Will 9/11 Hacking Bring Down Fox News?

Will 9/11 Hacking Bring Down Fox News?

this episode and beyond taxes brought to
you by t mobile now lives out there that if we well
speaking of justice and talk a little bit about foxnews about newscorp apparent
corporation about rupert murdoch and about uh… the interesting turn that life is taking
even since i was here on monday uh… we have a little clip to show up
just to give me a little bit about brown uh… as you remember we talked about
this on monday and i’m sure you’ve been following it uh… move newscorp employees rupert murdoch
employees were wiretapping and listening in on cell phones uh… uh… the royal family uh… frankly i
think that would be a boring job but they were doing it and uh… and uh…
parliamentary i guess members of parliament all sorts of people a
celebrity is all kinds certainly and then the story was kind of kicking
around for awhile uh… all of a sudden they came out that they have been a very
cruel thing in in eavesdropping on the cell phone of the missing girl who
turned out to be murdered and when herve messages filled up they deleted them cuz
they wanted to eavesdrop on more messages which led the girl’s parents
too thinks you might still be alive which
was extraordinarily cruel and that created the operation should have been
there all along uh… long story short two of his uh… senior editors have
been arrested including a former uh… press secretary for the prime
minister which i’m sure made a lot of pool reporters at the white house
jealous of their british counterparts and uh… selects camels getting bigger
and bigger uh… rupert murdoch uh… went to parliament to testify before a
committee and they have been a little bit of a development on the side of the
time to let’s go to the clip rumbles of discontent in washington
about whether news of the world’s style phone hacking has been happening here
are getting louder number of leading senators calling for a
proven possible news corporation misconduct especially allegations in one british
newspaper the river the mother of journalists trying to pry the policemen for the contact information all victims
of the september the eleventh attacks the concept that somebody would have
been trying to violate their privacy after they were dad i try to hack into their voicemails is
going to be outrageous and her testimony rackets in the u_s_ from a mobile
properties into the venerable wall street journal the tabloid new york post and the right wing fox news channel don newscorp today covering the scandal
has proved to challenge for fox especially on the daily news poll
conducted plans to buy all the britain’s main satellite t_v_ provider destroyed
beat this doesn’t mean pad and that’s that is corporal revisit the plan
sometime down the road but for now it’s been scrap cuomo’s archives and we’ll discuss that
with president clinton u_s_ citizen refusal politicians fear his media power
military support increases the chances of getting elected u_s_ politicians of both parties seemed
hesitant to speak out knowing that the middle class has a longer memory on the
left luzerne today that and on the right
where politicians regularly reference the september the eleventh attacks when
appearing on the republican supporting fox news channel i’m just arent watch
that scandal on phone acting out evolving i don’t know enough about it
for campaign groups the if murdoch’s journalists of course she seemed to get
the price you will pay in america completely normal it’s the always had been married and
political establishment will come down in history that if that turns out to be
true the feeling is what politicians do
sometimes on on much from capitol hill these days they will agree indian nations that have
phones of the victims of the nineteen eleven maritza for republican filtered houses
of washing yes they do regularly references
september eleventh of taxes kilbride instead that for rudy guiliani a sentence consists of
the amount of urban nine eleven so of course the reference e taxing nowhere
more so then on foxnews where are they routinely work
themselves up into a frenzy of self righteous rage over the notion that we wouldn’t be
willing to suspend all of our civil liberties starting of course and most especially
with muslims uh… because of what happened at nine
eleven uh… now it turns out that maybe
they’re owned company has begun worded desecrate the victims of nine eleven then anything anybody could do those who
know while they did in whipping up a anger or for that proposed uh… muslim community center near nine eleven
uh… turns out that uh… they haven’t honoring the victims of the fallen very
much at least as far as these reports would
suggest and if it were true i would think fox
news would be the first ones calling for an immediate investigation to exonerate
their organization and a parent corporation from any suggestion that
they would desecrate the memory of nine eleven by i doing circus act all those grades likes tablets laptops sticks add manuela hot spot
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100 thoughts on “Will 9/11 Hacking Bring Down Fox News?”

