100 thoughts on “Woman shot and killed by police officer in her own home”

  • Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, a 28-year-old black woman, has been shot dead by a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, the US. 

    The shooting on early Saturday occurred inside a home in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Police arrived at the house after a neighbour called the non-emergency police number, noticing Jefferson’s doors were open and the lights were on, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

    Jefferson, who was playing video games with her nephew, heard a commotion and went to the window — where she was shot by a white police officer standing outside.

    Body camera footage shows the officer entering the home using a flashlight and spotting someone inside standing near a window and telling her, "Put your hands up — show me your hands," before shooting seconds later. At no point does he identify himself as an officer.

    The police officer, who was called by the neighbour to check on the Jefferson's residence opened fire on Jefferson, killing her without warning her properly.

    Police said the evidence would be passed on to the district attorney "to determine the final outcome."

    The officer in the shooting, who has been with the police department for about 18 months, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident.

    Lee Merritt, an attorney for Jefferson's family, said Jefferson had been babysitting her 8-year-old nephew at the time of the shooting.

    Marquis Jefferson, the victim's father, described her death as senseless. "That's my one and only daughter. I'll never forget that."

    Analysts believe racial profiling, particularly of black people, is consolidated in US society.

  • OMG the mainstream media LOVES to make sure the color of both is pushed. Does it matter? It was wrong no matter what color either was. And why was the body cam footage ended so abruptly? Also wasn't there another officer with him?

  • Perceived what threat a lady living at her home is a threat and the firearm was in her home not on her this dude freaked out killed her for no reason, and off course they edited the video they did not want there department look bad

  • Neither cops nor civilians should have these modern killing machines where, with just a tiny movement of your finger, you can kill another human.

  • When are black people going to learn….NEVER call the cops for ANYTHING, even if you are the victim of crime, never call the police, they are KKK in police uniform

  • His perception a threat is anything that moves shoot it and the dam gun was not on her how the hell did this guy became a cop

  • His perception a threat is anything that moves shoot it and the dam gun was not on her how the hell did this guy became a cop

  • We live in a world where trained officers are allowed to panic and act on impulse, but an untrained civilian must remain calm with a gun in their face. See the problem? This will not stop until police officers are held liable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Damn neighbors should mind their own business. This would not have happened. Did she just forget to close her door, or was she returning?

  • the police is very stupid,,,the women must be living under a rock..knowing it is very dangerous to leave your door open so night, .and a child set up so late playing games,

  • She has a right second amendment to own a gun. This police officer is weak as hell and need to be fired and sent to jail.

  • Who is most likely to kill someone.. The ppl that are killing already and someone that thinks they can highly kill & get away with it.. The USA Justice Department Is like Low Key Terrorist In America.. lol

  • That PD should be SUED. Officer should GO to PRISON for LIFE, cause HE TOOK A LIFE… WHERE WAS THE THREAT??!!!!!! STOP KILLING US!!!!!!

  • Convicting Amber Guyger to 10 years was a big mistake. It should have been at least 28 years for prosecutor's request. Amber Guyger's case will be an example for cops to shoot more to innocent victims in the future. Amber Guyger will be out in 5 years. The problem with the cops is they did not want to get a bullet first. They just shoot you first if they think they are threat and they felt threat because you are black in the dark area. It does not matter you have gun or not, they just shoot you first because you are black in the dark area.


  • U.S cops need to be stripped of their guns!! True gun reform in this country needs to start from the cops to the citizens down. The UK doesn't have this problem– because the government is smart enough to know NOT TO GIVE their cops carte blanche with firearms. Only military personnel should carry! All this talk about taking guns from citizens!! Cops have no business having them either!

  • the woman had a gun, thats why the police fired. black woman, white police; media has to blow things up. u want the police to wait till he gets shot and then react???

  • Another white cop that will get 5 years or less for murder of a black person. Another Racist cop kills an innocent person in their own home in Texas.

  • A Good Majority of Police are FULL OF SHIT—-This Angry Men look for any reason to shoot a kill any NON White Period. Not ALL BUT Aalto of these cops are looking for free and legal kills even if it means tampering, planting and altering evidence. This is not NEW

  • The other news clips let loose the questionable info about the possibility of a gun insight inside, in relation to the ladies location, ? I believe it will be up to the 8 yr old nephew sadly for him.
    I hope the family keeps him away from interrogators because they'll no doubt try to brow beat and manipulate him so as to frighten him enough not to testify ! My deepest sympathies to this family.

  • White on non white crime? International news.
    Non white on white crime? Lucky it makes local news.

    See how easy that was? See how easy it is to point out this massive double standard, my white brothers and sisters? Listen? And you will save this country from becoming a third world. Ignore me? You and your kids die, as traitors and cowards. Clocks ticking faggots!

  • If two black guys go robbing a house and the home owner dies, the person who did not pull the trigger gets charged with murder too.Why can't they charge the other officer that was with him with murder too? Laws are written for everyone to follow.

  • Incidents like this are a consequence of the militarization of local police. The cop probably isn't some big time racist. What's really happening is the cops are being trained to deal with the public in preparation for events such as locking down a number of city blocks or declaration of martial law. This is so clear to me, and yet I don't hear anyone else voicing this assessment.

  • Black people must always consider cops as enemy when encountering them. Except proven otherwise with certainty. Your lives are at stake here.


    If it was only a wellness check, why didn't the cops just ring her door bell or knock on the front door? Why go around back and shoot through her window? If he saw movement inside; did it ever cross his dumb mind that people do walk around inside their own home?

