Why Justin Bieber’s Life Is Worse Than Yours, Trump’s Fake News, North Korea, and Gina Haspel

Why Justin Bieber’s Life Is Worse Than Yours, Trump’s Fake News, North Korea, and Gina Haspel

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re havin’ a fantastic Wednesday; welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show. And let’s just jump into it! The first thing we’re gonna talk about today is some lighter, ‘what were people angry about today?’ news; there’s always someone. And today, we had Justin Bieber pop up. This, because Bieber posted a screenshot of his notes app Where he wrote: And in response to this there was support, especially from other verified, famous, people. that range from like the Millie Bobby Browns of the world, you know, more mainstream, to the Tana-mojo-mongoose mabehna behdehbaba. [Tana Mongeau] -s of the world. But then of course you had a lot of other people the– if you scroll past all the verified comments, were people who disagreed, at times were angry. One of the first examples: Another saying: And here’s what i’ll say on this topic because I’ve lived two completely different lives. I’m in a place now where things in general are pretty fucking great. i consider myself successful to a certain degree. At the same time, as a young adult I’ve lived that life, where you’re busting your ass; it seems like the hole that you are in is just getting deeper; it seems hard to just survive and feed yourself. So the one thing I will agree with Justin Bieber on is that: what you see on Instagram, other social media, blah Blah, blah: that is not representative of real life. Right, I mean just think about anytime you see people taking photos, it’s like [Dead Face] “CHEEEESE!” I mean, more than half these famous people I’m talking about, mainstream and definitely online; they’re often posting insane over-the-top showy pictures so they get some sort of validation, some sort of self-worth. and I say that, obviously very critical, but also understanding, because it is a hole that’s easy to fall into once you get people starting to pay attention to you. But to still say your Life is not better than those who are less fortunate is really ignorant and disconnected, in my opinion. you can be dealing with your own personal struggles, right? You could be dealing with depression, feeling judged by the public; but, at all times, you have the tools that you need, to deal with whatever situation you’re gonna be in.
And we’ll use Justin Bieber as the example here. If Justin Bieber needs to get from Point A to Point B, he can use Whatever mode of transportation that is imaginable. Meanwhile, other people might not be able to afford that plane ticket, a car, an uber, a bus pass. Then there’s obviously, “Can a person properly shelter themselves if they’re living month-to-month, paycheck to paycheck; can people properly eat?” And that’s a good number of people; I remember seeing a survey, back in just 2017, where 39% of Americans had $0 in a savings account. 57% Had less than $1,000! What, what if you– not even break your leg, cuz, oh my God, those costs! What if you just have to go to the hospital in the United States? Which, obviously then we get into a larger conversation. What if you — and it feels like this always happens! You, you finally paid off your car. And then in three weeks if somethin’ breaks! That one thing’s gonna throw your entire life off! And according to a recent report from CareerBuilder, 78% of americans that are working full-time say they are living paycheck to paycheck. In that same report, when asking all US workers, 71% said that they are in debt. And understand these are American-specific numbers i’m talking about, and even the bad here is pretty OK, worldwide. Right, so there’s an even harsher disconnect worldwide. Money doesn’t make you happy, but it shields you from the bullshit that life will constantly throw at you, and it will give you opportunities others do not have. And i get that famous people do have their own struggles and we should never assume we know What’s going on behind the scenes but that is also in that statement, that other famous people are praising; that’s exactly what that statement. does, but to people that don’t have money. I say this as someone that will acknowledge that I’ve become disconnected with certain things but I also say this as someone that is incredibly thankful that I had to trudge through the bullshit of life in a very vulnerable, very bad place, because that is one of the main things i credit with grounding me, or-or bringing me back to Earth, when i start floating off and disconnecting. So no matter how hard i work for it, it’s important to acknowledge that I’m lucky; i’m in a lucky situation. And you know it should be appreciated as such. But that is my personal mindset, of course; I gave you the story, my opinion, and now I’d love to hear from you in those comments. Then, if you haven’t seen it yet, I really Want to talk to you, about, google duplex google Had their i/o keynote yesterday and they hit on several things, they introduced what. They, called the new Google news covered smart displays they show Keys, gmail, smart compose will actually finish your sentences for you, which is pretty awesome but Also at the same time it makes you realize, how Little in an email is unique the rest, is kind of a dense that you go through to get to the real Stuff the big thing that stood out to myself and many Was the