Will This Unpredictable Couple Break Up After This Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Will This Unpredictable Couple Break Up After This Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

What the (beep) is that? Do you know what it means? On this episode of
How Far is Tattoo Far? Cory and his girlfriend, Anne try to fix
their relationship with tattoos. Things between them are serious. How long have
we been dating now? A year and a half.
-Yeah. We have like our own
little family. You all have one together?
-We do. Yes.
-And then you? I have two from a previous
relationship. Two? And both his exes
are bat (beep). Two exes?
-Yeah. So you have three baby mommas? Yes. But things can be very rocky. Wait, so why don’t you guys
live together? We break up pretty much
every single day. Wait, what?
-Are you kidding? We’re both hard headed and we both don’t want to admit
when we’re wrong, but it’s like we both love
the (beep) out of each other. When it comes to marriage, they’re on entirely
different pages. And we’re not talking about
getting married anytime soon? Not right now, no. We’re moving
slowly towards that. We’re making moves- But when he says slow, like, we’re really moving slow,
like a turtle. Well, it’s time for these
who to get tattoos. Oh my (beep) God. This (beep) sucks. Dude, I can’t take this anymore. I literally want to take
a tattoo needle too his (beep). Ooh.
-Damn! All right, brother.
We are done. Let’s see what this
unpredictable couple has permanently
put on each other. Hey, babe. Hi.
-Oh God. I might still hate you. I have no idea what
the (beep) is on my leg. I think you’re (beep)- Yeah, me too. But there’s only one way
to find out, come on up. I’m going behind you. No, I’m pregnant. Dude, my heart is beating
out of my chest. I’m scared. You should be. Cory, shut up, because
I’ll punch you in the face. This bitch about
to you (beep) up. No doubt. He already (beep) you up though.
You have to live with this giant (beep)
tattoo on your leg. That’s all right, I’ll get,
RIP Cory next to it after I kill him. What the (beep) is that? I don’t even know what
that means. Do I make you sick? No.
-What do you mean, no?
00:02:22,576 –>00:02:22,175
You don’t- You have somebody
about to vomit on my leg. It’s a roller coaster. Okay. We have a lot of ups and downs. You’re kind of like
a roller coaster. Anybody who sees this, what would you think
somebody else would think? You make him sick? Yes or no?
Is that how you would see it? Because that’s how I see it.
Like you’re stupid. Sick of the child-like tantrums. I want a happy relationship
and that was it. At least they nailed
your stupid face. You still haven’t seen yours
though. So… That is a fact. All right, well there’s
only one thing to do. Switch her up.
Run away. Oh God.
-You know the drill. Good luck. Not until we tell you. All right Corey,
how are you feeling? Nervous as (beep). What the (beep) is that? Do you know what it means? Lucky three is me.
Third child’s mother. The better one and why the other
two are in the shadows. What’s with the rings?
What are you trying to say? I feel like you’re literally
dragging your feet. So today is like an ultimatum. For what? I think it’s time to tell
the full reason of the tattoo. I’m trying to tell you
that I love you. I know you care,
but I feel like at the same time you’re taking way
too long to prove that. So I take the initiative. What the (beep)? And it’s serious,
because you took your time and I feel like
we don’t need to be traditional. Oh, what the (beep)? I’m dead. No. We literally did everything else
a different way. So are you going to answer?
Just leave me down here? Honey.
-This is embarrassing. No, no, no.
You are freaking nuts. You are absolutely crazy. I feel like you shouldn’t act
like a child anymore. Okay. Now, I’m dead ass.
Your tantrum’s got to stop, but I love the (beep)
out of you. I love you. Of course I would marry you. I would marry you
in a heart beat. And I’m sorry if you feel
I’m dragging my feet. Oh my God. Yeah.
Wait, kiss. Kiss. Oh my God, I just killed you. It’s been a few months, are Cory
and Anne still together? I don’t act like a raging
psycho anymore and we moved in together. Being proposed to on the show was definitely humiliating
on my end. Takes your balls away.


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