  • Genghis Khan Wei says:

    @CitrusLizard What are you talking about?? You're ranting here.. Major Crimes have been commited by News Corp, thats what this clip is about. I Understand you feel they did no wrong, And you know this because you work for News Corp. but Since News Corp's credibility is ZERO, Why do you feel your ranting on another subject that has nothing to do with this clip means squat? Stick to the subject matter, you sound crazy. LOL!

  • Liberals are just mad a FOX news because they exposed ACORN on how they robbed the elections from McCain and Palin.

  • brandnutopian says:

    @aidenmccloskey Perhaps his brood of illegitimate children stalk the internet ever vigilant for anything less than total reverence for Murdoch.

    More than likely though, it's just some moron who has learned his lesson well from Ailes & Co:

    Don't like the news, just censor it.

  • Stop trying to make me use my real name says:

    He bought our politicians, police and was trying to buy most of the media in the UK. I'm so happy he's being told to fuck off. Bring down Newscorp!

  • Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist Jew, Murdoch Mother is a Jew and Murdoch's Ancestors were Jews….

    100777. com/node/1577
    fpp.co. uk/online/02/05/Murdoch2.html
    rense. com/general60/stun.htm
    rense. com/general38/brits.htm
    hirhome. com/israel/mprot7.htm
    corporations. org/media
    tinyur l. com/FoxNewsLiesAndProgramsYourMind
    newscliptv. com/politics/3298.html , outfoxed. org

    vigilantcitizen. com/latestnews/ army-embeds-active-duty-psyops-soldiers-at-local-tv-stations
    vigilantcitizen. com/vigilantreport/ mind-control-theories-and-techniques-used-by-mass-media
    tinyur l. com/FoxNewsLiesAndProgramsYourMind
    newscliptv. com/politics/3298.html , outfoxed. org
    tarpley. net/2010/09/30/in-1932-fox-helped-make-propaganda-films-for-hitler
    discuss.epluribusmedia. net/content/stochastic-terrorism

  • Gawd I am loving this.
    I hope Murdoch uses this defense strategy in court. "Sheesh, are you guys still on about this? I've already apologized!"

  • @nagone11 The GOP is going to bring down Obama and the country by not raising the dept ceiling. Crush the economy and Obama will be history. This country will be ours and not more communist socialist Libterds will have the say, SOON libterds will do what we say.

  • We need to pray for Murdoch. He is human Jesus loves him and we know the Communist Socialist anti-American Nazi loving Libterds are setting this poor man up. Libterds are afraid Obama is going to get beat. Well that is not going to happen, the GOP will make sure Obama will be a 1 term president by crushing the economy by not raising the dept Ceiling. Libterds don't work anyway so this means NO WELFARE Checks or FOOD Stamps. PREY for FOX news Jesus is on our side,

  • @rocky19421 Jeff Dahmer and Ted funday Bundy were all American boys because they voted for America by voting Republican. That was more than any of you American Hating Libterds could do.

  • @nagone11 The deal is not done because Obama wants to tax the big corporations and the real americans who have wealth who work, and do not depend on socialist government handouts. The GOP will do whats right for us Real americans not raise the dept ceiling. ITs simple Crush the economy and that ends Obama.

  • @jezmundberserker Because their countries don't have as many members of patriot movements, nazis groups, sovereign citizens and klan supporters who would murder them for insulting their favorite source for reich wing extremism

  • @CitrusLizard "perhaps" hyperbolic no, really?

    Yea, they're so far to the left, by you know, playing the crazy shit people on the right say from beginning to end in context to let other people who aren't right wing fringers know how batshit crazy they are

    Oh the temerity of playing what someone said word for crazy crazy word, how leftist of them, they should be patriotic americans and pretend they didn't hear a potentional congressperson or senator say something racist bigoted or insane

  • @CitrusLizard Of course!