rollout and showcasing of duplex which is a an ai a pretends to be human And will actually call, and talk to a. Business for here’s an example of a haircut being scheduled 12 p.m., we do not have a fall scam available the closest, we have to that is a 1:15 Do you have anything between 10 a.m.. And 12 p.m Depending on what service she would like what service is she looking for? Just the woman’s haircut for now. Okay, we have a 10 o’clock 10:00 a.m. Is fine okay, what’s his birth name The first name is lisa Okay, perfect so i will see, we thought 10 o’clock on may 3rd? okay All right look at that and i get so excited but, also in the back of my? Head i’m a little bit terrified i mean anytime i get the option to not have to deal with Another stranger that i am not connected to in any way whatsoever i will take that option Now that said a thing that? we need
to Keep in mind is this was a demo a demo of most likely one of the best examples even the ceo of google sundar Pichai, even said that some didn’t go as expected although how, bad it was we don’t really know? Because they didn’t play audio of it on their blog they Did include an example at the bottom that it does sound somewhat disconnected or though the tone didn’t match up to the regular Conversation even that seemed pretty real once again i really, want to hit We need, to be wary of this this is a demo this is an example right like remember, how awesome see The first time that was demoed and then you got a completely different experience when it was in your hands or to make a google Centric do you remember at. Google glass for the public or? Oh, man remember the pixel buds, which google had essentially been like, you can Put these in your ear talk to anyone speaking 40 different languages easy, peasy real-world. Implementation though Less than ideal according to some it was just the google translate app, which you can get through any phone and wireless headphones Which you can have any wireless headphones anyway, main point i am very excited, about the concept but ultimately like with everything we talked
About or does it have to wait and see but from that i want to share some stuff i loved today and today and awesome Brought to you, by nord vpn org, slash phil if you’re, not familiar vpns, allow Users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public network kind of like, how A firewall protects your data on your computer Vpns protected online and nord vpn has thousands of super fast servers in 61 countries and there is absolutely No, data log it’s user friendly can, secure your browsing on desktop as Well as android and ios and you can try it out all risk-free there is a 30-day money-back Guarantee so you really can’t go wrong and so if you Want to start protecting your internet experience today with seventy seven percent off a. Three year plan go to nord vpn org slash
Failed the first bit of awesome today is we have the honest game trailer for god of war side note such a unique and important Opinion here but god of war is fantastic the reality of the game lived up to the hype for me then if you like The donald glover a kanye place sketch on snl they just released the behind the scenes of making that sketch trailer for alex strangelove We had mathias showing us ten of the world’s smallest working products Also in addition to all the other fantastic designs we sell over at shop defranco calm on shirts on hoodies on whatever every now And then we do just fun short runs of certain shirts and today that is the technically savage shirt so if you Want to snag that while you can, link to that down, below if you Want to see the full versions of everything i just share the secret link of the day anything at all Links as always are in the description down below then and fantastic international news secretary of state mike pompeo is returning with Three americans that were held prisoner in north korea when i’ve been detained since October of 2015 the other two had been detained for a year and i mentioned that because it appears there was confusion About the situation thanks to each from tweet am a second donald trump tweeted as everybody is aware the past Administration has long been, asking, for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp but to no avail state That’s just not true dong-chul, was arrested late 2015 and the other two were arrested and detained once trump was already presidentís thrown That out there And these three were convicted In north korea for espionage Committing hostile criminal acts with an aim to subvert the country and committing hostile acts against the state and all three were sent to ten Plus, year terms of hard labor but the Main point here is it’s great news three americans now release reportedly they were in good enough health to walk to the plane on their Own and so here i just have to say a good job to mike pompeo donald trump and anyone else involved with This specific situation but, also on that note down trump Was in the news for several other reasons today one that stood out to me Was this morning he tweeted fake news is working overtime just reported that despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy and all Things else 91% of the network news, about me is negative parentheses fate, why Do, we work so hard and working with the media when it is corrupt take, away credentials question mark What i’ll say to that is i have my, own issues with various news outlets with with Media coverage