Why This Fox & Friends Host’s Husband Filed For Divorce

Why This Fox & Friends Host’s Husband Filed For Divorce

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt and
her husband, William Proctor, have separated, and, unfortunately, they didn’t appear to
end things too amicably. So, just what caused the two, who’ve been
married for six years, to call it quits on their marriage? Let’s find out. She’s in a relationship… with her job Ainsley Earhardt has been laser-focused on
her career at Fox News and beyond in recent years. In fact, her career at the news channel didn’t
even really start until after she’d married William Proctor in 2012. That’s when she began appearing on the small
screen as an overnight anchor before snagging her own segment called “Ainsley Across America”
on The Sean Hannity Show. Soon after, she became a host of Fox & Friends
First and later of Fox & Friends – a gig she snagged while on maternity leave. So, when Earhardt mentioned the media giant
during her reveal that she and Proctor had separated, it likely came as no surprise to
her fans – or to Proctor. She said in a statement: “After much prayer and careful consideration,
Will and I have separated. I am grateful to Fox for their support and
allowing me to spend all day, every day after the morning show with my child.” Proctor, meanwhile, didn’t seem too enamored
with the media giant when he issued his own statement, shortly after filing for divorce
in Manhattan Supreme Court: “I am devastated about this situation, and
did not envision this for the future of our family. […] I remain focused on and committed to
being the best Dad, and maintaining a friendship with my wife even though she has decided to
move on, and The Fox Public Relations Machine has decided to go public.” Her busy schedule may have been an issue Ainsley Earhardt’s high-profile career likely
caused her to spend quite a bit of time away from her family – particularly her husband. Earhardt has noted that she starts her day
by waking up at 3 a.m. She studies her notes, gets glammed up by
a hair and makeup team, and dives into Fox & Friends with co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian
Kilmeade at 6 a.m. That morning show wraps at 9 a.m., but before
the day’s over, she also answers work emails and prepares for the next day’s show. Let’s not forget all her side hustles, such
as writing. She’s authored Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s
Dream, Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me, and The Light Within Me: An Inspirational
Memoir. With such a busy schedule, when does Earhardt,
who’s also a mother to daughter Hayden, have time to bond with her husband? He may have cheated Nothing causes a marriage to crumble faster
than infidelity, and according to Page Six, that may have been the case for Ainsley Earhardt
and William Proctor. A source told the publication that Proctor
allegedly cheated on his wife with one of Earhardt’s pals. The insider claimed: “Proctor was unfaithful with one of her closest
friends a few years ago and there is evidence to prove it.” And a source elaborated on the alleged cheating
scandal to the Daily Mail: “It was all the more devastating for Ainsley
that he cheated with someone who she considered one of her closest friends. Any marriage break-up is difficult but this
made it extra heartwrenching for her.” Proctor has insisted that the accusations
are simply not true, saying: “There is not one ounce of truth to the allegations
that I had an affair.” She was over the relationship If the rumors about William Proctor’s cheating
are true, then we understand why Ainsley Earhardt may have decided to end their marriage. A spouse’s infidelity isn’t an easy thing
to forgive and forget. Sources told the Daily Mail that Earhardt
and Proctor had tried working on their relationship for years following Proctor’s alleged affair,
but it seems that wasn’t enough to help Earhardt and Proctor reconnect and move on together. An insider close to Proctor told Page Six,
“Ainsley has determined that she is not interested in reconciliation. […] Her social life now revolves about her
colleagues at Fox News.” Considering Proctor said he was “devastated”
about his split from Earhardt in his public statement regarding their divorce, it appears
Earhardt was the one who determined that it was time to go their separate ways.


100 thoughts on “Why This Fox & Friends Host’s Husband Filed For Divorce”

  • Dawnie Newman says:

    This is a very important time in our lives for the United States her husband should support her doing a great job

  • So a beautiful talented journalist woman committed to her job and her role as a mother gets burned by her husband who is banging her friend. What’s so hard to figure out about that? That dude blew it!

  • In a nutshell he was married to a beautiful woman but wasnt getting laid. What good does that do you? Time to move on.

  • The Hermanator and spurgle says:

    Painsley Airhead. That's my nickname for her. She's intelligent, but not very. She's a fake. Aspires to be famous. She says some really stupid things. I wish she would shut up about South Carolina. She's U.S.C. alumni, that says it all. I'd almost rather watch Juan Williams. No, I'd rather not watch either of them.

  • Jimmy Priest says:

    The more these women for Fox network lie for Donald Trump, God takes away their beauty. It makes them comparable to the portrait of Dorian Gray.

  • For those of you that DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE WHOLE VIDEO – they said FOX was going to announce the divorce, SO she decided to talk about it on air. Besides, you can't tell what is FAKE NEWS anyway on YouTube. QUIT criticizing her until you KNOW what the TRUTH is!

  • Sean Newhouse says:

    She's got such a devious elusive manner that prickles me immediately, I can't even be around or tolerate ppl like that

  • I'd marry her I wouldn't work except out of the house and that way I'm at home when she gets home and then it's open banging season. After seeing her broadcast the news in the sexy outfits Fox provides and knowing she's coming home after. And her ol Man wasn't fucking her the rt way not making her feel sexy.

  • Dorothy Williams says:

    With two divorces under her belt, she thinks she's a Christian? NOT! What about the baby? No father now. Every child should have a father and she's so self-absorbed she destroyed her child's relationship with her father. It's all about Ansley. She's ghost written two books about her child like she's the only woman on the planet who's had a baby. She ghost written inspirational garbage which is out and out crap. All she talks about is Columbia, SC, USC, and she had the stupidity on D-Day to talk about kids on the gravesites of our men who died for our freedom. Our soldiers were children themselves and she doesn't think before she talks. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and comes across on many occasions as ignorant and ill-informed. I know Doocy and Kilmeade must think she's stupid. I do! She wants to be the next Meghan Kelly. It's not what you say, it's what you do. Watch her actions – speaks volumes. She is no Christian.

