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xQc Reacts To Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 4] W/CHAT

that's yeah you have now lost the game this episode of disturbing things from around the Internet is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club yes that Dollar Shave Club that was kind enough to in the age of master monetization that's total product ears at right looking executive lassie executive razor well a three-minute ad now on with the show that's nuts that is shameless stood up then not him cuz you know he's just doing it let's skip it amongst internet strange and obscure contents out there that just might send a chill down your spine or at the very least leave you feeling at least slightly unnerved with that being said I like to welcome you all back to disturbing things from around the internet this is my series where I consolidate bite-sized creepy discoveries that I've recently stumbled upon online reminder that this is part 4 so if you're new to the series be sure to go check out volumes 1 through 3 on my channel this is what amazing why don't you regret it it's time once more to dive into five more hand-picked and disturbing things from the internet bar throws trash is it bill Mead is the name of a youtuber that runs it a goblin forgot the fucking actors windows a channel primarily focusing on the topic of religion bill started his channel back in 2014 and over the course of just four short months he would upload 71 videos amassing sixteen whole subscribers to his content he seemed to be very passionate about the topics that he preached about and appeared to be open to discussion about Jesus and Christianity over the course of the channels existence bill would make it evident that he was dealing with other complications it appeared that he contracted a severe form of mouth cancer and over the course of the four short months that he was on YouTube were able to see the progression of his condition as it became worse and worse and worse holy-shit very last video was uploaded on October 21st 2014 and it was titled in all caps ten-hour surgery tomorrow strangely in this and the upload with the duplicate title I was unable to extract any type of audio almost as if it was completely muted by accident in the description bill asks us and jumbled text to pray for him and the doctors as he undergoes this operation and that was it after seeing this I naturally expected the worst seeing his condition progressed so rapidly followed by a video on the topic of a future surgery before going completely blank left me with an endless curiosity as to what happened to Bill I went back to his YouTube channel and tracked down his mouth surgery maybe that he got hurt any TED talks we didn't press page with that I was able to discover that he lived in California and had a wife named Doris after doing what seemed like endless digging I just wasn't able to find anything on a william or Bill Meade that would be related to a Doris so I acquired the help of some friends and one of them specifically Alex Bale was able to track his record down bill would have been 90 this year and unfortunately passed away less than a month after his surgery his legacy lives on though and with this we're left with a very humbling example of how quickly a condition can progress on the human body oh this entry comes from a user on Facebook by the name of freako Malik in his post he claims that he doesn't normally post on Facebook but this is a true action and awareness post in his words this is very hard to watch it hit very close to home as I've been in the situation before this was my 19 year old niece coming home late last night in Converse Texas to some home invaders in our bushes now just pay attention to the recklessness our society has come to get this tooth media these guys were out to murder anything moving last night and they have to be dealt with this is to be treated as if they murdered everyone in that car with this he's linked a video in it were able to see a man as he's obviously hiding outside of a house behind a tree apparently the people in the car pulled up to their mom's house who was asleep inside after calling the cops from within the car things begin to take it was at the u.s. a very dark turn do you want to tell your mom I love to thought it was like there's another one okay holy shit this is crazy I don't know why why isn't she driving show the fucking car man thankfully they all made it out alive in this situation they were absolutely lucky that they weren't harmed because this so very easily could have turned out far worse than it did after first seeing this I spent a lot of time contemplating out what I would do if I were in this situation there's just no dude the tires one of them shot him these does look fine to me seeing this I spent a lot of time contemplating out what I would do if I were in this situation there's just no way around how it would have turned out grab a gun shoot him back there's two of them and have a direct line of sight to you in the car floor it and ram into the tree like I said there's two of them the other would have come out from behind the bushes guns ablaze back out and speed off I still feel like that would have been inclined to shoot just because they can all around there's just no good way through this situation which is what makes it that much more miraculous that the driver and passengers were unharmed wow this is so unfortunately the two men involved are currently still at large that's kind of weird that's left in a weird chat this entry comes from a user on reddit by the name of gloves are apt the post is titled warning men of Halifax the glove man he opens his post by claiming that he's seen threats and other separate it's about this guy that he finally had an accidental encounter with him he claims quote last weekend I was on my way back from downtown walking alone on Spring Garden Road and scouting man when a well-dressed guy and a black SUV pulls up beside me to ask if I'm looking for a cab I said yes he asked where I was going and I told him he said he was headed in the same direction and that he offers rides around town on the weekends thinking this was some friendly guy running his own uber service I got in hoping for a cheap ride and handed him a $10 bill out of my pocket side note I'm 6-3 and 200 pounds so I didn't feel threatened I'm Jack stupid of me he then goes on to explain that the guy was wearing a leather jacket and gloves and as soon as they started driving he talks about this glove business that he's running before handing him a business card when they finally approach his street the guy eagerly says that he wants the opie to try on some gloves despite it being weird VOP submits to humor him and ends up trying them on after doing so things begin to become strange when he realizes that they fit really there were lazy can I begin breathing somewhat forcefully after putting two and two together in his head he tried to drum up the most non confrontational way out of the situation however the man kept insisting that he stay and try on more of his sets all while breathing in a very unnatural manner whatever an INT agonising fume hello says