Would LGBTQ Voters Elect Mayor Pete? | The Daily Show

Would LGBTQ Voters Elect Mayor Pete? | The Daily Show

I’m here in New York City,
gay capital of the world– except for Berlin,
San Francisco or Congress– here to talk
to some LGBTQ voters. Anyway, I’ve come
to the Leslie Lohman to talk with LGBTQ voters about finally getting
the gay presidential candidate we’ve all dreamed of. So if someone told you
ten years ago that there was going to be
a gay presidential candidate, how do you feel like
you would have reacted? Because I know, for me,
I would have been like, “Who told you I’m gay? Was it Kevin?” Oh, I would…
I would have believed it, but I would think
it would be a woman, though. Ten years ago, Barack Obama was
still evolving about marriage. It’s a real leap
to think that ten years later, we would have
a viable queer candidate for president
of the United States. YOUNG-WHITE:
But being proud of Pete doesn’t mean
that we’re voting for him. Raise your hand
if you plan on voting for Mayor Pete in the primary. -(laughter) -I don’t think
it’s possible for me. There’s nothing that he could do
to make you vote for him? No. Our community actually has a bit
of a shameful history in the sense that gay white men have historically marginalized
the contributions of trans women and trans men
and people of color. I am trans,
and, you know, knowing that there is gonna be a…
you know, a cis, gay presidential
candidate doesn’t do anything to make my life any safer
as a trans woman. YOUNG-WHITE:
And that’s the divide. According
to my unofficial poll, the type of gay you are
determines whether you trust Pete
to represent you. A lot of people will say that he’s not queer enough, -or he’s not gay enough.
-What does that even mean? He’s gay enough if we can
hold his feet to the fire to make sure
that our voices are heard. I live in South Bend, and I work with Black Lives Matter
South Bend, and those are… They don’t have trust for Pete. So you want him
to wear a leather harness, and you want him and Chasten
to open their relationship, and you want them to be poly? We just want him
to actually pay attention to the policing problem. I had a face-to-face with him,
and I asked him, “What are you doing about the
police brutality in Indiana?” And he kept saying, “Well,
this is what I want you to do. I want you to push me,
I want…” I don’t need to push you. You know what needs to be done. Okay, so you’re not asking him
to be more gay. -You just want him to care
about the margins. -Correct. I want him
to care about the margins, and leave the Dockers at home. YOUNG-WHITE: Pete’s rainbow
booty shorts are actually just a pair
of relaxed fit Dockers, which is why I wonder
if his mainstream appeal is that you can kind of forget
he’s gay. As much as we can say
that Pete’s brand of queerness
has problematic aspects, don’t you think that that
actually makes him electable? For example, look at this. MAN:
That is my brand of queerness. We don’t have a picket fence,
but that looks like a picture
of my husband and me. The word that’s not there is
“first gay family.” You know, the word that’s
there is, “first family.” That is something America
can-can get behind, I think. I see it as a disappointingly
sanitized version of what it means to be gay. To a lot of critics,
this looks like this. Oh… They’re less a gay couple and more so just, like,
uh, two guys who decided to make granola
in their kitchen. They’re clearly gay, and if that’s not gay enough for the people in this country,
I don’t know what would be. So it sounds like the takeaway of
this conversation should be, if Buttigieg does not
eat his husband’s (bleep) on live TV,
he is not gay enough for me. I’m out. (laughter) How about this? Gay people–
we’re basically straight. N-no. I mean, the takeaway is, also,
that for a lot of voters, you can’t just choose gay. -You also have
to think about your race. -Okay. Pete Buttigieg–
black people don’t like him because of the police stuff
and homophobia or something? No, black people like him. And a lot of black people don’t. Pete Buttigieg– a lot of black people
don’t like him, but some do. Can you imagine
how fun it will be to watch a gay,
married, midwestern mayor destroy Donald Trump? Okay, I hear you. Pete Buttigieg–
I’m taking Trump to pound town. -No one wants to see that.
-No. So then, what is is it? I think the takeaway should be
that, um, the LGBTQ community
is not a monolith, and, uh, you know, the first gay
presidential candidate means very different things to very different people
in our community. YOUNG-WHITE:
Whether you believe Pete is the visibility we spent decades
fighting for, or just another
centrist white guy who’s easy on the eyes
and the police, the gay community is
making it clear. If you want our vote, you better work… (sighs) I can’t…
I’m not (bleep) saying that. I can’t (bleep) that. What the
(bleep) does that even mean? (cheering)


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  • // journey carter says:

    So yea let’s expose
    Our kids to sexuality at young ages by having to tell them the president is gay and sodomizes his “husband “ yea let’s just do that gtfoh

  • While sexual orientation is his personal business; we must consider the interaction on a global scale. President Obama, the first black President was openly a President of ALL the people; Traveling the globe, taking with him no offence to no nation's religion values. America is the melting pot; there is none like her.

