World Test Championship | 2 Years Long Test Tournament Coming up | Eagle Media Works

World Test Championship | 2 Years Long Test Tournament Coming up | Eagle Media Works

hi hello welcome to evil mediaworks you're watching eagle sports world Test Championship he pulmonary Rondo I'll go to school diagram the rural to Nara well Test Championship and ten teams that I wouldn't be allowed to vote on into policy and replace him so firstly test must look at me and go cleverly this fellow decimals will get lower competitiveness been chopped and I like a viewership bench every Lanka of viewers key interest in Sri Lanka preferred test Matsuura of a longer run law yell are gonna impact us on a mission with use karate world Test Championship a northeast Collins irrigation uni World Cup like a limited overs welcome laga loca two months old as a fortified as format cards the two years forward mm 1990 2021 Dhaka II where it has championship low to me they can tell you the participate just don't say no contain Holloway South Africa in New Zealand Australia West Indies única Bangladesh Pakistan and India of course so e9 country secure participate just nothin Allah is only allowed to both on the engine has 38 deposits in the got-damn Test matches energy five-day won't I what are going to matters of course three folders Larry photo no minimum maximum I want Department tested Test match duration in any five days so five days Test match will be over text match 20 round-robin about the laconic Jesse semifinals a final spin now CUDA it's a long tournament something wrong Donna mental only tests ticket pretty you're really judging a team by one match performance and Kunta Guernica and definitely a corrector for that the guard lock of fierce competitiveness Silicon Valley o Comanche computationally even computational knowledge different different series swindell serious son de Tico to accumulative points but to call our points position me they got all four teams not off two teams nor decide Jesse I now called Sunday Pentagon a final and I repeat O'Connor finally every list my low test championship winners and replace a bracket in Xiamen ago formatting this crowd energetic in the crowd so in iron country is no practical country would contain six teams to test emergency reasonable two teams are not playing so when India use quadratic a Pakistan and New Zealand title South Africa thaw Bangladesh the West Indies to Australia to England to consider include internal cannabis for the cavities not playing this butter Indian charm iron or a stall condition and next to it is the further it is come I don't know so India let us connect us six countries or six just big nations to see you salami three at home three away so you hope aunty away the advantage Lindy disadvantage general our questions are no stone so Allah points and it is adjustable square under Martell cool now so practice series ski 120 points another designation is oregano Cassini so minimum to test classes on time maximum five decimal something so too does much on a series called on to me five taste buds are the series crown to me locust seriously 120 points are they wouldn't say 120 points in divide yourself let's say what 20 points it to test – give a general 60 and 60 the winning team get 60 rossington gameela so 60 and 60 Rhonda Madrigal is the series killed suggest 120 points look at him katha nobody both or draw it a person to 1/3 just our points 2020 or see that detector said it I draw and may appoint say with these Clutton so drawing under 20 and 22 each country so you learn to Priscilla / Komatsu components rotate either 125 right series enacted 24 points they both of oka match so 24 points overcome a cipher on the Manzo's don't talk too much series after 60 okay just imagine if I am a series addressing 24 of match of the three main theories and the 40th day format citizen the 30th may even never wanna let less conscious coach so India Brazil Costa Rica India was an established of India where it does championship flow start children and the route on to me ashes touch the August first in Chima juice container world Test Championship and it started me Australian series start of both ami India malolactic as much energy in Diablo country were both on it I'll and though Afghanistan toe incarnations though tests much as a waiter who now your schedule chamber on my own those are not part of world Test Championship the only test masses are not ranking key outside world as my championship to man versus non-organic world Test Championship which appoints key Ireland Afghanistan third a match for codecop so I would India positives Quinta Western Association South Africa the seriously Australia kill URLs and someone on I regret the five test artists under wahlgren bestow name so Australia the for students to sri lanka token nice or that about the three yella indepent akane 18 test matches in any Indian he two years of every no test championship hugging up India is playing 18 Test matches a terracotta England 22 Testament is out there at Elfangor Pakistan 13 decima to zapper so pretty magic Korra a designated serious low basically the serious resume warrants Benitez Magister now I will divide us come to order mother 3 home 3 of a compliment correct again I'm a Googler whatever are at Lego so in antique kind of scheduling and I zeroed on the current Soviet team either it to use consistent performance and they allowing the to scoring on the loans you know got along the raunchy finals there is a large egg about that so how is it impacting Test cricket and every match interspersion alloy in the wreck both on the internet every match is giving you some points not a golden misko son Carlo but something bigger where a championship and a trophy in is something you screw up every see is cooking back to the one-sided series a birthday in Tobias nice another question mark there is just no thorough no look he once said series according impact the cannabis in the world Test Championship contains in terrassa definitely there is life in this match cricket so Test match convert over World Cup on me mine countries are tonight you like different different points and as Robert so everything is new liquid column actually a limited offers for man touching the other t20 another day so ality 20 leagues and achieve another testaments very important see what telethon look two years of serious Pacific you to your sir – one day welcome on our t20 World Cup will run on Mac and test my championship record on me so definitely team has to be balanced under test match Tina go use could draw ah do you do limited overs t 22m several garages controls a thorough no no you see more players coming to you see the results get to go stud another fast carpenter scoring late becomes what bowlers brush a little bigger and also resulted cost of that raw imagine in Kakaako not max sailing and a potential Milligan match winning posaga test nice could already transformer in the you print aguila go to the transformer castle can base tonight so India is starting off its campaign against West Indies and iwere a test championship lava stream is so serious throughout the different different home series to me away see he went along with your nigga miss something so test match teaming equal to guru mortal it so to Ursula juice container cannot only the stores are there are two ways load up a testament strong team and start about them so it is again team building bagger L bought in the world s my championship jury see what they say could the continent can be stone to me or I could not know whether we can identify with their jersey numbers I don't know the next generated estimate of competitive spirit and at least scrawled in there so it's all good so let's see how it's going to happen further video slow test my championship would achieve ideologies could different different nation at large up Chapel I'm going to go just like a like and a comment you be sure to subscribe thanks a lot like and subscribe eagle media works


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