Why New Breed Marketing in Vermont is Continuing to Attack Me

Why New Breed Marketing in Vermont is Continuing to Attack Me

hey guys so new breed marketing has basically gone after me and I don't know why now I will defend myself and I will tell you a little bit about my plan they are an SEO PPC company and they are pretty good at what they do I'm not going to lie they do a very good job at SEO at least I don't know about their PPC and their certain keywords they currently have on Google but their YouTube presence is very weak meaning they don't have those same keywords on YouTube and I'm going to hammer away at those keywords on YouTube including the keyword new breed which is actually new breed of cat so I mean it's very interesting keyword in terms of marketing that's where the majority of their traffic is coming from his new breed I don't have a vendetta against them they have a vendetta against me as they a personally attacked me there are some legal ramifications that I could pursue I mean when you make a personal attack of that nature and you make that personal attack public of course they might say I'm a public figure or something like that that would be acceptable defense I guess given social media and how big my LinkedIn is some of their statements are just I don't know how they can make them and if they're doing this or other people I need to take a stance and stop them from continuing because this is very bad behavior this type of behavior is very toxic I mean when you look at her tone I never talked to her she has no proof of me communicating with her in any other way via attacks email DMS PMS on any platform any social media so all four trade all of her vitriol that she is spewing against me during company time what I assume is company time in company laptop and company Wi-Fi company computer whatever maybe she sharing it with her co-workers and they all had a good laugh about it their company is 40 times bigger than my company today 40 times and they behave in this way they probably have really large clients my clients are all very small for the most part local mom-and-pop shops and things of that nature it's not enough one of the reasons that I wanted a very strong social media presence was because of this behavior from larger marketing agencies or smaller marketing agencies where they feel like they can push around smaller Mart I mean point in example my is this agency new breed just randomly attacks other agencies or people I mean it's a person in this case for no reason there's no provocation I mean if you read it you can dislike it you can leave a comment to it but why would you attack the person you can describe why you don't like it but why would you attack the person and why would once informed new breed not do anything about it it's curse of their culture that's their culture they allow people during the company time to attack other people now I'm sure that she felt like she was justified so you felt like she was cracked but you are are a PR you speak publicly for this company you write publicly and they retweet you for this company I have no doubt they follow her and they know what she's tweeting and by not saying anything to her and allowing this to brew their encouraging this behavior this very toxic internet behavior at some point in time somebody has to say no enough is enough like I'm sorry you're offended and I did not mean to offend you which I've told her I don't know I mean I had to block her because I was getting harassed by so many people look if this offends you and I would say this is very mild to not offensive then what on the internet is not going to offend this company and why would it spend its time its client I'm attacking on so I had to spend my time my precious time defending myself and making very clear that none of these facts are true now she's claiming my audience is also sexist and I'm not qualified to see just graduated college I've been owning an agency's he works at an agency yes Steve thinks I'm C's more qualified than I am even though she knows nothing about me demand Generations tt Drake partnership in public speaking at new breed you know what they say in banking the longer your title is the more worthless of a person you are right VP of Merrill Lynch is a great title VP of sector 10 industrial investments in the country of Panama is not such a great title and she points out out of over a thousand people how can I be the only one trying to hold me accountable this post has had millions of likes on it and out of this post I think Amanda you may be the only one offended by it to be quite frank with you this is not a post I came up with this is a post that's very popular I used it to teach a little bit marketing and it's a very popular post for some reason now again I think she specifically a new breed specifically attacked me am i I don't really know why but I can guess I can guess why um I have a few but again I don't want to put out there because it's not true I don't want to claim I don't want to do what she's doing to me by saying I am in decent human being I'm a poor marketer I don't know anything about you Amanda I don't know anything about you new breed all I know about you is that one post where you say a lot of nasty things and that one Linkedin I mean when you have to respond to your own LinkedIn post on Twitter and then you have to respond to your own tweet about your own LinkedIn post cuz not you're not getting enough viral tracks in and I do know that by promoting this I'm giving her what she wants which is you know going viral but I'm doing so with the opinion that more people will read us that as long as you read what sees offended by you aside with me the majority of people as long as you have take the time to read that and just don't read her I mean if you took out this contest right if you took out what I actually said and you just read her tweet what would you imagine I said based on the ferociousness and the gigantic nature of what she's calling me since she's attacking me personally this new breed marketing company attacking me personally and my defenses you know you're an SEO company new breed you've done a very good job on Google you have not done a good job on YouTube I'm gonna grab all your keywords on YouTube all of them and I'm not gonna say good things about you because it's not true I mean I have evidence right here how you treat people I had did nothing to you Amanda I did nothing to you new breed I show me something I did to you and then I will stop office but until that time your you are in the wrong and you're refusing to admit it you are 100% refusing to admit you did anything wrong in fact all your stuff you're trying to promote her you continue to promote her which then will get people to look at the tweet since he recently had let me point-blank tell you guys this I'm starving and I want to go after I mean they are a huge marketing agency a huge marketing agency I'm not going to back down the most dangerous animal is the cornered the Hannah mo in a corner it doesn't matter if it's a panda or a cat or a domestic cat like once if you corner your domestic cat you don't give them escape route you're gonna fight and call and do all types of things to get out the even if a dog is sick and near death it'll have fight him if it's cornered and that's what they've done to me hi guys you


9 thoughts on “Why New Breed Marketing in Vermont is Continuing to Attack Me”

  • AlexxxPerales says:

    youre mistake is trying to use logic and facts on these people. they are not logical people in the first place, or they wouldn't be thinking this way

  • Confession time.

    The gorgeous girl marketing post was copied.
    It has been around since at least The Indian Salesman and Other Jokes in 2005 by Frederick Alloysius. But perhaps earlier. Let me repeat that it was in a joke book…
    It has evolved since 2005 to include new forms of marketing. And survives on Linkedin with creative additions. I like the one about MLM for example.
    I didn't know who to attribute it to. I promise to do better for all future post.
    It's strange seeing someone despise you as much as New Breed for a repost.
    Without proof. They claim I
    "grossly objectifies women"
    "aren't qualified to speak about how to be a good marketer"
    "maybe try to be a decent human being while you are at it?"
    "pedaling misogynistic bull*hit."
    Many of you have followed me for some time.
    I had no intention to make a post that offended anyone. I found the post worth discussing.

  • Bro, why do u care what some dumb chick thinks? who cares. it’s like the opinion of a monkey. cute but irrelevant!

  • You’ve made 6 videos about an individual who called out a shitty post you made on LinkedIn. New Breed has not said anything to you. Stop lying.

  • Yeah cool but do you really have to make 6 videos of this within the span of a few hours? I do hope that your company’s reputation does not get damaged by this thou.

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