Why Social Media is Ruining My Life | Chit Chat GRWM

Why Social Media is Ruining My Life | Chit Chat GRWM

♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It’s your
homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in your building. It’s been a minute, I know. I was in Toronto for two weeks, and I’ve been back in my life. A lot of boring things
like, you know, just paperwork. I filed an extension
for my taxes, so yeah. Anyhoo, that’s a
whole lot of information. I’m going to beat
this face for you. I’m going to an event. And I just wanted to talk. Do a lot of this, because
we haven’t had a lot of this. I’m actually chatting it up with
the girlfriend, Shan Boody, on doing a podcast, because I miss Slumber
Party just as much as you do. But it was long for YouTube. And we wanted it to be longer. Podcast.
[laughs] All of that. Play with some new
stuff — so I got this. [Inaudible]. Patrick Starrr. Oh. That was a lot. Here. You see that. Okay, then there’s this. [gasps]
Oh my God, Patrick. This eye shadow palette,
though. This is the jam. Yes. Winning. I’m going
to put this on. Thank God. Give me life, bronzer. Bronzer — I’ve been
alternating between these. I like the Clinique. I think
it’s just best for winter. So the first thing I
kind of want to talk about is what the fuck is
going on with YouTube? Or rather, you.
[laughs] Because the tube is
just a place for you. Oh my God, this is a lipstick — this is lipstick I
had from last night. I went to
Chescaleigh’s book launch tour. The You of Tube.
Let’s talk about it. I’m here. You’re
here. We’re all here. What the heck is going on? And maybe not just
with you on the tube, but social media. Okay? Now, six months ago,
I was going through it. I was dealing with
shifting my business from an office
back into my house. And it was much
needed for my soul, because how did I go from
disdaining a nine-to-five to now being the proud
owner of a nine-to-five that showed up nine-to-five? Well, later than that,
but you know what I’m saying. So I did a lot of internal work over the course of all of this, going to therapy. I actually need to go back. I want to go back to therapy. Because I have some issues. I’m, for the most part,
great when I’m here in LA, and then I go home to
Toronto and deal with my mom, and then things
in my head snap. So. [laughs] I want to go to
therapy for that, because clearly I have shit. Anyways, the point is, social
media, as great as it’s been, as great as it is, it’s also, for me — let me
speak about me — I feel like a crutch, a distraction. There are a lot of
things I want to accomplish, and I have to be so mindful
of where my attention goes, and with social media
I could find myself — for example, my
girl [inaudible] — she was like, oh, did you hear
about the whole Drake thing? And to be honest, I
catch wind of things, but I’m trying to
stay off the timeline so I don’t get caught
up in all the hoopla. But I was just like, no. Why did I spend
20 minutes in my car trying to figure
out what was going on? I was just like, why do I care? What does Drake’s personal life with the mother of
his child and his child have to do with me? Nothing. And yet here
I am spending 20 minutes trying to look
up what’s going on, trying to stay
relevant and shit. But anyways. I was just like,
see? This is why. This is why, girl, you
ain’t where you want to be. And if you want to
be somewhere else, then put your
head back in the books and do the work. I’m reading this
really great audiobook. So am I in fact reading
it? It’s called Deep Work. I highly suggest
that you get it. Or is it here? Deep Work. So good. Rules for Focused
Success in a Distracted World. And I think with social media it’s great, you know, creating. I love creating. I
love telling stories. I’ve been doing this for
six years now. Six years. And there comes a
point when it’s just like, despite how successful
you are, there is a burnout, and I’m seeing it
not just with myself but with other creators, like Evelyn From The Internets, who I absolutely
adore and obsess over, I think it was a
month or two ago had a video on,
this is not sustainable. I was watching another
video by Alisha Marie, and she was saying
she needs a break, and she’s not
creatively inspired. I’ve seen things on
Instagram and Twitter where people are just
like, they’re burning out, and myself included. I have lots of
ambition and goal, but the things that I want to
do require attention and time for me to focus. And I need to be offline. So I need to figure out how
to do that without going MIA. But I wonder in
your own personal life with work and school
or even social media — say you do social media, whether it’s for a
hobby or otherwise — do you feel burnt out? [laughs] The good thing is I
went home for two weeks. Your girl went
home for two weeks, and I got my
family fill of love. I’m using this color.
It’s so exquisite and divine. This palette though. This palette. Patrick, you looking
out for the browns again. Don’t get this
wrong. I love social media. Had it not been
for social media, I wouldn’t be living
this life that I’m living. I don’t know what I
would be doing, actually. Who knows, Maya.
You’re not a fortune teller. But I am where I am
thanks to social media. Let’s just put it that way. I feel like 2018 is the year of, what do you truly want? And how do you truly focus? And it is doable. You just have to manage time. Time and focus is so key. And when I started this
whole social media experiment, I didn’t have distractions. I didn’t scroll
through the feed. I wasn’t even aware
of other YouTubers, because when I was on
YouTube, when I started, it was like a how-to place, like how do you
fix your plumbing, or how do you do
this electrical work? I know it sounds cheesy, but that’s what I was
looking at YouTube for. But now it’s like
