Woody Harrelson Admits He’s a Freeloader

Woody Harrelson Admits He’s a Freeloader

What do you mean–
what’s still hurting you? What are you talking about? No, I said, you’re
still hugging me. Oh, I’m still hugging you, yes. We played ping pong
backstage, and he’s got– he doesn’t play fair. It’s the spin. I don’t like the spin. No, but those
paddles are sticky. They’re regular paddles. They’re good paddles. They’re very nice
sticky paddles. Yeah, but you do a spin
that’s not a fun to play with. Like, you know how
you just want to have a friendly game of
something, and then someone has to spin it all the time? And it’s not fun. And you’re not fun. I like the– [LAUGHTER] I know you don’t
mean that, of course. But I like the way you play. Because before she serves, she
kind of just stands there a– you know, like a pitcher who
doesn’t want to show the pitch. And then– [LAUGHTER] It’s great. It’s the only way
I could get you. I loved it. It was the only
way I could do it. Are you excited to
be here for Cat Week? Oh, yes. [LAUGHTER] Oh, yes, yes, yes. Did you time the movie
coming out at the same time as Cat Week? Obviously. Yeah. Do you have cats? Absolutely. No, you don’t. I do. Do you? Yeah. Well, that– [LAUGHTER] That’s not a true
thing, when you go, yep. I know, I felt, because– I felt like you
were thinking that I was lying, which made me
a little uncomfortable, so I pushed back. Right. Yeah, but we have a
wonderful cat, named Rosie, who’s been alive since 2002
and still going strong. Oh, wow. What does she look like? Oh, you know, she’s got some– [LAUGHTER] –gray and some stripiness. Have you– I mean, come on, are we
going on and on about this? Yeah. I swear, we do have a cat. Well, you don’t even– you don’t even know
what it looks like. She’s kind of gray
was little stripeys. Little stripeys. All right, you were– you hosted Saturday Night Live. Was it the premiere? What was it? Yeah, the premiere, yeah. It was fantastic. And you– [APPLAUSE] How many times? You’ve hosted it– that was
your fourth time, right? Fourth time, yeah. And do you get nervous? Do you like doing it? I like doing it, but,
yeah, do I get nervous? I get extremely nervous. That live television thing– Yeah. It’s– but, you know, I love it,
because it gets your adrenaline pumping. Right. But it is scary. Yeah. Until it’s over. Right. And then it’s great. And then it’s so fun. It’s floaty. And then you did– do
you do impressions? Because I saw you do Joe
Biden, which I thought you did a good Joe Biden. Thank you. Yeah. Had you done Joe Biden before? No. Or did they say, can you do it? They asked me. They just gave you some teeth. On Friday. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, they did. That’s good. Yeah, that’s it. So that’s what I looked like. Right. I haven’t seen it yet. Do you do any other impressions? You know, sometimes,
I do a little bit of– Oh, wow, James
Dean, that’s great. Close. [LAUGHTER] These guys don’t know,
they’re too young. But did this guy, his
name was Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando– no,
that was very good. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] You
asked me for this favor on my daughter’s wedding. I forget how it goes. No, that’s good. That was really good. Do you do– since you
hang out with Woody– Willie. Willie. You’re Woody– Willie Nelson. Do you do an
impression of Willie? People mistake us all the time. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I do an impression of Willie. Let’s see it. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Oh, yeah, there he
is, right there. There’s your pal. Yeah, we– I don’t
know why I thought of that when I
thought of Willie, but he’s an amazing guy. Yeah. Love him so much. I’ve only met him
a couple times. He seems like an amazing guy. You hang out with
him a lot, right? As much as possible. I was just hanging with him
a few days ago, Saturday. Now was that– didn’t
go to Europe this summer and spend all summer on
other people’s boats? Maybe. No, I mean, there was
a little boat time. But also at other
people’s houses. Uh-huh. Yeah. So you don’t spend any money. You basically just travel– I’m a freeloader. You are. I’m a freeloader. You are. I really am. No, you really are. Yeah, I mean, I really am. Yeah, not even a joke. You just say can I come
stay at your house, or do they invite
you, or do they– do you just invite yourself? It’s about equal, 50/50. Uh-huh. Oh, here, we’re– I don’t know where. Is that Paris? Yeah. So, you know, that was
not someone’s boat. No, that looks
like you’re just– I mean, we were on a boat
in this picture, but– And whose boat? Where were you in– Just one of those– one
of those kind of boats. Oh, that’s a nice boat. Oh, yeah. Whose boat was that? You know what, I’m trying
to remember the specifics of this situation. [LAUGHTER] Memory, memory. Gee, I wonder
what’s causing that. Yeah, it’s– yeah. I got something at
odds with my memory. Uh-huh. Yeah. But that looks
like that was fun. Oh, it was super, super fun. Not that you remember it. Oh, I know where that was. That was in England, yeah. That was on the Thames. On the Thames. Yeah. But you don’t know with who. I do know. Who? We were with Olivia Harrison. I see, oh, yes. Yeah. George Harrison’s widow. Yeah. She supposedly has an amazing
place right outside of London there. Yeah, it’s– That could have been her
property for all I know. She has like all kinds of– Yeah, it’s not far from there. It’s the most beautiful
place I’ve ever seen. Yeah. She’s one of the
greatest people. And then she lent
me a suit, because I had to go to the Wimbledon. And I didn’t have suit. So I wore this blue suit that
was George Harrison’s suit, fit exactly. And then went to Wimbledon. Oh, yeah. Wow, there you are in
George Harrison’s suit. That’s it. That’s it, yeah. So you had this available. I didn’t even know
it was coming up. No. I guess we just had pictures
of you in different places. But wait a minute, so you
don’t even travel with clothes? You actually– [LAUGHTER] You literally just
go to people’s houses hoping they have
things for you to wear? [LAUGHTER] I could see how this
looks from the outside. [LAUGHTER] Wow. Yeah, I– you know– Who’s clothes are these? Are these yours? Because you were wearing– No, I never wore– I just saw them back
in the dressing room. Hell, I thought they were yours. Nope. These shoes are mine,
these “hey, dude” shoes. I know. These are yours, because
I saw you in these shoes, but those are not your clothes. No. They’re not. Oh, my god. All right. [LAUGHTER] You guys must think
I’m, you know, strange. No. Not at all. But I’m not– I do feel like a leechie
type of guy, a leechie. Mm-hmm. But, look, it’s not
always, I’m also generous. Yes. In what ways? I can’t– you know what– [LAUGHTER] All right. You could even press
me for specifics. Try to think of something. We’ll take a break. We’ll be back.


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