  • One of our 10 commandments is "Thou shall not covet our neighbor's wife." It's nothing to do with sex, it's to keep the Nuclear Family intact.

  • Imagine this… She has a normal life outside of her job which means she is only human and has everyday problems in her life like the rest of people do. Just cause she is on TV and is absolutely gorgeous does not mean that she or her personal life is perfect. It is hard for everyone that works and has a family. Especially if you work hard so u can provide a good and stable life for your children.

  • Howard A Weir says:

    Ainsley needs a good black guy in her life, LARGE and in charge, she'll definitely want to get home to that!! Oh behave…. lol

  • Spaghetti Monster says:

    Good for her.
    Yo Ainsley, hit me up lol I love a woman who works hard. We can hang on the weekends, 'cept for every 3rd weekend I work a swing shift @ the plant.

  • Connie Johnson says:

    I couldn't stand her in the beginning, she was so serious, stiff, no facial expression. she's doing better, but looks like she tries too hard in smiling now.

  • Ainsley I think your the kindness, smartest, and most beautiful woman in the world keep your Faith and stay focused on God. This just means God has someone else in mind for you. To be perfectly honest I would love to have a woman like you in my life, someone who loves God so much and smart and beautiful.

  • Emotional Hemophiliac says:

    When married with children mothers who also have a career follow the feminist doctrine on how to live your own life, destructive things happen. First the marriage is destroyed and the husband ejected into outer space. Secondly the children are permanently scarred by a not at home ever mommy, and they are ejected into outer space. Which leaves the ever adorable, "I have a career" to maintain.

  • Hello this happens to everybody give him break let them work through their problems in private is there a high-pressure jobs dream jobs and take big tolls on relationships and Families how about a different spin offer you support to both of them

  • Carmencita Garcia says:

    Ainsley is a beautiful lady for sure she's suffering from inside although we always see her smile. Whatever your situation is just focus in your child & career. Who are we to judge your life . Just keep going 😚😚😚

  • Ainsley, will be owned by the shorthairs and regret her life and raising children …because you were too busy for them… IN no one’s life is IT joyful when you put work before family.. money does not buy love and just cause your daughters at work doesn’t mean she’s having a great life 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🦋

  • Nitza Ramirez says:

    A divorce is better in good te=ms than having your children watch you argue daily. So what is ok for men to put all their . or effort and time for their job and their wife's dont leave them. Easy for him to ACCUSE her of infidelity what about him, dont look back he DIDN'T deserve you

  • James Johnson says:

    In short, she is sleeping with her bosses and he can't handle it. End of…. lol…. say "focused on her career". lmao….

  • Marco1985 ORVISINI says:



  • He wants it, needs it, craves it. If she's not around for long periods of time, of course he's going to get the wandering eye. No matter what she looks like, a man needs intimacy and love. Let's all move on.

  • alan sullivan says:

    Give him the kids and give me the woman- since she's too busy too be home a lot that would be great I'd take her for a half hour a week

  • No One cares about her divorce. No One cares about her personal life so stop wasting time when you should be give news …REAL NEWS

  • Walk in the shoes of both people and you will know why they separated, until that happens it is only known to them and all others should keep their nose on their own face unless you can read minds.

  • Apparently selfishness put her ahead of her family and child apparently she didn't need the family structure like all the other

  • Hmmm I'm a LONG haul driver married with 4 kids I would be gone anywhere from 2- 5 months at a time when I stopped was when my youngest son remarked when I got home after a 2 month stint I hugged my wife and my youngest boy asked his mom who that man! I didn't quit because of my marriage was on the line my WIFE was stronger than that but my kids needed their dad at HOME…..when people give their wedding vows it's for BETTER OR WORSE and these vows are made in front of GOD

  • IF he cheated… but u offer no evidence… hes just a weak man..but IF he didnt i feel for him. it sucks to lose your family.


  • The way she backs trump I don't think she would mind her husband being unfaithful since trump does the same shit and she sucks his ass.

  • Her career is more important than her family. Big mistake. Being a celebrity gives her the constant attention she needs to validate her self worth. Signs of narcissistic personality disorder?

  • Steelhorsecowboy says:

    Everything in life needs maintenance. If you don't take care of it then it breaks. Ainsley should know this since it isn't her first marriage. She often quotes the Bible but it seems that she is not committed to being a wife.

    My wife is a highly successful executive but is still a Proverbs 31 wife. We have been married for 40 yrs.

  • MGTOW! this is why, a real man, who wants family life – will shy away from these modern, liberal feminist Career woman, in marriage, and just hit and run. That's all they are good for. He expressed he felt devastated. She expressed how her Fox family was was supporting her, because that's what she care about. Fox admitted it was the hours she put at work – because they do it intentionally. Notice how she is with the baby, she's so uncomfortable with that child. She's not a wife, she's a jump around. Dude made a huge mistake. Secretly, these liberal feminist women – hate men and what men have built in the world today – yet they want to he and have everyting men are and have. Divorce are these women's power, to destroy men. This is why I love TRUMP! He is a real MAN, and don't care about this modern, man hating women crap, that tried to reshape what men are and our G-d given roles.

  • What the HELL was he thinking? Why would you cheat, when you had a wife like her? She’s adorable! Unbelievable!
    What does he do for a living? There’s no information on that. The poor baby, looks like him.
    As far as Ainsley: She needs to decide if she wants to be married to a man, or her job. If it's the job, then the husband most likely isn't going to stick around for long and/or is more prone to temptation.

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