    They have assholes saying that Obama HAS to cut entitlements

    That gosh darnit he just has to make the poor pay for rich peoples tax cuts

    MSNBC had people call retardlickans out on the bush tax cuts a while ago

    When obama continued them they had shills saying it was "job creation tax cuts"


    You can't be a leftist if you parrot tea party economic bullshittery

  • Part 2
    Not all libs love msnbc
    When they have maddow chiding us for not bombing countries with brown people
    When they have deficit fanatics praising the virtues of killing the old, poor and sick to help the rich
    When they support the obama continuation of bush foreign policy
    I stopped watching when they fired keith,If the other choices are the "I like to get anally penetrated by republicans tea partiers and blue dogs" matthews and odonnel or cruise missile liberals like Maddow, then fuck em

  • @mortensen1961 Convert to Haruhiism

    She is the One True Goddess protecting this Earth from Espers, Data Overminds and Alien Invasions and the world shall disappear in the twinkling of an eye if she grows bored with us

  • @CitrusLizard I hate Msnbc because they're pushing the deficit hysteria and endorsing reaganomics just because bitch the bomber is president

    Their guests are left leaning? SERIOUSLY!?

    The people that go on the shows and get shouted down or talked over the entire show are "left leaning!?"

    Yea they might be on the left but if they try to get a word in edgewise their mics are pulled and they have to sit through being insulted and talked over

  • birthdaynick80 says:

    @PatriotTexas nope, they didn't go far enough on Bush Jr. in fact most of the major media pretty much supported Bush whether they were liberal owned or not… except closer to the end of his administration second round. The media didn't really question him much when he decided to fight a second war with a country that had nothing to do with the reason we went to war in the first place. Bush did what he wanted and little questions were raised and when they were it was usually scoffed at.

  • @birthdaynick80 FOX news exposed ACORN for what they had been doing. They cheated the elections nation wide. And of course Libterds had illegals and the dead people to vote as well. And by the way when we saw the large crowds at Obama rallies most were paid off to be there and the Libterd communist networks made the crowds look bigger.

  • birthdaynick80 says:

    @MegaELECTRICEYE the fake ppl were only in registered voters… when it comes down to voting, ppl vote in booth… one human goes in and casts a vote… ACORN has nothing to do with that… was your voting booth in an ACORN facility? or a public designated building?

  • @MegaELECTRICEYE R U Serious!!!­!!. Lol…Man what a Whack……
    The overwhelming power of the sex drive was demonstrated by the fact that someone was willing to father you.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @PatriotTexas Hey R e p u b l i T A R D! stop using our great nations flag for toilet paper. You f a g g o t y Texas conservaSCUM are all alike, r e t a r d s from b i r t h. No question you deserve D E A T H, and o n l y D E A T H. R e p u b l i f a a a a gs deserve a fair trial and then an execution. Your motto " Don't mess with Texas" My motto? I messed a l l over Texas and went back to SHIT ON IT'S STATE FLAG. I think that's only fair considering you shit on Old Glory for years.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @PatriotTexas T r a i t o r s like you will be hung by the neck until you are D e a d. And the best part? We'll make it a f a i t h based initiative. F a g g o t y Texans, I haven't met a man there that didn't fall after a fucking crow bar lands on the back of his head.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 1. The status report was if he was talking to Democrats, and what was going on in Detroit at the time. 2. No, it's not okay, that's a clear violation of making policy because you've been bought off. 3. I neither have unconditional support or opposition to President Obama, and he doesn't take direct calls from me regardless. 4. That's an ad hominem, and lends little to no credence to your argument. In fact, it gives more ammunition to me.

  • If Fox News did really hack into 9/11 victims, that is sick and disgusting!!! I may hate Fox News but I do not want them to go down like this! It is just disgusting!!!

  • RememberJudas314 says:

    @PainlessTragedy " . . . 911 was an inside job."
    Seriously? A news report on the misconduct of a news corporation and you just have to pipe up "Inside job! Inside job!"

  • brightasblackout says:

    @MegaELECTRICEYE No one has set up Murdoch. Murdoch has admitted and apologised for all that his group has been accused of. Many of his senior staff, executives and their contacts are in Police cells or on Police Bail as I type. They are near proven criminals. Regardless of whether or not he hacked 9/11 victims he has been proven to have hacked UK victims of terror. This is not a US political story it is a UK crime story.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 1. You've clearly misunderstood the contents of the video. 2. There is such a thing as "conflict of interest", I suggest you wikipedia it before making an idiot out of yourself further. 3. It is ad hominem, you brought up a strictly inflammatory position that lent no pertinence to our debate, other than to just shift the attention and ground away from your own ignorance. Do not mistaken chastisement for ad hominem, thank you.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 1. And therein lies your complete stupidity. The Democrats are asking to lift taxes on the wealthy, who employ them. Why would they do this? Because it will (100%, all experts not paid by Rupert lean this way) help our nation. 2. Making a decision SOLELY because someone lobbied for you, and not because you are doing it for the nation is a problem you twit. 3. The ad hominem made no reference, and you've yet to clearly define what the purpose of it was, just that -it was-.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Belit 1. So if they're paid off by the wealthy, and hate the wealthy, how are they doing the same things? A. They're not meeting the same requirements you just gave for the Koch brothers. 2. That would also mean raising taxes on themselves — pretty counter productive if you ask me. 3. The only one who shifts ground is you, which is why you bring up 20 years of church when it has no economic or political ties to this discussion — other than to of course, shift ground. 😉 You lose, get over it.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 1. Murdoch would also have to pay higher taxes, thusly not making it a conflict of interest. (Still kind of hard to believe you don't understand this concept.) 2. In what way has President Obama corrupted policy to foreward the expansion of the Church?

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 1. Then why say he was donating in the first place? You're saying it because you're trying to claim hypocrisy, when I'm saying the problem is conflict of interest, which you plainly refuse to refute. 2. Or, that President Obama might be an Atheist and afraid to say it because our country is strangely religious.

  • @Bellita1 That isn't an argument. What statements have they made that are hyperbolic and untrue? Until you provide an example, your words will remain a conservative rant with little grasp on reality. And, of course, this discussion will end.

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 Your disconnect from reality is astounding. I never said such nonsense, I said that there is. And listen closely, I'm going to go ahead and put this in caps since you seem too fucking sutpid to listen.


  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 Refute this point: Why is it that Democrats vote to lift taxes on the wealthy, who give them donations, whereas the Republicans create loopholes? Do you seriously not have the capacity to understand this?

  • SocialDissimulation says:

    @Bellita1 The vast majority? Absolutely. G E doesn't pay taxes because Republicans set the precedence to create tax havens. They then lowered taxes, and opened up TONS of loopholes during both Presidencies under the Bushes. Not so much the former, but certainly the latter. The thing about the wealthy is this: They are allowed to make whatever amount they would like, as long as it does not jeopardize our way of life. When they ship money + jobs overseas, this becomes a serious problem.

  • @imaginativelads Don't mess with Texas came from a recycling campaign, you know don't "mess" aka LITTER on texas

    Seriously, the phrase used by cowboy fuck the environment assholes came from a conservation/recycling campaign

    The phrase went from a twist on "reduce reuse recycle" to "we give the retarded and the innocent the death penalty, don't fuck with us or we'll kill you for no good reason"

  • imaginativelads says:

    @Bellita1 The Turks is based on exposing your ANTI-AMERICANISM and that's what you don't like about it. Now stop using our great nations flag for toilet paper. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! YOU SCUM BAG TRAITOR.

  • @Bellita1
    My salary like the other of hardworking people has been flat for decades, the richer meanwhile got their fortunes going up like climbing EVEREST, it is fact that during 8 years of Republican controlled congress before OBAMA the middle class shrunk and by some fu.king coincidence the rich class got wealthier beyond imagination, with a new class called the SUPERRICHES, so you are defending no tax for those people? It is fair ? What part of your brain is damaged, left or right?

  • VolatileReaction says:

    @TheENTERRAPTURE17 Stalin died in '53, Pol Pot in '98, Chairman Mao in '76. Immoral people die all the time. You're just plucking two that happen to be sixty-six years apart, but otherwise have nothing to do with one another. Your pathetic attempt at numerology is laughable.

  • @imaginativelads That's the conservative motto isn't it?

    "If you don't agree with me, you hate America."

    Because, you know, it's not like America was founded on the idea of intellectual descent or anything, it was under god right?

  • imaginativelads says:

    @Derekrife Apparently you are ignorant of the fact that liberals were late in the propaganda game. There are no rules anymore, and it's all about destroying your enemy c o m p l e t e l y and u t t e r l y by a n y m e a n s neccessary. If I have to use patriotism and macarthyism then so be it, that's what people understand. YOU use reason and logic, see how far it gets you. I will continue with Machiavellianism and I don't personally care where it leads, why should I? they don't.

