Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

The Mars rover, Curiosity, is the latest in
a long line of missions to Mars… Landers sent to scoop its soil and study its
rocks, orbiters sent to map its valleys and ridges. They are all asking the same question. Did liquid water once flow on this dry and
dusty world? Did it support life in any form? And are there remnants left to find? The science that comes out of these missions
may help answer a much larger, more philosophical question… Is our planet Earth the norm, in a galaxy
run through with life-bearing planets? Or is Earth a rare gem, with a unique make-up
and history that allowed it to give rise to living things? On Mars, Curiosity has spotted pebbles and
other rocks commonly associated with flowing water. It found them down stream on what appears
to be an ancient river fan, where water flowed down into Gale Crater. This shows that at some point in the past,
Mars had an atmosphere, cloudy skies, and liquid water flowing. So what could have turned it into the desolate
world we know today? One process that very likely played a role
goes by the unscientific name, “sputtering.” Like the other planets in our solar system,
Mars is lashed by high-energy photons from the Sun. When one of these photons enters the atmosphere
of a planet, it can crash into a molecule, knocking loose an electron and turning it
into an ion. The solar wind brings something else: a giant
magnetic field. When part of the field grazes the planet,
it can attract ions and launch them out into space. Another part might fling ions right into the
atmosphere at up to a thousand kilometers per second. The ions crash into other molecules, sending
them in all directions like balls in a game of pool. Over billions of years, this process could
have literally stripped Mars of its atmosphere, especially in the early life of the solar
system when the solar wind was more intense than it is today. Sputtering has actually been spotted directly
on another dead planet, Venus. The Venus Express mission found that solar
winds are steadily stripping off lighter molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. They escape the planet on the night side,
then ride solar breezes on out into space. This process has left Venus with an atmosphere
dominated by carbon dioxide gas, a heat trapping compound that has helped send surface temperatures
up to around 400 degrees Celsius. The loss of Venus’ atmosphere likely took
place over millions of years, especially during solar outbursts known as coronal mass ejections. If these massive blast waves stripped Venus
and Mars of an atmosphere capable of supporting life… how did Earth avoid the same grim
fate? We can see the answer as the solar storm approaches
Our planet has what Mars and Venus lack – a powerful magnetic field generated deep within
its core.  
This protective shield deflects many of the high-energy particles launched by the Sun. In fact, that’s just our first line of defense.
  Much of the solar energy that gets through
is reflected back to space by clouds, ice, and snow. The energy that earth absorbs is just enough
to power a remarkable planetary engine: the climate.
  It’s set in motion by the uneveness of solar
heating, due in part to the cycles of day and night, and the seasons. That causes warm,
tropical winds to blow toward the poles, and cold polar air toward the equator.   Wind currents drive surface ocean currents.
  This computer simulation shows the Gulf Stream
winding its way along the coast of North America. This great ocean river carries enough heat
energy to power the industrial world a hundred times over.
  It breaks down in massive whirlpools that
spread warm tropical waters over northern seas. Below the surface, they mix with cold
deep currents that swirl around undersea ledges and mountains.
  Earth’s climate engine has countless moving
parts: tides and terrain, cross winds and currents — all working to equalize temperatures
around the globe. Over time, earth developed a carbon cycle
and an effective means of regulating green house gases. In our galaxy, are still-born worlds like
Mars the norm? Or in Earth, has Nature crafted a prototype
for its greatest experiment: Life?


100 thoughts on “Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived”

  • Roger 2020 hi says:

    A few billion years ago
    Sun: a new planet was created!
    Mars: ooooh what’s the planet
    Sun a living planet 🌎
    Mars: ok I have water 💦
    Billions of years later
    Mars my atmosphere!
    Earth: mine now bitch!
    Many 1000 years later
    Earth kill me.

  • -Frogie Chan- says:

    OMG, I think that too cause, you know how we have an astro belt? What if Mars and the astro belt that was once a planet fight. So then, Mars won and destroyed the unknown planet that is now the astroid belt but, Mars life on it died by the explosions so big, hurtful, and powerful. So it blew away the habitable zone to Earth or maybe after the fight between Mars and the destroyed planet something happened to their neighbor Earth that gave Earth its own habitable zone. And, that's how I concluded my theory. This reminds me SO MUCH of my theory. 😁

  • Angelo Aguila says:

    so mars and venus had once a life but due to lets say solar flares and the magnetism of the two planets were weak over time it caused time to dry up.. interesting i wonder if back then if venus and mars had people way back then when it had life?

