WWE SuperCard Season 5 News : S4 Ep109

WWE SuperCard Season 5 News : S4 Ep109

Fievel welcome to another edition laughing it's happy and frenzied that we all know I love this WWE supercard me Big Jim HQ no apologies for the rosy-cheeked the pyramids have been outside for a couple of hours in this weather nippy out there here in London the south rune sat the afternoons spit Pocky so I'm very rosy cheeks it's the fresh air does she good you don't need to know that deal what you want to know season five we've got some details it's coming no it's not just winter that's coming season five is coming and I want to discuss it and just explain a few things because I have seen some other youtubers doing their best to explain what's going on and a lot of people don't seem to be picking up on it so I'll run through some of that in a minute but firstly let's have a bit of Halloween fun I don't know how you're doing with your own Halloween grabs from the genre diffusion the old fusion game but it's have a quick look and see what I've got and how many summer slams you think I've got how many guys do you think of got and he'll rent and many WrestleMania 30 falls you think of God he says opening it at WrestleMania 30 for bit of a clue yeah three have landed so far Aska asking on questions telling our lives they're all WrestleMania 34 since gay and Samoa Joe and of course you can see I've kept Undertaker and from previous I've also as you'll notice that some of the cards that I've saved all seem to be ever themed they're all special cards and all singles that's in the rare hope that I might be able to make them a pro at some stage depending on whether they bring cards backs in ring ring random ring dumb or roasted glory mingle so that's why I keep holding things like that and that could actually turn out to be quite important with what's happening in season 5 I'll come to that I come onto that because I've got four things to collect firstly there's another fusion ready and cooking there along jongseo and a pirate's in a fusion chamber hi Jim we've been waiting this one's the special one ready for camera reads a release tell them I'll be page it's not page he's first my 34 again okay that's for us and when you're 34 a bit of a theme here I mean I I don't think I've got any green bars left now okay well there's that um I do have the King of the Ring win to collect but also there's very nice people at 2k games UK have given me a couple of QR codes which I believe will have some of these Halloween infusions in or it could be something completely different and they sent me the wrong thing I don't know but we shall find out let's go and find out a QR scanner yes I do yes oh do do do well I put on a bit of paper here it's the first one and we've got QR codes that's a load of boss okay it's small bars that's too black it's look at that it's summerslam 18 that is pretty nice that is pretty nice I have to say and more of a sorting get another fusion going that's brilliant okay well I'm happy with that I'm very happy with that I mean I'm ecstatic with that thank you ever so much I don't normally get um free things it's nice to get a free thing down again well the second one is I'm not sure what's gonna be in here this is just gonna be some more bars oh no there's another one in there and it is Oh dog physique now look at they have not been lucky haven't I've been lucky there I can't complain about the ones that have come out the fusion chamber but what I've been given I've been given to SummerSlam a teams right I've got Pro to hopeful there haven't I better get that genre diffusion and under underway again Leicester one Jim come on sort your parts out Oh overexcited there wow that's Tucson Slam singles now of course in the grand scheme of things when we move into season 5 which is going to happen real soon they're not gonna be that effective but for now it's a bit of fun it's a bit of fun and as I've said these cards are actually very good for people in lower tiers were looking at boost themselves up case in point is the other account of God and KOCO which is just dip into now and again just for a bit of fun just to play at a lower level really just to see what's going on these things come out it's nice to actually see what's going on at all levels not just like the top level I like to see what you know some of your other guys are up to when you're moaning that you're in lower levels and you can't do things like to go down there and join in the moaning and be with you and that made a big difference you've had one we gonna have a look I don't often do this let's go have a look at and KOCO wants to come on I am tapping and tell me to tap when I'm tapping and I'm tapping you're the one who's taps not me right here we go I think this is just yes one of these well the thing to do I guess is look at the deck cards yes we know what that is called kill him with it yes a deck editor as you can see that was from one of the freebie packs it just shows the importance of your daily login bonus so that came from a daily login bonus and from the shaumbra diffusion now the WrestleMania 34 which obviously for me on my main account doesn't really mean anything at all other than it's a collar for the catalog but here it's become the second best card in fact if you look there's a bit of a theme here as well these are all different cards from different events have gone on that was that was a login freebie as well so that's a fusion as you can see and that was from one of those 200 credit packs and those 200 credits came just from collecting all the different bonuses that you get from login and from your two gold coins a day so you can see that I mean I really don't play this much at all the only real plane that goes on with this game is I just keep spamming and King the ring because it cause pounds the cards up so as you can see it's in Titan plus without doing an awful lot it has to be st. and if if you're playing sort of regularly and you're not higher than Titan plus then you're doing something wrong because I'm not as I so look into this not that frequently but I do try and get some of the the login bonuses but obviously don't it's like you'll probably miss a few days then think well I'm not gonna get the 28 day bonus I'm not gonna bother I was just collecting these or probably got about 300 pixel should imagine saved up most of you mind that there's a 50 pic limit there's not if you just do about 50 king of the Rings yeah you'll be quite busy collecting colors in the course deal afternoon anyway look you don't want to see that you don't hear any of this really do you oh there is one other thing to collect I'm finished yet still tapping it's the thing it's happening frenzy that we all know and love after all I entered I don't know why I entered a King of the Ring Oh what the hey this to see if anyone's bothering and they're not bothering because of one it's been a while since one a King rings at the start of SummerSlam 18 tear I won two or three which there's videos out there in the ether somewhere look saying the Uther there on the YouTube channel somewhere but as the tier went on I just kept getting single after singing off the seal off to see lots