100 thoughts on “Will Texas become a blue state?”

  • The do-nothing Dems aren't going to like it when most Hispanic Americans vote for President Trump. Also, the Dems have abandoned DACA, which doesn't bode will for them. Remember when Trump gave DACA recipients a sweetheart deal, but the Dems completely rejected it?

  • GOT A NEWS FLASH FOR ANY AND ALL ,, anything is possible , let's be honest , nothing in life is guaranteed , but keep in mind , only until our last round is let loose , and the last drop of blood left is given could this ever happen ! TEXANS WILL ALWAYS STAND AND DELIVER IRREGARDLESS OF OUR ODDS .

  • Trump recently rescued the S Carolina (wasn't that the state?) guy who was foundering and floundering, proving again that Trump can rescue Pubs, and not vice versa. The entire concept of party affiliation is now working in reverse. We hold RINOs accountable, and we demand that Republicans turn into Trumpicans.
    Ya know – actual pro life pro business pro promise keeping pro America, instead of the weak dicked spineless panderers they have been since 1988.

  • Ricky DJ Moore II says:

    Texas is turning Blue. Too many GD California transplants moving here for the better economy, but continuing to vote Dem!

  • The title of this video, like the falsified impeachment poll done by FOX, serves its purpose, which is a much higher purpose than the mouth whores at FOX can understand.
    It makes traitors complacent.
    It make patriots energized with rage.

  • With the amount of dumbass millennials fleeing California in search for affordable housing they have been forced to absorb, maybe. It’s same reason Floridians don’t like all them rich Snowbirds from the Eastern Seaboard retiring in Florida. These people wanna relocate to these beautiful, affordable, traditional conservative states but, wanna bring the same liberal 🐎💩 they are fleeing with them.

  • Because FOX lies as much as trump,people showed up, to be on tv,wake up good people,fox lies.the 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥😡🤨🤔

  • PoliticallyIncorrectThrowaway Account says:

    Yep, most estimates place it flipping sometime between 2024-2028 and when that happens you can kiss America goodbye. We can't live with the left, we can't teach the left, and soon we won't be able to outvote the left. Thanks boomers.

  • Anyway weather you like President Trump's personality or not, but America need a strong and capable President, not a President who can speak beautiful words, but cannot do any right thing !

  • Margrit Kaminsky says:

    How many more concoctions, how much more incoherence and rambling does the president have to let loose before people see through him? Lara, I ask you?

  • If you still, after all this time, haven't woken up to what is obvious to the rest of the country, that Trump is Putin's stooge. then you should be ashamed. You won't be allowed to forget it later.

  • Wow 200,000 people to see President Trump in Dallas. And some people still don't get it. He is fighting for the American people ! And corrupt politicians hate him because he is stopping their Gravy Train. History shows Democrats started as slave owners during the civil war. That's a fact!

  • There's nothing Demonrats could do. The die is cast, Trump will win the 2020 elections. Believe it or not, he's God's anointed.

  • Prayers are being answer Trump is marching onward to 2020. Will Satan give the Demon-Crats one more plot to use against Trump.

  • Kittelizer Laurelott says:

    One of, if not the main reason people are leaving Ca is because of democrats. So if the population in Texas expands from cals moving there, thats only going to increase the percentage of red voters.

  • As a Mexican American born in Dallas, Texas I can assure you most Latinos will NOT vote Republican lol. This thought is so out of touch with the actual community. Even old conservative Hispanics have had enough with Trump. You'll see in the 2020 elections Fox news. Latinos watch Univision anyhow.

  • I live in Texas and have my entire life. I've never followed politics as closely as I have this time. I voted for Trump in 2016 and will do so again UNLESS he goes up against Andrew Yang. Yang is the only one I would support over Trump.
    I'd also like to comment, it blows my mind that people support Beto especially Texans. How did he get elected at all…

  • Warren McNamara says:

    Bless ya Trump even with governor Blowhole here in NY charge I see all businesses begging for help no one can tell me your not helping America,NY would be even much better if we can get out from under Blowhole and his cronies.

  • Texas and California are a microcosm of Western civilization. Friendly, well meaning folks inviting in people who do not care about you or your way of life just so you can get a temporary bump in GDP. Sad!

  • NO, over my dead red state Texas body. Keep Texas RED! And stop moving here from California and elsewhere with your liberal politics polluting Houston Austin and Dallas! What an idiot, Come and Take It has NOTHING to do with the Alamo. READ YOUR TEXAS HISTORY. Fools. And f you Fox News for putting that out there "will Texas become a blue state."

  • Turn blue Hell No!!! People left California to get away from those high Taxes and the jacked up policies of the Democratic party. Trump 2020

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation says:

    Donald Trump is the finest U.S. President the world has ever known, Making America Great Again! Thank you President Trump. Keep fighting the good fight! Good Job!!!

  • The socialist scum has turned CA into a s-hole over the past 30-40 years and now they're looking to bring their plague to TX. Don't let it happen Texas!

  • It is not just media jargon regarding hispanic voting patterns. The statistics are clear. Over 20% of the voting group would have to shift to achieve 50/50. Currently immigrants vote 70% democratic, it has been consistent. Texas may be better than other states but recent immigrants are probably higher, democrat voters, than those who have been here and income etc will have an impact. To reference your own anecdotal evidence to counter actual voting statistics is sad and means the republicans have no answer. Or at least no answer they wish to disclose. Face reality and make a plan, you can see the democrat plan and it is working.

