Why Marvel Is Ending All Marvel TV Series – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

Why Marvel Is Ending All Marvel TV Series – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

you should have gone for the head steady quill welcome back everyone it’s Charlie
Thanos has come for Marvel TV I hope they remember you
so Marvel has been canceling all their Marvel TV shows left and right this year
and just this past week it was announced that the head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb
himself would quote-unquote gracefully be leaving the company after ten years
on the job before Thanksgiving that’s about a month from when I’m posting this
video which is kind of a nice business way of saying that he was going to be
fired if he didn’t leave of his own accord so the majority of all the new
upcoming Marvel TV series they announced in the last year not talking about the
Disney Plus series are also getting cancelled before we ever see an episode
I know that only raises more questions so don’t worry this doesn’t mean that
everything at Marvel is just caught fire this is just part of a larger grand plan
that I will break down but remember Marvel TV and Marvel Studios two
completely different companies all the stuff you heard about at comic-con and
d23 that’s Marvel Studios not Marvel TV we’re doing a new Marvel merch giveaway
all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your favorite
Marvel TV show on the video I’ll name a new winner at the end of this so I know
you’re wondering now is my favorite Marvel TV show one of the ones that they
just cancelled or going to be cancelling in the next couple of months back it up
a little bit you have to separate all this Marvel TV stuff into what happened
before this summer and what happened after this summer because there were
some big changes that happened the last couple of months
rewind earlier this year they canceled all the Marvel Netflix series fans got
really pissed off mostly because Netflix didn’t feel like they were pulling big
enough numbers and bringing in enough new subscribers and because Disney was
starting to pull all of its other content from outside sources and putting
it on Disney Plus a direct Netflix competitor messy divorce between Netflix
and Disney no big surprise there then Marvel cancelled agents of shield
they’ve already shot the final season it will air next year so don’t worry about
that but then a little while after that
Marvel TV and Jeff lobe announced a new deal with Hulu for a bunch of adult
animation Marvel TV shows that would cross over like the defenders in
something new that they would call the quote-unquote offenders like an animated
MODOK show an animated Howard the Duck show think about them doing a comedy
version of the defend with a bunch of animated characters they
announced a ghostwriter spin-off of agents of shield with that character in
a live-action version of their Netflix universe with a bunch of Ghost Rider
related supernatural characters called journey into fear so they were just
replicating their defenders model on Hulu with a bunch of animated and
live-action shows seem like a pretty big slam-dunk
remember the r-rated animated Deadpool series that they were developing we saw
footage of that there was even a chance that that would come back on hulu
eventually to only have 12 bullets so you’re gonna have to share it’s the mask ladies and gentlemen don’t swallow I’m touching myself tonight so before
the summer everyone’s thinking with Marvel TV what could go wrong this all
sounds great turns out all kinds of stuff can go
wrong right before Comic Con Marvel announced that they had canceled the
Ghost Rider show over what they’re calling creative differences
then at Comic Con you have your watershed moment where Kevin Feige
announced Marvel Studios plans for all their Disney Plus Avengers spin-off TV
series in this grand plan for how they’d finally be using the movie actors in the
TV stuff right after that at d23 he announced a couple more of those series
these are the two major presentation slides with all that stuff for Marvel
phase 4 so this is just covering the TV stuff there’s Falcon and Winter Soldier
which is going to start airing episodes next year around this time one division
which is also gonna start filming really soon the Loki series The Avengers what
if animated series in the Hawkeye series then moon night miss Marvel and she-hulk
they’re spending fifteen to twenty five million dollars per episode of each of
those series and those are just the projects that they’ve announced there’s
way more that they have in development all them will star the movie actors and
crossover with the movies for example they’ll introduce Moon Knight in the
Moon Knight series then he’ll go and be in the movies same thing with Miss
Marple the introduce her in her series then she’ll star in the Captain Marvel
sequel Marvel Studios is finally delivering on the promise of a truly
connected TV and movie universe the things they’ve been saying for the last