seeing everyone’s life. And it’s interesting,
and I can find myself scrolling through the
timeline and getting lost. But now I’m just like, girl, regardless if you’re
supporting or you’re hating, this is time. Time that’s taking
away from your goals. So I’m sure many of
you have figured out a way to balance that. For me, I’m good. For me, I’ve balanced
the social media thing, it’s just being an adult while
making YouTube videos is hard. [laughs] That’s a good catch-22. It’s like social
media, yes, it’s a business. It’s also a hobby. And how do you make
time for the passion while still being responsible
for your responsibilities? Literally all day Tuesday, I was at my accountant’s
office, because yo, this fricking
business team that I had completely jacked me up. They jacked me up. Learning lesson. They
tried to Wesley Snipe my ass. I don’t want to
get into specifics and throw people
under buses, but. But. [laughs] I’m cleaning all of that up. And then making a video right
now, putting my makeup on, it is so hard. It’s
not that I have like, “Oh, I hate YouTube, it’s
killing my soul, I feel…” That’s not what I’m
dealing with. I’m dealing with, I have so many things that I
am responsible for as an adult that I feel like, ah, man,
this is tricky. It’s tricky. And the other thing is, I started this channel as
a social media experiment. Lookit. I’m
putting in my eyebrows, and my eyebrows are
already filled. Isn’t that — My eyebrows are microbladed,
but they’re still super light. So it’s nice to have them done when I wake up and I’m
just like, oh, I have eyebrows. But I still put my eyebrows on. So that’s my story. But anyways, what was I saying? When I started my channel, it
was a social media experiment on what would happen if I
was shameless for a year. Now this was back when social
media was a different beast. I love this. I
love this, Patrick. This is my new fave. I started it when I
was feeling awkward and not comfortable
putting myself out there. Wow. Back in the
day I was afraid to put myself out there. Now — I am. I still am.
In different ways, because you
always got to level up. But it’s like, how
do you be shameless in a world that’s
filled with people that are shameless? And I mean shameless — there
are different definitions, but like they out
here, and, I mean, YouTube has turned
into a land of clickbait. You guys
literally — no shade, but if I put something about a
breakup or about a divorce or about losing my
home or losing my business, click, click, click, click.
[laughs] And I’m like, “How to
Live Your Best Life” — it’s just like, we’re not
interested in your happiness. [laughs] Oh my God. And it’s just like, I
don’t want to judge it, it’s just an observation. And I’m just like, girl, really? But anyways, that’s kind of the
question I have for you guys. How do you be shameless in
a world that is shameless? You know, running around naked, confronting my ex-best friend — again, all very valid and — I think it’s maybe
because I’m getting older. Guys, I’m older. Maybe not older than all of you, but I’m older than
some of you, most of you. And it’s eye-opening. All of this is eye-opening. Ooh, I got to change my
bed sheets, my pillowcase. Where I’m kind of at is, just do what you love. Do what you love. And
it’s very hard at times to figure that out when everyone
is telling you what they love, and everyone is
inspiring. And it’s great. Again, everything has a duality. There’s always a
positive and a negative for a presentation of something. Like, everything. Everything. I find the Internet inspiring, and then it’s also like, wow,
all this hate going around. But all this
support and love, too. What are you looking for, Maya? Armani. Giorgio
Armani sent me this. Feeling all fancy. You know who’s also
been sending me stuff? I think it’s weird
because I’m not a beauty guru. Why did I say it like that? But Christian Dior — all these mature
brands that are expensive — but it’s so funny, because
that’s the brands my mom has, and I’m like, am I my
mom? Am I officially my mom? Those eyes are red, girl. So I think the
answer to the question of how do you remain shameless
in a world that’s shameless — follow your heart.
Follow what’s in your heart. And that’s why I love Jesus. That’s why I’m Team Jesus, guys. I don’t know if
these are good or bad, but I love them so
much, these eye drops. It makes my eyes
feel minty fresh. [Inaudible]. I just have a lot
of introspection, a lot of going in, like
really asking myself questions. I do feel that we are living
in a very sensitive time. Lots of sensitivities.
[laughs] If I’m being honest and
truthful, I’m just like, what? What? Really? I’m trying to ask myself if
I’m hesitant to this change the same way older people are. Like I’m just like, “In
my time, nobody cared!” It’s just like,
well, people care now. Am I supposed to care more? I mean, I care, but I’m
just like, not enough — I don’t know, girl. I don’t know if you guys
understand what I’m saying. We’re just living in
a very different time. And as an artiste, as someone
who creates and self-expresses, it’s just like, girl. Okay. These are things I
have to be aware of, I guess, moving forward. I’m just using this
highlighter in here. So yeah, that’s observations. I don’t know if any
of this is making sense. And everything is
a double standard. I’m a hypocrite with everything. Not just me, but everybody. Remaining shameless in
a world that’s shameless. Hearing your voice
in an echo chamber. Everyone is doing
what you want to do. How do you remain true to you when everyone is doing you, boo? [laughs] I think it’s so
important to evolve. I think it’s so
important to go in. There’s a time to go
out and absorb, take in, get inspired, see what
other people are doing, being aware of what’s
