Why You Should Quit Social Media – Why It’s Bad For You (animated)

Why You Should Quit Social Media – Why It’s Bad For You (animated)

The use of social media has skyrocketed in
the last decade. We are spending more and more time on Facebook,
Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Whenever we have some free time, we check
our news feed, to see if something new has happened. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, it’s
changing why and how we do certain things; and especially how we look at them. Too much use of social media has been linked
to higher levels of loneliness and depression. And we know that an entire new generation
is growing up with lower self-esteem than all previous generations. Interestingly enough, people who browse social
media more often than others, seem to suffer the most. Let’s take a look at why this is happening. One thing that social media does is that it
shows us fake lives of others. When you scroll through Instagram or Facebook
feed, what do you see? Everyone you know is always on exotic vacations,
they have amazing dinner parties with friends, and they are in perfect relationships. And you? You are just sitting there, living your boring
life, while everyone is always out there enjoying themselves. However this is far from the truth. The only thing that is shared through social
networks are the positive aspects of our lives. When you’re going through difficult times
you don’t really want people to know that you’re struggling. Most people are not going to share publicly
that they are feeling sad or depressed. So it’s natural to only share the best moments
of our day. What happens is that we only see the highlights
of those people, but we think that their life is constantly this way. They don’t show us behind the scenes, because
that’s not as exciting. But I assure you, they have a lot more problems
than you might think. Let me show you an example that happened just
the other day. I went out with a friend of mine for a cup
of coffee. And the only thing we talked about was her
relationship problem. She and her boyfriend have been fighting a
lot over the smallest things. She said she’ll probably break up with him,
since they can’t stand each other anymore. But guess what happened later that day? She posted a picture on Instagram with her
boyfriend, basically saying how he was the love of her life and how amazing their life
together was. The photo got tons of likes and comments,
basically saying how perfect they were for each other. This behavior is toxic. Like millions of other people she is trying
to portray how great her life is, while simultaneously being depressed. This is what social media does. It makes people put a filter on their lives. What my friend is trying to portray to others,
isn’t the same as what is really going on. If you didn’t know what was happening behind
the scenes and you saw her Instagram post, you would probably think, “Wow, look how great
her life is. Mine is nothing like that, I wish I could
have a relationship like hers.” And this is exactly where low self esteem
comes from. You might wonder if there is something wrong
with you, because your life doesn’t look that way. Everyone who posts on social networks seems
to have their life figured out, while you don’t know even know in which direction you’re
going. But most people don’t have anything figured
out, even if they are making it seem that way. You just have to remember that behind the
scenes, most people live regular boring lives, so there’s no need to feel discouraged. You might think that I hate social media. But really I don’t. However I urge you to think about how you
spend your time on it. Social media is a tool, and like all other
tools it depends on how you use it. You can find loads of inspiration or information,
which will motivate you or add value to your life. It’s through Youtube, a social platform, that
you found this video after all. But you don’t want to get sucked in and spend
tons of your time on it, especially since it’s designed to be highly addictive. The average user now spends more than 2 hours
a day across all social networks. This is quite alarming, because when you think
about it, that’s a lot of time. We are not enjoying and living our life, but
instead we’re mindlessly consuming irrelevant content. Since you probably don’t want to completely
quit social media and become a hermit, let’s take a look at how to use the platforms more
efficiently. One thing you should do is unfriend useless
friends. Many people have hundreds of friends across
all platforms. But are they really meaningful friendships? Of course not. An average person has 1-3 close friends. The rest are superficial friendships. If you don’t want to unfriend people you can
still unfollow them, and become more selective about who you follow. Like that guy you spoke to once, who just
posts pictures of his cats every single day. Unfollowed. This way when you check your news feed it’s
not full of clutter and irrelevant information. And don’t be afraid of missing out. If something really important happens, someone
will probably tell you about it. Ironically when you’re on your phone and social
media all day, you don’t realize that what you’re actually missing out on is real life. Nowadays we take our phones everywhere with
us. And a lot of us have this habit of constantly
checking our phone for notifications. Every time we are waiting in line, or are
just bored, we pull out our phone and mindlessly check social media. Mainly out of habit. The solution here is to remove those apps
from your phone or block all the notifications. This way we’re not just a click away from
being pulled in to social media rabbit hole. We know that once we start we just have to
check every single post. So not having the app, there is no real temptation
to check your phone mindlessly. Yes, you could still go to instagram.com or
facebook.com website if you really wanted to. But there is this additional barrier of resistance
that you have to overcome. This time it’s not just one click away and
you won’t check it just out of habit, but it’s going to be a conscious decision. What we really need to do is put more thought
in how we spend our free time. If we don’t have anything to do at any given
moment, then these addictive apps will always be an appealing option. So I recommend you fill this free time with
something of more quality. Preferably with something that will actually
benefit you. I urge you to look at how much time you’re
spending on social media every day. Don’t be one of those people who never look
up from their phone or computer. Real life is going on around you. So be present. You don’t want to spend your time in virtual
reality with people that you don’t even know, that just post fake social updates. It’s ok to be bored and just let your mind
wander sometimes. But it’s even better to live your life in
a way that excites you. I still use social media myself, however I
have restricted it to once per day. And because I have removed all the useless
friends, I’m done checking it in 10 minutes.. This way I don’t miss out on anything and
I don’t waste my time constantly checking my news feed, waiting for someone to post
something. If social media is not motivating you, inspiring
you, challenging you to be better, then it’s time to reflect on why you even have it. Thanks for watching. Please give this video a like and subscribe
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71 thoughts on “Why You Should Quit Social Media – Why It’s Bad For You (animated)”

  • Hey I'm an Italian follower, very good and interesting video. I agree with your opinion but I'll still use social media because of their usefulness. But we have to be ware to not become addicted to them. Gratefully

  • maria mistretta says:

    people online, are fake. Lol
    I'm glad i know the different. Real people live in the real world. ? i live in the real world. ??

