XQC MEDIA SHARE DAY #11 - Reacting to Viewer Suggested Videos

XQC MEDIA SHARE DAY #11 – Reacting to Viewer Suggested Videos

ABC for survival situations PBC for survival situations let's check it out I'm aware that a lot does your wife use your head as a mirror yes or no that is racist what [Laughter] [Applause] none none oh here comes boys the common good is enjoy [Applause] almost met those newbies [Applause] [Applause] I was the kid I was writing games when I was you know 12 the other kids in the block would say you know I'm gonna play quarterback for the Cowboys and I'd be like I'm gonna make video games and everyone's gonna play you go back to the Chess Club who's laughing now the Chess Club where's that from now there are the techniques that people use for example I've developed all these funky techniques is the regular lip whistle but I can also whistle with my tongue and then go he's insane satisfied well as God did well as we God he'll appeal says she died is that true I don't think your LMS sure a chicken Oh quickly yeah dial yes then why do I love it I don't think I miss the Mars ever soothing for me today's just always annoying yeah did it cut up Noah Samar makes me triggered like in a good way or like helps so it was just a noise and makes you upset hence our heads yeah holy shit guys guys all videos everybody has some okay okay they put their genitals in today excretory okay come on tires holy shit this is my news photo by Sheree and I'm going to show you how it works first you put on here okay okay oh my god I should bring in my four years did it oh shit I have to bring my ears oh you could give her the fucking be here but pheasant is just giving me you know what I crave is as a carnivore maybe maybe humans are meant to be rare before the vegans are gonna get mad at chat I don't know Oh No next do believe video to me already I'm gonna go pee you're heavy lightly oh it's just there's no more traffic means what's new comes and POG she's dancing on it didn't then it was our genome counter did my friends this is the fruity one they have oh the fat Ripper whoa okay what's on with him first woman just pitch in the majors Cortese 23 years old first woman in the majors [Applause] haha [Applause] oh did this Villareal is that enforcer come on Oh a saxophone I played the saxophone difference for anyone else because I don't need saxophone that's crazy holy shit hey whack is peer left is jewelry whack his footage wag the way that he talked way doesn't even smile the river with the fuckin purse did $65 my Jam's where is the juice this is shit guys there's no juice in there rarh x3 nozzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm who notices you have a bulge someone's happy what the fuck look what I got a fucking McChicken nothing without you after everything you've done cheeto Todd and the sweet little lies I'm hot Howard Tod dhow ard Game Director for fallout free all of those is an enormous dynamic world 16 times a detail or times the mapper did this is fucking honestly garbage did PBC for survival situations let's check it out PBC for survival situation let's check oh did it actually stop I want to fuck you up good bitch pp IA go peepee you go peepee piss your pants for retard you need to go beast oh yeah you can go this round animation explosion function bunny now let's relax with this PVC for survival situations yo shit gods mods can you just skip whatever time when I said it you just use in it I'm not getting to refund them back back in today's debate that's a good ass song good PBC for survival situations let's check it out no no that's kind cider yo what it is everybody reports to the motherfucking dance floor with a motherfucking drinks they wet ass pluses they big fat asses and big brown cities with can pepperoni nipples cuz I'm coming for you I got bitches have you ever had a dreams that's that you um you add you do what you could you do you it you wants you you could do so you you do you can you you want you want them to do you so much you could do anything yeah I got a hold of the fuckin time did have one last night the world is not anymore the way used to be no no beacon a beacon [Applause] what the fuck and we are live here tonight on Tay Zonday games January 30th 2015 a little bit of multiplayer playing some tf2 what are we doing hog why don't we show some servers even the game mondo is Luke even the game audio anyone and the world lifeguard oh and why do we like that that is better than good deductive but what is Jeff he's been for four hours like that and that's true you baited you done that did you don't do that you know you don't you bait the Silva didn't that's just kinda xqc that's a strange don't know but how can I offer you new merch design Vietnam [Applause] did I go to 16 can you hear me that's just fucked up didn't broke up with my ex girl here's a number psych that's the wrong number [Applause] [Applause] is this a toy clap oh that's nothing [Applause] hell yeah brother damn right hey yeaaah don't we make this deal you look at that oh no no my ears did oh please I'm good my ears are gonna ring the headrests that they didn't oh that is a dying squeal then guys you can't leave 10-hour videos it's not gonna play dude just keep