going on in the culture and the world
around you, definitely. And then there’s a
time to just go in and listen to your inner voice. What is it that you want?
What do I want? What do I want? I listen to this
affirmation by Deepak — [laughs]
That’s like a rapper name. Deepak Chopra. He has his list of affirmations
I love to listen to. And it’s just
like, what do I want? What do I want?
Every day, what do I want? I know what I want. Woo. I just got to focus.
That’s where I’m at. And for me to focus, I
gots to be not offline, but mindful of my
time when I’m online. I literally need to
set a timer and be like, girl, you on Twitter,
Instagram, all of that for 20 minutes.
Hit the timer. Go. But now… ♪ A whole new world, ♪ ♪ a new
fantastic point of view, ♪ ♪ no one to tell us
no, or where to go. ♪ Yo, people telling us
not where to go, man. These people not
telling us where to go. The reason why I am Team Jesus is literally self-improvement,
self-awareness. When I go in —
and it doesn’t have to necessarily be
Jesus for everybody. I understand. I get it. Everyone has a
phase in their life where they’re just not here. They don’t want to
listen to that ish. You don’t have to. When you find yourself getting
defensive, ask yourself why. I think we need to all
take better responsibility for our own feelings, because it’s less
about this other person and it’s more about, well, what
did that other person do to you and how does that make you feel? When I go through the
ish with the breakups, the heartaches, all that stuff, I could easily be like, you motherfucker,
you did this to me. I’m just like, girl, why
did you allow that to happen? Why did you take that?
Why did you accept that? What does that say about you? Why were you even
attracted to this person? Why is this person in your life? How did we get here?
[laughs] But we here. We got to figure that ish out. Actually, this kind
of looks green on me. I know it’s not, but I
guess with my complexion — you can never have
too much highlight. Can you?
Summertime? I think it’s fly. I always like to
try to think ahead. I like to be present,
but I like to think ahead. I think moving forward,
what’s going to be key, especially for
anyone who’s watching me and trying to figure out
how do I fit in all of this — skills. Mad skills, son. Develop and hone your skills. If you enjoy making
videos, I’m going to tell you, go take a class, a workshop. Don’t put yourself in
debt, like crazy debt. Definitely go study your craft. Also, I have to
tell you what I’m doing. I’m mixing these
two Cover FX drops. Study your shit, okay? I am so grateful —
not that it’s required, but I’m from the school of, do what you can,
what’s in your control. I’m so grateful I know how
to edit photos, video, PDFs, make my own press
kit, make my own trailer, make my own decks [phonetic],
make my own sizzles. Sure, I wish my life
was in a place where I can rely on the
kindness of strangers, but that’s not the case. And sometimes I look
and I’m like, damn, ugh. How did they — doesn’t matter,
Maya. Doesn’t matter how. That’s not the
life that God gave you, so figure your ish out. So study. Study, study. Put in the 10,000
hours, whatever it is, to get you your life. I was just making sure I
was still recording the audio. I’m telling you,
study, study, study. If you can become
a cinematographer, a DP, a camera op, a
coder, a designer — skills that are
related to tech — if you really
want to figure out — and I’m not saying which
schools or whatever to go to, because I believe in self-
education as well as school. It just depends on
whatever works for you. So whatever that is, do that. And kill the game. Two Faced prettier
— Better Than Sex. What if you ain’t
having sex, Two Faced? [laughs] Wow. I can’t
believe they said that. You know what? I
ain’t using this. No shame, but I’m
not in that space. I really am not having
sex, so I can’t wear that. I’m really loving the
no liner, no falsie look. Just a good old chunky mascara. So this is L’Oreal Voluminous. Yeah, girl. There’s a whole lot going on. Do internal work. Think. Ponder. Write things down.
What are you good at? What comes easy to you? But what are you really good at, not what you think you’re
good at or what you like. It’s like a combination of what
you like, what you’re good at, and then running with that. It’s always funny
sometimes the things that we’re really
good at, we don’t like, or we don’t want to do. Like I realize I have a gift
when it comes to editing photos and visuals and decks. I posted my press kit on
Instagram on my Insta stories, and everyone’s like, ahhh. I’m like, I would never
want to do this for a living. I actually did
layouts for wedding albums, because I worked
at a photo studio that specialized in
rich-ass people’s weddings. When I moved to New York, I had never imagined the amount
of wealth that I saw there, like weddings in the
MoMA and the public library. Natural — Museum
of Art, like weddings, like these are
freaking money, honey. I never saw anything like it. Anyways. That was a side note. Develop a skill. And not everyone has
to be an entrepreneur. Trust and believe,
not everyone has to be a working-for-myself
type of person. You can work for other people
if that’s what you’re good at and you enjoy. Really and truly, go in. Because everyone’s
going to tell you everything, myself included.
I’m going to tell you based on my life experiences. And then you’re ultimately going
to make your own decision. I’ve got to warm her up. Everyone’s going to tell
you what they think is right, what they think you should do. Oh, yeah, there we go. I asked this question
on Twitter, which was, what would you be doing if
social media didn’t exist? And some of the
responses, I was just like — they would read more.
They would travel more. They would be bored.
