Woman Says They Were On A 1 Month Break (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Says They Were On A 1 Month Break (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case of
Morris v. Byrom.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Morris,
you have petitioned the court
for a DNA test to prove that the defendant
is the father of your
one-month-old son, Jaxson. You hope these results will
save your family because you
have two other kids together. Is that correct? MORRIS: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Byrom, you say
the plaintiff admitted
to sleeping with another man, and when the results prove
you are not Jaxson’s father, you plan to leave for good. Yes, I do. All right, so, Mr. Byrom,
there’s a lot at stake today. Am I correct? Yes, our whole relationship
is based on this paternity test
right here. Explain. This is the second time
she has done this to me. Since we have been together,
this isn’t just the first time
that she has cheated on me, this is the second time,
and I’ve been nothing but
faithful and loving to her since day one. Second time?
It happened once. Ms. Morris
did you cheat on him? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Now, you are here saying,
He is the father of your
one-month-old child, even though you say,
“I cheated.” MORRIS: Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Byrom, how did you
find out about the cheating? How did you discover this? Me and the dude she cheated on
me with, were hanging out the
night before ’cause we were really
close friends. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. We stayed up all night, 5:00,
6:00 in the morning. I wake up,
probably 7:00. He is already gone.
She fought with me the
night before so she can leave and stay at
her grandma’s house. I went over to her grandma’s
to, you know, ’cause she was
over there with the kids. I see them on the couch,
at first, through the window. And then, that’s when
I started banging on the
doors and windows. And then, I go in the house.
He’s hiding up in the attic of her grandma’s house. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Hiding in the attic? Yes, ma’am. Hiding in the attic,
up in her grandma’s house. I told him, “You got to…” How did you find them in
the attic? I started searching the house
’cause I had a feeling that
they were together. Wow. BYROM: Yeah. So then what happened? Um, he took off out of
the house and… Basically, I just went home
and got my stuff together
and left for a couple months. So, Ms. Morris, how do
you end up sleeping
with his friend? We were having trouble way
before I even slept
with his friend. I was always constantly
getting accused. He was always constantly
telling me I’m cheating. It’s been happening
for four years now. And so, what I’m trying to
say is that he… MORRIS: And we… He keeps accusing you
so you just go ahead
and validate the accusation? Well, we technically…
Technically, we split
up for a month. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING
AND APPLAUDING) Technically, we split
up for a month. And he was living down
the street at his friend’s. And he was
dating a different girl. And I was staying in
the house with the guy,
the other potential father. So we split up for a… The only reason I left is
because you cheated on me. Period. The end. That’s it. Well, you shouldn’t
treat me like crap, and
you’ve always accused me. BYROM: Whatever you say. So, when did you sleep
with Mr. Byrom? You say, you are certain
he is the father of Jaxson,
when did you sleep with him? September 27. JUDGE LAKE: September 27. She could have slept
with him the same day. I slept with him on
September 25, that’s why we are here
today for the results. Oh. Oh, so you slept
with the other guy,
September 25? Yes, Your Honor. And so, you two have two
other children together? MORRIS: Yes, Your Honor. And now, this family is
in jeopardy because you admit that you slept
with his friend and him within two days… Yes, Your Honor. It wasn’t just that
one time she’s saying. She was sleeping with
him every day. I would go over there
and get mine in the morning and she would have
him at night. MORRIS: We split up for… We split up for a month. And he was constantly
blowing my phone up everyday because we
completely split up. He moved to his friend’s
down the street. And I was still in the house. I was the one that
got to stay at the house
with the other two children. And so, this thing with
the friend wasn’t
a one-time thing? MORRIS: No. They were in a relationship
after I moved out. They got together. We were in a relationship
when me and him split up for that month. No, they were together from,
like, July all the way
until November. This isn’t just a month
thing. This was like
a four-month thing. I’m saying, we were
in a potential relationship. And after all of this,
you got back together? I wanted to get back together
because my daughter is in
love with me. She’s constantly with me.
She don’t want nothing to do
with anybody else. I want to be there
for my kids. I’m trying to make stuff
work with her. That’s it. My dad
dipped out on me and I’m not dipping
out on my kids. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, did you tell
the other guy, Ms. Morris, that he could be
the father as well? Yes, Your Honor. She’s still talking
to his mom about it. No. BYROM: Sending his mom
pictures of the baby. Then she’s trying to tell
me that it’s my kid. His mother, the other
guy’s mother said, if it does turn out
to be her son’s, that she wanted
to be in his life. So, when the baby
was first born, I sent her pictures
of the baby because she was asking me… It’s not true. You just did it last week. About how much he was…
No, I did not. BYROM: Yeah, you did. About how much he weighed
and all that so… It’s not an everyday thing,
it only happened twice. So, basically,
that’s the only reason
I sent pictures to her was because she wants to be…
And she wants to be
a grandmother, if it turns out to be… (ALL SPEAKING AT ONCE) Have you taken Jaxson
to see her or the other
potential father? No, the other potential
father is actually
incarcerated right now. Or else he would be here too. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Dude’s in prison. I’ve
been taking care of her
and both of the kids. Don’t get me wrong,
her grandma helps us out
with diapers and stuff but… I’ve been taking care of her
and our kids by myself.