  • Just let President Trump keep America strong. Then people can stay home and be safe in America, and able to withstand any threat from outside. Charity begins at home, and America has earned its place in the Sun. No more losing America's valuable young people to deadly conflicts somewhere else.

  • I'd be willing to bet the influx of Californians are likely running away from the democratic policies that are ruining that state…so maybe they might be moderate/independent, or just republican.

  • I think Trump is my favoritre superhero. He is like those police and fire that save lives and make the news. Go Trump. wipe out the swamp!!! you have my vote!!!

  • It is a myth – you would be surprised how many Latinos are for Trump in Texas… and they hate Beto. It's white people that like him… crazy emotional white people. Hispanics call him the pretender.

  • With NON-STOP migration – legal or illegal – from the 3rd world, EVERY state will be blue. The US is soon to be a one-party democrat nation, and Trump (after his next term) will be the last Republican president, and all conservative values will be subsumed by the left.

  • "The heartland is real America, everywhere else is just nancyboy coastal elites"

    this is what flyover states tell themselves to feel better…while watching fox news…which is headquartered in * checks notes * New York City

  • I spent 10 years in Texas……loved it! I was hoping to go to this rally. Here’s the thing….I started talking about the Dems taking Texas Blue in 2013. You can find all sorts of articles where they openly laid out their plans. They are executing on it……trust me. Unfortunately, Texas will go blue and then it is over. The reason, APATHY! Plus the dems have an election rigging system perfected and they control the minds of kids through the universities. When Americans understand that the Dems are not a party, but rather political oppressors, the political landscape will change. Unfortunately, I am not holding out hope for that.

  • People who move here from California may vote Republican but their kids vote democrat. The parents vote Republican but the kids they bring with them who have been schooled in California school districts don’t vote republican. If single men and women or if couples without kids voted here it wouldn’t be an issue. I had neighbors who moved here from Michigan and they were Christians but they were liberal as hell. Makes no sense.

  • Virginia, Colorado and Arizona used to be solid red and are now purple or turning blue. Texas is next on the list but maybe not in 2020. The Trump party is limited to an aging white population. Time and demographics will do the rest.

  • Texas should’ve seceded decades ago. We fight Americas wars. We give you oil. We give you beef. We give you jobs and you come here and vote against the party we’ve been voting for to succeed. None of our success has come from the democrats in Texas.

  • Hispanics are more informed and intelligent than many people on the left realize. Hispanics respect hard work, family values, morality, and freedom…they will not vote for socialism. Many black people as well are tired of living on a political plantation that relies on keeping the racism narrative shoved down their throats.

  • I didn't vote for Trump. After seeing the alternative socialist agenda of Democrats now, I will vote for him now to stop them.

  • With all due respect, those who label all Californians as blue loonies are quite mistaken.  2A is strong here in CA, we are just smothered by big city districting and their neoliberalism.  51st state = CA – (LA + SF)

  • I am an Australian and I am a student of politics. What I see happening in USA is worst then third world countries. Trump has sold USA for his personal gains. All these Fox news commentator love Trump then their own county. Jarred krushner, ivanka Trump they have no experience but they still serve as advisors. Corruption is rampant in Trump administration. I think either Trump will resign or forcefully taken out. He is destroying the image and respect of USA around the world.

  • The California influx to Texas is different from the California influx that destroyed Nevada. The Californians who have fled to Texas are refugees from the types of policies that have destroyed California and Nevada.

  • BLUE FUNGUS has come to Texas! Our long-time district Republican rep was voted out and an SJW anti-law-enforcement rep in who says he won't prosecute certain people under the law…STOP THE BLUE ROT!!

  • We should install another amendment making it law that all media both left or right cannot be more represented than others.. Media and news by equity not monopoly.. And all platforms being subject to inalienable rights hence first amendment.. No more blacklisting or shadow banning..

  • Hail Trump through Glorifying the Lord! AMEN!!! It's not far away when the Lord will stamp his fist on the corrupted Deep State. Like Kim Clement prohesised America will go down on their knees before all his plans have been accomplished for he is not impressed with all the evil that's going on. Trump 2020!

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    During his campaign Trump promised all of us he would become “Presidential”. “I’ll be so Presidential you’ll be bored “ he said. Yeah. Alright. With his twitter storms and attacks and insults on people, and his profanity, etc., etc, I haven’t seen it.

  • It seems inevitable because 40% of the population is Hispanic and will probably overtake whites in the coming decade. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Mexicans are actually socially conservative people. They vote for democrats because democrats make appeals to them and try to barter in exchange for votes. If republicans focus on outreach to Hispanics and try to be less xenophobic they could win a lot of those votes

  • AnarchoArchitect says:

    The data shows that Hispanics vote for the democrats 70-80% every single election, all the time. They also vote against guns, for immigration, for welfare, for everything big government. That is no joke.

  • If this was 30 years ago then YES it will be Blue…which was the Republican color. But now with the communists disinformation program red is blue, men are women and up is down. God save us from the violent leftists.

  • The other side of the influx of California in the Texas is there are fewer and fewer regress of liberals and California. That means that huge blue vote is going smaller and smaller while that read vote keeps growing and growing. So of Texas flips blue because in of california's move to Texas then California could flip Red.

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