  • Preterist1951 says:

    Too bad the "fair and balanced" "Faux News", a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp, doesn't like Ron Paul. Old Rupert and his EMPIRE is taking some heat over in England right now. What his empire did over in England is protected here in the U.S.A. through the Patriot Act. So I suppose he and his "Faux News" will not be investigated here for similar charges. While all this is going on in England, "Faux News" is obsessed with Casey Anthony. They'll continue degrading Ron Paul

  • @preterist1972 patriot act grants those powers in the name of homeland security what legal team will be able to construe it as such?

  • @imaginativelads I think it's hilarious that you can claim to be smart and yet denounce logic and reason as ineffective.

  • Todd Knudtson says:

    @CircusOfBedlam We have already seen one death. Let me share a long standing TRUTH. “They always burry their TOOLS”. As seen in the Pirates Creed of old,,, “Dead men tell no tales”. FACT: Fox News led America into war by championing the Bush/Cheney agendas. Rupert admitted to this in his answers to Charley Rose in the Davos, Switzerland interview. Let a few more News Corp. employees mysteriously die, AND THEN watch as willing witnesses come forward. Knute

  • I know that many of you are delirious with joy about Newscorp's troubles. But, if you desire the demise of Newscorp because of its political leanings, then you are simply fascists of the Left, who cannot abide voices that dissent from your own. Whatever happened to journalistic neutrality, freedom of speech & thought, public debate, and the marketplace of ideas? It is sad how so many today who think of themselves as Liberals (excuse me, "Progressives") are simply Marxist ideologues.

  • Carsten Idland says:

    Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  • @1234dpeck

    The news corp scandal bring down TYT? "Oh and stop gloating cenk" Your and idiot did you not even watch the video for 5 seconds to realize Cenk is not even in the video!?

    I know your a dirty troll but a troll causes controversy, You could not have failed any harder than that jeez, thats a fox news viewer for you.

  • @Bellita1 I don't hate the rich , i have rich friends and i know some billionares, my point is that if they made so much why not give back a little bit in order to make the lives of others better, i am not communist or socialist but why some guy who made 500 million dollars in 2010 can not get to pay an extra taxes ? I know guy he has several homes, one in BOCA RATON a HEDGE FUND manager don't think he cares about paying an extra million , won't make him poor or else.
    Why you care about him?

  • @Bledar11 Fox News is the only major news organization that consistently tries to present both sides of the political spectrum. I know your type – you hate everyone who has a conservative viewpoint and want to shut them out. Your hatred and arrogant disdain for people who don't agree with you are what is evil!

  • "Will 9/11 Hacking Bring Down Fox News?" No, because Murdoch is rich and can pay anyone he wants to defend him and let this story fade away. I hope I am wrong but chances are I am not.

  • @Bledar11 Fox News has Liberal guests everyday and regular appearances by Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Bob Beckels and others. Fox does play to the large segment of America that is traditionalist, which is why its ratings are so good -they are simply meeting the demand of the market. And Fox does no more breeding (not breading!) of fear & hatred than Left-wing outlets like MSNBC or Media Matters. The problem with today's climate is that both sides have way too much fear & hatred of the other.

  • @imaginativelads FNC has only been "discreditted" as right-wing in the minds of brainwashed left-wingers, most of whom have either never watched it, or, if they do, lack the ability to view it objectively because they have been conditioned to focus only on certain aspects of it. Bill O'Reilly, for one, welcomes a greater variety of viewpoints than any news outlet that you watch. I once believed that those on the Right were brainwashed, but discovered in 1982 that the opposite was true for me.

  • @politico92 You only speak the way you do because you have been brainwashed to believe that there is only one "intelligent" way to look at things. I know this because I was once the same until God opened my eyes in 1982. If you could view FNC objectively you would see that it actually presents a better variety of viewpoints than any news outlet that you watch. We need differing viewpoints & balance, like Jesus, who spoke like a Conservative and acted like a Liberal (but not like a Marxist).