She doesn’t work. I go to school.
I go to cosmetology school. And the only reason
I had to drop out was because
I had the baby, so… I plan on going back
in the fall, it’s just,
I have to get, you know, a babysitter and stuff.
So, it’s not like I sit around
the house and do nothing. So are you together
now, or apart? We are in
a complicated
relationship. Yes, it’s very
complicated. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) JUDGE LAKE: You live together? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Do you treat
Jaxson differently? I… Don’t…
I do a little bit… Yes, he…yes, he does. He shows my other two
way more attention
than he shows him. Do you blame me? He… So you do admit
that you are having
a hard time bonding with… Jaxson, because
you don’t know. BYROM: Yes. I still buy him… I still buy him
clothes and toys
and do whatever for him. But, I just… I keep my
distance from him ’cause
I don’t know if he is my son. And then sometimes
he’ll say it’s his son. Sometimes he’ll act
like a dad to him, and then,
sometimes he won’t. So, it’s like a mood swing
type of thing. Like, he will say, “Oh, well.
Okay, yeah, he’s my son.” And then a day,
and then a couple days later, he’ll say, “Oh,
no, that’s…
I don’t know and…” But, Ms. Morris, you do
understand how difficult
this must be for him. He is looking at this child, lives in his home, with his other two children,
but he’s thinking, “This baby may
be my friend’s.” Was pretty much
my best friend almost. We were hanging out every day. And just because he’s gonna
say, “Oh, you’re cute,”
and this and that. And game her up,
doesn’t mean he could sleep
with her, you know? So… You could have slept on me in
the past, I wouldn’t know. Just because he is giving
you compliments doesn’t
mean anything. Like, they went out to dinner,
she told me this, they went
out to a movie and dinner, and she had to
pay for herself. Come on now. Ms. Morris, I do have
to ask you, I mean,
if you are separated, and you all are not
together and he is
dating somebody else, and you decide to
date, why his friend? Just… He’s always…
Like I said, he is always…
He’s not… He is always there
because he was my friend. He was always over a lot,
I’ll admit that. But, it’s just that I…
He’s always treated me
like crap, he always belittles me,
it’s been going on for four
years now and it’s just… Do you have feelings
for this other guy? MORRIS: No, I don’t. Yeah, you do. I mean, if he is the father, I’m gonna let him
be in his life. (BOTH SPEAKING AT ONCE) I’m not gonna keep
a kid away from their father. I don’t think any woman
should do that. BYROM: Okay. So, Mr. Byrom,
you just said, wait… When you are in an
argument, she says you
are not the father… BYROM: She tells me,
I’m not the father… But you testified, in court today, Ms. Morris,
that you believe he is? MORRIS: No… When we are… JUDGE LAKE: Is that true? Yes. When we argue…
Anytime we get into
an argument over anything else he’ll say, “Oh, well,
he’s not my baby,”
and blah, blah, blah. And then his own mom
won’t even see the baby
because she, you know… BYROM: Nobody knows
if it’s my kid. Understands too… Nobody is gonna bond
with the kid that’s not mine. BYROM: Nobody. Your family has not bonded
with Jaxson as well? No they have not.
My brother has. My mom, no. When he’s thinking,
“This baby may be
my friend’s.” When you had the baby,
who was at the birth? JUDGE LAKE: You were? I was there for everything. Every step of her pregnancy,
helping her out,
doing everything for her. The whole time. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So, all right.
So, you helped her out
the entire time. You came when
the baby was born. BYROM: I was there. If you… I held the baby first. Did you sign
the birth certificate? No, I did not. JUDGE LAKE: You did not? No. I just kept looking at him
and thinking about what
she did to me and I just… I can’t do it with him. You know, I can’t treat him
the same as my other kids
’cause I know for a fact that those other
babies are mine. And I love them to death.
