31 thoughts on “Why travel media is dangerous for Pakistan's tourism”

  • I don't understand why some people are being rude or defensive in comments.. she has made some valid points.
    Sure u dont hav to agree with all of them… because maybe you had different experience but her points are valid. I think instead of reacting to this video as if it were attacking.. we should accept the criticism and improve.. because there is a lot of room for improvement still and there is nothing wrong with that.. lets not be rude and unnessarily defensive.. and think.

  • She has a point especially on the harassment side of things especially when you enter from Afghanistan (where I never was harassed by anyone) but Pakistan itself is really a amazing country to travel to it needs to solve some of its issues though.

  • It’s immensely brave of you to talk about this. People don’t like having their views challenged, especially positive ones. As a local Pakistani, i can confirm some of the things she has said. The whole visa and ‘security’ checks thing I don’t know about, but yeah travellers do need to be aware of this stuff.

    White people have an easier time because they look foreign. People get excited because white people are painted as paragons, and many locals don’t get to see ‘foreigners’ very often.
    Many people are also very ‘traditional’. They’ll probably judge you for a lot of things. People also get angered easily when they’re beliefs are challenged, even if they have no right to that anger.
    And men do make up much of the crowds you see in public, which makes traveling very daunting for women. Even me and my mum feel apprehensive going to largely male spaces even if we have important work to do there.

    I’m not trying to spread hate, but this is the reality of things. Pakistan is a great country that deserves more respect than it gets, and its great that travelers like it, but those who plan on visiting need to know this stuff. Especially non-white women.

    Edit: I’ve also heard Indians get treated very well. That’s great! But the concept of white people as the only type of foreigners is still very persistent. People just like foreigners in general. Again, we don’t get a lot if international traffic, so people get excited when you tell them you’re not a local. I just want people to know that. It’s not a bad thing. But you can’t expect any specific kind of treatment when you visit.

  • Rosita London says:

    I m a british gal, I’ve been to Pakistan more than a 7 times and I am literally in love with the country too much.i am totaly in love with pakistan and with beautiful pakistani people!This girl is Actually paid propaganda video maker,
    i am sure for that

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  • Even though I supported your narrative but it’s pretty ignorant of you to not see all sides of the picture and to overlook what turmoil this country has been in and what trauma and terror we had to face/go through since (literally) the making of Pakistan and it coming into existence. I’m not condemning or denying the things you said in your vlog; but in all honesty, it looked more of a rant about the problems you had to face while traveling here than the actual “honest picture” that you were apparently trying to potray. Since you want us all to be mindful, then why did you not compare or at least mention about the hurdles Pakistanis have to face in your country (i.e. The USA). Why did you overlook the security scans, the checking and the overall scrutiny and mental trauma that Pakistanis (and Muslims in general) have to face at US Airports?! You could have given a minute in your rehearsal about the hate crime against Muslims (something we all are very much aware of). You out of all the people should know that there is a huge demarcation between a first world country and a third world country. You could have been careful about the matter on the panel that you had the opportunity to speak on. Also, since you’ve been in Pakistan for a long time, you must be following news obviously; then why how are you not aware of the fact that Pakistan has enough of their OWN countrymen to tarnish its reputation; (literally since the time Pakistan was created). And mind you, the people that I’m talking about are all born and bred in Pakistan unlike you. We all are very well aware how our news agencies only highlights the negatives 24/7 and how our social media is filled with conspiracies about their own country. How are you unaware about the infamous journalists and columnists like Cyril Almeida (Dawn Leaks scandal) who have been trying to bring down their own god damn country just for some bucks and recognition. Yellow journalism has always been on the rise to seed International media that Pakistan is not a safe place to live and travel in. Heck, our very own politicians (before Imran Khan) had only bad intentions and have been vile, vicious and only worked for their personal gains for the last 40 years and that has resulted us in debt, inflation and overall tarnishing the image of Pakistan and bringing it into bad books all over the world . Pakistan is not portrayed as a “sweet and safe traveling spot” as you mentioned in your video a few times. We locals are very much aware of the setbacks and hindrances and we all go through pretty much the same situations that you’ve been through. The places that you have now been safely traveling in; (Up north in KPK like Sawat and the territory of Gilgit, Baltistan and many other places) were once the hub of terrorism. Since you had the time and opportunity to do extensive research on Pakistan, why did you not research about how our army worked day and night to eradicate the terrorists just because they had unjustly occupied the places that people like you and I are safely traveling in? Since you said that you wanted to mention “the good” in the summit too; then why did you not talk about the the families of the young men that lost their lives in the process to make the place open and safe for tourism and travel. Instead, you went on talking about the things that we pretty much already know about, like the “gora complex” embedded in us and that we need to get out of the colonial mindset. Lol.
    How do you want me to believe that you were in it for Pakistan’s good and it’s to help grow its tourism and not about you NOT having the “stereotypical gora” outlook?! Why do I NOT believe that it was just a mere rant from your end because you get misinterpreted by officials, policemen and people because you don’t look “enough American”?! Why do you want me to believe that you were being critical for the sake of helping Pakistan in the long run and NOT because you wanted quick fame? You yourself mentioned that there’s a huge difference between sponsored and unsponsored solo trips. How would you make me believe that you were NOT rooting for someone to hire you and offer you sponsorship? Also, general information; Pakistani content makers are blessed with brand dealings, PR and sponsorships right when they hit the mark and become successful through “hard work and talent” coughs which you might not be aware of coughs again You can paint Pakistan’s image however you want but let me just shed light on one thing that I noticed. There’s a reason your count in subscribers/viewers is less than the average foreign traveler who either blogs/vlogs their travel experience. Believe me, what I’m about to say is coming from a good place but i believe your dedication is not where it should be. God bless you.

