name of Adrian Jones Adrian's short life was spent isolated from outsiders inside of a mice infested house where he was under the guise of quote homeschooling with his six siblings his father and stepmother endlessly abused him forcing him into sadistic acts of torture the father and stepmother subjected him to eating scraps of moldy food out of the trash yo dude I'm saying is fucked up I'm sorry to chat it's just like I did it it's just Boris from a user on reddit by the name of Demeter of new about five months ago they made a post in the RBI subreddit claiming that their significant other had got a new phone and for the first time ever she now has visual voicemail after receiving a voicemail from a family member that day she realized that she had several others that she'd missed according to the post she started going through her voicemails typical stuff family bill collectors but one voicemail dated Friday said that's really going through your voicemails deaths should we write 2017 at 4:38 p.m. was from a number that we do not know it's three minutes long and the area code is four eight zero placing the owner around the Phoenix Arizona Valley I've spent all day researching news where their incidents happened the afternoon of June 9th 2017 and have exhausted my very limited research abilities the voicemail that Demeter received was this okay this is women possessed this is a Christian she's making the content Longden angry the opie then went forth to give an edit claiming that the voicemail was dated a year prior Phoenix Police will be contacted and that they've star 67 the number which merely led them to a generic voicemail greeting a few very interesting theories have been given regarding the origins of this voicemail a user by the name of satellite cookie seems to have dissected it quite well and gave the hypothesis that the woman involved may not have even known that the phone was there they claimed that she seemed to have been screaming into her surroundings rather than into the phone and a butt-dial is genuinely possible here the theories that they gave were that she was one kidnapped and hurt however the weapon was not blunt enough to knock her out she seemed to be fully conscious however the possibility is there that she had just woken up and realized the situation that she was in with panic ensuing regarding the phone either she was able to break free to one it was hers the kidnappers or potentially on other victims another theory has been given by a user named Sojo beards when satellite cookie mentioned that it didn't sound anything like a mental breakdown they chimed in claiming that they work at a psychiatric hospital that this absolutely sounds like an episode that could have happened with one of their patients sidetracking here if we take a look at Demeter's post history it doesn't appear that they were using a throwaway account and also doesn't seem like they were doing this for any sort of attention witness in mind the possibility that this is a hoax or attempt at an Arg he's posing in that factory yo that's it did busted however and ah fuck never proceeded to give any sort of valuable follow-up or proof of call history many are still awaiting this and it really puts this story up in limbo the very fact that we have absolutely no idea whether this is definitively real or fake is what makes this story eerie either this is a hoax someone had a genuine mental breakdown or there really is someone out there that was captured without ever being able to escape is no stranger to obscure and disturbing phenomena and tonight was a direct exhibition of that thank you for joining me in this latest installment of disturbing things from this diamond that I respect a hostile man I respected two minutes outro to his intro did whatever man telling a girl again boys Thanks have you watched Gordon behind bars yet it happens all your best reactors it was me MIT good job down they weren't ready our aim was my fucking steady yeah steady we're all up on that bitch went screech good its goods get four kills first place yeah yo yo


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