trying it does that made ended yo-yo cinnamon cinnamon offer benefit minute off venom and Hawk venomous cinnamon often a machinima salsa may even have enough animal doing man anima animal sharp enema melanin no melanin oh man oh man oh man oh man all men are friends funded what the fuck Thanks [Laughter] fuckin catch it how could you surprise what the fuck did pulling you out right now but listen real fright now you got this that's gonna be a hot one debate bed oh really you every new keep coming it's all holy shit listen John wick shit what is this like some cars the motorcycle some people in the frightened area of mobiles say a leprechaun is taking up residence in their neighborhood the c15 is Bryan Johnson has more trilithon leads to large crowds in Mobile's crichton community many of you brain binoculars camcorders even camera phones to take pictures to me look like a little card to me witnesses say no con only comes out at night if you shine a light in its direction it suddenly disappears oh no this sandwich ur sketch resembles what many of you say the leprechaun looks like others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories and explanations for the image my theory this Kazon a shadow this guy helping to direct traffic says he's prepared for his encounter with the leprechaun he's suited up from head to toe this was all fails right here this is a special leprechaun flute which has been thousands of years ago these Sean just came to get lucky in hopes a pot of gold may be buried under this tree I'm gonna run a backhoe and root that tree I want to know what a go let it go this is Bryan Johnson nbc15 news anything for a pot of gold I mean you know what I like I like the amateur sketch of the leper I can't have another dependents all pointed Roy holy fucking shit I think Yellowstone is erupting oh shit I can already feel the vibration under my feet everyone run for your life save yourself 777 I'm excited settle on peeps so much you just want to make pizza this message is being broadcast by the Department of Defense of the Republic at 2:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time multiple unidentified objects were confirmed to heaven Earth's atmosphere it is speculated that these objects are of extraterrestrial origin the broadcast will quiet at this time for your safety continue to carry out the following instructions damn dude what – happened or spawned attempt investigate any of light but noise that's head right inside your home I look in the mirror I need reflective objects most importantly good luck that's Pete all right like even though guns burn price that we love for real oh look at the class look at the bows thank God I was tough now bitch some of that quinoa's baggage that four times I did stand back you man alright I'm gonna play this again close your eyes oh sorry is there a country singer it's being held hostage that's what it sounds like it sounds like it sounds like a nervous thing like a hostage situation like I don't know if he's actually doing this willing hostages life is all there older than the trees younger than the man yeah you hear it don't you that's good we say thank you see are you okay huh crush my cock with a rock I must Maxim DBT I must endure okay here we go all right again even though I only have a bat on the boy I think is in the bed opaque or maybe a trouble you're dead Bart tries to clean it up for real oh look at the glass look at the bows thank you I was that faker with ru ra the qss ball really about the GTO pick 14 that way they go at country yeah that way oh here not builder I was thinking what a fro Hana that boy Nissan GTR is that a guitar I don't know cars either what the fuck that sounded like a like a jet engine mods bump it we wash it earlier didn't I assume you had 20 miles Falls are the number one cause of injury to senior citizens falling down stairs can be disastrous acorn Stairlifts has a solution just don't fall this once once again hey yo can you rescue it see them signs on our highway billboard Z's ago I'd walk a mile for a camel or used to have cigarette commercials the guy used to say I'd walk a mile for a camel well let me tell you young people out there the big miles you can take all the funky go [Applause] next Falls are the number one cause of injury to senior citizens falling down stairs can be disastrous an acorn stairlifts has a solution just don't fall just event husband oh shoot did stop what what you think never [Applause] come with hedonistic oh come on okay yeah yeah Oh Oh sir Oh oh dear oh there's good people shouting there will be an opportunity for other points of order but the prime minister must and will be heard odor odor was this guy's there anyway you know I think the rain is actually a lot like communism when you think about it at first it sounds really nice but [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] think about it gonna fire on it again [Applause] [Applause] dumbass [Applause] that's just typical one is getting walking the don't like it's walking company included bottle if you get it bottle Campbell I should walk no absolutely illegal he's gonna be the other cat gasps bake you bolus get Kamel gnudi catalyst gets a cast bake I shall be sent a yellow