40 thoughts on “Winter Birds – Entertainment for Cats”

  • Redbean Edits says:

    I had a cat who passed away from cancer in 2016 and she absolutely loved this video I miss her so much it’s surreal that this is still here and she isn’t

  • CenturianEagle says:

    Great video! Nice of you to put out sooo much food for them, those birds are probably so thankful to see that much food in the winter

  • This is my kitties favorite video we've tried, so Thank You!! Just like others, he went behind the TV to see where the birds went! I'm so curious where this was filmed. I'll have to see if it says. I've never seen so many Cardinals together without them being territorial and fighting!

  • Ken Deininger says:

    I liked your Video, I learned something..I will subscribe to your channel…Can you subscribe to Mine!! The Video would be "Feeding Time with The Birds"…


    l have special needs and autism to and l love this beautifull video thankyou love from your new friend lorraine daniels videos youtube 2586😙


    hi l like to put that my cat saying to me that she love the brilliant video love from Pepsi my baby girl cat 😻

  • Both of my cats loved it!!! One threw himself at the TV twice and then just sat to watch… The other just stayed at a distance and stared….

  • I played this video for my 2 elderly cats for years; out of all the bird videos on here they loved this one the most. One of them would even paw at the screen to tell me when she wanted to watch it, it was really endearing. Both of them passed away over the summer, and my current cat doesn't seem to be interested in watching birds on a screen as opposed to irl lol. But anyway, thanks for this video, it made a couple of cats really happy! 😀

  • My cat was most interested in the birds scittering about the snow in the bottom right hand corner. He likes it when they fly off too.

  • Victoria Lisk says:

    If anyone knows that Flip video camera was used, per the description, I would love to know. Our family is debating the frame rate and the reason our 3 babies love it more than any other video. I thought it was more because the camera is still and the sound quality is more subdued without the extraneous noises one usually hears, plus the 1080p tv. I scrolled though the past few years of comments but didnt see anything

  • Сергей Дручинин says:

    Восхитительные красные кардиналы! Спасибо за чудную видеозапись!

  • After I started showing Puddin these videos, she's started attacking every screen in sight. I was playing mario with my sister and she jumped up and started batting at the little pixelated people with her paw. It is very adorable and quite entertaining to watch.

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  • This is absolutely stunning and I'm playing it on repeat. Thank you so much, cowboystew! LOVE this video so much! 🙂

  • My cat, Dexter LOVES this. Now everytime I pull out my lap top he gets excited and comes running to watch the birds. He bats at the screen with his paw. 🙂

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