in general but to say that negative coverage of you Is fake coverage is insanity correction it makes sense coming from donald trump because this has been His, game plan for the most part – media cast doubt on media praised Media that gives him positive coverage right the fox & friends Is the sean Hannity’s of the world he’s given on shout outs on twitter and in addition to that it is either pure insanity or pure ignorance to Believe that all negative coverage about donald trump is fake knew Just as it would be insane to say that all positive news coverage About president trump is faith especially when you take into account A lot of the negative coverage on trump is literally just replaying something trump said at A later time and then to question but really it’s a threat to say should, we pull their credentials because they’re? Covering, me in a negative light, that’s just plain on america that’s authoritarian That’s an attack on the first amendment but, from there the last thing i want to talk about today, is trump’s pick for cia Director gina haspel so who is gina, haspel she was deputy director of the cia and is now acting head After pompeo s departure she’s been with, the agency for over 30 years and if her nomination, is approved she’ll be the first Woman to ever run the agency and as far as why everyone is so focused on this nomination? Other than it being a very very important position, well that is because of her connection to post 9/11 black Sites secret prisons were they interrogated and Waterboarded people and her involvement in the destruction of video evidence of those things regarding the destruction of evidence you have people Saying she is 100% responsible for the actually should Not be in a position of power because of that whereas others have been defending her saying No, she was just following orders and the reason they’re saying, that is in 2005 hoss will serve as chief of staff to the head of the cia’s counterterrorism center Jose rodriguez, and according to rodriguez’s memoir in 2005 he ordered the destruction of dozens of the investigation videotapes and so rodriguez Was the one? who, officially Gave the order and then haspel drafted the cable or confidential telegram that ordered the destruction of the tapes and i was also confirmed last Month, when a classified memo written, by then cia, deputy director michael morell was declassified to show That hassel had indeed drafted the cable however that memo, also stated that has Well had acted appropriately this because she drafted the cable on the direct orders of mr. Rodriguez she, did not release that cable it was not her decision to destroy the tapes it was mr.? Rodriguez’s it was a nearly three-year investigation into the destruction of the tapes it was launched By a special prosecutor but it ended in 2010 and no charges were filed so that’s kind of a simplified backstory here now After the nomination there were a lot of reactions We saw a senator john mccain chimed in treating the torture of detainees? and us custody during the last decade was one of the darkest chapters in american history the senate must do its job in Scrutinizing the record and involvement of gina haspel in this disgraceful program Which really, wasn’t a shocking response john mccain of course was a prisoner of war he Was tortured for a tremendous amount of time republican senator rand paul Also speaking out against this nomination saying i find it just amazing that anyone, would consider having this Woman at the head of the cia he, also had a joint statement, from dem senators dianne feinstein martin heinrich and ron wyden Where they called for much more information to be declassified About hospitals oversight of the prison and involvement with the destruction of videotapes saying Miss haspel is not an undercover operative she’s a deputy cia Director seeking a cabinet level position it’s unacceptable for the cia, to hide her behind a wall of secrecy Particularly, when such secrecy is unnecessary to protect national security concealing her background When no sources and methods are at stake shows nothing but contempt for the senate and the public Why didn’t going even further essentially calling this a cia Cover, saying i’m very familiar with the classified material i think the vast amount of this can Be declassified i think the agency is covering up her background, because if the american people knew What i knew i think there, would be many senators? Who, would say look there’s no choice but to reject her confirmation she, also had people like senator richard Burr he’s chairman of the senate intelligence committee saying that she has the right skillset experience and judgment there’s Also been this kind of media push of why, so many people that work for cia Or have worked for the cia in the past actually respect And support passport, and after all those initial reactions all the media coverage there is this this, whole back-and-forth of haspel Was maybe gonna withdraw her nominations are huckabee sanders mark short they talked to her for hours there’s all of a sudden Support around her for the sake of time we’re. Gonna jump to what happened today