card register on these buddy Riley that way I can essentially say no more basketball reality [Applause] three-pointer another buzzes hey tell him [Applause] made that kids going coast-to-coast tezcan good the green player do anything at all had always been basketball why didn't he run infront of him [Applause] what the fuck you doing here I've been verified the owner of the store yeah I've been treated by the owner of the store let me tell you what on your spoon trust me if he is to come back towards you you want to be executed yuanba hey hey ha ha he walking like an you walking maybe you obvious you my life that you'll never eat it again but the owner okay whoa yes [Applause] you're injured in there oh shit that isn't dissing aid he said oh no oh no you are 1g patron Alda [Applause] wait what is it what did he Dodge Oh so leave a fucking leaf the flag is a fucking meat there all the flags they could have put anything there and the Joseph fucking leave again pogchamp i guess and here we go ready to trench the kids look look part of the hill bus stop coming up here we go that's illegal yes Alya what I told you guys no fucking music it's fucking playtime oh my fuckin I told you three fucking times I turn that fucking light up I just want to fuckin kick the water wha holy shit it's fucking that time that was crazy oh shit wombo combo f9 fuck oh oh No Oh God she'll be all fans of jumping up and down maybe there's more news more favorable news for them I know the resident manchester United have done all Mike we're gonna go with enough to the three points master city is still alive here Balotelli [Applause] I cannot believe [Applause] thank God [Applause] Manchester for my hands collect would collect would collect would collect would click dick what is there a war was at the end he brings that pissing over and the big surprise is the fucking vs. oh so you guys have to still love trains content for couple seconds my apologies oh I was just so short I was jealous it's no more clock start nama mean if they're Tomalin I use tow truck team Dragonball okay that wasn't that that Oh guys I will close at you in an hour ever since the first ringside don't we knows what that is did it's a French minimum side in train wreck let's give them a lot of face to twitch xqc face a twitch where the fuck is our get my guys oh that's a nice looking car I like the architecture no Yoda is better oh my it's so much work we should never see hello darkness my old friend check this out [Applause] [Applause] EEE EEE one oh god oh man fuck oh goodnight girl I see you tomorrow shit grandma shit grandma the fuck what the fuck what the fuck [Applause] Gordon kicked I don't know what that is what is this film Chito do what do you do sup man yo sabe yo the kind of epifanio recently I'm gonna make the most of my circumstance aromatherapy candles them on like orange overnight s'mores I can make a lizard Alma s tier Pikachu Lucina more drape near the world save time fuckin trophies Alex Chris and Peter and I had to make three trips to the optometrist up in here in your men your mannerism waffle falling over oh that's exactly what it was save the queen god save the queen brother what mostly dangerous men is that singing is that and you like words and ours this noise no no no no no no no no no I don't know what is going on all right so let's have a serious car wash Joe Budden I like that which is why that dead hole for me that hole like ice cream and then what happens then poopoo comes out the other poo-poos out and it [Applause] snake the copy all of the ocean they ruined it trust me when you fire this game up doesn't do this times your little fucking nuts are gonna start quaking Betty you know that's gonna be quaking and that's a that's a promise that's a promise give you a nascar on foxh crank it up do not strike it off I'm Rena brilliant I love dogs lettuce lettuce which only do an Italian scooter marasmus only telomere let you check let you let use a bit of lead lettuce lettuce romaine lettuce Baga come lettuce tomato papa holy fucking shit my Jen's don't is erupting oh shit I can already feel the vibration under my feet everyone run for your life save yourself 777 oh I think I was gonna have a nut y'all niggers boy I better check on you know fuck bird I don't care that music laugh yeah I'm not me I'm not your daddy nigga turn the speakers now pussy nigga y'all stop complaining you like some holes how come you not have this is all today this is how you eat a Big Mac nigga copy the fuck D clean sound effects ain't the mover same damn same cool cars I don't finish it of them holy shit my ears we love doing my hustle it's anxiety to think I did no I can't get rid of it a lot of people ask me after a long day of voiceover or writing or doing all those creative things that I do how do I relax well like many other Americans I come home and I I pet my dog a swig o most relaxing things you can possible demon spawn [Applause] for us off [Applause] she's Sunday lad all this will be ours the curtains on the curtains like one it seems today that all you seeis violence in movies and sex on TV but where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely lucky there's a family guy and he's coming up next [Applause]