of single I just was not competitive but now obviously I am because people are bothering cuz I think I'll come to the end of season 4 gym when I get so let's see what I've got now a single female smoker prime would be good but let's see what you believe it is another single I just I must have about just about every single going in this game seriously it's just it's unreal it's just it's unreal man I just just know I feel like I will not be unhappy to see the back at SummerSlam 18 tier I have to say I have to say without any compunction or hesitation or fear it's not been good to me it's not been good to me it's really not been good to me it's so not been good to me mind you can't daddy I've been kind to me there I'm like I can't complain Terrell out right now then forgetting all of this and looking ahead to season five now if you saw my last Super God V I was talking about possible dates are still feel that November the 7th the end of this Halloween event Wednesday could be well that's pretty this way that will be the first possible date I should imagine that it could happen and that's if they do a flash event to finish off whatever the next event card is after rey mysterio all probably the stronger of the two options the following week the Tuesday or Wednesday the 13th or 14th that'll be the dates either way it's going to be one of those two weeks probably the second week logically if you think about all the things they need to do but what is going to happen well one of the main things that's going to happen he says going to complete the wrong place I'm going to go to the catalog all those videos where i spoke about trying to fill out the catalog and get as many of these stars filled as possible as you can see uncommon 112 out of 112 I'm coming 118 out 118 all of these cards are disappearing they're all going everything all the way down to hardened so anything below hardened your soul Slammys your WrestleMania survivors they're all not going to be effective in season 5 what will probably happen is they will just go on to the legacy side of the game which is some of those cards that you got from season 1 and tucked away in on the legacy side as you can see there's active there's legacy so I've still got I've still got some of our legacy cards hidden away in the live section to be honest with you but of course you'll remember some of these count of old some of your older players which of course you can't get in the game anymore it's going to be the same now for common uncommon rare super ultra rare epic legendary survivor WrestleMania and SummerSlam so if you need to get some pros doing might just be worth if you really fast about your catalog might just be worth saving anything you get no catalog sort of the card let me it's pretty low as it is and we've all got stuff stashed away but you know it's the last chance for those of you our interest in the catalog for those who you want well fair enough bringing to bother about it dear apart from the fact it has been stated that will there will be some kind of reward gift opening gift for people who've been long-term players of the game now I assume that the how many cards you got saved in your catalog there I've got three nine thousand one three five nine five it's gonna have some bearing on what that reward will be my turned out to be meaningless because it could be a card back or something who knows but that's just something to bear in mind I wouldn't have thought between now and a couple of weeks time anything that you try and save now on make into a pro well you know I had ten or fifteen cards to cattle-auction think is going to make a great deal of difference but now is your last chance to do that so bear that in mind I must admit when people have been in the fusion chamber I'll just use this an example when people have been to the fusion chamber and then they've suddenly left WWE I've quickly done those fusions again to see if I can get them so I've probably one bill to find these now I shall might still happen no haven't like there was people like Cody Rhodes had a pretty sure had a you know maybe didn't know what he was known as Stardust then wasn't he I remember what they were wrestling under at the time come on don't let me down there he is oh yeah pig go back to the previous page there is Stardust so people like that I would quickly do the fusions before that got taken out the game and I've got a but the data here I think he was an epic card and also there was the man that gravity forgot thinking of this about le er I managed to get him done on a pride a melt and there was Neville as well whether it was known as nil what you just known as Neverland he was just known as Neville there you go see there's all these things tucked away in my catalog which I suppose you could call me a better note for doing that at the time but I just like to fill out catalog well I could that may come and took us some good stead who knows anyway season five that's what's happening we're starting at hardened so this is going to be your base point these get effectively going to be common cards so you're going to be seeing a lot of these which means elite will be like your heirs then ultimate will be like your super is when the game first started excuse me and super is what used to its what basically the ultimate cars are what's gonna count as a reset for the board when you're collecting your cards so that is when you see one of those at above people max you've got a few gaps here I might be able to fill thinking about it yeah katal crazy again so there's that to look forward to and there's also promise promise of a fusion chamber that will be multitasking not just doing the main fusions but partly proud yeah I felt apparently get to be able to do events at the same time so I mean that would make such a huge difference because I've stopped doing the SummerSlam fusions so I could be doing these Halloween fusions and we know how frustrating it's being then I've every time they've tweeted something where I'll go to the fusion chamber which when they've done these 24 hour flash fusions everyone well I've got five days SummerSlam things still going and so that should appease a lot of anger and make a lot of people a bit happier so that's the sort of highlights there's some main things I'm looking forward to in terms of this current Rindell I'm basically not playing because as you're probably aware or those of you've watched just regularly acting this out last weekend I don't see the point in bus and the gut to go for this one are the gold dust Cardinals quite nice the SummerSlam 18 on the first run-through and which would be a new card for the catalog but there's only so much you can do I'm thinking ahead now I'm thinking season four names can't wait for season five already once find I don't want you to be there as well and how are you going to do that you know what to do give me some weights down below subscribe if you haven't subscribed before why don't you subscribe come on come on for the journey and of course all the social media there's Instagram there's Facebook there's Twitter till I see you next time you stay cool


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