10 years but now they’re finally actually doing it but here’s the big
thing Marvel Studios Kevin Feige in the movie people at Marvel are the ones that
are making those Avengers Disney Plus series Marvel TV is a whole separate
division inside Marvel and Disney headed by Jeph Loeb whole different group of
people that have nothing to do with what the movie people are doing just this
past week Marvel announced the Kevin Feige was getting a huge upgrade in his
job title his new title is creative director even though that might not
sound like an upgrade but the huge change behind-the-scenes of the company
they made as part of this was to give Kevin Feige total creative control and
oversight of all storytelling that they do at Marvel that includes all the
movies all the TV shows and all the comics that’s
Kevin Feige is now the new god of all storytelling it Marvel and yes he is now
in charge of Marvel Comics – if that wasn’t clear so he’ll be the one to
approve or cancel all of Marvel’s TV shows from now on and because there were
a ton of shows that Jeph Loeb developed the Kevin Feige didn’t have anything to
do with and didn’t really care about they’re mostly all gonna get snapped if
they haven’t been snapped already I know some of you are fans of the stuff that
Marvel is doing on Hulu right now so the next season of Runaways and cloak and
dagger in the hellström show will probably air because they already shot
most of those or they’re in the middle of shooting them right now they might
also choose to continue on with one of the new animated series they’re
developing like the offender’s that Howard the Duck TV series the Kevin
Smith is working on but pretty much everything that was happening at Marvel
TV before the summer is getting snapped if it already is in production right now
the new stuff that you see them doing will mostly be the huge big-budget
Disney Plus Avengers level stuff which is just Marvel and Kevin Feige going for
quality over quantity which will be way way better for everyone in the long run
would you rather have a ton of super cheap looking Marvel TV shows that have
nothing to do with the movies at all or a couple huge TV shows that are totally
connected don’t be too upset if your favorite show just got cancelled this
year because some of those bigger characters will be coming back in the
new Marvel phase 4 movies in series daredevil Jessica Jones Ghost Rider
Punisher those were really huge characters for Marvel that will come
back in the next couple of years after that Netflix two year cooling-off period
goes away not all the Netflix people will come back Luke Cage has already
committed to another long-running network TV series so he’s probably not
gonna come back any time soon and there’s no way Netflix Iron Fist is
coming back if they do iron fist inside the new shang-chi franchise MCU proper
now it will probably be a totally different version of that character
there are a couple outliers ABC is really big on doing Marvel TV series and
because agents of shield is going away they want another Marvel TV series on
network so there will be a couple Marvel TV shows that aren’t on Disney Plus but
very very few some of the other stuff that they’re doing but they haven’t
announced yet include that Deadpool series they’re still gonna make the
Deadpool series eventually most of their young Avengers
are showing up or starting on the Disney Plus series even though a young Avengers
team-up would probably wind up being a movie but overall the future of Marvel
TV shows is mostly in the big-budget Disney Plus stuff Disney really wants
you to subscribe to Disney Plus so it’s locking up all of its content all of its
best stuff on that platform there’s still the lesser Disney Channel animated
shows like they have a new spider-man animated series sony has five separate
live-action and animated spider-man TV shows that it announced it was making
but that’s Sony not Marvel and Disney the reason why Sony is allowed to make a
live-action spider-man TV shows is because it has the rights to spider-man
TV stuff that’s longer than 30 minutes Marvel still has the rights to do
half-hour animated spider-man TV shows that’s why all the animated spider-man
shows you’ve seen on Disney Channel the last 10 to 15 years have been from
Marvel even the classic 90s spider-man TV series on Fox that came from Marvel 2
via the really big stuff Marvel can do now through this Disney plus is
live-action x-men shows but because those characters won’t be a real huge
thing in the MCU til Marvel phase 5 in about three to four years minimum don’t
expect to hear about any big x-men related live-action shows any time soon
but everybody let me know in the comments what MCU Marvel TV show do you
want Marvel to do next congratulations Ethan Connor you’re the
giveaway winner from my last big Marvel video please email me on the about page
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trailer in Easter eggs thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll
see you guys tonight!


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