  • Pseudo-pro Air-cowbeller says:

    How about that fact that he's slimey? His flowery rhetoric is a waste of time, he sees black support as a commodity, he has dishonestly attacked good policies that would actually benefit people, he tries to flip morality with mental gymnastics and most of his promises have gone unfulfilled. This is the same centrist democrat from the last 30 years.

  • Even as a Pete supporter myself, I implore you to NOT just vote for him because he's gay. Of course, his presidency would be a huge step for the LGBTQ community, but you should vote for a candidate based on their policies and if you think they would make a good moral leader/are just a good person in general.

  • I’m straight and would vote for him if he wasn’t another centrist politician. I don’t care that’s he’s gay, Bernie 2020.

  • The problem with Buttigieg is it doesn't matter his orientation (which I'm sure is great for some older gays, just on the "identity politics" front), it's the fact that he's a political hack whose ambition far outreaches his resume. South Bend is a very average, smallish city, and not a place you can make the claim you have any ability to lead nationally…it's a well-off college town, effectively, not a major metro area.

  • Besides his platform, what really struck me about Buttigieg, is his attempt to appeal to the Right. Like the very recent interview where he said that if he could've he would've taken a pill to not be gay. I get the context, he meant that he was ashamed in the past. But as a supposed leader, those were words that should never had been spoken. There were other ways to have said what he meant to say, but he chose not to. Everything he says it's from a script, meaning he knew what he was saying. And what he said was just an attempt to appeal to homophobia. That's not right.

  • Aww, too gay for some, not gay enough for others. But hey, he's openly gay!!! Couldn't have imagined this twenty or even ten years ago, right? Great for all of us to have an openly gay person running for Pres. Me I'm still voting for E. Warren–she's so butch!!!!

  • Mayor of Toronto would do coke and still handled his City. He had amazing numbers and cared for his community. Who cares about gay or white or a cup of tea as long as they give af about the problems and the people. A king is nothing without his people.

  • Gay people need a better quality of life, i.e. decent salaries, free education, health care and need to feel that everybody pays fair taxes in a country deemed as one of the richest. Pete is not offering that .

  • Hahaha, this was pretty funny but in all seriousness…we're fucked. All I see are voters caring about selfish ideas, what can benefit them personally and not looking at the whole picture. Don't forget, America is more than just one idea or your idea personally…so divided we are…

  • The takeaway message should be: it don't fucking matter who or what you like to fuck as long as both are ok with it. I don't know why it makes someone a better or worse human being depending it's sexual orientation…..same with colour, race, ethnicity, money and so on.

  • Nope, I wouldn’t. He doesn’t have the same values as me and I don’t like that he’s taking money from big corporations. I think he’d turn his back on us for money. Bernie has fought more for ?️‍? equality than any other current Presidential candidate IMO…he’s been preaching ?️‍? equality since the first time I heard him speak in 1992, my first year at University.

  • Elisa From Wii Sports says:

    When he said you better work bit*h I legit thought that RuPaul was gonna show up and have supermodel play in the background

  • I dont think Pete would have the ability to take trump to pound town. He tries to be civil and level which ie nice but he would get steamrolled for sure. And based off of the South Carolina debate, he tried being less civil and more aggressive towards bernie and just made himself look foolish. Ignoring the fact that I dont like his policies and feel like he has been bought out with how hes changed positions on important things, i dont feel as though his debate style would be at all effective.

    Also, it's always been my assumption that the lgbtq+ community is slow to accept him because of his performance previously as mayor and because people in that community aregemerwlly farther left than him. But in could he totally wrong on that

  • Brandon Davidson says:

    Jaboukie makes a good point. "So it seems like the takeaway of this conversation should be: 'If Buttigieg does not eat his husbands ass** on live TV, he is not gay enough for me'."
    Yeah, because the gay community is a fractured union of toxic people who can't agree on what "being gay" should mean.

  • Our gay community has some of the worst age, gender and racism of all groups. Pete's no different. I vote for a presidential candidate based upon his/her policies for EVERYONE. Pete didn't come out until recently.. What does that say about him truly protecting the rest of LGBTQI rights?

  • As someone who has been called gay( to say the least) many times on PlaySation Network, i'm also not voting for Pete.
    Just because i suck dick, doesn't mean i'ma vote Pete.

