Wind Cancer, Dumps, and Babies: Songify the News #18

Wind Cancer, Dumps, and Babies: Songify the News #18

This, is a picture of Aquaman. Tontons, Mr. President! This is a beloved species. Okay, i’m a little lost, but I like the
direction you’re going in so let’s just do key of Dm…and…go! This is Ronald reagan of course Riding on a dinosaur A rocket launcher, a machine gun, Unmistakable patriotism Reagan is super strapped Holding up a tattered American flag This is the real solution to climate change: Babies. American babies They’ll fix our problems American babies, babieees
American babies So we don’t have to solve ‘em
American babies, babieeees The real solution to climate change is:
Fall in love and make some frickin’ babies My aspiration
American babies, babies Is population
American babies, babies x2 Wind I know a lot about wind, wind’s not
so good. No, it doesn’t blow, you can forget about
television windmills, the noise causes cancer, kills all the people windmills, just like a graveyard, they wipe out the bald eagles wind cancer, rahr rahr
wind cancer, rahr rahr Do they call cancer just give us an answer The science tells us no. Julian Assange said there would be a, quote, massive dump Said there would be a massive dump So Mr. Trump Was aware of the upcoming dump? Yes. Though, sir, I don’t know whether he knew What the substance of the dump was Only that there was going to be a dump On speakerphone? Yes. And he was aware of that before the dump occurred? Yessir. Going to be a dump a massive dump a massive dump
quote, massive dump, a dump I am ashamed that I chose to take part in
the cover-up The cover-up of the dump
A massive dump A massive dump
quote massive dump A dump! I pray the country doesn’t see the dump I did many times How many times? 50 times? More. 100 times? More. 200 times? More. 500 times? Probably. It is painful to admit
And so I lied about it Massive dumpWas that disruptive?Was that disruptive? I know that you mean no disrespect But 10 years now for current events We’re like Oprah out here giving out bops Hit that horn and bring the dropHow much louder do you want it More 10 times More 25 times More 16,000 times More American babies A massive dump American babies, babies Wind cancer, massive dump wind cancer, rahr rahr American babies riding on a dinosaur rahr rahr, american babies Sharks with fricking lasers on their heads I would like apologize to all my ancestors who are ghosts watching right now for this display of dumbitude. Come be a part of the SCHMO FAMILY by joining the channel! and getting all the tracks and goodies! and happy 10 year auto-tune-i-versary! auto-tune the news SONGIFY THE NEWS everything sounds better in perfect tune


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