They would be suicidal. I was just like, wow.
Social media is interesting. I do say that, yes, with all
things, find a healthy balance. I was just really shocked, and again, from
my own experience, because I’m not at that point
where I want to kill myself — although it has crossed my mind,
especially when I was younger, but not in a
depressed kind of way. It was more like, what would
happen if I killed myself? I’m so fascinated
with life after this. What does that look like? But then I think about
all the people I would hurt. This is my
favorite liner by NYX. Two things that I love by
NYX is the Nutmeg lip liner and their Vinyl liquid eyeliner. Gag. I’m concerned when people say
that they would kill themself, because I personally believe
in finding inner strength. And even though I love my
family, I love my mother, my brother, I love the
church, I love my friends, I love my life, I love this — but if I lost it all — I always think about that.
If I lost my mom, God forbid, which — I will lose
my mom at some point. If I lost my home, my family — you know, I would — oh my
God. I’m thinking about it. It would hurt. But I’ve seen a
lot of shit happen, and I don’t put
anything past God. Shitty things
happen to good people, and more often than
not a lot of bad things happen to good people, and great things
happen for these bad people, and I’m just like, why? I used to ask that.
I used to google that. So yes, it would
hurt. It wouldn’t ruin me. And I’d eventually get over it, because I do have
faith in something bigger than the material
and the physical world. I know there is something
bigger than what we understand in our little human
brains. Let me see this. Oh, not bad. I like it. But girl, God be dealing
some cards to some people. I’m just like, really? And these are
all questions I ask, and I let it sit there,
and I find my own answers. And it’s like, oh, that’s
because of generational curses, if you will. Yes, we are who we are
because of what we believe. Also, the cards
that we’re dealt with are in large part
inherited to us. You know? I’m starting where
I’m starting because my mom ended up with my
dad, for whatever reason, and then my dad
ended up where he was because of his parents. He had missing
people in his life. My mom was overprotected,
didn’t have the freedom to make her own choices, so
when she made her own choice — you know what I mean? You can trace this thing
going back, back, back, back. And so I realize if you want
to break and change something, you got to
realize where you are, why you are where you are, and be your own hero. Change the narrative. I’m actively
changing my narrative. I’m so glad things
didn’t work out with the people it didn’t work
out with in my life because had it, I would have been
repeating the same narrative that people in my lineage have
repeated time and time again. I don’t want that. I mean, look at
this face, though. So. If you don’t like where
you are, change your beliefs. And to change that,
you’ve got to do affirmations. You’ve got to repeat
shit over and over again until that becomes fact. You’ve got to be aware of
your role in where you are. And the finger-pointing
thing — do it to a mirror. [laughs] Ask yourself questions. Why do bad things
happen to good people? And you’ll get answers. For me I realized, oh, because good and bad is
something that we’ve created, and it’s all a
matter of perspective. Again, this is my thing. It
could be different for you. But in the eyes of God,
we’re all his children, good, bad, whatever.
And God isn’t a superhero. He’s not going to
swoop in and save the day. But he is going to
give us superhero abilities to swoop in and save our
own lives and other people, and we can save lives. If something bothers you enough, I hope it bothers you enough
to do more than just a tweet and just a blog post. I hope it causes you to be
involved in some way or another. This is a whole lot, girl. This is a whole lot.
I’m going to dry this hair. [laughs] She just flopped over.
And then I’ll come back. Okay. The hair
has been diffused. So that’s the look. Did I do good, guys?
[laughs] Also, if you want
to support YouTubers that don’t have the
views because you hate us — that’s why you’re
not watching us — it’s not the
algorithm. It’s you — turn the notifications on. Don’t be mad if we’re
not uploading like that. It’s because the rivers
and the oceans have run dry. We have gone to
greener pastures. Literally. Thank you, boos, for tuning in. Thank you, boos, for
all the love and support. Six years, boos. Six
years we’ve been doing this. You know, things
change. And that’s okay. Once you poppin’,
next day you’re not. Welcome to life. It’s okay if I’m not poppin’.
[laughs] You know what, these
kids win. Let these kids win. Everyone has a moment, so
when people have their moment, just step back
and be a cheerleader. I’m cheering for
people. I really am. I’m cheering for the
people that are poppin’ off, that are getting theirs. That’s the other thing. The reason why I
say build skills — even though I might
be dying on YouTube, I have skills that
have taken me beyond this, so I know that the
social media thing isn’t the only thing
that I’ve got going for me. So don’t worry about
me. Your girl’s good. She more than
good. She shameless. [laughs] Okay. Turn your
notifications on. Okay? That’s apparently
another thing, too, that the algorithm has done. If you don’t have
your notifications on, you won’t know when I
upload, so turn it on. It’s a little
bell. You just click it, and it has these little
vibration things on the side. So just turn that on. Until next time, remember to do
you, be you and stay true, boo. Be shameless. We got new videos coming at you, but forgive me
for the quiet spells. That’s why
notifications are important. Okay. She’s talked
too much. Goodbye.


