Wild Spring Break In Miami!

Wild Spring Break In Miami!

– Are you filming? – I’m filming! – I don’t even know how to start this video! – What up villains? – Welcome to another video! – We’re here back, in South Beach! – Seventh year in the row. – But I’m here for pleasure and work! – So I’m so thankful and blessed that I can do this guys. Thank you so much for you! But we’re back here! – Leo! What up, bro?
– What’s up guys? – Mph club always coming through with
the cars. Thank you guys so much! – You always hook me up. Right now we’re gonna pick up some girls for Vitaly Uncensored episode. – We’ve been in Miami less than two hours and we’re… we’re already rolling. Our friends Olivia, they’re still late getting haircuts and stuff. – I’m like, bro, you gotta go, but this weather is unbeatable like show them around bro, like… are you serious? – Palm trees… – Everything… Are you ready to do this? – Yo, I’m ready! – This is gonna be crazy. – Make sure you smash that thumbs up right now before you keep watching this video because this is about to be lit. – Oh, shit! You filming?
– Yo, I’m filming. – Oh my god! I’m so nervous right now.
– I’m nervous for you. – I, I’m…😭 I’m…😭 I’m…😭I am so nervous right now. I, I’m so nervous right now, like look at these two babes. – Oh, I’m gonna eat you alive!
– Look at this! What’s up? How are you?
– Hi! Muah… – Nice to see you!
– Hi! – This is my friend – Hi!
– Nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you! – What’s up? How are you? This is Leo! – Hi!
– Hi! Leo. – You guys ready to do this prank? – Yeah!
– Yeah, we’re gonna fuck some people up! – No, you’re gonna go to guys and ask ’em if they can eat your ass. – You guys are just gonna hold hands… like yeah we wanna get our ass eaten. – You gotta crawl in though. You gotta hop. Show me how you hop! – Hop! Hop! Hop! – Yo, you’re good, you can sit in the front Natalia! – OK! (Mumbling) – Aw, you’re so nice! – Yo, you ladies are ready or what?
– We’re ready! – Especially you’re ready!
– I’m ready! – You guys’re just horny.
– We are! – To find someone to really lick my ass.
– Really? – Leo! – You think you can handle two of these beautiful blonde asses?
– Dude, don’t get me started over with… like yeah, I… – We’re just getting started, spring break 2.0, you guys saw what happened last year. – All right guys, we’re back in South Beach! – The only thing changed this year is probably I made a little bit more money and my hair is the same. – Yeah! We’re back here, it’s paradise. I really want to move here. I talk about it every time. We got the two… – Wait! What? – Should we take our pants off? – I think you should kiss! – Aight! I wanna see their magic quick kiss. – Oh my gosh! – Oh that’s, that’s the juiciest kiss I’ve ever seen in my life.
– Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! – It’s a beginning of Bangbros guys. – To all the guys are watching right now, what would you say? What’s the best way to get a girl’s attention? – Just be like… super super into her, and I mean you gotta be hot though. – What about you? – I just want you to like… I actually like forward guys, like if you came up, and like touched my titties, I would be okay with that. – Really?
– Unless you’re really gross. – Oh, wow!
– I feel like I would be offended. – But if you’re hot, and you look good and you just, like really come up and tell me I’m hot like… – Confidence is key!
– You’re confident. – If you’re confident enough to come up to us… – Yeah! Yeah! – Basically what you’re trying to say you want a surprise sex. – Honestly? Yeah!
– If it’s big enough. – Yeah… – Yo guys, they’re into Mandinga. Are you into Mandinga? – Man… – Yo, I’m ready! Hell yeah! – I see, I see his cock down his knees. – I’m sorry guys! Yo, what’s up?
– How’re you doing man? – We’re just filming a prank, getting your ass eaten. – That’s a nice prank!
– Yeah! – That’s a great prank! – Yeah… Thank you! – You got glitter all over your face from earlier. – I love the glitter! – You’re ready! – While Superman is all exited, you guys aren’t. – What? Stop it!