Because today haspel testified in front of the senate intelligence committee and i’ll link to the full testimony down below so you can see the Entire thing but let’s hit some of the key points in her opening remarks she says that she knows That many people want to know About her views on the interrogation programs of past and she says having served in that tumultuous time i can offer you my personal commitment Clearly, and without reservation? That under my leadership on my watch Cia will not restart a detention and interrogation Program she was then asked By senators to describe her role in the destruction of that video evidence she gave this response in regard to the who and why of? That question, there was a great deal of concern About the security risk posed to cia, officers who were depicted on the tapes Those security issues centered on the threat from al-qaeda should those tapes be irresponsibly leaked mr. Rodriguez, who, was the do at the time of the deputy director for operations Has been very upfront, and has made it clear on a number of occasions publicly, that he and he alone made the decision to destroy the tapes and we had this back-and-forth regarding a question on donald Trump and waterboarding president trump repeatedly expressed his support for waterboarding in fact he said We should go beyond? Waterboarding, so if the cia has a high-value Terrorism suspect in its custody and the president gave you a direct order to waterboard That suspect, what would you do? Senator i would advise i do not believe the president would, ask me to Do that before moving forward the initial part of her wrists, bonz, was concerning and confusing to many people because president Trump has proven as he is president that the things, that he has said Before to get elected and he actually follows through on? Taxes the travel ban the wall rs agreement most recently the iran, deal that said she talks about how Other agencies interrogate and then ultimately gives this response but Cia does not today conduct interrogations, we never did historically, and we’re not getting, back in that business then We had senator angus king, asking hansel about who is deciding to classify information, about hospitals, own record at the cia senator We are following the existing guidelines there are very loose deciding we are following the existing right, we Well i have chosen to follow the guidelines that exist your party i am you are, making the classification decisions about What materials should be released to this committee i am electing not to make an exception for myself on but i am adhering to Existing rti guidelines we also had an interesting back and forth when haspel Was asked if the interrogation techniques were immoral senator i believe that Cia officers to whom you referred it’s a yes or no answer do you believe the previous Interrogation techniques were immoral i’m not asking, do you believe they, were illegal i’m asking do you believe they, were immoral Senator i believe that cia Did an ordinary work to prevent another attack on this country given the legal tools that we were authorized answer yes or no do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral Senator, what i believe sitting here today, is that i support the higher moral standard We have decided to hold ourselves answer the question Senator i think i’ve answered the question you’ve not do you believe the previous techniques Now armed with hindsight Do you believe they were imam yes or no? Senator i believe that, we should hold ourselves to the moral standard outlined in the army field, manual he, also, had harris ask, haspel if she thinks that torture works senator i i i don’t believe that torture works i believe That in the cia’s program And i’m not attributing this to enhanced interrogation Techniques i believe as many people directors, who have sat in this chair Before me that valuable information Was obtained from senior al-qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack, is that a yes no? It’s not a, yes, we got valuable information from the briefing of al-qaeda detainees and i don’t i don’t think it’s knowable whether Interrogation techniques played a role in that and like i said these are just some of the key points a link to the full thing Down below this is going to be an interesting vote because ultimately most of the conversation around haspel Boils down to should haspel Be held responsible or become a scapegoat because the cia post 9/11 fearing that another attack could come at any moment used Interrogation techniques that they thought, were legal thanks to the justice department’s office of legal counsel, saying it was legal should She be held responsible for that and secondly should she be held responsible Or made a scapegoat because she drafted a cable at the orders of her boss in order that rodriguez and haspel argue they Made so that they could protect, people in the cia, from being identified it was always the potential for retribution attacks When you’re dealing with extremists and so i want to pass that question off to you What is your takeaway from this story are you against her nomination are you for her nomination any, thoughts And opinions i’d love to know all of them in the comments down, below that’s Where i’m going to end today’s show If you, like this video hit it with a like if you’re, new, here hit subscribe and no matter what Make, sure you ring that bell so you get notifications for these, daily videos and actually if you missed yesterday’s show You, want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if you, want something lighter you can, watch a brand New, vlog that’s it of course as always, my name is philip defranco? You’ve just been phill’d in a yo faces and i’ll see you tomorrow


