WWE NEWS -CM Punk Returns To The Ring Ahead Of Starrcast Panel,Takes ‘$20,000 Bump’ (CM Punk Latest)

WWE NEWS -CM Punk Returns To The Ring Ahead Of Starrcast Panel,Takes ‘$20,000 Bump’ (CM Punk Latest)

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August 29 2019
WWE NEWS – CM Punk Returns To The Ring Ahead Of Starrcast Panel, Takes ‘$20,000 Bump’
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We’re starting off with some huge
news from CM Punk, as the former
WWE Champion has given his first pipe bomb inside a
wrestling ring in years. Punk, who left WWE in 2014, has
certainly kept himself busy over
the past 5 years, having a couple of matches in UFC, and leading
in the new horror film ‘Girl on
the Third Floor’, which has received rave reviews. This week, Punk cut a promo
inside the Pro Wrestling Tees
ring to promote his appearance at Starrcast 3 this weekend in
his home town of Chicago. Sitting in the corner of the ring,
Punk says that he’s not following
a script this time, and teased the possibility of causing some
trouble, but said he hoped
he didn’t. The Straight Edge Superstar even
took a bump in the ring, the first
confirmed bump he’s taken in over five years, and jokingly
mentioned getting paid to do
so in the promo. For just one bump, Punk said that
Starrcast promoter Conrad
Thompson should pay him an extra 20 grand, before turning
his attention to some members
of WWE. Referencing Kurt Angle and The
Undertaker, two Superstars who
both had to cancel their appearances at Starrcast, Punk
joked that he too was cancelling,
but said he won’t be because nobody tells him what to do, a
seemingly not so subtle dig at
the higher ups at WWE. As you can imagine, this has a lot
of people speculating once again
that Punk will join AEW, as the new promotion is set to have their
show All Out that same weekend,
also in Chicag, but fans will have to wait until this weekend to
see whether he debuts with the
promotion. Though CM Punk may see himself
as the anti-authority figure, he isn’t
the only man to do so, as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin gathered
a legion of fans standing up to the
man in the Attitude Era. This week, WWE confirmed that
the Rattlesnake will be part of the
September 9th edition of RAW in Madison Square Garden, just a
handful of weeks after appearing
at RAW Reunion. When asked about Austin’s
appearance, Mike Johnson of PW
Insider Elite Audio said it could be because of the show’s low ticket
sales, saying: “It’s quite simple. They’re half sold
out for RAW and a little bit less
than half sold out for Smackdown based on the seating maps I’ve
seen, so they’re gonna add
some additional attractions to try and bring people in.” Having the Rattlesnake appear
certainly will help bring fans in,
though the WWE Universe shouldn’t expect the 54 year old
legend to do too much whilst on
the show. Johnson said that Austin won’t be
taking any bumps during the show
and probably won’t be getting involved in any stories, as this
RAW will also be the go-home
show for Clash of Champions. Regardless, it’s always great to see
the former World Champion appear
and fans can look forward to seeing Austin on September 9th,
as well as seeing The Undertaker
the next night on SmackDown. Though Austin isn’t returning to the
ring anytime soon, one Superstar
who is is Bray Wyatt, who looks to have a huge match
ahead of him on October 6th
in Hell in a Cell. Currently, Wyatt is being advertised
to face either Seth Rollins or Braun
Strowman inside the Barbaric structure, depending on
which Superstar leaves Clash of
Champions as Universal Champion. Though Wyatt is no stranger to
gold, being both a former Smack
Down Tag Team Champion and WWE Champion, these reigns
were incredibly short, and there
have been reports of a custom title being designed for the Eater of
Worlds, if he was to add the
Universal title to his collection. The Monster Among Men was
quick to comment about the
possible title match, and referred to their past
together, saying it’s the student’s
time to teach the teacher. In response, Wyatt told Strowman
that he still loves him, and that
he’s never lot to Rollins. In a bizarre twist, the Fiend also
said he doesn’t care if he dies, so
either Strowman or Rollins should prepare for the fight of their life
inside Hell in a Cell for the
Universal Championship. Whilst it may be just a matter of
time before Wyatt claims the
Universal Championship, one Superstar who could have become
a champion this week but didn’t
was Kevin Owens. After losing his King of the Ring
first round match to Elias, thanks
to some dodgy officiating from Shane McMahon, the Canadian
was clearly in a bad mood on this
week’s SmackDown Live and took his frustrations on the
man who beat him. Levelling Elias with a stunner in
the ring, the musician’s 24/7
Championship was easy pickings for Owens, but he chose not
to cover him. When asked by a fan on Twitter
about choosing not to win the title,
Owens referenced his family and responsibilities at home, saying
he couldn’t worry about defending
the title at all times when dropping his kids off at school
or going out for dinner with his wife. Though Owens did not pin Elias to
win the title, the singer-songwriter
did not leave with the title, as Drake Maverick was able to
capitalise and get the pin, starting
his fifth reign as 24/7 Champion. Replying to Owens, Maverick told
him “you don’t know what you’re
missing”, though if history is correct, the British Superstar may
find himself without the gold once
again in the very near future. Over to some news from Cain
Velasquez now, as the former MMA
star continues to impress people since his performance at
TripleMania. On this week’s ‘Oh You Didn’t Know’
podcast, Brad Shephard said that
Velasquez’s actions has got the attention of WWE, though
whilst the company are
interested in him they’re not actively trying
to sign him. After a massively successful
career in the Octagon, Cain can
do whatever he wants at this career, and for now, that
seems to be wrestling. There has also been a report
that Velasquez took an informal
meeting with New Japan Pro Wrestling, though it’s ultimately up
to the man himself where he goes
next in this new venture. With New Japan, Triple A, and may
be even AEW seeking out Velasquez,
there is always the chance that WWE will snatch him up just
to avoid him going elsewhere but for now, it’s Velasquez who
holds all the cards.

