Wild Wild Country: What happened to Sheela?  BBC Stories

Wild Wild Country: What happened to Sheela? BBC Stories

Like everyone else who has
seen Wild Wild Country, I was intrigued by the fearless Sheela. I have served 39 months in prison, and that should be enough. This is Bhagwan Rajneesh, a popular Indian guru who ran a commune
in Oregon in the early 1980s. Fifteen thousand dedicated followers gave away
their wealth to build a city for him. THE STORY TOLD IN A
NETFLIX SERIES (award winning?) A Netflix documentary reveals the secrets of
the Bhagwan and his personal secretary. Ma Anand Sheela was the mastermind
behind the guru’s success. And I wondered if she had changed? Was she happy? Does she have any regrets? Does she have any regrets? Sheela invited me to her home… and I found out. Bhagwan had a good carrot, in front of his people: in front of his people: Meditation and enlightenment. Oregon Historical Society When he had enough, or when he wanted
to help me with finances, so my work becomes a little easier, he dangled the carrot of enlightenment, he declared a few people enlightened. It was a hoax? In that sense, yes. But these were the ‘sane’ people who
ran after this hoax. So don’t just blame Bhagwan, blame the ‘sane’ people. I was never interested in his
power and his position. What were you interested in Sheela? Bhagwan. My love for him. No other reason. And sex was never an issue between us. I had enough lovers of my own. After years as his closest confidante, the inseparable Bhagwan and Sheela fell out. Bhagwan accused her of being the
mastermind behind a series of crimes. Sheela, a former secretary of the Bhagwan Rajneesh,
faces charges of fraud and attempted murder in Oregon. My only question to her was: ‘Why?’ You know they were innocent people, I mean why? I don’t want to discuss, for only one reason, I have served 39 months in prison, and that should be enough. People can not punish me for the rest of my life. But the mentality of the people, they only
want to go on, on scandals. Because their lives are full of scandals. Do you think it was a scandal? Well Bhagwan created enough scandal. I am courageous enough
to say that. I even told him
to his face. Whoever wants to accuse me,
I have done no criminal act. I look in your eyes and I say
it with conviction, the same conviction how I had
loved Bhagwan. The saddest moment of my life was when I heard that Bhagwan gave in to his
anger so badly against me. There is no logic.
And you want logical answers? It can not happen. And you have all made up your
mind that Rajneeshees were wrong… No, I’m asking you. Well I’m telling you but you’re not ready
to accept my answer. Better to leave the theme here. Over two decades on Sheela lives in Switzerland, but has she found her peace? where she manages two care homes. I live a simple life, because what I have, the experience under my belt, no other woman can say that they
have such experience. I enjoy working, I enjoy being with people. There is nothing different. There I was working with
certified sane people, here I work with
certified sick people. People are the same, people’s
being is the same. When existence and nature has so much trust in me,
people can say what they want to. Regardless of what people think of her it’s really hard to know who the real Sheela is. Thirty years ago this woman was found guilty of poisoning people. I don’t regret, I will never regret. She says she has no regrets, but is this new life Sheela’s way
of redeeming herself?


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  • This interview offers nothing new (beyond Wild Wild Country). It’s quite ridiculous for bbc to have commissioned this. It seems the only reason was to get some drama from Sheela, basically torment her. Pathetic.

  • I have a lot of respect for her. She stood up to bigotry fought for the poor people. Tried to follow the rules but the good ole boy system broke their own rules to try to sabotage their way of life. Than she took her time 20 year sentence and didn’t cry didn’t point the finger and held her head high. Much much respect for her.

  • As an Indian, I know these God gurus, nothing but scam artish who swindle money out of people. I am glad that USA have put their ass in jail.. In India, these people buy their way out…Stupid Sheila, get real…

  • wrong she crazy and try killed a whole town cuz they woulnt vote for he man . Yea she crazy should have got life in prison cuz she sounds like she do it again… IF she done this in her own country they would have killed her

  • Dear people, if you indulge in a lifestyle of promiscuity and so-called equality, you will destroy your relationships and your spirit, and become full of miserableness.

  • They left for her only one of the many Swedish bank accounts (she & he had) after serving for 39 m.
    Guantanamo also changed the mind of many ?⏳

  • That fake guru and his stupid followers ….. nothing has to with Hinduism….. if you believe donkey is horse its up to you….

  • Mohammadin Ansari says:

    Bhagwan is angry it is impossible. Sheela is not capable to understand bhagwan. She has done enough harm to the humanity. In fact we are unfortunate to miss bhagwan. There is no alternative to bhagwan vision.

  • Mary Moses Art says:

    Tsk tsk she’s no different than the cult we call, ‘christianity’. Modern Christians are all talk & no walk. Even tho their Christ commands the body is the temple & gluttony a sin, most Christians feed their bodies & their children’s bodies ‘poison’ by stuffing their pie holes with McDonald’s & drinking cokes full of poisonous sugar & caffeine. Yes, it’s a slower death parents & schools impose upon children but it’s no different than what she did, it was just quicker. At least Jesus knew that most people are already dead (let the dead bury the dead) & that many are like swine. Jesus even talked about killing people who had no conscience (any tree/human who bears no fruit/conscience should be cut down/killed & thrown in the fire). Take the plank out of your own eye before you point out the speck in hers. Jesus tells us to actually hate everyone who doesn’t follow the way, truth & life (if you do not HATE your mother, father, brother, even your own life, you are no disciple of mine).