  • I thought the police were supposed to be trained professionals. Might as well hire untrained civilians as police…

    And people have the nerve to not understand why Black Lives Matter exists.

  • Why the outrage over this? You Americans shoot each other en mass every single day. A country full of idiots all with guns. Cops and citizens alike all running around terrified of their own bloody shadows and shooting anything and everything that moves. Guns eh – gotta love em. A good guy with a gun would have stopped this. Oh wait .. *rolls eyes*.

  • On Oct. 14, CNN had and article of this incident titled as follows, " EX-Forth Worth office charged with murder…" Once you click on the link, the title says, "Former Fort Worth officer charged with murder…" This titles are totally misleading since the officer was an active member of the Fort Worth police department.

  • "WE THE PEOPLE" says:


  • About time they get their life fucked up too. It's not enough. They need to suffer for all their dirt. Start with Patrick(kkk) lynch.

  • That’s murder. “Put your hands up!” Fraction of a second later he shoots her. Never giving her a chance to even respond. Now he’s going to fake cry and pretend he saw a gun and was scared. Total bullshit.

  • These new breed of scary police officers. "Oh i seen a black person move inside there home let me shoot first and ask questions later. I almost crapped inside my uniform, because i seen a blk person. Smh

  • In Norway, the school to become a police officer is a three year bachelor education. What is it in America? 16 weeks of weapon training on blacks? but serious, what standard of education is it really? I dont believe you need three years. Anyone know the answer? Because it looks like it is too easy to become a cop in your country.

  • PorkyPricklyPants says:

    "accuse the other side of that which you are guilty" as you are doing it to create confusion.. Russia Coup/Ukraine/Coup,…"SELF RIGHTEOUS CORRUPT FAKE NEWS are political activists posing as Journalists who has an agenda.. they are covering up and protecting the Corruption/Crimes of the Democrats and trying to frame Trump for the Democrats Corruption/Crimes, "DECEIVE THE PEOPLE" and then incite hysteria, racism, hatred, anger, fear, and violence against Trump or any Trump supporters

  • I honestly feel bad for him.I don’t believe he shot her cause she’s Black, I think he was a undertrained coward, who in real life sleeps with the lights on. I do think White cops are scared of Black men and may lead to aggressive encounters. I think they need to have special training for urban interactions before they take an oath to protect and serve😡 #comingfromablkwm #undertrainedcoward

  • This pure bullshit who doesn't have gun in there home your cops need retraining something is really wrong on you guys department Dallas too but you what it's the people you guys hiring

  • Fuck them they always trying to show some shit to justify a coward ass cop. He said show me your hands and pulled the trigger quicker then the words can finish leaving his mouth. On GOD I’m tired seeing this shit. No excuses for that ignorant shit, how tf you get called and end up killing somebody talking out a threat when you going to they house with a gun. Even if a gun was in the home it’s called rights to property. Always tryna justify there fuckery. Oh it was a gun in the house no shit so was furniture, a knife, a stove, a hammer why tf does it matter did any bullets leave any gun besides his….time to go after the police headquarters they putting ducks out there to kill any body who racist towards blacks

  • Afraid to be "non" white in America.. Might be shot in own house. Condolences to the family. May justice served him right!

  • heavily edited body cam…🤔🤔 but why temper with avidence, whiles its against the law.. dont make sense. another way to get away with this murder.. mxm

  • Cops can twist anything around to make it look like it's your fault and they can do it to people of any color.

    When they have carte blanche to kill you if they feel like it but you better not defend yourself; if they can use excessive force and torture against you but charge you with resisting arrest if you move while they're breaking your neck or while you're struggling to breathe; If they have a right to lie but you're assumed to be lying while telling the truth; when you can be murdered in your own home or elsewhere for doing nothing wrong, then ALL of us better be very concerned about this.

    It needs solidarity among people to be addressed where the policy is made and at a Federal level. Repeated, stressful, courtroom struggles, trying to prove intent or guilt, justified by policy is a waste of time 99% of the time.

  • Here we go with race again that moron police officer would have shot a person no matter what the color of their skin. But blacks are going to jump up and down and race three kinds of hell like they normally do if they were really concerned about lies they wouldn't be killing each other in the damn ghetto they wouldn't be selling dope to each other they wouldn't be stealing from each other police officers violate the rights of white people all the time I so don't make this about race I'm just sick of it matter fact if there's a lot of murders in gun violence going on you look at the statistics blacks cause 90% of it.

  • This incident is about the fact that police officers are retarded. They would have shot a white person just this quick but here we go with black people jumping up and down about it again although it's because they're black they're black they're black I'm sick of hearing it. If there's a lot of black people being killed by gun violence that's because other black people are killing them do you think that there are white people in Chicago shooting each other 50 60 70 of my night? This police officers responsible And it just goes to show you cannot trust police officers to protect you they might violate your rights but they're not going to protect you. And I'm sick of hearing all the stuff from black people.

  • IQ_ Productions says:

    They are just trying to find and excuse taking about she had a gun or she was taking medication like Shutup. she was playing video games with her nephew it was probably the controller they seen

  • Well the cop resigned and then was charged with murder. I guess they couldn't find any pictures of her on facebook smoking weed so they had no real defense for this shooting 🤔

  • I love how the media is making sure you viewers see that a white man kills a black women . why can't you say a officer kills a female inside her home. or cop kills law abiding citizen ? nope you always make sure to point out white vs black .

  • WTF…Police be ashamed….footage proofs your bad trained 28 y.o officer should never have finished police academy …let alone wear a gun…

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