  • Chuck Pestacchi says:

    At sometime into Earth's future the human race must leave in order to survive from our world to a new place . Earth unfortunately faces the same conclusion, it does become a dead planet in around 5 Billion years I think. Earth's Sun will destroy Earth as we know it.

  • Мирослав Мирић says:

    Mars died because it was ruled by Democracy.
    There is also one more planet ruled by the same system.
    Destiny of that planet is the same as of Mars.

  • ryan macdonald says:

    If Venus and Mars are stillborn planets, then it's up to us to terraform them and give them magnetic fields so they can be the life sustaining worlds they were always meant to be.

  • Why do you assume Mars lived? Where is your fossil evidence of life? You have zero science on this. You are a bunch of pseudo scientists, scamming the public for your climate agenda.

  • Immortal Burdens says:

    That's because Mars was destroyed by nuclear war and earth is not out of the woods yet because the stupid ass humans are going to do it here.

  • jeffzkie Gamers says:

    Think about it!!!hey homo sapiens!!yeah you,think how earth protect your life from those solar storm and you perish the earth by using pollution,etc..damn you humans..i feel bad now for earth☺😭btw im alien

  • lets send all the blacks to mars.. they will be happy there.. sitting on their asses blaming the white man for everything

  • Mars doesnt exist..not as a planet anyway.see "200 PROOFS EARTH IS NOT A SPINNING BALL" by Eric Dubay and "100 REASONS EVOLUTION IS STUPID'by Dr Kent Hovind.Quit picking Pinochios nose for your nutrition.Friends dont let friends consume cRAP.Just say no to cRAP.Show your intelligence,dignity and self respect by dumping this garbage out of your mind.

  • The thing is that all these planets around us were always empty and that's how it's always going to be . Our world was just as empty and God decided to create life here . We are here because God decided that he wanted us here and we are not alone. It just happens that they are far and God made it that way also.. anyway the Bible has all information about the creation of this world . Jesus is coming soon

  • alfredo Garcia says:

    Mars is a like earth before,,but it died just because of war..a huge war with a nuke..thats why it is died..it will happen too on earth if we try to go on our pride..climate change is the one now causing our earth to be dryied up..lots of animal dies cause of mishandling the nature.what im seing right now,,there is no more 2022 to 2025..nuke war will going to erupt.

  • Demography Gaming says:

    Earth didn’t die because God loves humanity and valued us more than any other thing. I don’t care if science “proves me wrong” I believe God created Science to save us. I hope you all agree with me

  • giuseppe3010 says:

    Imagine a sci-fi movie about a planet where the people are stripping the atmosphere with pollution and cutting down trees and having nuclear wars because their governments can not agree over international politics and religions. As the movie progress, after 2,000 yrs into the future, the climate is all screwed up, and most people have died, the REMAINING people begin to leave their planet in search for another EXOPLANET. At the end of the movie, as they travel and zip away from their home-planet zooming out, YOU notice it's the third planet from the sun. The spacecraft Commander says to the passengers: "LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, THERE GOES OUR DYING EARTH; LET'S NOT DO THE SAME WITH OUR NEXT ONE".

  • Don't even need to watch this, the answer has been known for decades, two words, "Goldilock Zone"… *mic drop

  • Didnt see this video. ANSWER: The Earth lived and Mars didnt because GOD flung it so. He flicked His mighty finger just right, as the wrist spun in half a turn and VOILA!!! You had a live Earth and not dead – but Mars has a diff purpose. Ppl just dont undrstand that. Mars does what it was designed to do.

  • Agus Silalahi says:

    DINAMO STAR. Dunia berputar dr timur ke barat selama sehari mengelilingi matahari dr selatan ke utara setahun lamanya bulan mengitari bumi sebulan. Didalam lingkaran asteroid lima dunia diluar tujuh (Bintang gemilang dua belas turunan Daud). Akibat methamorphose tak beraturan (mahluk) dan energi authomic yg kacau (radiasi) di galaksi thn 1986 planet Mars terjadi bencana air bah (Noach/ sebelum -sesudah masehi 2000 thn lamanya) sekarang pulih kembali dengan kehidupan manusia awal dan earth.selamat disebut kehidupan milenium dr AgBrvoYS /2019 Juli.