100 thoughts on “Why Justin Bieber’s Life Is Worse Than Yours, Trump’s Fake News, North Korea, and Gina Haspel”

  • Philip DeFranco says:

    Let me know what stories you want to see me cover tomorrow in the comments down below! <3
    Bieber(00:06), Google(4:24), North Korea(8:26), Trump Fake News(9:19), Haspel(10:30)

  • Famous people have very little privacy and struggle to make any real connections with other people, which sucks. But let’s face it, there‘s nothing worse than not being able to afford food for your child, or to have somewhere safe for them to sleep.

  • If I lived in the US, I wouldn't be in favour of Gina Haspel in that position. I mean, it's obvious that she considers torture morally right if something happens and doesn't own up to it. It's also obvious that she would do it again, given the circumstances. She also breaks under pressure, as seen by the questions of Senator King. Neither does she have the morals nor the character fit for such a position.

  • Matthew Mencer says:

    Straight up, my life is better than Bieber's. When you have too much money, it is impossible to find who is genuine. I may not have things most people have like a couch, but if I wanted a couch, I would have one. I gave both my couches away. Remove everything from your life that doesn't bring you happiness. Don't glorify fame. Focus on the people you love.

  • Jessica George says:

    Obviiously, Justin wasn't talking to people who live below the poverty line, he was talking to the average fan who aspires to be a celebrity. Justin is saying that it comes with new problems, he can't go anywhere he wants, he has the money but he has a lot of staff who rely on him, if he quits his job to actually live his life, he will lose his career, his fans, and his entire support team will be jobless. He HAS to do what he's told, he has a lot f responsibilities and it must be exhausting. The world is always judging him and he can't take a step in public without being mobbed by fans and haters. He has every right to remind people that his life is not better, (he didn't say worse) it's just not any better

  • Jasmin Velazquez says:

    The fact that these Senators care more about how terrorist are being treated and will literally try to belittle this lady’s morals instead of actually doing something for their people and country makes me LOL

  • About Justin… Philly ya didn't look at it from this point of view
    As a materialistic person, just give me the money! I'd love every part of it, because as an Australian, also very high up on the way of life like America, i am living paycheck to paycheck right now :c – the tools money provide! The things u can buy! When there's someone who actually IS materialistic, money is god, to someone with that view, money does make you happy!~

  • Atinuke Ladipo says:

    Please people it’s not that deep. Although I can see from the point of view of those less fortunate, he probably meant that net worth is bullshit, you are just as valuable as any celebrity. The only reason it seems like we’re less important is because society holds them on a pedestal, praising everything they do. At the end of the day, we’re all just people. Celebs are not celebs because we’re peasants, but because they’re popular. That’s my positive take on it, but I can see the other view.

  • I feel with the bieber thing i think about aviici. Hes had so much success, and yet depression still took him.

  • When you are dealing with savages you need to be more savage,I think the torture should be rammed up and individuals who engage in terrorist acts families should be targeted as a deterrent to future terrorists

  • 11:30 hmmm mexican orders to destroy the tapes. A white woman carries the orders out… still trumps fault xD

  • Money doesn't buy happiness. I sure would have liked to visit my father before he died! Now i get to live with guilt of spending to much xmas money…

  • My question is if this CIA woman is so nasty… how did she survive in the CIA all these years especially with Obama in charge for 8 years?

  • James Gundich says:

    I don't normally comment on these videos because I'm pretty sure someone else who did already put in an opinion. But I do have to say everything you said during the Justin beiber story was true and you put it in words beautifully. Well done.

  • MyWayofEverything says:

    "money doesn't buy happiness" correct. Money buys the ability to avoid most of the things that makes life miserable and allows for the time and mental space to be able to handle the rest.