I was drunk what I'll get it wasn't driving I must dumb a while breathing in a very unnatural manner after an antagonizing few minutes with him he ends up quickly thanking the man for his time jumps out of the car and books it towards a nearby houses yard in hopes of preventing the revelation of his own address to the man he claims that the guy idled outside for a solid five minutes before driving off and closes his post by warning men of halifax about this guy supposedly nicknamed MJ it offers to pick up young men forcing them into trying on his gloves in order for him to become aroused what the post was then verified by the moderators and other users had jumped in claiming that they had heard or had encountered the man themselves one of the other posts that the opie references even has the glove man's business card in order of proof the entire situation is chilling and hopefully makes you think before you jump straight into a car with a random stranger that might have intentions that don't exactly align with your own guys what's the harm done here did I mean did he commit a crime I don't get it he just wants to see somebody wear gloves did fuck it it's creepy yeah but he's not like you know she's gonna try Molly to say no I don't watch I'm on okay Paul this interesting Facebook post made by user named Hank Squires back in June of last year he made a post showcasing a strange phenomenon that he had captured on his baby monitor his post reads this I'm very much a skeptic and I'm going to try to explain this one last night Stefan woke up and started playing with a stuffed animal Hanna I thought it was cute that she recorded from the baby monitor when she showed it to me I told her that it was way too cold in her room 66 degrees when we keep the house at 70 then the freaking teddy bear behind her moved watch the video the video that he uploaded with that showed this Oh did it guys only one question dude I'd say six degrees for baby why didn't they rush they're trying if I can help it or warm it did it when this bitch up hits 30 degrees I can't stream and my buddy cuts the blood flow to my fucking toes and my fingers and I can't process anything in the video garnered tons of Facebook attention and people threw in theories that the entire thing could be faked for attention with many reasons given one notable one is when the head actually moves it seems that at the top left an arm is seen moving in however I personally like to counter this by saying that there simply would be no room for anyone or anything to squeeze their arm into that tight space unless there was some sort of modification done to it nobody would have been able to fit back there another theory people have thrown out but also the battery-operated bear while hang claims that this is not the case it could very well be true the only real update we have is from June Hank we shared the post onto his own page with the caption one year ago this of course renewed interest in the video and down in the comments there's one from a Dana Squires who claims that they're set on believing that the child had moved that's causing the bear to move as well while this seems like a very solid answer to the situation we'll have to remember that it's always always up for interpretation yeah this reposing his own story dude like he's slaying his own dick or working his own bud relax buddy last year a post was made on the export of 4chan claiming that there was a user on Facebook that discovered a strange profile by the name of Horry chef apparently Horry had commented on a news article clamoring on about nonsense after they attempted to translate it things got strange the for chain user went off to say this so I was just on Facebook like a Normie that I am and I came across a comment in a post that's a bit unnerving it's from a posted article from a page about a few comments so I saw it the comment was obviously not entirely in English but she explains how she wants to be cremated before her husband or some type of thing and she kept talking about her friend Suzy or something so I got weirded out by this and tried to click on the Facebook account to know what the fuck is up with this lady this is where it gets weirder this was her profile I immediately saw that she had no posts or even uploads of pictures so I assumed that she was a dummy account by some dude who is doing god-knows-what yeah then I saw her friends list now I just realized after skimming through all these accounts that every bio that she has adds something weird or cryptic like cheese bread from an almond milkshake and pita bread from a seasoned beef kind of shit like that it seems to be so many that I can't imagine that some person would do some kind of shit like this and what purpose so it seems that after visiting her profile they found that every single one of orys friends was simply another version of her profile picture with photoshopped facial features and hair posts on their profiles get even stranger than this there are multiple images depicting animal gore with captions that hint at the murder of her own children going by her profile there are no photos or any evidence therein of Ori actually having any children however it's disturbing to see after discovering all this a user then reached out to Ori asking her about her many accounts and why she's doing this and she responded in her typical style claiming that she's yeah all of them I was the one who created by unfortunately because of my negligence and a stupidity I forgot that I was renting the computer and forgot to change the password as soon as possible the 4chan user responded oh ok I understand I like the pictures that you post like the one you have as your profile picture did you make them to which Ori responds an really thank you it's in the Play Store app if it's in your CP you know edit the pic even ask sir how many accounts uses to which she responds saying upwards of fifteen to twenty four when asked why she made the excuse that she uses them for requests in facebook games while or he claims this I'm gonna go forth and say that I'm absolutely not buying this why in the world would there be so many accounts that are made of yourself just for game requests also why in the world would she post gruesome images and caption them about the demise of her own children something just doesn't theories have been thrown out that Ori is either a bot a simple troll account an account linked to the government are actually a genuine person that for some odd reason 20-plus accounts of herself even if this latter theory were true why would she post such sinister things about her children alongside these screwed up images it just doesn't add up to me there's definitely something going on here it almost reminds me of the Stephanie Stephens case but weirder remember that as we said before disturbing and obscure Conte can exist all over the Internet although he just witnessed not as a family holds true I hope you all enjoyed this entry into the series I'd love to hear your thoughts which one freaked you out the most lastly thanks so much for watching I'll see you in the next one I love you all and good night


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