  • Humans lived on Mars first, destroyed it and moved to Earth.. Now we are doing the same thing again. I think Humans have became super technologically advanced several times and destroyed ourselves. A revolving cycle that is currently still going.

  • There’s a problem with that theory. Traces of a magnetic field have been found on Mars just recently. If it has lasted this long it must have been a pretty good one when Mars was young. It’s been estimated that Mars has been “dead” for 3 to 3.5 B years but with a reasonably powerful mag field, the planet wouldn’t have been vulnerable in its early developmental stages. And that would mean it lost its atmosphere sometime later than commonly believed.

  • So if what we are told by the MSM is true and the npole ice shelf's are shrinking ! Does that mean our atmospheric can /is slowly being stripped away by solar winds like what happened on Mars !? And is it true that world governments are secretly spraying our atmosphere to create cloud cover as do many People are saying on the internet ! Chemtrails ect !? It's always grey cloud in sky !! Is this all connected /true !!? Or me just getting it all completely wrong !! 🙄 My tin hat is firmly on !! Lol 😂

  • I'm 52 and live near the sea ! And if lots of Antarctica ice has melted the north sea hasn't risen 2 inches in the last 40 years !! Or is it all in the more cloud cover I'm seeing or being Stripped away into outer space by the process described in the documentary !? 🧐 Anyone got any Answers or thoughts !?? 👍

  • the book was way better says:

    We laugh about planets not having life but I don’t see Mars loading up intercontinental ballistic missiles 👀

  • the book was way better says:

    What if humans are actually from Mars, and billions of years ago they came to Earth to escape the inevitable destruction of their home planet?

  • What if there was nuclear apocalypse there and then soon we will all die and then they will theorize life here

  • Since Earth is most suited for our requirements and the only liveable place for humans, that's why we think that Earth is the only rare gem and no other planet is like Earth but for alien species living in other planets, their planet is also the most suitable and livable place for them and they might also think that their planet is unique and no other planet can sustain life. Basically what I want to say is that Earth is not the only livable place in the Universe, rather it's the only livable place for Humans and other species living here with us…likewise some other planet is the only livable place for the species of animals (aliens) living there. Because species evolve and grow as per the requirements of the planet they are living in, not the other way around.

  • This is a poor excuse of science exploration,this should be something massive and many robots designed at once to cut time and effort,bring tons of data and get humans on mars in 10 years time, NASA is eating tax money,there now days amazing tech to use and they can't have a high end camera and proper speed in robots,come on.

  • Winston Niles says:

    Because there were 2 empire state building nukes detonated on mars…..there is weapons grade residual radiation at 2 points on the planet….and can only be explained by weapons grade residual markers….nothing else gives said signature…..NOTHING

  • Winston Niles says:

    And the quickest way to teraphorm said planet would be to move a meteor close enough to become a moon and if big enough would start churning its inner core to create an atmosphere again…..

  • Peanut Spring 3 says:

    Does anyone know what piano song they played in this video? It was beautiful and I would like to find out what it is.

  • Journey Zarcone says:

    It truly does make me actually sad that mars used to be like earth and probably had billions of different alien lifeforms and creatures and plants and everything,but all was lost because of no magnetic field. Imagine a planet filled with as much life as earth just slowly dying out,everything suffering

  • CLOUD Vibration SPEEDSTER says:


    “And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation,”
    — Acts 17:26 (RSV)

  • I'm from the future, there will be a astroid the size of the moon hitting earth in 2021 at 2:29pm Sunday 4/23/21

  • Imagine that people say that they want to go to Mars. Mars does not have the right atmosphere to live. Its atmosphere is too thin. Furthermore, Mars is much smaller than Earth. How are people going to survive in Mars? How are they going to plant and get food? If they go to Mars, they will never come back.

  • Conspiracy of Truth! says:

    Wait here a darn second, I'm a social scientist but I can see right through the fog of this whole video and the written narrative that goes along with the video. And I saw a video on YouTube yesterday that called carbon dioxide bunk when it comes to it being a major contributor to global warming or climate change because our atmosphere does not have nearly enough carbon dioxide by percentage to cause either concept so what's up with the cheese in Denmark?!?

  • What if humans once lived on Mars but it got so bad that we had to travel to Earth and we sent two people (Adam and Eve) to test it out. And the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was Adam and Eve.

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