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    Wow, I've been feeling the same exact way about social media! That's what I like about your videos. You just say whatever is in your head… things people like me think about while getting ready too 😉 even if you don't feel like you poppin' anymore, at least your words are effective to people. Either way you'll be successful. Stay up Maya ^.^ you'll always be inspirational one way or another.

  • Doctor At Large says:

    I feel like there is nothing wrong with being normal. We put these extra pressure on ourselves,believeing the hype that we have to extraordinary or amazing to 'be alive' but who is to say that whatever our normal is,is not amazing. Who is the creator of this 'yardstick' used in measuring the worth,our worth. We have the mute the outside noise and just live. Just live.

  • Non-Binary Fantôme says:

    The tea tasted good today. You need to be our personal therapist! You have a great head on your shoulders and I look forward to what you will do in the future.

  • i feel like it's about what you're shameless for. if you're shameless just for clicks, i feel like people will eventually see through that, and it could just backfire on you? while people who live shamelessly by being proud of who they are/what they do may not experience that intense kinda of viral fame that seems to be the culture currency these days, but they'll eventually build up a solid community of people they love and support each other and just kind of hang out on the internet sometimes (sounds like the old days lolol)
    youtube and the internet in general is just.. way different from how it used to be. i don't really see it as bad or good, just different.