One Superstar who is WWE through
and through is Rey Mysterio, who
this week got some brand new ink to celebrate his late
friend Eddie Guerrero,. In a YouTube video on WWE’s
official page, Mysterio showed
fans the new tattoo,a tombstone inside of a cross with the initials
EG inside, and told Corey Graves just how much the former WWE
Champion meant to him. Older fans will remember the epic
matches Mysterio and Guerrero
had, both teaming together and against each other, as Latino
Heat is still remembered as
one of the greatest Superstars of the
21st Century. Some new ink isn’t the only major
change the WWE’s Ultimate
Underdog has had recently though, as Mysterio recently underwent
some popular but controversial
Stem Cell Therapy to deal with some nagging injuries. During the company’s South
American Tour, Mysterio got some
treatment at BioXCellarator, and has had a glowing review
for the use of Stem Cells since. In a post on social media, the
master of the 619 described how
Stem Cell Therapy could be used all sorts of ailments, including
orthopaedic injuries, brain injury,
as well as immune diseases such as ALS, Alzeheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Mysterio isn’t the only wrestler to
praise Stem Cell therapy, as former
WWE Star Ryback has said he is doing world’s better after the
treatment, whilst former ECW and
Impact World Champion John Morrison has said the treatment is
something a lot of wrestlers has
gotten used to. Not only did Mysterio get the treatment,
but he also wore his mask the
entire time, which must have earned him some major props
backstage. We’re carrying on with our medical
theme now, as after two years
dealing with an injury, Monday Night RAW Superstar Cesaro is
finally back to feeling like himself. In case you’ve forgotten, the Swiss
Superman suffered a nasty injury
at the 2017 No Mercy event, where his teeth were shoved up
inside his head thanks to a post
to the face. As if getting horrifically injured
wasn’t bad enough for Cesaro,
he and his tag team partner Sheamus would go on to lose that
night’s match to the then-RAW
Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Following the match, Cesaro got
emergency oral surgery which
meant that he had to wear braces for a very long time, which is
why he wears his mouth guard. This week though, Cesaro revealed
the braces were gone in a very
unique way online, saying that for the first time in almost two years,
he can enjoy fruit again. Anyone who’s had braces will
know just how painful they can be,
so Cesaro must be feeling pretty liberated now that they’re
off his face. It’s unclear whether the mouth
guard will stay or not, as it does
add to the Swiss Superman’s cool mystique, though hopefully he’ll be
able to avoid a similar injury ever
happening to him again. And finally today we’re looking
at the SmackDown Live, as this week’s figures saw a
slight drop from last week. Though fans have praised the
most recent show which saw plenty
of progress for both Clash of Champions and the King of the
Ring tournament, the show had
an average 2.08 million homes tuning in for the two hours, down
slightly from the 2.14 million of
last week’s show. Though a decline in viewers is
never good, the Blue brand was
at least able to keep itself above 2 million, something that hasn’t
always been the case in 2019. With Clash of Champions drawing
near, the Madison Square Garden
show on September 10th, as well as the Blue Brand’s huge
launch on FS1 this October expect this number to rise
sooner rather than later. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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