Woody Harrelson Talks About His Very Strong Weed

Woody Harrelson Talks About His Very Strong Weed

That’s Woody Harrelson in
Zombieland: Double Tap. So this is the second one. How long ago was the first one? Like– 10 years. 10 years. Do you want to tell
people what it’s about? It’s a wonderful film. If anyone saw the first
one, it was everybody’s hope that we can make the
second one as good. We didn’t know if
we could do better, but we hoped we
could do as good. And I think this one qualifies. I really love it, and people
have been responding great. We did a few screenings. And a great cast, a major cast. And a great cast. Yes. Now, I heard that a
lot of your castmates are saying that it’s dangerous
to smoke the marijuana that you travel with because
it’s very, very strong. [LAUGHTER] Nah, see, this whole
group of people has become prejudiced
against me. No. They’re never again
invite me over. Oh, you’ll just show up. Believe me. [LAUGHTER] I’ve had a lot of
people say that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, you don’t
want to half step, you know? Right. Well, I imagine yours
is quite strong, too. Yeah, I don’t smoke
the marijuana. I don’t enjoy it. No, I never have. Really? No, don’t get it. So– [LAUGHTER] I’m high on life, man. High on life! [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] [LAUGHING] Probably
for the best. You want to keep
your mind clear. Yep, that’s– yeah, yeah. You don’t want to
enter this fog– That’s right, no. –territory. I want to remember my vacations. Yeah. So we’re going to
play a game, because I heard about this today. There’s a Frisbee
game that you play. What is it called? Beersbee. Beersbee. Yeah. So what’s the– well,
I guess we’ll play it, and you’ll show me how it works. Because I love Frisbee,
and I love games. So we’re going to take
a break, and then we’re going to play a game. Is that OK? Let’s do it. Yeah, let’s do it. All right. Yeah. We’ll be back.


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