  • Follow as prophet said, ignore the imam infos

  • Muhammad Kashif Khattak says:

    Her comments are positive, the main issue she wanted to address was the security forces influence, but that is because of your own security, because there might be foreign intruders that might try to sabotage the tourism in Pak. So be happy with security measurements..

  • My parents are from Pakistan and I visit there every year. What this woman is saying is 100% the truth. Well done for having the courage to speak HONESTLY on this subject unlike the other major vloggers like Mark Weins and the food ranger etc who seem to care more about the making 💰💰 than actually telling the truth like this young lady.

  • Which country in the world criticizes itself in travel shows/brochures? Adults should be aware of dangers when traveling and not behave like wide-eyed children. If you know of tourist traps or have experienced something wrong, by all means, share it with the world but there is a way to do so, learn to read the room. Making yourself stand out of the crowd by being unable to speak at an event is your own doing. You would not go to a wedding and give a speech about the downside of being married, would you!?.

  • I'm Pakistani and I'm a writer too. There's a reason I don't write for Pakistan – because no one cares. This country is an Animal Kingdom, officials have already sold their souls to corruption. Now people only have one God, which is money.

    The evil desires of officials will not only explode the tourism scene in Pakistan but it will explode the whole Goddamn nation. I suggest you to steer clear of the things that require you to take a deeper step into this abyss. Pakistan is the biggest governmental failure on the face of this planet.

  • Brought to you by Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

    Pakistan is doomed from what I have heard as of recent and where things are going in terms of religion and people's political mindset. I thought Imran Khan was going to be good but instead he is just another Saudi puppet. Pakistan's demise will be political wahhabism and radicalization of the youth which is happening.

    Sharam karo, haal dekho Mulk kah….

    (Has nothing to do with this girl's video but she raised good points"

  • Agree on some points and disagree with her also. My personal opinion i don't want any tourists in our areas. Only traders and bossiness are welcome.

  • Aliza Rajpoot says:

    Agencies interrogate bcz hundreds of foreigners in the name of NGOs and tourism came here and did acts against sovereignty of Pakistan.

  • Our brothers dies befor our eyes.we have suffered a lot.our forcs are doing everything for our safety and also yours.if pakistan is safe,then you people come to pakistan.praise be to ALLAH,now pakistan is a peaceful country.there are good and bad people everywere.always remember the good and forget the bad.

  • I agree with you but here is the deal !!! come back to Pakistan, make a video how to manage and tackle all these situations, or visit any news channel headquarters for example Bolnews, geonews, arynews, etc and you know what they gonna invite you to have a discussion about it, trust me they will. pak news channels want TRP …. In your interview you can give your presentation and whole Pakistani and western nation will listen to you. or jst make these kinda stuff again contact any news channel, and send them your thoughts, You will be viral, do some home work, good luck !!!

  • Poonam Srivastava says:

    You are very thoughtful and your video is important. Bravo. Was there any backlash from authorities? Do tell.

  • Once Upon A Time says:

    Holding hands or kissing?? You can't decide how we should live and for your information we are proud of our culture and don't need your suggestions. And it's not a colonial influence, even if an Indian visits Pakistan (same color), we will respect him/her equally. And i know you also had a private meeting with prime minister Imran Khan, you should tell all your concerns there to him so that he could solve.

  • You got good points and I agree with you. I have just gone through comments below on ur video mostly is criticizing.

    You have full right to share your concerns and government must Listen to it.HEALTHY Criticism is must for improvement.

    Actually they should held a critical seminar addressing the problem faced by tourists whether local or foreigners.

    Honestly you did good job to share your concerns and same time suggested solution as well . Pakistan tourism department should actually pay you to be working on there behalf.

    I only object one thing that is your words selection and body language but I understand you maybe pissed off that’s why your reaction is intense.

    Only one thing matters all problems faced by tourists should be eradicated so that’s tourism can promote itself no need of media either.

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