  • THANK YOU for this wonderful video I greatly appreciate it, and highly recommend everyone (myself included) to take your advice 100% and do just that!

  • Great advice!! I used to be bad about comparing my life to others and had hundreds of FB friends and didn't know most of them. I eventually cleaned up my page and unfriended or unfollowed most of them including religious and political groups too. Now I mostly just follow things I'm into like music bands and sports. Tons happier!!


    I've never used social media, mainly because I wasn't interested in it. My friends convinced me to get it, but I always ended up saying no. I'm so proud of myself! :3

  • Schopenhauer wrote: 'The worst of human kind is found in….SOCIETY'. And I add: 'The very worst is found on social media'. Let's just say it the way it is: it is unnecessary in the best of cases, and quite rotten in the worst ones, which is the majority of cases anyways. Seneca wrote the same thing 2000 years ago: 'Never compare your life to that of others'. 'Don't follow the crowd, for most people are doing all the wrong
    things.' and 'when I come back home after I mixed with society, I come
    back that I am meaner, greedier, and angrier.' Thanks for the great video.

  • I never look at newsfeed. I use Facebook mostly to share posts concerning my cause. I manage my newsfeed so that only posts from pages that I like that appear there first, not ones from friends. And what I see first when I log in, if it is interesting and worth spreading, then I share it. But I determine to quit social media for a moment. It is my second day, and I feel awesome.

  • I know I’m a millennial but I don’t care about social media to me it’s dumb the only thing you will really see are women exposing themselves JUST saying don’t at me

  • I quit periscope for a year and did not go back it was addicting. I then stop going on social media which took my anxiety away. I do not watch TV at all and I go on You Tube once in a bit. I do not go on Facebook at all since 3 years. I have notice more people that quit social media started to not have depression and anxiety. I read the bible which has changed my life and I have learned that I can live without many things that I thought I needed. I also lost 45 lbs my life has changed for the better since I go online less.

    True at first it is painful like an ache but it goes away eventually. I now help people quit social media which now most of them started offline businesses.

  • I used to have social media and take nice pics just so I can get likes and fame, that's a fake life right there. It's okay to have social media, but to have it to look cool and be trending, and living fake lives isn't okay. So just have fun with social media. I will occasionally temporarily delete Instagram, for I'm only 11, and I want to control my life. Thank you for reading this! ?

  • TheCureThatKillz says:

    “Also, click on that little bell icon…” this way, I can bait you into watching my videos so I can make money off you.

    Good video man, but you are just as bad as everyone else. I can’t stand when people tell you to click the notification icon. It reveals your true motives.

  • anna harrington says:

    It's breaking up marriages and relationships also. Shut them all down! I'm 41 and I grew up before cal phones and computers and I had the best childhood!!! Saturday mornings were waking up to watch cartoons until afternoon and then playing outside with friends. I can do without all of this. My era was big on IMAGINATION.

  • Looking at cute animals reduces stress. So the guy posting videos and pictures of his cat is probably not entirely useless.

  • Michaela Thomas says:

    This is so true.. i have the exact feeling when i look at someone's instagram that's where all my depression begins. Although i don't use much of social media. I just have instagram. And that too very less followers. I'm so happy after watching this. Do like this comment if you feel the same?

  • Not everything is fake. I use social media because I want to show people my personality and how I am. I use social media to stay partially connected to the people I know. Posting pics of myself gives me happiness and sometimes confidence and self esteem. As long as you're addicted social media seems fine.

  • I like how you’re telling people to quit and yet asking for us to subscribe, youtube is a form of social media…

  • I've noticed and compared social media to real life but real life seems to feel better and social media can be so toxic with fake people and bots that's why you should be all real and not let this affect you

  • My parents would never let me have social media in high school even though so many kids had social media at the age of 10

  • This is true ,my friend said to me that her husband control her like a robbot and she said no more love in their marriage .no freedom but she always post photos that's she has good relationship with her husband on facebook ?

  • Frank Montoya says:

    I like how it’s only the older people that said they deleted it I’m 14 and I honestly don’t care for social media I have real friends that I see and that I can spend quality time with I only use social media to see where we gunna meet up at

  • Selena Kang Smith says:

    Social Media will make you CRAZY!!!
    1. ENVY
    3. LIE
    4. GREED

  • This is so true, my best friend was in an abusive relationship and would tell me all her problems and later be posting him how shes so in love

  • midnightmoon crazyness says:

    I play Nintendo switch games instead way better I don't have Facebook I rather play Nintendo switch games I collect games its my hobby

  • Adam Bushara Abdalkarim says:

    ?% & This video has totally changed my perspective towards social media I WAS WRONG and from now I had my decision. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thanks for your media.
    I didn't get the meaning of "rabbit hole" in "This way we're not just a click away from being pulled in to social media rabbit hole"
    could you please enlighten me?

  • I've been away from social media for two weeks now. I initially went through withdrawals but now I'm feeling so much better.

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