52 thoughts on “Write Tags with Google’s New Keyword Research Tool [Video News]”

  • Gaming with Mikey! says:

    I took the leap and changed my branding to something I feel is a bit better. I've given Google plus a chance too, so I wanted to just quickly say thank you for the detailed videos they helped me a lot! πŸ™‚

  • Yeah, that hat is about 5 years old. It's been through a lot with me. Unfortunately, washing it doesn't help much anymore. Sad day.

  • Last week Google retired the #adwords Β Keyword Suggestion Tool and replaced it with the Keyword Planner Tool. Here's a bit on how to use this new tool to research tags and keywords for your #videoseo .

  • The Sir Jaxxy & ShyBlue Show says:

    OK I just have 1 question. How the heck do we have annotations ON by default. Ever since they changed the settings/gear to include annotations all mine are off by default and it is very annoying as I love using the annotations in most videos.

    Love your videos here and on ReelSEO and have learned a ton from them. This is a great resource for the new content producer like me.

  • heyy nice i need a little help im thinking of making a youtube gaming channel and if i get a partnership with machinima is there anyway i can control what ads go on my video ?? thankss

  • I am having trouble finding the add a section to ad a playlist, I have done it before and watched you do it in this video, but it is gone from my channel, I I do have it enabled.

  • They're not actually forcing you to change. It's just that they're not making it clear that you can simply click outside the box to make it go away. That's what I do when it shows up for me. They really want you to connect your YouTube channel to G+.

  • Make sure you're logged in to your channel when you're looking at it. If you're using a different account when looking at your channel, it won't show up.

  • Thanks for the help, I agree G+ is useful, but when they turn off my cool logo to the left and made it a blue star in a box, I said no thank-you. When the smoke clears – I will try to sign up for G+, hopefully less then two weeks You can turn off, G+ to You Tube, to stop the messages. In You Tube settings, under Acct. infor. you can turn off the link to G+ and still keep G+.This is to the right of your logo on this information page.
    As always – Thanks for the help.

  • I think there must be a limit to how many you can have, I could do it on my other channel after I switched to that account from this one. Thanks for all your videos, they are very helpful and look forward to them.

  • Can you do an in depth look at the new Google Hangouts Q&A feature? I haven't found any great videos that go into detail about it. We tried it out last week but apparently our fans couldn't post questions for some reason.

  • Wow. Didn't know that they added that new playlist feature. This could be a nice way to feature other people on your channel every now and then. Now we just need to see if a decent amount of people actually visit channel pages. haha

  • Good question. I tried to explain that in the campaign video and on the campaign page itself, but it basically comes down to needing a month or two to create this ebook. However, I can't devote my time to it and go without an income for my family during that time. Since I work for myself, I have to invest into projects that support my family. If this isn't one of them, then I'll have to continue to do client work for others instead of writing this. So I need support to make it happen.

  • Oh, and I'm asking for $5,000 because that's approximately what my family needs to live on for a month. However, even $5,000 doesn't cover our expenses when you consider taxes, PayPal fees, and reward fulfillment, but it was a good even number, so I just went with it instead of asking for what we really need for me to devote the time necessary to make this ebook a reality, which is closer to $6,500.

  • Debt Free Dana ツ says:

    Like the shirt! πŸ™‚ Channel Pages = Dating Service. Thanks, Tim. You always read my mind and answer my questions the day after I have them. Love it! Keep up the great work.

  • Yeah! You can track your channel stats by connecting it with Google Analytics. I did that video a few weeks ago here, actually. Maybe that'll help ya.

  • Well, from what I can tell, it's a dating service that doesn't let you browse other people who might be a good fit for you. Weird.

  • I'm pretty sure it's a bug. Just another reason why it's important to have a connection with your audience outside of YouTube, too. That's why I have the free ebook highlighted at the end of every video. Viewers join my email list to get access to it and now I have another connection point with them, especially since not all my subscribers even check their subscriptions every week on YouTube, ya know? Now I have another chance to get my videos in front of them.

  • Debt Free Dana ツ says:

    Tim, How does CinemaSins and RayWilliamJohnson use video clips in their vids? I can't imagine they get permission each time. Their videos are monetized… how does that work?

  • For my tags, I type in a keyword on YouTube and Google, and whatever the top searches show up in the search bar are the tags I use, as long as they're relevant to my video.

  • They're partnered with YouTube networks that have those licensing deals worked out. A portion of their Adsense revenue often goes to the rights holders of those clips.

  • That's a great idea! A good tactic everyone should use before publishing their videos, or even before creating them, for that matter.

  • The Sir Jaxxy & ShyBlue Show says:

    Thanks. It seems to be working now. I have always had "Show annotations on videos" checked off. But for the first few days of the new setup every video I opened had annotations off. Glad to see YouTube fixed it.

  • I am somewhat confused about keywords with regard to my content. When I speak about political advocacy for medical cannabis policies, YouTube disables my monetization option for keywords or titles related to medical cannabis or medical marijuana. Although, my presentations are mature, respectful and without cannabis in view.

  • Ahh, that's interesting. I don't have an answer for you on that one. Maybe search YouTube to see what other videos are doing that are similar in topic.

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