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er You're a lost cause, I myself am a deist, but your a whackaloon fundamentalist. Our founding fathers would have spit on you, traitor. Keep using our great nations flag for toilet paper, your trial is coming and it won't turn out well for you.

  • @imaginativelads Your response is typical for a brainwashed person. No dealing with the issues, just personal attacks & name-calling. And I am not the one who has a trial coming because my sins have already been forgiven by God. You are the one for whom it will not turn out well unless you acknowledge the God who is keeping you alive this very moment and listen to Him.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er And your response to my response is typical too. You can run from justice, but eventually it will find you, traitor. You will be punished for spitting on our troops and using our great naitons flag for toilet paper.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er Your support of Rupert Murdoch and his phone hacking carries with it a death sentence, oh you will have a fair trial by our government, but TREASON and the support of TREASON is punishable by DEATH! We've had it with you and we WANT YOU OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! DEATH TO ALL TRAITORS!!!

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er The only drug I'm hooked on is the USA!!! You're drug of choice is the hardest to quit,, and that drug is stupid. Sorry, but AA doesn't treat that.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er The question is, when did you stop loving American and begin hating with all your heart? Filthy traitors like you will be tried in a court of law and hung.

  • @imaginativelads You need to read what I said a little more carefully. I never defended Rupert Murdoch or phone hacking. If they did wrong, then they should pay the price. But the same standard must be applied to other media people too. It is wrong to single them out because of their politics. My point was that those who are celebrating this scandal and want to destroy Newscorp are wrong because we need media outlets that reflect more than one perspective. This is a fascist attitude.

  • I've had it with you brainwashed Fox-haters. You can't see that you are the ones who have only been taught what to think, not how to think. The greatest irony of the modern world is that those on the Left are the ones doing what they accuse those on the other side of doing much more than those on the other side! Only God can open your eyes and I pray that He does so for many of you before it's too late.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er NO! NO! NO! NO! ONLY ONE MEDIA OUTLET IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CRIME. Are you too stupid to understand that FOX is responsible and that NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLET did this? Tell me HOW pointing out their misdeads is wrong? Did MSNBC do this? NO!!! Now what part of that don't you get? If a friend of yours goes to jail for shooting someone you love, you would blame the neighbor too, right? I'm using your logic and beating you like a red headed step child with it. SHOW ME WHERE I'M WRONG!

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er I've had with YOU and your CULT OF INSANITY. Scum like you hate our great nation! and you must pay for your treason, DEARLY! God is not on your side, and he will punish you severely for your crimes against our country!

  • @imaginativelads I would continue this discussion with you, but you are incapable of looking at things objectively because of your hatred of Fox. You need to ask yourself why you hate FNC so much. Do you really think that the media outlets that you like are not doing similar things?

  • @imaginativelads Me thinks thou dost protest too much! The reason you hate FNC and me so much is that, deep down inside, you know that there is truth in what we believe and you can't handle the truth! You are the hater, not me.

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er Lying won't help you I've already won and your blatant anti-Americanism is writ large for the good folks out there to see on youtube. America will defeat you and your evil. That lady in the harbor has fought and won against greater enemies than evil scum like you and with God on OUR SIDE who can be against us? Filthy, traitors like you will always lose and you know how I know that? Because God said it!

  • imaginativelads says:

    @cda76er You know that we're right because God is on our side, otherwise you wouldn't be so hateful and ant-American. We're winning and your frustrated because God chose us and he didn't chose you. It's not too late to ask his forgiveness, but unfortunately your wicked heart has blinded you and you will not see.

  • FactChecking101 says:


    More liberal attacks on Fox because they don't like being exposed. This scandal had NOTHING to do with Fox. In fact, so far as we know at this point, it had NOTHING to do with Murdoch.

  • Joeybagadounuts08 says:

    Without FOX, how will I know who and where the terrorists are? How will I decide who to vote on? America will be lost…

  • Stacey Arnold says:

    "Will the 9/11 hacking bring down Fox News"?

    One can only hope the victim's families will reap justice and News Corp will dissipate into an inherent tail spin.

  • its not about who we don't like its about taking down the corrupt. fox news is a lying corporation that will do anything for a story even if its not true and those who don't agree they will put on the spot. they use black mail to to make those they want do what they want.

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