  • I hate all Indian gurus who are spreading nothing but their own selfish version of Sanatan dharma. The hinduism is degraded already by panda pandits in India. These intellectually rich people are just befooling people of west. Stay safe from Indian gurus.

  • Devils Advocate says:

    NO friends and no family, jsut your ego that drives your crazy and makes you hate others because you think you are superior. Shame

  • 2 things I know: 1- she's hiding facts 2- she's a liar (hiding facts and lying are not the same). Anybody who trusts her is a big fool.

  • Sheela today looks like a ghost. Even ghosts would be scared and run away from her ugly face. She is a crazy woman.

  • She feels guilty and sad for what she did and for losing her opportunity to have genuine peace.. and unfortunately she doesn't recognize this even to herself… she was one of the luckiest women on the planet and she missed her luck just for her ego, ego which anyways dies at the same time with the body. Hope she'll leave her old ways and go meeting herself until she is not too senile to be able to do it.

  • chappan tikli says:

    sheela is getting paid to speak crap about rajneesh . obviously no source of income she has stoop so low such a fraud she is.

  • Mahvash Bukhari says:

    My baby Indian gudda reading my book 'Take back your life – Recovering from cults and abusive relationships – Janja Lailach and Madeline Tobias'…Incl Family cults…!!!…His swans fan and small dog ?…My family and other ppl have been crazy too!…Concussion to my head!

  • I’m Indian.She scares me. She might have been used and exploited. But she is equally as culpable.
    Stop accusing people . You took advantage of them. And what you are saying doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Quinn Eschenbach says:

    39 month in prison for the 2nd biggest bioweapon attack on us soil not bad!
    Kids with weed got more than that

  • osho was greatest being who was far ahead of his times.. all this was hatched by Ronald reign government to prevent osho from destroying established religions.
    osho world will recognise you one day.

    My master I bow to thee

  • this woman is a complete opposite of the ideology conveyed by Osho…sad she is being given attention the same amount of the evils she practised.

  • Francisco Fernandes says:

    Osho is one of the most deceptive person in the world. Ma sheela was a part of this scandal. Anyways it was fun what osho says and does

  • With this attitude. If she wanted anyone dead, that person wouldn't be alive. Don't ever think having 2 nurses home and taking care of sick people is the way of her to redeem what she has done. That's the delusion if you think she regrets of what she has done. She loves being responsible, she loves to guide, to be in charge. As she mentioned sane people and sick people, all same people. So she is doing what she does is because that is what she love to do but not because of regret/pay back/or kind heart or what so ever. It is just they way she is. And yet, she told you that, if you are not ready or not open for an answer then your question is not valid.

  • Bhagwan??? Stop spreading fake Indian teachings!!! Osho was just an Athiest if you read his books and follow his speeches! Its was his logic not that of Sanatan DHARMA?????

  • cranberry411 says:

    39 months for all that what the fuck is this world coming to. I know it was over 30 years ago but damn how is it possible she only got 39 months for that food poisoning and gun running.

  • Gujju and despite having been married to 4 odd Americans hadn’t lost her hard Indian accent!! She sounds more like Apu in Simpson’s

  • She find the right way to spend the life without do any work????such a fraud. And finally one ☝️ thing she was willingly took part on gangbang

  • well lets think like this a multi million cult wholly administrated and operated by Shiela single handedly and she was incharge of everything and the great baghwan was tripping his balls off 24/7 and only 3 things the baghwan liked most were getting super high, riding RR and having sex with different devotees as he liked. later when baghwan found that this cult has gone beyond his expectations and found that the person whom he have choose as as incharge has already done some felony and baghwan wants his cult free from American law system as far he can enjoy 3 things he liked most, so baghwan try to replace Shiela and rest u guys know what had happened. just simple thought, observation or perception whatever you call.

  • Sleeping with a ugly ass guru. that too in the 80’s.. white people a re a delusional bunch.. and gurus and godmen from india take good advantage of them..

  • She wasn't mastermind of his success. She was the reason of him being misinterpreted by the world. She was may be is a aggressive narcissist or psychopath.

  • Biljana Radivojević says:

    Her voice only quivered when she said how she spent 36 months in prison. She can only feel emotion for her own ass. Typical narcissistic idiot, really, nothing special.

  • Patico Abarca says:

    I want to know where Bagwan was when they were building the commune in Oregon . And yes she has one reason stupid people who believe and give glory to another human.

  • She had always been a diplomat,
    Even today.
    No signs of spritual growth and love that she talks about in every interview.

  • Westerners media and westerners are the same, they don’t want the truth, they want excitement, that’s their food, they can’t live without its

  • She feels hard done by for only serving only 39 months for murder?! Why not a real sentence??
    What idiot hires a mass murderer to run care homes??

  • This women is amazing, Sheila in her younger days was fucking bad ass and if he stuck with her he would have been better off. I hope I get to meet her one day, amazing women. I don’t think she we was crazy, she was just In love

  • Enlightenment is about oneself
    Knowing about the self
    Everybody is traveling through a path of good and bad faces of their own

  • Osho Mostly remained in silence He never used to check what is going on in his commune.. Sheela had all powers and missused it.

  • She built up an Utopia and then destroyed that same Utopia, she did the same with Bhagwan. I am not a follower of Bhagwan, but do think she destroyed him and his movement with her narcissistic, psycho shenanigans. He was punished for her crimes, she claims to have loved him?! No she wanted to be him, she wanted his power, pure and simple.

  • She is a literally bio terrorist, child sex facilitator, manipulator, and who knows what else. She should be in jail for life. The furthest thing from an enlightened selfless person.

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