  • I’m a lesbian but I am not going to vote for a gay candidate or a woman candidate or any kind of candidate who I disagree with on fundamental issues.
    I support a progressive policy platform so I am voting for Bernie Sanders as he is the only person I really think means what he says and will in act policies that benefit me and others like me.
    This sexual orientation or gender of a person should not matter in deciding whether to vote for that person or not. It should be about the record, their positions, and their ideas. Making it about sexual orientation or gender is actually kind of disrespectful to those people and their intelligence.
    Then again, what do I know? LOL

  • Come on people. You're sad that he's not showing he's gay enough? He's not hiding it, Americans just don't care. And isn't that what you want? To have Americans accept all people and just have it be normal? Because you know if everyone kept bringing up his sexual orientation these same people would complain that they just can't accept him as a normal regular candidate. You can't win.

  • Identity politics are a cancer and unfortunately a lot of my gay friends are pro-pete yet cant answer what policies of his they like or why they support him.

  • Levan Berianidze says:

    Mayor Pete opposes free universal free public college and does not support cancelling student loan debt;
    Mayor Pete has no plan to restore the right to vote for all formerly and currently incarcerated people, create an alternative to police, or end cash bail;
    Mayor Pete has not addressed the concerns related to Eric Logan, a Black South Bend resident who was shot and killed by a white police officer. Furthermore, while in office, Mayor Pete refused to release the police tapes relating to the demotion of Darryl Boykins, the first Black person to serve as police chief. We echo the demands of Black Lives Matter – South Bend to create a Citizens Review Board and for the release of the tapes;
    Mayor Pete has not said if he would support a moratorium to end deportations or that he would decriminalize border crossing;
    Mayor Pete opposes complete Medicare for All and universal childcare;
    During his tenure, Mayor Pete demolished homes of many South Bend residents who were unable to afford repairs and drastically ramped up unfair fines;
    Mayor Pete does not support boycotting for political reasons;
    Mayor Pete has no plan to cap credit card interest rates or guarantee a job to everyone who needs one; and
    Mayor Pete supports the increase of defense spending which is already 50% of the federal budget.

  • Sexual orientation does not qualify Pete for anything other than equal rights. I trust Bernie, I just don't trust Pete. You can not have "medicare if you want it" without removing the waste and excess profits built into our medical system. Its a load of horse poky of a centralist who will not change anything.

  • NO ONE should ever vote for or hire or select an applicant based on who they are sexually into or their sex. race. ethnicity, etc. The diversity movement can bite YOUR ass the way it has bitten other asses. ALL of us (regardless of which group we fall into) need to be objective – especially regarding a president who represents and affects ALL of us (all groups). Your choices in S.O. is off-limits, of course (no body's damned business).

  • alim khojiakbarov says:

    He might be gay but hes racist! Check his background on policies for policing black neighborhoods! Disgusting, if he wins, 1 step forward 2 steps back

  • A lot of people are forgetting that gays who look and act like Pete are also persecuted and discriminated against for decades. Just because he “looks” like he’s got his shit together doesn’t mean he don’t face problems or understand people who do. Same with women. Sure, there’s a hierarchy of “friction” someone faces coming up eg. White women have it easier than black women who have it easier than trans women. But, I guess a gay white man still has it better than a white woman if this election is any indication. This has been interesting to watch.

  • I would hope that the contents of a candidates politics should matter more than their skin color, sexual orientation or anything else. Bernie Sanders is very popular among young people, not because he's young, but because they agree with what he says. Identity politics is weakening the minority groups rather than empowering them.

    If everyone was to vote for only candidates that look like them, act like them and belong to their particular minority, then there would NEVER be a president from a minority. Buttigieg's problem isn't his sexual preference, but his lack of politics.

    And after all, a president's politics is what decides the future of the country, not what they do with their sexual organs (unless they are Bill Clinton).

  • Not a Pete supporter but what do they expect him to do? I think he's doing a good thing by breaking gay stereotypes that just assume all gay men are just overly feminine and sensitive

  • Bernie Sanders has been an ally of the LGBTQ community for more that 30 years. Vote for Bernie.
    South Carolina. INFO: https://berniesanders.com/south-carolina/
    Texas. INFO: https://berniesanders.com/texas/
    California. INFO: https://berniesanders.com/california/

  • If you’re voting for someone due to their sexual orientation even if it’s same as yours you are by definition sexist because you didn’t choose the other one for that reason just like if I strictly didn’t want Pete because he was gay

  • Ok but here’s the thing: sad but true, Pete is the “kind of gay” that needs to reach success so that the “less mainstream” lgbt folks can then step in. It’s about pealing back the onion one layer at a time and so we shouldn’t just write it off. However, I’m still not voting for him lol

  • Perhaps not? Pete is the best candidate to beat Trump, but they'll come up with some nonsense, and vote for one of the 80 year old career politicians.
    20 PETE 20

  • Pete, you seem to do a lot of talking around tough questions. I have a few for you. You're gay, but the LGBTQ community, black voters & Latinos do not support you, why is that? You have accepted campaign donations from 40 PLUS billionaires, what did you have to promise in return? You did a less than stellar job of being mayor of a city of just 103,000, how does that qualify you to run the USA?

