Why Is Video Marketing So Effective For Business Growth

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective For Business Growth

Lots of people are saying that Video Marketing is the way to go. But for most people doing video marketing means that you have to put
yourself in front of the camera by a lot of equipment and spend a lot of time on it. So is it worth the work. How effective is Video Marketing in this video. I am going to tell you the thing you
need to know. As a business owner about video marketing and its effectiveness LET'S GO. HEY EVERYBODY. This is Antoine
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miss a thing. So first what are the benefits of video marketing for you as a business owner. I have four of them. The first one it's going to help build your brand. The second one it's going to build trust with your audience. The third one is that will engage your customers out there. And the fourth one as it serves as an amazing lead generator for people looking for yield
products and services. So beyond the actual statistics and research I'm going to show you the things that prove that video and marketing is highly effective. Now let's start with the hard facts. As of right now videos represent 70 percent of the demand for Internet content by users out there. That is staggering 70 percent. And it's not slowing down. They're anticipating that by 2019 which is next year. This video is in 2018 that 8 percent of all the Internet user traffic is going to be videos. But that doesn't say anything about the marketing value itself. So here is why it's great for marketing more than half of all marketers are saying that video marketing is producing a much better return on investment than any other forms of media social media videos are producing 12 200 percent more shares than pictures and text combined. That's 12 times more traffic. So let's say as a business owner you
have the choice to post a picture or an article or a small video and the video by itself is going to
use real time as a more reach more engagement. Which one are you going to choose. Yeah video no doubt are not a statistic that's actually amazing shows that a video a single video on a landing page or your website will increase conversion by 80 percent. Now 80 percent is enough to get my attention or not are amazing benefits is a video on a landing page will increase the amount of time that you visit or will spend on your web page. So everything being equal your landing page with a video or your competition's landing page without the video. They're going to stay two and a half times more time on yours. And that is the signal that Google lost. So having a video on the landing page is absolutely amazing for as CEO now. I hope this video convinced you that video marketing is probably something you want to take a closer look at for your business and start doing videos now before your competition does. Remember those three things the demand for video is growing exponentially. 80 percent of all traffic in 2019 will be video content. The second thing is videos in social media. On average produce 12 100 percent more engagement than a regular post or an article. And the third thing is a video on your landing page will increase the amount of time that people stay on the Web site which is great for you. I hope that this is enough for you to get how effective video marketing is for your business. Edit time to get started. It's now. Now the question of the day as a business owner what is the first video you're thinking about doing. Put in a comment below and let's chat and let's see if the community can
come up with great ideas for you. Okay so this does it for today. If you have any questions please make sure to put them in the
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  • I heard your video just fine and the music was not too loud. Good Job, Great actionable information. Progress not Perfection.. LOL

  • armando silva says:

    You need audio lessons, it has good content but it sounds very low and the background music has a high level and low level in some parts of your video, very disgusting

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