43 thoughts on “Why Tiffany Actually Left SM Entertainment”

  • Jessica: working on her business and prioritize her business while SNSD is still actively promoting,

    Tiffany, Seohyun, Sooyoung: Put snsd first before anythimg else and venture into their solo “business” if u want to call it that way ONLY after their contract are over w SM.

    THERE U GO PPL, THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JESSICA AND THE OTHER MEMBERS. God move on guys… JESSICA AND THE GIRLS ARE HAPPY AT WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW. Stop bringing up about the past and support the girls, be happy for them.

  • i really just want tiffany to reveal the jessica issue indirectly or have someone revolve the issue in the future 🙁

  • It’s a shame. Look how Kpop artists are blowing up in the states. SNSD was already huge. Imagine them now.

  • Christina Ph says:

    I love her so much she's so genuine and honest. No wonder she shined in my eyes from the very first moment I saw her saying "let me introduce myself, here comes trouble" in I Got a Boy. She's always been my favorite.

  • SNSD one and only Nation's girl group ever exist says:

    I love you so much ppanyang you're such a down to earth person 😍😍😍😍

  • Urghhhh if you guys pity Jessica that much then why don't just go to her music videos? Then maybe the views and likes wouldn't be so flopped. Ooopssss!

  • OMG now when talking about SNSD I just remember Jessica. By the way I hate teayeon and sm for the plot they made

  • Sorry. But I really don't like Jessica after her departure from the group. It's because of her, that's why Taeyeon and Yoona were embroiled in a controversy (the drinking issue before in Hongkong).

  • I’ve always been a fan of Tiffany but she definitely worked her butt off to get where she’s at now solo in the US. The girls had a great run and each got to branch out but never punished for being an individual. It’s too bad that the same couldn’t be said for TVXQ at the time, I been a long time fan of them as well but their disbandment is still a big heartbreak and it was like an earthquake when that happened. The girls in SNSD got to do their own thing gradually while still being able to be a band together. S.M. grew to not be as strict over the years

  • Laila Benhaddou says:

    STOP IT. If you're not going to talk about TIFFANY since it's A TIFFANY VIDEO. Then dont comment at all. The incident happened 5 years ago both snsd and jessica are happy and doing what they love. LETS MOVE ON!

  • You know what we all have to accepted that some of SNSD member has left SM Entertainment and their contract are over , whatever is we're missed the old girls generation .

  • UnknownDarkDragon says:

    what was that GG/GG-TTS song in the background? i remember it, but forgot the song title unfortunately. both GG and GG-TTS are like my 2nd favorite girl group and 2NE1 is my first favorite. but anyways, i understand why she wasnt the only OG GG member and why GG is down to five members now from what ik of.

  • I love that she's honest about wanting to go solo. Some people leave and blame every one and everything else for making them leave when deep down they wanted out from the very beginning, Camila Cabello for example. Honesty is beautiful trait, and Tiffany looks absolutely STUNNING💕💕💕

  • Jessica and her pathetic ego ruined the 10 years (+ years of training as trainees) legacy of SNSD . Imagine SNSD announcing their disbandment officially as a group and go on a final world tour. Milk the fans one last time. Profit. Disband. After that go separate ways and do own things like acting, singing as solo or fashion. Don't understand why that can't wait. Now everyone has to act like Jessica never existed in interviews which is seriously pathetic and sad.

  • Fandom Trash says:

    This is emotional with their first song playing..Into the new world..yes, you girls are going into the new world. 💜💜💜💜

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