X96 Amlogic S905X Smart Android TV Box 4K KODI Media Player Review

X96 Amlogic S905X Smart Android TV Box 4K KODI Media Player Review

X96 a smart Android TV box from
Amlogic, a quad-core a 53 CPU or 2 gigahertz 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigabytes
of flash memory runs on the Android 6.0 one marshmallow with Kodi 16.1
pre-loaded, in terms of connectivity and expansion
it has 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi band, 1 HDMI 4K 4K true HD output, 2 USB ports, 1 for
hosts and the other third device, an SD card port up to 64 gigabytes of
expandable storage, 1 AV output, 1 optical digital audio and 1 Ethernet
rj45 interface, all powered with a 5 volt 2 amps adapter, and last but not least,
one infrared remote controller. For starters, we can plug a keyboard and
mouse to a better user experience for this use the USB ports like I did here
with a cordless keyboard from Logitech this one I get it from my 2001 Pentium
PC but you can get one smaller nowadays a keyboard as you know is very useful to
type in or make searches on Kodi browse the web or even to play games and of
course a mouse can be useful but you may not need because the truth is that this
remote control has dedicated app buttons making it a very user friendly
controller the AV output is a good option to
connect a pair of headphones all connect if you have a reliable or a
trust desktop computer speakers this one is from the 90s but it’s in a good
condition and serves as example as I mentioned earlier we can easily navigate
around the user interface from the remote control we can navigate directly
to the Android settings go to applications page or even launch Kodi
Media Center all of them and each one with is dedicated button from the homepage we have the most
important applications in a type of tile layout the Google Playstore aware the
browser apps and settings folder a very useful clean memory shortcut and a
minibar with more apps that we can edit as you want a TF or an SD card can be
added with a maximum of 64 gigabytes as soon you insert a card and if is in a
different file system the storage and backup settings appear go ahead and
format it to be compatible with the Android file type system this way you
can’t move apps files and photos to get more storage to download and update
Android apps create an account in Google Play Store or if you simple going to use
your Android TV box for Kodi here could need to update or install some new video
add-ons you can always watch some of my videos on how to install third-party
video add-ons and Kodi I leave a link and video description and that’s it
since one month now that I’m using this box what can I say for a quad-core
processor at 2 gigahertz and 2 gigs of RAM it has a low power consumption the
Wi-Fi offers a stable signal the 4k output with vp9 decoding can save up to
50% of bandwidth resource support severity of file formats for the price
it has it’s no doubt a good choice I hope this video was useful and if it was
give us a thumbs up subscribe a channel if you haven’t already and I see you on
the next videos Cheers


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