I just can’t love him full
on, love him until I know that he is my flesh
and blood. I just can’t. I can’t. Never. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I want to be with him,
I do not want to be
with the other guy. He constantly tells
me I do, and I don’t. And I’m ready to basically
move on with our family. I understand the mistakes
that I’ve made. I at least admitted
to it. I came out
and said what I did. But, I’m willing to
become a family, we
already are a family but… You want to work on this. Yes. She says, she wants
to try to be a family. And she wants to do the work. You can’t be a family
when you are seeing other men. JUDGE LAKE: Well… I don’t see no other men. Mr. Byrom, I think what
you are gonna have to do,
and I know this is difficult. Because once you’ve been hurt, it’s hard to put yourself
back out there, right? Because you feel like
it can happen again. BYROM: Yeah. And there is also
this notion that… How can she ever
prove you wrong and show
that she can be faithful if you don’t give her
the opportunity? I don’t wanna
argue in front of
our kids anymore. I want them to grow up
and be like, “Damn,
our family is awesome.” We go on trips,
we go on vacations, there is no arguing
between us, I don’t
want that anymore. Don’t wanna argue
anymore, I just don’t. That’s the only reason
I wanna go…
It was the kid, and the arguing,
it has to stop. The arguing has to stop. BYROM: And it’s
overwhelming me
and I just… So the stakes truly are high. BYROM: Yes. And I… Ms. Morris it seems like
this truly is affecting you. I can see behind your
eyes a lot of sadness. Yes, Your Honor. You know you’ve
made a mistake. Yes, Your Honor. Do you regret the
mistake you made? I regret cheating
but I don’t regret my son,
I mean, I would never regret a kid regardless
of what happens. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But I do regret cheating. You do? MORRIS: Yes. When you look at your son, does it make you feel
like you let him down
in some ways, because you don’t truly know
who his father is? Yes, Your Honor. I know that’s hard. Because, as a mother,
you want to give your
child everything, right? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: But you really
can’t give your child a very important
answer, which is, “Who’s my father?” Yes, Your Honor. This mistake doesn’t
just affect Jaxson, it will affect
the other two children. MORRIS: Yes. Because they will have to
grow up without their
father in the home. Mr. Byrom, let me ask you… Are you really ready
for the results or is there a level of comfort
in not knowing for you? Um, I really want to know. JUDGE LAKE: You do? I feel bad for, you know,
not doing the same for him. But, on the other hand,
I don’t, but I really want to
know if he is my son or not. But, I want to really be able
to like full on be like,
a father to him, like I am to my other kids. That’s what I’m
looking for here. And then, if, say we never
open this envelope, and we never knew the results. How would you go forward? I’ll never… Like I said,
I’ll still get him
clothes, shoes, whatever he needs,
but I just… I just won’t hold him
or whatever else. I’d take of him financially
and physically, but, emotionally, that’s all her.
I don’t want. I’m good. And is that the way
it is now at home? He doesn’t hold the baby? Not really, sometimes,
but not really. No. Like, I do but
I don’t. At all. Like, I give him attention, I made him laugh
for the first time
in his life, everything else but… For the most part,
I just leave him to her. I don’t feed him his bottles.
I don’t change him. I don’t do none of that.
That’s all her. So, do the other children
notice there is a difference? Uh, I’m not sure,
they might just be, you know,
too little to really know
that I’m… Yeah, they’re two and three… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. BYROM: Yes,
so they don’t really know. All right, I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. Yeah. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Morris v. Byrom,
when it comes to
one-month-old Jaxson Byrom, it has been determined by
this court… I’d go over there and
get mine in the morning.
And she’d have him at night. Mr. Byrom, you… Are the father. Yes. I’m happy about that. That’s just… Thank you. Congratulations. That’s just… That really
helped me out a lot. That… JUDGE LAKE:
How does it feel now? BYROM: It feels great. I almost wanna cry
that he is mine. JUDGE LAKE:
That would be fine. You’ve been through
a lot. No, really. And I can see by the way
you talked about how you love
your other children that… That was really bothering you, that you felt like
you couldn’t fully love
this innocent, beautiful baby. I know. (SNIFFLING) JUDGE LAKE: You seem
like a good guy. Ms. Morris? I’m happy. JUDGE LAKE: You’re relieved? Yes. Is there something you’d
like to say to Mr. Byrom
after all of this? I’m very sorry, Josh. I’m glad you’re
the dad. Trust me.
I’m very, very happy. (SNIFFS) I just hope that,
now that you know this,
that you could just forget about all those
other people and just focus
on me and our family, instead of trying to go and
steal a round with him. It’s all I care about,
that’s it. If he wasn’t in jail,
she’d still be with him. I just might be used
as a stepping stone
until he comes back for her. That’s it. That’s not true, Josh. What is true, Ms. Morris?
What is true? I wanna be with him.
I do not want to be
with the other guy. He constantly tells
me I do, and I don’t. And I’m ready to basically
move on with our family. Because, this is what
this is about. Ultimately, you come
here for answers, but you have to use those
answers for good. As I sit here and I look
at the both of you, you’re a couple,
you’ve so much at stake, we get the result. Mr. Byrom is in fact
this child’s
biological father. It’s what you were hoping for,
it was what he was hoping for. But you two are still on
opposite sides of the aisle. BYROM: Like, I’ve been… But you are supposed
to be in a relationship. Yeah, well… But you need a strategy.
All right? And we want to help you
find that strategy because
we do want you to win. We wish you the very best
of luck. Take care of those
three beautiful children and take advantage of
the counselling, all right? MORRIS: Okay.
Thank you, Your Honor. Court is adjourned.


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