  • Nicholas Padilla says:

    So all these people are voting in is sexual orientation and race?? Not one mention of an actual policy position, this is why I’m scared for us in 2020

  • Hes gay (Pete) so what? But hes trying to use that as a tool for Presidential election, Like every other rigged things…. Bernie is nr1 and he cares everyone the same!

  • Point is voting for someone simply because the share part of your identity does not mean you’re voting for your best interests. I’m a gay woman voting for a straight man because he has policies that will benefit me and my loved ones (and everyone)

    Bernie 2020!

  • I'm gay and I will not vote for Pete. Being gay isn't a qualification for presidency. We care about policies and actions not identity politics

  • I'm proud that he's the first openly gay presidential candidate, but his gayness is not the issue. He's a flip flopper…he will show his allegiance to money => he was for medicare for all until he got big rich donors in private and undisclosed locations (wine caves). The takeaway is trust. I just don't trust Pete.

  • That one guy was stupid IMO. Just because he looks like you & your husband, that's the reason you're going to vote for him. That's fuckin retarded. You vote for a candidate because of his policies. And just because you wanna see a guy candidate defeat Trump, doesn't mean that's what's going to happen.

    I honestly think any Dem candidate can beat Trump except Buttigieg. I think way too many centrist would not vote for him because he's gay. We need the only guy up there who could actually destroy Trump. And that's Bernie. Also, I'm tired of the MSM acting like Trump is the reason our unemployment rate is so low.

    Excuse me, this was the trajectory the economy was projected to go when Obama left office. In 3½ years it's dropped from 4.7% to 3.6%, that's a measly 1.1% difference. Check out how many percentage points the unemployment rate dropped over Obama's presidency.

    From nearly 11% because of Republican president George W. Bush & his recession. To a monster low 4.7% after Obama brought us back from the recession. How is 1.1% in 3½ years in any way as impressive as nearly a 6.3% drop in 8 years under Obama? Let's see how much lower it will actually get. ✊???? | #Bernie2020

  • What bothers me most about him is when he says, "We'll have Medicare for all who want it." I'm 76 and have benefited greatly from Medicare for 11 years. It pays the lion's share of my medical bills and pretty much ensures that I won't be bankrupted by some medical need. And, yes, I do have a medi-gap policy through the union-contracted retirement plan from my company. So, what's not to like or what's not to want? Is this presidential candidate ignorant of how Medicare works? Or, more likely, is he deliberately misleading those under 65 who don't understand the great benefit of Medicare in order to please some corporations making large campaign donations? As a old white gay man married to another old gay man, I don't want the first gay president to be this rank opportunist!

  • What matters to me politically like 15 dollar minimum wage and Health care for all is why I vote not whether you are gay or a woman. BERNIE 2020

  • What this video really says is that who I sleep with shouldn’t be political. It should not matter when I’m deciding who I’m gonna vote for

  • This so perfectly exemplifies why I WANT to like Pete, but I just don't. He's somehow the Mike Pence of LGTBQ. He's relatable, but literally for one reason. I listen to him speak, and for real think, well he IS gay but…he's so Williams Sonoma. He's just basic. If he weren't gay, he'd be Tim Ryan.

  • Jan Mogens Borchert says:

    Why even care about his sexual orientation? The German minister of health Jens Spahn is openly gay, but that has never been part of the media coverage

  • I vote on the issues, not based on identity. As a gay person, I will not vote for him. His policies are unclear, and he accepts corporate money. Not to mention he dismissed the “nostalgia for the rebellion of the 1960’s”. You know… the eta that gave us civil rights and the beginning of gay rights. So out of touch! Sanders is the only candidate walking the walk. Fighting for gay rights and racial equality for his whole life. #Bernie2020

  • Jack van den Heever says:

    Am I the only one sat here thinking about Pete tongue deep right now? And is it even okay to talk about a presidential candidates eating habits? I mean… would The Daily show have approved that line if it were about pre president Obama eating Michelle's pussy?

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