2 thoughts on “WISH-TV to hire Indiana’s first multicultural television reporter”

  • Wrong, the big corporations and universities are way better at pandering and discriminating based on race and sex and religion, etc. for PR and to sell product and to be invited to the right cocktail parties and to proactively avoid SJW boycott and protest. Their first assignment should be to go down to IU and watch their official student visitors video and come back and report if they saw one single normal white male in it and secondly report on how many nose rings they saw in the video as a percentage of people shown vs. the percentage of white males and nose rings in the normal Indiana population if we want to get technical about who is underrepresented and over represented in this era of time. If we just stuck to the message of Dr. King, all would have been fine in this country. Instead we are 100% identity politics all the time and this example is just adding to the problem of creating special diversity positions and putting us into groups based on color and counting for quantity instead of quality and creating in people's minds that this categorization is valid and needed. Can we just stop with all this? I already 100% know that a straight white Christian male cannot and will not get this job you are seeking to fill. However, what if it were reversed and someone went on the air and had a job where it was 100 % certain they would not hire an LGBT Hispanic Muslim female because they were wanting to report more on issues in the community of people that trace themselves back to the Mayflower? You would be joining the big media in sending this reporter of yours to torment that station until they were boycotted and shamed and totally out of business. This shows the futility in the end of what you are trying to do. Believe me in other "non-diverse" countries, the lighter Asians discriminate against the darker Asians, etc. If you care about color in your motives, you won't be at peace or rest or get the balance right until all we are all clones of one equal color and equal height and weight and everything else, but then which one do you pick and who decides? If there were two liberals left on Earth one would hate the other because they found a grape and then say it is not fair and must be because he or she had one less freckle than they had. They would then wish there were other people and a reporter there to tell those others how unfair it was and to report on less-freckle issues.

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