  • MyWayofEverything says:

    I'm against her nomination not because of what she did but because of the character her actions proved. I think she follows orders and knows the law… under any other presidency I would say, whatever but with Trumps irrationality, I am very concerned about all of the yes-men he surrounds himself with. The question asking if she would defy Trump was a double-edged swords. She says yes then she is breaking the law… if she says no then she is committing a heinous act against humanity. There's no way to win. Her answer was not strong but her past actions speak louder to me that she would do what Trump says which is unacceptable in my eyes. (And no, not because it's Trump therefore I disagree but because it's torture of the highest degree)

  • The point of the matter is money. Some people have it even worse, which in turn our government just sucks corporation's richards

  • Jeffrey Holder says:

    What little respect I may have had for Justin Bieber, is now GONE! How out of touch can he be? Really? His life is not good? He's not happy? Here's idea for him: give away all you money and future earnings to a global charity (something like "feed the children") and then let us know how much happier you fee.

  • Wesley Harris says:

    I cannot speak for the CIA but when I served in the US Army we were told that if we are given an order that we view as immoral or illegal that we were allowed to ignore it. I hope that was and is the policy for all military and law enforcement. Also since at least the early 2000s, it has been proven that torture more times than not results in false information. This is because most people will say anything to make the torture stop. This is why there is never any reason to use it as an information-gathering tool.

  • Jeffrey Holder says:

    Phil, did you just say you wish you could avoid speaking to strangers? What are you, in Kindergarten? Human interaction is essential to your soul. How do you meet new people or get the vibe from a place you have not visited before? Common man! Interact in real time face to face with other humans.

  • So because americans are shit with money that makes them poor? I make minum wage and still save up over 5k a year with 0 government aid. I have 0 debt. Rent my place 3 room apartment. There is NO excuse for people to have 0 debt at any time in their lives. Unless u have some emergency health issue. Even then you can work a huge part of that off with the hospitals if your just honest with them. But the school system teaches you to spend 90+% of ur income every month. Something i argued with my teachers with throught all my schooling and college. My biggest point was how old are you? How much do you make? And how much do you owe? Case and point. Most were near retirement and still owed 50-100k debt, had almost nothing saved up and was earning more than enough with great benifits. But they wanted car now, big tvs and on and on. Broke people are broke because they are fing idiots. why 50%+ that win the lottery go bankrupt in 5 years or less. instead of being set for life they keep spending like they always done. they are to stupid to know any better. its how they been trained.

  • Kayle Washington says:

    I actually think there's a stigma that rich people in this country aren't people because they have money.

    I've lived on both sides, and honestly some of the richest people I know have had the worst lives. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental health issue, tragic premature death, absent parents, dead parents, an astounding rate of suicide, and you're never allowed to talk about it because "that's not what successful people do." My best friend died my freshman year in college and my parents response was to worry about my school work and my professors wouldn't excuse me for his funeral because 'people die all the time'

    There's so many things that money can't shield you from, and it's such a toxic idea in modern society that people automatically have better lives because they have something you don't. There's 7 billion people in the world, and no matter how good or bad you have it there's always going to be someone who has it better or worse than you. I don't really see the point of obsessing over it.

  • Thats so shady bro…???"Successful to a certain degree"??? You are in 6 figures which puts you in the top 1%…but you say it like that because you are worried that some people will stop donating to you if they realize how much you make – maybe???? Anything over $150k is pretty effng successful.

  • Nyla Kiriyuin says:

    I forgot I clicked on this and went to do something so when I came back to this and unpaused all I heard was "bastards"

  • Why is interrogation a issue. So your telling me if you catch a terrorist who was on his way to blow up buildings in a city killing hundreds maybe thousands of people. Your just gona slap him on the risk and ask nicely for intel?

  • Wow people were really triggered by Justin’s screenshot lol. But on a serious note, Hollywood entertainers do have it rough. They have nice things, but their lives are controlled.