– Yeah… – You guys aren’t even trying to eat our ass tonight. – Neah, usually the quiet guys are the most aggressive ones.
– They were shy. – So…
– Yeah..!? – I would be careful.. – Aight guys! See you!
– Thank you! – Yo! Just met some villains on the beach. – What’s up? Do you think you can her ass? Would you eat her ass? – For sure! Might gotta get into that. – Go ahead! – Bum! Oh shit! – Get on the floor! Fua.. – Oh my God! – Come on! – Oh she doesn’t hurt her back. – Oh my, oh my Go.. Oh my God! – This is pure pleasure! – Oh shit you got some more tricks? – Of course! – Aight, show ’em! Come on, show us what you got! – Oh! – Oh! We got a little tornado here. – Aight guys, if you’re really enjoying this video right now make sure you smash a big thumbs up. – And also if you think this is wild and crazy go check out vitalyuncensored.com right now, the link in description bellow. – This shit’s wild and crazy. They’re pretty much naked running around South Beach. – Wait, what did you say? – Are you gonna lick our ass before you fuck it? – Yeah! – We might be a little sweaty. – Give them a kiss on the cheek!
– Kiss on the cheek? – Kiss on the cheek. – And that one too, don’t leave one behind! – No ass is left behind! – You’re right! That’s right! – Wow, OK! – And one, and one for my (?) – Last dude that seen this ass, he got all kind of shit around his mouth. – There’s medicine for that bro. – Oouhh, maan! – Oh man! – She loves to be blacked. That’s her favorite thing to do. – Aa, see? – Aight, we’re fucking around bro. Have a good one!
– I’m from Miami! – You’re a cop? – Well not here. – Well why don’t you eat her ass? – Yeah!
– Show me that you’re a real cop! – Yeaah!
– Put your handcuffs on her, arrest her! – That sounds a little illegal, I don’t know. – It’s not illegal! – Oh, Come on! – This is dope, man..
– What’s up? You have age? How old are you? – Huh? I’m 22!
– 22? – Kiss her ass! We’re giving back. Kiss her ass! – Kiss her ass! – Kiss her ass too! – Her? – You can’t leave her behind. – Tonight pray to God! – Oh, yeah! I will! – Oh, you might be serious? – Yeah! – Dude, they are always looking for black cock. So..
– Yeah, let me know, 305.. – 305.. – My name’s D man! – Okay! – Just heads up. Herpes included, but it’s all good. It will all be treated. We’ve got the insurance medical covered. – Everything’s good. Thank you! – Dude..!? What!? Did you just recruited some.. – I just recruited somebody for a porno! – Back again like you never left. – We’re still skiing mostly. – And we’re still skiing, pulling up in style. What’s up guys? How are you? – Let’s get it! Eei! – Aight! Let’s go! – We always pull up in style!
– Vitaliy! – We always pull up..
-You gotta pull up up bro! Ready? – Yeah, let’s go!
– Let’s go Vitaly! Put it on! – Thank you! – Put it on brother!
– Wow, your shoulders are big! – His shoulders are big, I don’t know if it’s gonna fit. – This guy’s a piece of.. Ooh! Shit! – This was given to me by Drake’s dad. – Oh shit!
– Oh shit! – Oh shit! Oh shit ! Oh..!
– You’ve get that one on camera? – He just stopped a little pop out! – What? Almost? – Almost!
– Bro! – Icvan pump pooped in the elevator he goes: Moove! – I’m waiting at the elevator, go upstairs, get the battery charger and I hear somebody.. – He’s loud as fuck, if somebody comes up with the elevator on going, opens and he just goes like that. – Pushes me out the way and I turn around, and it has him staring at my face and he goes: Out! – About to go kick his ass! – Shit! – Just got back home from a crazy week in Miami, seven days of straight partying. I got five pranks done. – That’s right. If you’re watching this video right now, make sure you smash up big thumbs up. – Vitaliy, how did you survive Miami?
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