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  • TrustyDrumStar says:

    Chat is actually a bunch of hypocrites they put “Loud = funny WeirdChamp” when they literally type LULW every time xqc has max mic volume on overwatch

  • Sir Dodo III Esq. says:

    PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most, if not the most, widely used plastic piping today. It is relatively inexpensive, comes in various diameters, and can be joined together with solvent and PVC cement.

    Because of the various diameters, and the fact it is impervious to water and decay, PVC pipe is ideal for storing items, survival items, for example, in the ground. PVC pipe can be made into survival gear as well, and what it can be used for or made into is only limited by your imagination.

    PVC pipe and end caps are joined by using solvent that softens/cleans the material and then by applying PVC cement and twisting the pieces together to ensure the cement is applied evenly. This is sometimes called a solvent weld because the plastic essentially melts together creating a permanent and waterproof seal. White schedule 40 PVC pipe is one of the most

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    Quiver for Arrows or Bolts

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    You can cut a hacksaw blade in half and duct tape or use ranger bands to attach to a knife sheath or pack, so you always have a blade handy to cut the pipe. Attach cordage so the quiver can be carried across the back. Drill drain holes in the bottom to prevent water from collecting in the bottom.

    Is PVC Safe for Carrying Drinking Water

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    Water Collection

    Cut a two or three inch section from half of the pipe leaving a small trough that can be used to channel water dripping down from a corner of your shelter or to collect water from dripping vegetation and then into a collection vessel.

    You can make a water bucket from larger diameter pipe for water storage and transport around camp.

    Everyday Carry

    Take smaller diameter pipe and cut to lengths that can be carried in a pocket, around the neck on a breakaway chain, put in a briefcase or purse, and carried the glove compartment of your vehicle.

    Cap one end permanently and put a temporary cap on the other to carry matches, fishhooks, fishing line, fire tinder, magnesium shavings, and other emergency survival gear. Use dental floss or cotton twine dipped in wax to waterproof the threads. Wrap the twine or floss around the threads and screw the cap on. Dipping the end in wax could work, but if carrying close to the body the wax will soften and may work away from the threads over time.


    A section of PVC pipe can be filled with sand or concrete and capped off to create a club. Keep in mind it will be heavy, so do not make so long so it cannot be swung effectively, and do not use a large diameter pipe. The pipe must be sized so the hand can grip it well.

    You could conceivably attach a spear point to one end of the pipe to use for hunting, spear fishing or for self defense. If you want to use it as a spear you would need to add some weight to put some force behind the thrust and to balance the spear. You can do this by inserting plugs and weight. Drive a wooden plug or cork down the pipe, fill with sand or weight of some sort to give some mass to the spear end, and then drive another plug in further back and repeat with the weight to help balance the spear.

    Dart Gun

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    Boat Anchor

    Use a larger diameter piece of pipe, four inches for example, and fill with concrete. You can extend some chain into the pipe while filling with concrete so the chain is attached securely once the concrete cures or drill holes and place “U-bolts” through the pipe and then fill, so rope or chain can be attached or removed when needed to transport the anchor to other watercraft.


    Cut a small section away at one end to create a crude shovel or digging device. File to sharpen and shape the cut end to create a tool for digging up edible plants, roots, or bulbs.

    Well Casing

    Large diameter PVC pipe that has holes drilled in it can be used as a well casing. Center the pipe in the well and fill in around the sides with gravel and soil. Once the pipe is inserted and you have filled around it, you can insert an electric water pump and cap off or cap the top leaving room to add a manual pump.

    Survival Bow

    PVC is flexible to a certain point, so it can be made into a longbow. You can heat the pipe to flatten certain areas and/or to create a recurve bow or in a true survival situation you can use just a section of pipe along with some cordage. The pipe will crimp in the middle if drawn back too far however. You can use fiberglass rods to reinforce the bow by taping them together and inserting into the pipe. There are literally hundreds of videos online demonstrating how to make a bow out of PVC pipe.


    Make a fishing rod out of small diameter pipe. You can force a plug (cork or wood) seven or eight inches into the pipe at the handle end to create a storage compartment for hooks, line, lead weights and so on. Put a screw cap on to keep water out. On the other end cut holes or grooves to attach line and when not in use you can wrap the line around the pipe.

    Some of you are already thinking that PVC piping would not be available in most survival situations. This is true of course, but what gear and material is available in a survival situation, hence why it is called a survival situation. Gear and material must be on your person, or made on the spot from material found in your environment. In an urban survival situation however, PVC pipe would be available virtually anywhere.

    Create survival gear now before you need it that can be carried with you. You would always need waterproof containers to store matches, medical supplies and so on, so make some now that can be used later. You can carry small pipe cut into sections that can be used in any situation, but you need the material in your pack so it can be used.

    Think about other uses for PVC in a survival situation and start gathering up the materials that can be carried with you, because you simply do not know what it can be used for until you need it.

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