  • Abershawe JWR says:

    I disagree with your view that she is being used as a scapegoat. What I was taking from the clips you played was that she was being asked what she felt about the interrogation techniques. Were they moral? Would you push the CIA to do them again if the President ordered you to. What I'm taking from it is that the people asking the questions are honestly afraid that she would do it again if ordered to and wouldn't blink an eye.

  • Frank Maclow says:

    I make exactly 1 482 $/month and I'm very happy. I'm not rich but I consider myself very fortunate. I guess you can be very happy in the middle class, even happier than some rich people who struggle with depression ans addictions but when you are really poor, it is much harder to be happy because you also have to worry about material things on top of your existing problems

  • "CIA does not today conduct interrogations, we never did historically and we're not getting back in that business."
    Translation: We've never done this before… and we won't do it again.

  • Charon Dynami says:

    I don't think it's right to hold the woman responsible for doing her job. She was told to write up a letter, she did that. She didn't sign it or come up with the idea herself. The person who signed it is the authority. Do you think the President types up his own executive orders? Should we hold the person who types those letters up for everything the President does?

  • ellostephanie says:

    15:45 Haspel says "the CIA does not today conduct interrogations- they never have historically and we're not getting back in that business…" which implies that it's been done before- rendering her statement null, unless it was just a very unfortunate choice of words.

  • Brookes Gafeney says:

    I honestly think the main difference that money makes is being able to remain stable and have your basic human needs met. But maintaining mental and spiritual stability as well as retaining motivation and meaning is difficult no matter how much money you have. Money does not save you from soul crushing emptiness. Actually its more likely to expose you to it. The suicide rate is higher among rich people because poor people are motivated to work and keep themselves alive. They are underdogs. When you own the world, you will inevitably ask yourself "whats the point". Which is the premise of one punch man. Also what i call "gta syndrome" because once you own everything in the game, despite essentially being a God, you get bored and stop playing the game eventually. Think of all of the celebs that lose their minds or commit suicide. The trade off for the intelligence that humans are imbued with is that we have higher highs than other animals but we also have lower lows. And while money will keep you alive, the idea that it is the only end is the joke being played on all of us. For us this life is a mind game rather than a physical one.

  • Phil, you keep pronouncing Ms. as "Miss" but it's actually "Mizz". I've noticed this a couple times and it drives me nuts. The one is for an unmarried girl, the other is for a woman regardless of marital status. Just FYI.

  • dang the Duplex's "um…" and "mm-hmm" was convincing. The part where it said "12pm" instead of "noon" might've been a giveaway tho

  • JesusHatesMe says:

    I find it funny that Millie bobby brown said amen to Bieber when she is just a child and probably hasn’t even had a job

  • funstuff81girl says:

    It really says something about who we are that we get so angry when celebrity say their lives aren't great (despite the fact that they obviously are.) Fame isn't healthy for you. Obviously poverty is incomparable, but, as studies show, at a certain point mo' money is more problems. Regardless of what we say, we truly believe money is the key to happiness. How can we get angry at Beibers statement based solely on the factor that "famous people are wealthy."

  • Anytime you talk about war, security and torture in this case, a Yes/No answer on morals is not relevant.

    If you send military to kill opposition there's always a chance of death, civilian death, suicide and accidental death. Cherry picking an unfortunate byproduct of an otherwise greater moral good is not useful.

  • Jessica Holden-Cook says:

    I feel like it’s a witch hunt people asking a CIA Agent questions when they have and will never be in any of the situations she was in.

  • Brandon Sambrano says:

    let's make a petition to just ignore Justin Bieber from now on. I mean seriously they're already enough wining babies in this world

  • crusty bobusty says:

    I don't even have a savings account. I've never had a credit card before, I do debit only. I know credit is more important in America than in the UK where you can still live a comfortable life without some weird credit scores getting in the way of essentials like housing or jobs.

  • You can’t ask Haspel who was fine with brutally torturing ppl about morality. She can’t answer that question. I’m
    Not sure she understands the term.