  • Binaca Wahaca says:

    You are beautiful & I pray for you ( I honestly do)…for strength, encouragement, a ride till my wheels jump off kind of Godly guy…so that all of the 1 million plus users can see that God is God! ❤️

  • Hey Maya! Honestly can say that ever since I found your videos a couple of days ago, I’ve never really found something (or someone rather) I can relate to more, especially as a 16 year old. Your mind is so bright and voice undoubtedly truthful. It’s refreshing to see someone with as much willpower and personality as you. Thank you for being you!

  • The Fab Family says:

    It’s so funny I totally I grew I started my channel about a year ago and I started uploading make up tutorials and one of the videos I thought people would like was my tips on how to live a happier life lmao. To my surprise that video was the least viewed. Then all of a sudden I upload a really basic effortless vlog for my gender reveal and boom 2 million views ! Lmao I was like ok then I see people want to see vlogs more than anything …. it’s good and bad I think. You are awesome love ya!♥️

  • BillionaireQueen 44 says:

    Amen. You must have a strong faith and belief in Jesus in this world we are living in today. I find myself reading and working only turning on social media can just make me stressed out. No more comparisons, negative gossip talk or wasting time. I just avoid it all.

  • Katarina Justo da Silva says:

    I sure as hell haven't figured out how to balance my social media usage! If someone has – teach me sensei 😂🙈 such a relevant topic

  • I love your chit chat video! I can so relate to this video so much. I’m going thru a transition myself. I will pick up that book you recommended.

  • YES Maya ! I totally agree. Social media has its pros and cons but it’s one of the biggest distractions! ItzClassyQTV on YouTube recently made a video on this with a spiritual perspective. How we could use our time wisely and how coming away from social media will help you reconnect to God and find out Gods plan for our lives rather being distracted by the world around us 24/7. This video is timely! Y’all better check out ItzClassyQTV too y’all are on to something !

  • Hello Maya, I hear you and couldn't agree more. I have to say : I'm one of the "older and original" viewers of the YT watching you, the OG content creators from 2009-ish when things were very different on here. As much as I liked to follow your journeys, I've been feeling less and less attracted to this platform these past few years because of what it's become. I honestly freeze (shameless Wakandan reference lol) when I see what is being fed to the younger generations, the type of YTbers that are deemed "influencers" today – I won't name any because I do not want to attract negativity- and some of the original ones that have sort of "compromised" in order to survive or, worse, become completely different persons now that they have money. I think the clicks you (and others) are getting when drama is announced, come in the majority from the newer viewers. Because those of us who were with you from the beginning genuinely care for you guys. I used to be one of your followers when you were still married (I deleted my original account, then created a new one to just watch videos and ask questions or give comments when I so wish. I have decided to go on a break as far as social media is concerned because I have a life to live and I'm more and more disappointed with what I see. People who should not be given a platform becoming rich and famous when they are actual bullies or are making fun of regular (or dead) people, or longtime YTbers whom you do not connect with anymore because they've changed. And now all what kids want to become is Youtubers (because it's quick and does not require any skills they think). Makes me think of the verse that says that men would be lovers of themselves…with a showy display of their means of living and having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power. I also need to refocus. Thank you for this. Have a wonderful life!XO

  • Too Faced Better Than Sex is my favorite mascara. Not because of the title but because it's a bomb ass product.

  • Elizabeth Pearch says:

    Hi Maya. I stumbled across your channel this afternoon and I watched several of your videos and then watched this one. You are an amazing young woman. You have incredible insight and self-understanding. It’s obvious you are focused, goal oriented and successful.

    I have a concept, a thought management tool, called the model, that I know will help you. You spoke to having more responsibility for our feelings, and the model (self-coaching model) does just that.

    Here is it: All of life, the world around us, is a circumstance and can be described as facts. We think thoughts, form opinions, and make judgements about the circumstances and contrast we see and experience around us. Our thoughts create the feelings (emotions) we have. Our feelings drive our action or inaction. In other words, how we feel determines our behavior. Our actions determine the results we get in our lives – what we create.

    The amazing thing about this is that the life we create, or the results we have in our life, directly supports and confirms the original thought or believe we had. (A belief is a thought we keep practicing over and over again.)

