12 thoughts on “Why Journalism Is Important: Christopher Hitchens on Media (1998)”

  • Men In Black says:

    Journalism is essential but today us under attack by the Zionists in Congress and Government.
    The MSM is today the joke.

  • He put that audience over his knee and spanked it. There are probably more sore egos than the nervous chuckles would indicate.

  • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

    33:50 Hitch's take on using children as an excuse to control and censor the population.

    "That's all you hear about anymore, children: "Help the children, save the children, protect the children." You know what I say? Fuck the children!" ~ George Carlin

  • Journalists dead! It's just people pushing/re writing someone else's press release. There's no real journalism anymore, just people that wanna be on TV.

  • Hear Now Mastering says:

    I never met Christopher in person, but had the pleasure of corresponding with him by email roughly a year before he passed. While you have to appreciate his public persona and wit — his sheer oratory skills and fearless capacity to wrestle with any intellectual topic, often by tipping it on its head — on a personal level he was unbelievably warm and helpful (at least based on my email correspondences). I simply wanted to share the fact that, although I will always find his public persona compelling to say the least, he had another side that was largely hidden from the public, namely a side in which he was very encouraging, sharing, and personable. And perhaps his nickname "the Hitch", which has become almost ubiquitous, hints that part of that warmth came through and resonated with people, no matter how polemical the topic of the day.

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