  • Its funny you should say that. I broke my tibia and fibula (both bones in my lower leg) a few years back. I had to have surgery to put an intermedullary rod in my tibia that goes all the way from my knee to my ankle and extensive physical therapy due to both the break and nerve damage. I instantly I lost my job and my place to live. I forever lost the ability to do any job that requires me to be on my feet most of the day. I felt fortunate to have family I could stay with while literally and figuratively got back on my feet. Not everyone even has that much. It is infuriating when these rich, angsty spoiled brats try to act like their lives aren't better than people who get into situations like mine? Its an insult to my intelligence and it makes me want to sterilize Beiber before he has a chance to breed. What an absolute child.

    Money cant buy happiness but it does improve your life overall.

  • AGuyNamedKevin says:

    Being rich is fun but I think the fame ruins it. I'm rich and unknown so I don't have to deal with weird people taking pictures of me or following me.

  • The work and sacrifices it takes to become a celebrity and then maintain it that status is so exhausting I doubt anyone on the comment section is up for it. I rather stay in the same town as my family and friends and record the music I wanna hear after work. Then be told where to go, what to say and what to play for living. I wanted to be celebrity but after going on tour in high school and playing a lot of out of town for money while in college. You have to lose touch with ur buddies and family to seriously pursue that life style and deal with the fact that u won't be able to bring ur gf everywhere u go. Your life almost has to suck and be an orphan before seriously pursuing that dream and be happy with all of it. Even within the musical theater group out 20 people only 3 of us loved everything about being on the road. Everyone else was going crazy.

  • Jullian Torres says:

    “You don’t need money to be happy”. You don’t need a car to get places but it sure fucking helps

  • I can never understand how people can say celebrity lives or rich peoples lives are always better than everyone else's. Especially when you're NOT RICH OR A CELEBRITY. Like how the fuck would you know how someone's life is when you don't lead similar lifestyles. Sounds like a lot of bitterness and ignorance to me.

  • Always before the media averaged 60 negative and 40 positive. Presently it is 90-10 (when you include Fox and conservative media, as the others ARE averaging 94 or so negative. Yes, his words are horrid, but often they are being twisted to appear far worse in ways not in context. And how many KNOW of any of the positive done? Much of ISIS is stopped, Syrians returning home. NK wanting to meet more… that few hear about.

  • Best answer for the whole "Do you believe the interrogation techniques were immoral?" question.

    "Senator? I represent the American people and the intelligence community as a whole. What I BELIEVE is completely irrelevent. I only know what is allowable under the current law and what is not. And I plan to uphold that to the strictest standard."

  • FullForceGaming says:

    Those senators are talking about morality? While trying to force this woman into giving her the answer she wanted to hear? This woman was following orders, simple, end of story. Along with that she spoke of the president as if she was against him. You may not like him but you work for him dumbass. If he ever would order a waterboarding, you and her are in the same boat you sorry excuse for a senator

  • Tallking out your a $$ on this one guy. The things you have to do to get money in the music biz makes his life worse. Frfr

  • "yes or no?"
    "senator I believe that …"
    "it's a yes or no question. yes or no?"
    "senator I believe that …"
    does this woman not know what yes or no means? all she needed to say was one word, it's not hard

  • Bring me Peter pan says:

    Put it this way, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in America is working so they can have money and have a decent life. People like beiber have all that money but never had to do the work, so yeah, he has it way fucking better than us. If you can afford to go where you want, do what you want, when you want without worry than yea you have it better than 99 percent of people. I hate the whole "money doesnt buy happiness" bullshit, yeah you can't go to a store and buy happiness (though there are some drugs out there that may put a hole in that theory lol) but almost every person out there who isn't doing what they dream of or what they truly want to do is because they have to support themselves and their families working a job they hate. Honestly, if you were to wake up tomorrow with all the money he had do you think you would still feel the stress you feel now? Or would you go, holy shit, I can do the things that I've dreamed about and the things that I couldn't afford to do. I no longer need to give up 40 hours of my life a week to doing something I hate with people I would rather avoid for a wage that sucks. So yeah, I don't care how depressed he may be, bottom line is he has all that weight off his shoulders. And considering that we all know what some people will do for money I think thats pretty safe to say.

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