    In a nutshell, circumstances trigger thoughts that create feelings that drive action that creates some kind of result. The result always supports or confirms the thought.

    Now why is this important? It’s great news! When we truly understand that our thoughts create our feelings, we can choose to think the thoughts we want, in order to create the feelings we need to feel, to take the actions we want, that will create the life we desire.

    You did this with the affirmations you practiced. You practiced new thoughts until you believed them. Those thoughts created emotions that drove you to your goals. You have been doing this all along.

    I hope this gives you a concrete model to use as a resource to help you keep focused on your goals. You have so much to offer the world by just being you. You are absolutely right – do what you love – no matter what anyone else may think. What they think doesn’t matter. Your life is between you and God. He’ll guide you. Be true to you. You’re amazing.

  • Use your intellectual property on a private platform, YouTube is just another Wal-Mart/Mega Market extorting useful product and exploiting people's needs for goods and income. Be shameless and step out of YouTube and into Maya's World, where your unique content is streamed to those who are not just watching for click-bait or just to pass time. Be a pioneer take down your content and continue building your empire on your grounds. That way you can lead with passion and not have to compete with videos like, "what i eat in a day". Yeah your "following" may not be as great in quantity, but it's about quality. And like you said there is a life off screen. It's up to you what move you make and where you go from here. Calibrations is an option within this "new platform as well" maybe you can connect with like minded individuals, but start with yourself first and see how inspired you are. (If you choose) a shift in the media world is approaching. You're not alone I feeling the strain social media is having on people's life everyday. Like right nowi really should be reading a book. And i will limit my time given to this digital world because i can feel myself being consumed by it.

  • I personally feel that it is normal for this type of burnout. You can use social media as a platform and inspiration and when it's over it's over, just adventuring out into something new.

  • Beaute' Naturelle says:

    Loved this chat. As you ended your chat what came to mind was, "To everything there is a season." Where we start is not where we are going to stay. Life and time keep on moving into the future and be that as it may we are moving into the future as we age gracefully. Sometimes we get into a life slump where our hopes and dreams are put in a holding pattern. It sometimes seems as if God does not hear our cry to help us move forward. But he always hears us and answers in his time. Next thing you know every thing is going our way. At least until the next seasonal life shift and a new experience evolve. People are fickle no matter how hard you try to please them in word, thought, or deed there is no dedication. Why would we expect it to be like that when in fact we do not know what a day will bring, maybe sunshine or maybe rain. It is not that your channel is failing or what you are talking about at the moment is not interesting. The truth of the matter is that life happenstances happens to everyone and it can effect what you watch, who you talk to and what you do. As I said , " To everything there is a season" however, seasons seems to bring more downs than ups sometime and people are just coping with their circumstances. I love your channel but if you feel your season is coming to an end it is okay to walk away and as you said in your video you have honed your talents to survive in the next season of your life. The Bible tells us to owe no man nothing but to love them. You do not have hang around if the Lord is telling you to shift with him. The safest place in the whole wide world in is to stay in the will of God for our live. Continue to be shameless and keep God first.
    Hugs and kisses to you Maya. God bless.

  • Love you Maya and praying for you. Jesus loves you so much and always sees you! Continue to live for an audience of one!

  • Kaitlyn Heard says:

    Thanks for sharing! I really did need this. I'm ready to go accomplish some of the things I've been procrastinating on. 💛

  • Bicultural Familia says:

    I know you might think this is a filler youtube video, but I love these makeup videos where you just share you life with us so much. ♥

  • "Put your head back in the books and do the work" 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    I did not know how much I needed to hear that until I heard that.
    You are spilling wisdom, girl! Thank you for that! I get so distracted by social media and the hype of things that I sometimes forget where I am or where I'm going. It's a real struggle! Thank you!

  • This meant so much to me…in more ways than one…social media and what it does to me…jealous, stalking, envy etc. Its time for me to get off…and take care of myself mentally…thanks for this…

  • You Tube is a lot of work. And it's definitely hard to "adult" make money, pay the bills, and make you tube videos….consistently. I wish it was easier to make money doing you tube. I think there is a trick to it. The people I see who seem to be really doing well are "groups" who consistently do videos together promote each other and do a lot of sponsored videos, brand deals , and merch…which equals money .
    Maybe u just need to re think the approach and get re-inspired. And connect with some like minded people. 💁

  • My interpretation is that you wanna change carrier. you sound like you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. Yes you should go to therapy for guidance but girl the best advice I can give you if you allow me is to be true to yourself 100%

  • Celeste Sobion says:

    It is often very hard to balance social media and life, I find myself still struggling to deal with this. I also find myself spending a lot of time just scrolling aimlessly through facebook and watching memes or videos and before you know it an 20 mins has passed or an hour has passed. I try to limit my social media to a couple mins in the morning and a couple mins in the evening (15 – 20) and then move onto other activities. But, I also manage a business page on fb and ig and creating content and then uploading it, engaging with persons on these pages is also time consuming and a constant struggle.

  • This is such great awareness you're spreading. Thank you for bringing light to this. I'm such a small youtuber and even I find myself needing to step back sometimes

  • I wrote a book on this, Social Media: A Free Drug Among Us by Mario Gallelli on Amazon, it is so true. I agree, things need to change, and fast, it all starts with ourselves. I pray for this world and everyone in it, I believe things will become good again

  • I'm going through this right now. Tired of the battle zone that is Twitter – tired of people nitpicking and tearing apart everything everyone says. It's just been negative interaction after negative interaction and I'm so tired of it

  • The BEST thing im pulling from this vid is getting back to the basic! Im so glad you made this vid. You are still able talk to your base support. your youFam. Boos

  • Ok, this surely gave me life. I get it Shameless, thank you so much. Purpose Driven, this is definitely helpful to my life Shameless. Thank you, your words are Priceless!! New Sub👍❤🤗😘

  • GURL! OK I have to say a few things… I've just discovered you and love your energy already. This is the second video of yours I've watched and wanted to make one similar and you've just inspired me to do it. I left all social media 2 months ago and OMG I'm feeling so much better. I have A.D.D. so struggle with focusing at the best of times, but Facebook was a killer for my attention span. Nothing got done. It became a toxic place. So glad I made the decision to leave and focus on starting my YouTube Channel… which I'm really enjoying! Secondly, your skin is absolutely amazing, and I love the way you do your make up, really natural and fresh! Thank you for being so open and candid, you've inspired me to share my story xx I've subscribed!

  • I'm sorry, but what does jesus have to do with following your heart and dreams? That is all you girl, why do you give "him" the credit?

  • I was just about to say what if you don’t like what you’re good at lol 🙁 like I don’t want to do it all the time even though it comes easily to me

  • I love you Maya, my name is also Maia lol I discovered you years ago when you cut your hair & I have been growing with you ever since. More of this content please it is SO refreshing

  • Kathy Jean-Joseph says:

    Social media has opened my eyes to the world. I was in a life that was controlled and I didn't know how much bigger the world was but it's so easy to be sucked into other's life and progress instead of pushing for your own. It's some how educational though. And can be positive when motivation is genuine and a real testament of a person's real hard work.

  • Kathy Jean-Joseph says:


  • I really needed this video! I love going back to your videos and getting motivated. I’m going to temporarily delete my personal Instagram and focus on my business accounts, I think that helps for people who’s trying to grow a business and stay focused.

  • Maya I'm dying for another sit down, chit chat grwm! It's been too long & you're always dropping gems that right now at this point in my life I think I need to hear.

  • You're so beautiful with and without makeup. I pray to God to meet a girl like you. Sophisticated, educated plus you're a thug. Word life you was sent from above to be my wife.

  • “Just do what you love and it’s very hard at times to figure that out when everyone is telling you what they love. And everyone is inspiring…” This is exactly what I’m dealing with. Trying to figure out what I truly want without the influence of these external factors. Thank you for expressing this as it’s really helpful to know someone as influential as you is even in the same thought process when it comes to just living our lives!

  • Montreal Photographer Joanna says:

    I was here when you just started and I love how you have matured. I didn't necessarily like of all of your evolution while it was happening, but now I see everything you experimented with led you to who you are today, and who you are today is beautiful 🙂 inside and out

  • Maya, you are inspirational and that is one of the many things you are good at. Even if social media disappeared into the oblivion today, you will forever have reached and changed many people’s ‘narrative’ as you say, for the better and hence you may very well have had a positive effect on not only the one person who has listened to you, but a whole generation. I for one am happy to have found you on here and you are my favourite YouTuber as I start my hobby on this platform. Stay blessed and keep supporting The Jesus team.💕💕

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